Sunday, August 07, 2005

Index-Fu for August

Bloody hell, another shout-out from a guy far more talented than I. When do I get my first inside-the-Beltway think-tank invitation? Because I am SO going to get liquored up and kick Doug Feith in the crotch. Consider it a promise.

A quick index for all you new, angry readers. I was down and out on a script deadline for the summer, there's few enough posts to peruse for the entirety of June-August -- you may find something amusing in the nooks and crannies of the non-indexed articles.

The two columns Mr. Wolcott sent you here for:

The President and Intelligent Design,

and puncturing, with actual data, the latest conservative bitching-point about Hollywood's liberal entertainment agenda:

I WISH Hollywood Was That Organized

New Media Writing (Rage against the Studio Machines, Baby):

4th Generation Media


Writing Life
Writing: Beginning
Writing: Whose Viewpoint?
Eternity Has Residuals
Writing: Adaptation (Pt.1)
Writing: Adaptation (Pt. 2)
Writing: Adaptation (Pt. 3)
TV: Corner Gas
Writing: Adaptation (Pt.4)
Writing: Software
Writing: Adaptation (Pt. 5)
Writing: Plot and Story
Writing: How Small a World?
Writing: Q&A #1
Writing: Q&A #1 Followup
Writing: You Don't Need Pg. 11

Our attempt at screenwriting academia:
TV Jargon Preservation (Pt.1)
TV Jargon Preservation (Pt. 2)
TV Jargon Preservation (Pt. 3)
TV Jargon Preservation (Pt. 4)

Global Frequency

It's a "Global" Frequency Now
Miranda is ... annoyed
One Last GF Question
GF wow
GF Reviews and E-mails
GF Update #1

The True Geek Conversations(tm)

#3892: Batman vs. Punisher
#651: Catwoman Edition
# 5643: Ju-On, Red State Version
#36679: In Which Bo & Luke Duke Kick a New York Jewish Election Worker to Death
#36679 cont'd: Sophie Mae's Choice
#436: I Love Lucy -- Issue Zero! The Origin Issue!


The Latest Rants:

The President and Intelligent Design
I WISH Hollywood Was That Organized
57% of Americans are Traitors
I'm All Out of Reasonable
'ellllooooo Clinton!

The Rest:

Who's Your Daddy, Broward County?
I Miss Republicans (nominated for a Koufax, spiffy!)
Spongiform Sexuality
Win Kamchatka, Win the World
Oh. Oh, Canada.
Gay Marriage
Activist Judges
Will of the People - (the inter-racial marriage/gay marriage polling stats)
I will Punch Florida in the Goddam Neck
SPOILERS! -- the Interview with God
Swearingen for Senate
You Can Know Jesus ...
Learn to Say Ain't - (for some reason, immensely popular and quoted in some serious political websites and magazine essays. Huh. Fooled 'em.)
Senate Quicksand
Learn to Say Ain't - Feedback & Criticism
That Ironic Smell
"Toxic Spiritual Nature" ...
The Groom Grinds a 360!

Comics and Geekery

The famous "Geek Hierarchy" Chart
Moral Advantage: Gamer
Comics: Year of the Bummer
Comics: Womb Crazy!
Wold Newton Universe
Comics: Sweet Four-Color Vengeance
SPOILERS -- the Interview with God
Zombie Tales #1 - Everybody Digs Zombies!

The semi-famous LOST: You Uncurious Motherf*ckers

... and, just because it was always my favorite:

Top 10 John Wayne Titles That Could Also Be Porn Titles.

Thanks for visiting. And leave with the assurance that anything you find interesting or amusing -- that was an accident.


Anonymous said...

You rock - I loved those two columns (and others, of course) and passed them on to as many as I could. Don't stop the fight for reason.

Kidsis said...

John, congrats on this week's Sunday Sermonette. Love the attention you're getting.

By the way, never told you my master's thesis was on Catwoman. It's here(ignore the broken graphics) if you're ever interested.

Rook said...

First, congrats on the link from Welcott. I hope it helps when I say it is well deserved.

Second, you are linked on Rook's Rant

Third, I have seen your link on a few of the blogs I cruise through, thought it was an interesting name for a blog, yet never bothered to click on it. That was my loss.

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