Thursday, July 07, 2005

Zombie Tales #1 - Everyone Digs the Zombies!

Because I'm pleased as punch for him, a collection of reviews for Ross Richie and BOOM! Studios first big release, Zombie Tales.

From Ain't It Cool News:

"ZOMBIE TALES is a quality read. It’s got scares, laughs, thrills, and humanity. All of the things a good piece of zombie fiction should have. Zombie comics seem to be the new big thing at the moment, and ZOMBIE TALES is a worthy addition to that genre. "

And the rest (check out BOOM!'s blog for the links, I'm lazy and overworked):

" my surprise at how much I enjoyed this book. I'll even go as far as calling Daddy Smells Different and Severance as EC-esque: both had good art and interesting twists ... Overall, I was impressed by the variety and scope of stories; I didn't expect the stories to differ as much as they did. And while there's enough gore to satisfy the bloodthirsty, the authors and artists never lose sight of their stories; plots are not sacrificed for the sake of cheap thrills."

"Because there is such a good variety here, each story shines on its own. Just good zombie comics. The book itself is a great quality as well. Square-bound, 48 glossy pages and full color, too, put it at the top of the list. I'll be looking out for more from Ross Richie and Boom! Studios"

"All the stories follow this type; they all have pretty great endings. But what gets me is that each story is so imaginative in its creation of a zombie-filled world, that I believe that there IS more than a clever twist or a good jolt of surprise. What is the world like outside the classroom of Mark Waid's smart short? Who's really behind the carnage of Keith Giffen's funny, gory story?"

".. the art work and production are top-notch. Zombie Tales is what comic anthologies shoud be. Get it."

"It features an impressive line-up of talent, including Mark Waid, Keith Giffen and Ron Lim (one of my favorites since his days on Silver Surfer), and a cover by the brilliant Dave (100 Bullets) Johnson. But me, I’m pretty well zombie-d out these days, y’know? Seems like everywhere I turn somebody’s got their own damn zombie story. What redeems this collection for me, then, is the humor. These stories are often grotesque and nihilistic, as living dead stories should always be, but there’s also an irreverent through line of comedy that freshens the book up and makes it worth reading."

"The question is, do we really need more zombie comics? The answer is, if they're as good as Zombie Tales, than hell yes we do!"

"So, all in all, good package, good stories, good ideas, good imagery. I must say that I don't read any other Zombie comics although I think i'll pick some up this week, and I will be picking up the BOOM! follow up Zombie Tales Oblivion #1 for more zombie action"

"The true test of Zombie Tales #1 (which it passed effortlessly) was conspicuously reading it among like-minded yet un-comic-savvy friends while waiting to see Land of the Dead last weekend. It was passed around and soon my wicked plan came to fruition: all in my group were infected. And the anthology format made sure there was something for everyone.

Some liked I, Zombie most, and rightfully so; for the rest of the evening the new catchphrase was 'Someday, Ted follow his bliss and open a restaurant...' Other standouts were Severance and For Pete's Sake (in the case of the latter, could this story become an ongoing one for the book as well? Please?). But honestly, picking favorites would be like choosing close relatives and friends to shoot -- you may be able to do it, but it certainly wouldn't come easy among quality like this.

So yeah...Zombie Tales #1 is a potent Patient Zero, and I'm itching to taste more. Thank you, Mr. Richie!"

"ZOMBIE TALES #1 is the sort of comic book that I could (and will) see myself actually getting my non-comics oriented friends excited about. The format is perfect. Stand-alone stories (with the one exception), that *all* kick-ass. Where's number 2 already!!!"

Buy Zombie Tales #1 on the web HERE.


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