Tuesday, December 25, 2012

LEVERAGE #515 "The Long Goodbye Job" Question Post

Rend garments, scream, yell and hug -- your last chance to harangue us with questions for the show formerly known as Leverage is upon us.  I look forward to your thoughts. WARNING:  MAY BE SPOILERS IN HERE! 


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AJ said...

We are fighting tooth and nail to keep Leverage going, through various means, WHEN we suceed will you be happy to pick it back up and run with it? lol

Unknown said...

*wibble* Just *wibble*

Rusty said...

Just the idea of this being the last has me crying already......

Anonymous said...

Firefly got a movie.....why can't we?

Jessica Snyder said...

I know dean has said, that if Leverage didn't get renewed there could be other ways to keep it going.

1.) Which would you rather do, a small mini-series movies like the Librarian Series, or try to get another network to pick it up?

2.) If you win the People's Choice Award for best cable drama, A. will all the cast be there to accept it, and you and dean B. Does that increase the chances of Leverage continuing in some form.

Michael said...

Obviously the series was cancelled, but you've said before that you always felt it had a limited number of episodes that the concept could have sustained. Two kind of non-finale questions (maybe you could do a "Leverage round-up questions about the series rather than a specific episode"?)

1) Are there any Leverage episodes now living inside your head that we'll never get to see? Stuff that you were saving for the right time, or that came to you recently and just didn't get made? Something you've always wanted to do but never got to?

2) How long do you think you could have kept the crew running if you hadn't been canned? Was there another 5 seasons in it, or were you starting to cut to the bone?

And, John, can I just say thank you so much for this show. There literally isn't anything else on TV quite like Leverage, and I'll be sorry to see it go.

Angela said...

Im just heartbroken, my Mom passed away in June this year, and ive thrown myself into watching Leverage. It has not only helped me deal with my own emotions, ive cried, laughed, and loved with all of you.
I feel as if you are all a part of my family, i invited you all into my home, my living room, my bedroom and even as you did today been in the bath with me ;)
But i cant see myself without you.
And this is the problem, a programme such as this causes people such varied emotions, and such love for the Actors/Characters/Writers/Editors and producers.

After all of that how can we just simply let go?

Unknown said...
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Oona said...

Done with Christmas dinner, now looking forward - but with sadness - to the last episode.

The last time I ever felt sad about a show ending that had gone 5 or more seasons? Never. Because this is the only show that's kept me that involved for that long.

I'll terribly miss seeing this cast together.

Anonymous said...

I just found out this is the series finale and I am so sorry. This is one of the best written, most consistently interesting shows on television. Please find a way to keep it going!

Anonymous said...

I too am sorry to see the end of Leverage. But being the practical person I am, now lets look forward.

I recently pitched to you guy that if Leverage was ever cancelled you should consider my idea of a story spin-off.
#509 Where Hardison, Eliot and Parker worked for Spence in averting a terrorist attack, was an eye opener that this could be a popular replacement to Leverage

New show, now that Leverage has been cancelled.
Cast being: Parker/Hardison/Eliot
They belong to a secret part of the NSA that even the FBI doesn't know exist, they do the "Mission Impossible" stuff, at home and abroad, they are known by regular law enforcement/Interpol as criminals.
The thief
The hacker
the enforcer
Sorry Sophie and Nate, but for this kind drama three is enough, any more people and it gets too crowded.

Also, at the end of every episode we have Col. Spence explaining to his bosses why his covert team had to break so many laws and why the money/valuables were never recovered, and why his team's profile images were blacked out in the security database.

We need to empathize that these folks are thieves (first and foremost) and only incidental patriots.


alone in the dark said...

I hope that this blog continues. I have learned so much about writing as Rogers goes through the process of breaking, revising, and polishing stories that I would be heartbroken to see it vanish.

Mercedes A said...

Why did "whoever" have to die???

Anonymous said...


Good luck with that 3fer spinoff.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that idea qualifies as a 3fer - a 3fer is one person with three identities, correct me if I'm wrong.

There is no use attacking me about Leverage, it's done, cooked. I'm just pitching an idea that I think would be a commercial success, call me dispassionate or cold hearted but there is no way that the Network would take all five and give them a new show, then they might as well keep Leverage.

Also, there is proof in #509/episode71 that Parker/Eliot/Hardison can form a good fresh new team that can be presented to the Network bosses as a fresh idea.
Sophie and Nate as in #510 could present their show to the Network bosses also. (and that wouldn't be a 2fer :).


Anonymous said...

WHEN we suceed will you be happy to pick it back up and run with it?

Anonymous said...

Any chance USA Network would pick-up this show? It always seems to be a rumor or suggestion when a great show gets canceled, that another network would SAVE the show. Is that at all a realistic hope? Leverage would fit in so good with Psych, Burn Notice, Suits, White Collar etc... "Characters Welcome!"

I will miss this show SO much. I care about these characters. I didn't realize how much until Hardison was buried alive in the Grave Danger Job. I ordered the first three seasons on DVD while I still had tears in my eyes. I have enjoyed the DVDs very much and appreciated the commentaries a lot. Commentaries with the writer, director, and show creators should be the industry standard. (Attention: Steve Franks!)

I have already pre-ordered the upcoming books on Amazon.com. Would love to see the show continue but will look forward to everyone's future projects. Thanks for everything, including this blog!!

Wendy said...

On a positive note, because you've spent five years making a lot of people happy... I hope that you all -- you, Dean Devlin, Chris Downey, Tim, Christian, Gina, Beth, and Aldis, know how much you're loved by all of us. I know most of us wish the run had been longer, but thank you (although "thank you" seems incredibly inadequate) for five years of a truly amazing show.

24jg13 said...

You are a cruel cruel man John Rogers. That's all I can say at the moment.

Joey C. said...

If you had known this was the final season from the beginning, would anything have been done differently for the build-up?

24jg13 said...

Sweet Sweet Sterling. Welcome back.

24jg13 said...

Loving all the 1st episode references. 20lbs of crazy, Parker in the elevator, Sophie bad act.

MacSTL said...

No spoilers --- but OMG I love you and I hate you Rogers!

Maria Lucas said...

I only have one question and that's when will the Leverage movie air? B/c there is no 'formerly known as' just Leverage :) But seriously, who's idea was it to make us think that the crew had died? It was good. Tear jerky but good?

24jg13 said...

Okay loving you again John Rogers. Sophie gets to act well in MacBeth. and the team gets to finally beat Sterling. Grinning from ear to ear.

24jg13 said...

Lara not her real name, What's up with that????

JC said...

Did you go to the Joss Whedon school of writing?!?!?!!!! Way to go out. Can't wait for your next project.

Anglocat said...

Damn, Rogers, that ending--I will miss the Team, and the show, and bringing it back would be great--but that ending was worth it! Thanks for sa great run!

Girl Saturday said...

Okay, now I want a movie where Eliot has to make that call to Nate. I'm almost okay with it ending if that movie is a possibility . . .

IMForeman said...

I'm never going to say that I don't want more Leverage, because I most surely do. I will say that this fabulous episode was a very satisfying conclusion if no further cons materialize. Kudos to all at Leverage.

Anglocat said...
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Anglocat said...
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Geekette said...

I want a spin off with Hardison, Eliot, and Parker so very badly.

If I say please very very nicely, what are the chances of it happening?

Anonymous said...

When does the Elliot/Parker/Hardison series start?

Anonymous said...

So,so,so, the stage has been set for my idea....Can't say anymore West Coasters.


Kylee McIntyre said...
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G said...

When Sterling stays that he doesn't believe in the same thing. Does it he really mean it? Is it just for show? Or he believes differently, but not enough?

Finally, when will we finally learn her name?!

Anonymous said...

Parker comes full circle...20 lbs. of crazy in 5 lb. bag! I wish you all a sniffly & teary Merry Christmas and I want to thank you deeply for a phenomenal show! Sniff...

Jessica Snyder said...

Why can't there be a spin-off of the show with Hardison, Eliot, and Parker?

Sarah W said...

You had me until all three were shot. The Thelma and Louise bit confirmed it.

I do love the homage to our favorite quotes from the first episode. It was fitting for a finale. And Parker's final line . . . perfect.

Spear carriers. Spear carriers. Y'all rock.

Sometimes good guys make the best bad guys -- and Sterling is the BEST at that, bless him.

We STILL don't get Sophie's name? Really? Did I miss something? Or just that Sophie kept her real name from everyone BUT Nate?

Did I miss where the little boy received his meds? Or is this where we understand that Nate has set down his desire for revenge? Did he maybe make a side trip to that floor?

I'm glad 'the kids' are carrying on. Thanks for leaving it open enough for our imaginations to continue.

Thanks for a marvelous run.

aurora said...

Even more than Sterling. Even more than the moments with each team member, I loved the symmatry in so many levels: Lady MacBeth, the family living room and chair with the lines from the end.

1. Wait, we never did hear Sophie's real name, did we? (Was it Nora? :-).

2. Would/will Sterling ever go darkside like Nate? Did he go to the wedding?

3. If/when this did(does?) go to season 6/movie, etc. Would you consider having new grifter/mastermind or work with the trio handling all roles?

Thank you again for five wonderful seasons! (I've hooked 3 people on the show--one a neighbor I just lent season 2 & 3 to when she came over to exchange Christmas gifts. She mainlined Season 1.)

Sandy Tomezik said...

Dammit. You broke my heart and bent my mind then twisted it into a pretzel, and finally made me cry. If you have to go out, you went out with class. Good show everyone, good show.

Art_Connery said...

here's my stream of thought for the show. *Spoilers* Questions for you John are *
-Nate fighting to prevent a kid from dying- Nate's call back
-I trust your Judgment: Nate to parker- WOW!
-friend that died? What???
-FBI agent from the Mentalist -
-Agent Casey- Chuck nod?
-nice call back to the nigerian job 20 # of crazy- the Parker call back
-Sophie's 1st appearance call back
-Parker call back stripping in the elevator
-eliot call back coming up
-oh crap
-dammit hardison
-eliot gun disarm
-age of the geek
-Is the show going to end in 20 minutes?
-Where there's Interpol there's Sterling
-Nate has been to Portland FBI offices?
-Somebody watched "Hero"
-the glass slide- original Sterling call back
*black book/black box or ledger?
-how do you get people not to look for you? Make them think you're dead. aka The Devil's greatest trick
-the plan's/play's the thing
-Parker as Detective Tennant
*Sophie as Captain Leibowitz??
*a little Eddie Murphy there?
-I smell an overhead walk away.
-you made my wife laugh so hard she cried.Loved the head tilt.
-All in all the classic Leverage show.
*What cards were left up on the board?

Alec said...

My question.
1. Since Parker is the New Mastermind does that mean Hardison was too weak to run his own team even though he wanted too?

Anonymous said...


Seriously? seriously? That was the story, the boy and his Meds didn't/doesn't exist.

It was a raison d'etre story to Interpol.

Abby S. said...

Thank you for a marvelous end! As a fan who lurks here week to week, and an avid fan, I absolutely loved that you were able to end the show so perfectly. Thank you for such a great Christmas Gift.

You had me fooled the entire time, finally catching on at the end...which I loved. I wish all of the Leverage Family the very best! Thank you!!!

PurpleOps said...

My head hurts.

I am definitely going to have to watch that episode again to make sense of it. As is my wont, I wrote down a few questions as it was running, but I'm not sure there's any point in asking them since it is very unclear to me exactly which events happened and which didn't. Parker swinging across buildings in daylight going "Woo-hoo!"? Didn't happen, right? Nate overlooking that radio would work in the building? Didn't happen, right? An INTERPOL PORTLAND BUREAU??? Did happen, but is the whole "backwater office" idea legitimate?

As far as that goes, what the you-know-what happened to the opening con? The story was SUPPOSED to be about a case that related to Nate's son, and it turned into this "black book" thing that goes all the way back to the first episode of the season, or even before that. (And don't even get me started on TNT using the "big score" line as the act break tag for the whole season and it didn't show up until now!) What happened to that case - was that what the new team was dealing with at the end?

Okay, I liked "The plan's the thing." I liked that Sophie FINALLY showed she could really act on stage (after it appeared she was blowing it big time). I liked "Detective Tennant", although a different Who reference might have been more fun. And I loved the proposal. But talk about bait and switch - NOT THE REAL NAME???

Some of my annoyance is that this is the last episode. Some of it is that I really felt yanked around by the plot twists. Some of it is that I think I'm SUPPOSED to feel yanked around. I'm hoping either another viewing will clear up my confusion, or I'll have to wait for the podcast and, even more so, DVD commentary to really "get" it.

But the show was beautifully directed by Mr. Devlin, and the music from Mr. Lo Duca, as always, added so much. I will miss this show tremendously. And it appears that the double summer finale really did foreshadow where things were going, showing the team split in the same way.

Sorry for going on so long; please answer whatever you can from this crazy rant, and I'll look forward to answers elsewhere. Good luck on your next projects - I'll look forward to seeing them. And thanks again for bringing this show into our lives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! You are a magnificent bastard. That was the ending that Leverage deserved.

The callbacks to the premier were stellar. The final visit from Sterling was perfect.

I will miss this fun train.

PhantomMinuet said...

I still want to know Sophie's real name.

And yay for Sterling! He goes out, never having "lost".

I will miss this show dreadfully. It has been a delight, from beginning to end.

lilacwood said...

To everyone asking about Sophie's real name, it's Lara (or Laura?).

Also, that was brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I'm really going to miss the show.

Art_Connery said...

Ignore the block book/black box statement, please

J. T. Perk said...

The world has lost a great TV Show. I hope one day there is a reunion movie about Leverage International.

Old_Warhorse said...

Did Sophie's name, Lara, come from the character in "Doctor Zhivago"?

Also, thank you for one of the best TV series to ever hit the airwaves! And definitely one of the very best series finales!

Cain said...

An awesome finale for a show with great writers, actors, and crew.

I think my only disappointment is never getting to see Nana meet Parker.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys went out on an up note. Not sure I agree with the choice of having Parker re-do Nate's speech or the constant call backs to Ep 1 - the Ep could have stood on it's own without that and there's something cheap about having Parker just do Nate's Ep 1 speech. That was an iconic moment in Ep 1 and just having Parker re-do it verbatim seemed to cheapen the original and take away from the newness of the new 3man unit.

Party Girl said...

OK, that was not what I expected ... but I'm satisfied :) THE PROPOSAL - thank you very much :)

I'm still a bit confused, I'll have to rewatch this at least 3 times to catch and understand every single twist and detail (this is so embarassing for me, because I'm usually the one who gets everything and explains plots and context to others :)).

I was really shocked at first even though I was pretty sure there was no way they're all dead this early. Great job with all the pilot/S1 deja vu's! And Parker's "We provide leverage" at the end - loved it!

Thanks for everything. I really hope we get at least one movie, meanwhile I'll rewatch every single episode until I can't stand any more (presumably that's never going to happen :)) and I'm really looking forward to the books.

Anonymous said...


Parker being the new leader/"mastermind", doesn't mean any of the other two are weak, I see it as, of the three Parker is the one with the analog mind, Eliot thinks too basic action-reaction and Hardison thinks too pretzel like-complicated so they both tend to get lost/stuck in their plans, whereas a Parker analog mind sees success and failure equally and will plan for both.

But above all, you do realize that the door has been left wide open for a spin-off of the three, it was beautifully done, with the retirement of the old guard and the fresh new growth of a Parker leadership personality.

Now, step two: TNT needs to grab this opportunity before the actors become committed to other jobs/projects and the set is given to another show/project.


Countess of Monte Cristo said...

You almost ruined Christmas Rogers.

But then you didn't. I actually loved the ending. (It is my head-canon that Nate and Lara/Sophie will stay in touch with Parker, Hardison, and Eliot as the friends family that they are and you are not allowed to ruin my head-canon.) I was hoping for something along the lines of passing the torch and I'm glad it went that way.

What an ending! Truly what this great show deserved. Being the obsessive freak fan that I am I did not fail to notice the large number of call-backs to previous episodes. Many, many parallels with the pilot. Haridon's nervousness in the elevator shaft, Sophie as Lady Macbeth (and I loved both versions of that too), and more things I can't get my scattered mind to list. The circle shot from the First and Second David Jobs, Steranko, the multiple stories like in the Roshomon Job, Nate and Sterling finally being even. Were the fake (thank every deity of every religion ever) deaths a reference to Sophie's deaths in the Two Live Crew Job and the San Lorenzo Job? And we finally know why Portland and all of Nate's secrets.

Leverage saves the world. What a fanastically brilliant idea.

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode that I don't think I can write them all down, but I'm sure you know how powerful and intense it was. I loved the opening with Nate faking confusion and anguish. I loved the Trojan Horse. I loved the elaborate plan, revealed in true Leverage style.

So was Gina's tweet about Sophie's real name a plant? And that denial at the end damn well better be a joke because you promised us the real thing, dammit!

I thought there was something off about the first scenario but I was too worried to think about it. Everyone did a great job with the pain of that version of the story.

I don't think I've really processed that this show is over yet. (Maybe the world will end after all.) So be on the lookout for a comment from me in a few days in a state of absolute incomprehensible panic.

I sort of wish the part with the drug was real. Or was it a secondary motive that was real? I couldn't tell.

Parker as Nate at the end was so wonderful. Did Beth enjoy imitating season one Tim?

I apologize for my questions being scattered throughout, forcing you to actually read my entire rambling post. But hey, you don't have a show anymore, you can handle.

Wouldn't be Leverage is the epic convoluted plot wasn't in the background and not the entire episode!

I love how Sophie is into directing now, and the way the students and her theater came along.

A great title for a great episode.

A perfect ending for a perfect show.

I just have one last thing to say.

Age of the geek, brother.

Anonymous said...

Okay. The cancer drug. I feel like that plot thread was left hanging as soon as the black book entered the picture. What the hell happened with that? Was it just a fake-out? Why couldn't we even get a throwaway line telling us that?

sith_lady said...

Why, you evil, devious, clever, brilliant sons of guns! You really had us going on some of these things which I shall not specify because spoilers, and you did it ON PURPOSE. Woosh, that was lovely!

Yay for one last showdown with Mark Sheppard's Sterling, best frenemesis EVER, yay for one last shoutout to Doctor Who and my personal favorite Doctor, yay for Sophie getting it right at last, yay, even for the several heart attacks I had during the show, and especially for the job you pulled on the fans :)

I love these guys SO much.

I can't help hoping Leverage and her (his? its?) fans are able to steal another network, but if this is really it, what a terrific sendoff.

Good luck, John Rogers, and everyone, and may the Force be with you and all the good guy grifters everywhere :D

sith_lady said...

Also, thank you, also, for showing us the name of the brewpub. It's cool that they let you use their space AND their name. They deserved that good long focus, too :)

G said...

Just curious, why isn't this season's finale a two-parter like all the other seasons? Or do you prefer to tightness and high octane pacing of just one episode?

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you, I too am disappointed that there wasn't a personal moment where Nana meets Parker and they share an awkward moment. :))

Kylee Fairy said...

Was the mastermind of the new team always going to be Parker? When did you guys decide that?

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved it.

Still wish the cons could continue but if this is the end (besides the books) then well done to the entire cast & crew.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so by now you have become a grifter yourself by conning the audience into believing that all sorts of horrible things were going to happen. And then you gave us that ending. I really loved the episode especially all those nostalgic moments that took us back to Season 1. Also, thanks for answering our questions and communicating with the fans. I really love the show and I will keep watching those five Seasons over and over again.

Here are my questions:

So was the part were you said we'd hear Sophie's name another lie and if not, what is her name? (I'm sure a lot of people have asked that question already)

The whole "getting evil lgances from everyone" thing: was that a lie, or did people actually hate you for breaking up the team?

You said at the end of Season 4 that only one of Dubenich and Latimer survived. Since this is the last Season can you tell us which one died?

Anonymous said...

The spin-off: Parker/Hardison/Eliot

Starts with a two-parter episode - "The hunt for Hardison".

Col. Spence sends Hardison out to do electronic surveillance in Mexico, these are Terrorists using the Mexican border area slip into the US to launch an attack, but Hardison disappears, he's gone silent and Parker and Eliot set out to find him, which becomes an emotional ride for Parker, not knowing if he's a captive or buried in the desert somewhere, Col. Spence already told her that Hardison is likely dead.

Nana calls and Parker pickup and lies to Nana about Hardison not calling her as usual, and promises Nana that she will make sure he calls soon.
For the very first time Parker packs a gun as do Eliot, which is important given his distaste for guns.
Episode2: Parker and Eliot in Mexico posing as smugglers while searching for Hardison, meanwhile Hardison is able to get steal his captor's cell phone and rig it to become a tracking for Parker who recognizes the Hardison signal as something that Hardison taught her.


JustBecause said...

Oh my! If that wasn't just the fastest hour of TV ever (sad, as I didn't want it to end!). I'm still in a swooning, giddy, happy fog over the proposal, so forgive me if this doesn't make sense. If this was the end, what a way to go! I loved all the callbacks to earlier episodes and I doubly loved that Sterling was a part of this final episode. What I didn't love was that TNT had text on the screen and voiceovers calling it the "Season Finale", which was messing with my head as I so wished that it wasn't the SERIES Finale as well.

Speaking of messing with my head, this episode did that...but in a good way. Gosh I loved this episode, and all the other episodes and the show general. I really need to rewatch (thank you midnight repeat showing!), so this question may have been answered...but why was Nate stepping away? Where were he and Sophie off to?

Forgive me for not remembering which commenter above said it, but I am so ready for the movie where Eliot has to make the phone call to Nate. Or, you know, a whole season where Nate and Sophie have to respond to his calls should another network snatch you up (A&E only has a couple of scripted shows currently, and Leverage comes with a larger audience than either has I believe ;) ). Gotta have Eliot make the call, though, because *my* Leverage needs Nate and Sophie.

Thanks for making a show so enjoyable that it's such as shame to have it end. Thanks also for taking the time you do with this blog. All the best in your future endeavors (especially, you know, those future Leverage movies...).

firelizardkimi said...

So many callbacks, so little time. I hope you play a Leverage drinking game when you do the commentary for this (instead of just straight up drinking, of course), because wow. If I'd played, I'd be smashed out of my mind right now.

1. Parker is the new mastermind? This seems a little strange to me, since Hardison was always the one who was talking about running his own team. Does Hardison realize that he's still not ready for his own team? Or do the three of them together plan the cons, so it's more collaborative than it was with Nate? But with the line about Nate trusting Parker's judgement (!!), it seems like he was kind of grooming her for this job, especially this past season.
2. So, Sophie's real name is Lara... but that's not her real name? Seriously? Is that just Sophie/Lara playing around, or is Lara actually not her real name? Either way, you are a magnificent bastard.
3. I admit, you had me really worried at the beginning with all the crew "dying." Nice fakeout. But I knew from the beginning that Nate wasn't in a hospital though. Even prisoners get a bed in a hospital. Along with a nice police escort. But I did like how Nate figured it out.
4. Detective Tennant? As in Doctor Who's David? Is he your favorite Doctor?
5. Sterling really never loses, does he? He still won, right? He just let them get away.
6. My only gripe with this season as a whole is that the season-long plot arc of why Nate moved them to Portland and the big secret he was keeping from the crew (with Hardison's help) was kind of not so evident as some of the other plot arcs have been. You've always done a nice job of balancing the overarcing plot with the individual plots of the standalone cons, but this long plot just seemed... I don't know, like it was mentioned early on, and maybe a few times at the end of some episodes, and then dropped until this episode. Sure, there have been the odd hints from Nate, but they were always extremely subtle and easy to miss if you weren't paying close enough attention. Was it more difficult to write this season-plot in, or is it just my imagination?
7. I think someone already asked this, but I would also like to know what happened to that drug that seemed to be a throwaway line at the beginning. What happened with that? Was there something cut that we didn't see, or was that really just it?

I'm sure I have more questions, but I'm also sure that someone else will ask them. I am so glad that you got the chance to share this wonderful show with us for five amazing seasons. While I wish that Leverage would air for another five seasons, I am glad that you got the chance to end the show as you have been planning from the beginning.

Thank you so much for everything. I'm looking forward to getting the DVDs for this season and rewatching to my heart's content, as well as hearing all the drunken commentaries (they're the best part!).

briddie said...

I love the little callbacks, like Parker undressing in the elevator, Sterling handing the glass to Nate, and Sophie still doing that same awful monologue. Did you have fun adding those little bits to it?

C.L. said...

The statement "He shall knock four times" was given when Sophie's real name would be revealed, yet I'm certain everyone recalls the tidbit at the end with Sophie.

Does this in fact mean that Leverage has some form of life be it books, audio dramas, etc. since her truth hasn't been revealed as of yet concerning her?

MrsArkban said...

So the Portland on purpose thing was set up in the first ep of the season. If you weren't already thinking this might be the last season, what would they have been doing in Portland? Or if the black file was the reason, how would it have ended differently?

odakotarose said...

Where do you see the team in five years, ten years, or more?
And thank you so much for this show.

Anonymous said...

I liked how things wrapped around from the pilot to the last one. Was Aldis ever in the body bag or was it always a dummy? When will the dvd be able to be purchased? I can't wait to listen to the commentary. Hoping for some of the cast to be in on it. Love hearing from "Sexual Chocolate" and is partners in crime. Thank you for Leverage

Cain said...

A question about Sterling (Spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the episode)

At what point did Sterling choose Justice over Order? I'm guessing once he saw the hard drive was gone, Sterling decided to let him get away with it. Otherwise Sterling would have had more agents at the car to take him to jail since Sterling would have known Nate had an escape plan. Unless Sterling was in on the plan all along but that doesn't fit his characer.

Margaret said...

There aren't any questions or comments that won't be repeated at this point in the game so I'll just say thank you.. to you, the rest of the crew, the cast.. everyone. We're gonna do our damnedest to get Leverage a new home, but even if we can't, we still love you and will never forget you. You were an original in a universe full of horrible copies, and that can never be taken away.

Again.. thank you. <3

GBellmansNo1Fan said...

After that finale I only have two questions.

1. Which network should we be hounding to get another season (or twelve) from? (We are trying for USA, but if there's another you prefer, we'll gladly change tactics!)

2. Can we get a "bonus disc" with the season 5 set? I'd be cool with a full 6 hours of gag reel, deleted scenes, etc.

Oops...3 questions...

3. Could you PLEASE hook up a microphone to a couple laptops, get in a Skype video call, and watch the eps. with Gina and Tim to get their commentary on a few of the eps?? Low tech, but it does work!!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Leverage was such an internet / social network phenom, I don't network or read entertainment news regularly and only watched TNT once a week for Leverage. The cable guide may have said "Series Finale," and my brain just read it as season finale, but I did not see it coming at all until the last scene so the first 20 minutes or so had me scratching my head instead of thinking the characters were really dead as was probably intended. I just assumed the plot would unfold and there would either be a cliffhanger or not... Then came the closing scenes and I did something I've never done before for television: Ran screaming to the nearest computer thinking "What The HELL?"
(At this point I was still confused, wondering if Nate and Sophie were being written out or if they would return with some tie- in next season.)
5 minutes later sitting stunned in a chair I realized TNT had ruined Christmas. A couple hours and some more internet searching later I know this is not the case, anyone who watches TNT more then once a week or is even remotely living in the 21st century would have seen it coming. I'm also amazed that so many people out there can tell shit from shinola with the usual exception of network executives. Every week it was on Leverage gave me a gem to look forward to in a decades high pile of crap. Thanks so much to all involved for providing so many with 70+ hours of pure genius. The characters, cast, and writing were truly something special in the Hollywood universe of "Mostly Ordinary."
I've never posted anything about ANYTHING on the internet until this moment. The actors will go on, the crew will go on but the moment is gone, and I cannot believe I'm sitting here sad about a television show.. so it must have been something more then that. Much to my surprise over a million people feel that way too.
And now that I know that, I find myself wondering at the same time why it wasn't ten times that.

Susan M. said...

@Seth While I love the idea of a 3-hander with E/P/H/, please get the Colonel's name right. It is Vance.

While you put Parker in the role of mastermind, I really see the new lineup as more collaborative, Parker taking lead on the more heisty jobs, Hardison on the more tech heavy jobs, and Eliot on the more paramilitary jobs.

@Rogers, please pitch this spin-off! It would be fantastic!

Now to "The Long Goodbye Job." I hoped/prayed that the first run was a ruse. Totally saw Sterling as the Trojan Horse, but loved it anyway. Of course Parker had to quote Nate verbatim for the client speech. Her version would have been totally inappropriate, and she's grown enough to know that.

Now my only question is, when can I buy the Season 5 DVDs?!

Anonymous said...

What I would ask is, can we have another web chat with Beth and Aldis, like the one they had on 7/17/11 that was posted to Youtube?

They answered a lot of our questions and they were fun to watch and hear, really NOT boring. So, now we need some more questions answered.


Madhatter360 said...

First of all, great finale!

My main question is, when did Sterling get let in on the plan? It seemed like Nate was hiding the fact that Parker/Eliot/Hardison were going into the server room, but then later Sterling knew that Sophie was driving the car.
Was the fact that he kept giving Nate the keys to his handcuffs supposed to foreshadow that he would let Nate go at the end?

Oona said...

"Justice or order. One day, you are going to have to make that choice."

Screw the P/H/E show, I want the Nate and Sterling show! Awesome bit of foreshadowing with that line, I knew it was going to be significant when I heard it, and the payoff was outstanding.

Most excellent performance for TH, not just in the emotional stuff, but I really liked the concept of the black box and TH's speech about it - great job making a plotty moment really fun by TH, you, Downey and Devlin.

But, you are a big asshole for the name thing and the death fakeout.

1) Where does the black box idea come from?

2) What was the mood like when you guys were filming the big emotional and yelling scenes in the interrogation room? Were the actors very serious or does kind of the opposite occur and people get more loose between takes?

3) What do you see as the most likely scenario now: a) TV movie of Eliot making the call; b)the show gets picked up by another network; or c) you guys all move on to other projects and think of each other fondly?

I'm guessing c), but it'd be nice to know if you guys see any serious, realistic chance of future Leverage adventures on the tube.

Leisa from RI said...

How were you able to plan five years ago for tonight's finale? What needed to be tweaked from your original conception for the episode? Were the actors as shocked as we were when they first read the script? They must have loved the range of emotions they played. Do you all know how much you will be missed?

J. R. Lenz said...

It's impossible to put the entire story in 42 minutes of television, so there will always be people wondering about parts of the story that were missed -- but the cast & crew delivered spectacularly on this episode -- a fitting finale to the best show to grace my television since I've been old enough to own one.

Eagerly awaiting the BluRay box set.

Anonymous said...

@Susan M.

Colonel Vance.

I agree that there would be no single mastermind anymore, I was replying to someone who said that, but Parker has been elected/selected as the leader.
Hardison isn't going to vote against his girlfriend, therefore Eliot is out voted two to himself, that is if he wanted to challenge.


Oona said...

One last question:

4) Dean said that you guys decided around the filming of episode 10 to make this episode the original series finale. So, if that's the case, why is it that the arc established in episode 1 fit so perfectly with this ending? Did you have a similar season-long arc in mind and just shifted it to have Nate and Sophie leave? Or was there some other finale in mind, and if so, what was it?

john A said...

Madhatter, If one had to take a guess, the way the nuances of the show run Sterling would have known (and with all appropriate irony), that Nate would always be a step ahead and keeping him cuffed would really serve no purpose in the long run, and that Sophie would be driving because by the laws of the leverageverse there was nowhere else she would be.Of course, that could be totally wrong...

Adam C said...

How far out did you know about the lack of a pick-up for Season 6?

Anonymous said...

Beth talked about a scene between Parker and Hardison that didn't make it to air because it was thought to be too steamy. Will that in the DVD extras?

thebacardiqueen said...

PERFECT EPISODE! Thank you. Just one question...what is Sophie's real name? She said to Nate "You do know Lara's not my real name..." ?

Janice Hartmann said...

I wholheartedly agree!... reading every post...reliving every moment with a thankful heart.

aisforaimee said...

Long-time reader of this blog, first time asking questions!

1. If this series were to get renewed, what do you think would have happened in S6? Would you have thought of a way to rope Nate/Sophie back to the crew or would they have still remained out?

2. Out of everyone in the team, it seemed like Hardison got the least back story. We've had some reveals of him over the course of the series, but definitely nothing as episode-centric as Parker or Eliot. Was that deliberate on your/the writers' part or something you wished you could have explored, but were unable to because of restraints (time, story, etc.)? Would we have been able to see Hardison's story reveal come in S6? If so, what would that have been? More specifically, would we have seen Nana Hardison and what would she be like?

3. This isn't really a question. Just a thank you. Leverage has been a joy to watch (and will continue to be a joy every time I re-watch!). It had been nothing short of flawless for the past five seasons and I can safely say that the bar on which I place other shows has been raised because of this show. The writing, the directing, the acting, EVERYTHING has been at the top the game since the Pilot. You've all created characters that I will love forever.

Sandy Tomezik said...

Although several people have picked up on Parker calling herself
"Detective Tennant", no one seems to have noticed Nate calling himsef "Officer Baker". Itwas easy to miss;
I didn't catch it til my second viewing.

Oh where will we find another show that gives us little easter eggs to hunt for?

Kes said...

Maaaan. I turned on the first airing and was going to rewind back to the beginning. For some reason my DVR wouldn't, even though I was recording it at the time.

I happened to turn it on at about 17 minutes in (including commercials). Right about the time Eliot gets shot. I about lost it. I just flat turned it off and decided to watch the later airing.

Totally wanted to throttle you for making me think for around half the episode or more.

abvj said...

This was one of the most satisfying series finales I have ever watched. It was everything I wanted from this show. I love the fan service you included via the callbacks from the pilot and the infamous glass being passed back and forth. I love the intricate con, the different POVs ala The Rashomon Job. I love that Sterling was included and the role he played in it all.

Even though I would love for these characters to con their way through every last bad guy on earth, together, deep down I always knew this was the right ending for them, and I'm so utterly thankful that you and the writers gave these characters I have grown to love so much perfect endings.

I just want to say that I am truly grateful for five seasons of this wonderful show, and even though I had a very small, single moment of doubt during the first twenty minutes, I remembered how much I trusted the writers, and I knew you would not lead us, the viewers, astray. So thanks for being excellent at your job.

Just one question:

Even though the team has essentially split, and Nate and Sophie have "retired," do you still see them as continuing on as a family? Do they still see each other outside of cons? Do Nate and Sophie ever get tempted to put their nose in the trio's business and help out? Do Nate and Sophie find small cons to run on their own during their many adventures abroad?

(OK. That was technically more than one question. I apologize.)

Thanks again for five incredible years. I'm always complaining about the lack of good character development on television, and I thank you for giving me Nate Ford as exhibit A when making a case for how to do it right. Can't wait to see what you do next.

meanderling said...

Can I just say, this is literally the most emotional hour of television I've ever sat through. The first twenty minutes--well, I was conned. I think I nearly threw up. You weren't lying, Mr. Rogers. You son of a bitch. This is amazing and gutting. Thank you for these people, and for the spaces you've made in my mind.

1. Is Lara Sophie's real name or not? I'm assuming it's on some layer of real--probably one of the more real layers--but at this point does it really matter? What name is she doing her directing under?

2. Is the 'new' Leverage quite as structured as the five-team Leverage? We've already shown that the team's talents are bleeding into each others'. Even with Parker sitting in the 'mastermind' chair (which was amazing, by the way), are the others going to look to her as team leader like they did Nate?

3. What would've happened in the first episode if the new season were to be picked up? How do we get Nate and Sophie back?

And again, thank you. Leverage was wonderful.

Nate (not ford) said...

I agree with everyone who has stated that they want a sequel/spin-off. Maybe bring in some new recruits to help in the cons? I don't really care right now, I really want to see some a Parker/Elliot/Hardison sequel/spinoff!
I really don't want to see my favorite show go!

Elaine said...

Trying really hard to be vague, if you haven't seen it and are playing Pandora with the spoiler warning...

This may just be me, but I saw Sterling begin the order/justice turn when he figured out what really happened with the team. I read his delivery of everything up to that point as "How could you throw away your family?" anger - the dig about Hardison and the look that he gave after Nate's response, the disdain when he was talking about the black book file, the complete non-mention of Sophie (because even Sterling isn't that big of a bastard). It all felt very much like the frustrated rage of a friend who has watched him destroy his life, adjusted to the thought that the new life might be even better for him, and then (apparently) watched him destroy it again.

As soon as Sterling understands what really happened, his tone shifts. I think he realizes that time when he's going to have to decide is...well, now. (Question: Was that a second "Here's the handcuff key" toss at that point? I was pretty sure, but it occurs to me now that it could have been the piece of gel, and I can't re-watch right now) Then they go on the grand walkabout-and-explain, which lets Sterling 1. verify that his theory of events is right, and 2. enjoy Nate showing off his mastermind brain, because really, when is he ever going to have fun like this again? There's only a need to impose order (i.e. life sentence in secret prison) if justice has gone completely off the rails.

I really enjoy Kane's line delivery on "an ornery bastard." And all of the call-backs, visual and otherwise (Nate's Baker again!) - even if some of them happened in the timeline-that-wasn't.

As to the questions about the cancer drug, I thought that was just the excuse Sterling was most likely to buy for why they would break into a building that coincidentally houses Interpol servers (since it's the reason we're most likely to buy, also, and we had to be looking the other way for the story to work).

That ending made me happy. Emotionally whip-sawed, but happy.

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful and brilliant ending to my most favorite show!

Is it too much to hope that the two pilots you worked on recently are in any way related? Pleeeeaaaaasssse?

Thank you so very much for 5 amazing years.

Donna said...

Thank you. It was brilliant and beautiful and everything you've promised.

Jay said...

I just have to say that I enjoyed the finale very much. I'm curious to find out how much of that was "the series finale we always planned to do" and how much was the culmination of the mini-arc that was being set up for the season: Hardison keeping Nate's secret, the team learning and growing into new roles, etc.

And I can't say this enough...

Thanks to Dean Devlin; thans to Chris Downey; thanks to Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane; thanks to Mark Sheppard; thanks to the writing room and the directors; and THANK YOU, John, for five fantastic seasons of a smart and funny TV show.

Alyse said...

Ya got moxie, Rogers.

1. I loved all the callbacks to EVERYTHING. Did you know you were gonna do so many? Did the writers have a contest to see who could come up with the most?
2. Parker as the Mastermind is WOW. I kept thinking this whole season that Nate was preparing Hardison or Eliot to take over, but I couldn't figure out which one. For some reason, I didn't really consider Parker, but now it all makes so much sense and is so obvious that I can't believe I missed it. I got goosebumps as she gave the speech because I could hear Nate's voice at the same time! How was Beth with having to give the speech?
3. So was your idea while you filmed the pilot to end the series with passing the job off to the "kids"? Was it always your plan to have Nate and Sophie end up together?
4. Thank you for that Nate and Sophie engagement scene. Tim and Gina both killed it.
5. Which callback was your favorite to re-live/re-create? Gina performing Macbeth, both horribly and correctly (finally!), was amazing to see. She really knocked it out of the park this whole ep. Everyone did!
6. Somehow I feel like Leverage isn't over. I may just be in severe denial or shock, but something about the way you wrote that episode made it feel like it's not over and I just have to wait until next summer for more. I think what it really shows is that the ep was the truest spirit of Leverage, and it will continue, even if it's just living on through the fans!
7. How was it on set filming those scenes where they're all shot and bloody? Was it hard to even imagine the characters in those states?
8. Lastly, I'd like to say thank you for this finale, for 5 seasons of this show, and for the dedication you have for the fans. I'm hoping that the Grifters can steal another network or something that will give us more Leverage in some capacity, but either way I look forward to following your career and seeing what you do next!

addie james said...

will you all look for a new network to do your show ? because you know we all will fallow the thief,the hacker,and the hitter

Kylee Fairy said...

Even though there were "three bodies," they particularly focused on Hardison. Did we see plan M (I always assumed Hardison fake-died in plan M and didn't REALLY die)?

Addie James said...

will you go to another network to make another season because i you we will fallow the hitter the hacker and the thief where ever you land

Mitchell said...

First off I wanna say thanks to you and your crew for writing what I think was the smartest show on television.

Now for the questions:
1. I thought Sterling's power was that he always came out ahead. Did he intentionally give that up this time for Nate?

2. At what point did stealing the Black Book appear on Nate's radar? Was it while he was on that boat or while dealing with Latimer or even before that?

3. So I'm assuming that between seasons 4 and 5, Nate told Hardison to move to Portland, right?

4. You always say that if something's interesting, it actually exists and if something's boring, you guys made it up. The Black Book seems kinda interesting...

Thanks for everything.

dmk said...

1- Thank you. My family and I have enjoyed this show for five seasons. And this was a wonderful ending.

2- Parker as Nate was the scariest thing I have ever seen on this show.

3- Thank you again.

Bex said...

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
That was the PERFECT ending. It had everything that I needed for closure. And I LOVED the little nods back to The Nigerian Job.
As sad as I am that the show is cancelled, I feel that it's ok, because we got the ending we deserve. It was just...brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers,

Bravo, just...bravo. I'm speechless. Definitely all my thanks for the finale - for the entire show - and all the effort you've put in with interacting with us fans.

I'm holding out for a continuation, or a spinoff, so had there been/if there is to be a season 6, where would that leave Nate and Sophie? I love all your characters equally, so my heart tugged a little when Nate said that they were out of the game.

Also, what happened to the medication for the boy?

Thank you again for providing us with such stellar entertainment every week. Also, thanks to Dean Devlin, Chris Downey, Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane, and Aldis Hodge for taking us on the Fun Train. It was great. Wishing all of you the best of luck in your future endeavours, and I hope I get to meet all of you someday!!

LindaS said...

*slow clap* well done, John et al. Ditto what the others said. Also, I really like that in their last scene together, Sterling and Ford were calling each other by their first names. Very nice touch. Also liked the sly grin on Eliot's face when Nate fake shot him. And kudos to you for allowing Eliot to admit that the team gave him something he sorely needed. Love you and Leverage forever.

Sara said...

No spoilers; I'm just going to say that was the most perfect finale I ever could have asked for, oh god the feels, I am so happy right now.

I'm also so, so sad to see Leverage go, but it DEFINITELY went out on top.

Thanks for five seasons of a truly fun, awesome show.

asim ahmed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Moving the files around between data centers - orange box or ledger?

(I ought to know something about this because I'm a software dev for a major cloud company, but I work on one of the few parts that isn't cloud. But if it's real, I'll have some cool trivia to share with my team :) )

damaged hearts said...


What an awesome series finale that was...had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, my emotions were and still are all over the place..

Awesome end (if it is an end ;) ) to a awesome 5 years, I salute you, cast and crew for making this show, TV will be a poorer place without it...

And the shipper in me wants to hug you for giving Nate/Sophie their ride off into the sunset, yes I squeed at the proposing scene ;)

All I can see really is THANKYOU to all, although it doesn't seem enough...hope we see you all back on our screens soon..*we'll have to steal another network* ;)

Zaki Samsudin said...

Thank you for a truly exceptional show. The satisfaction of seeing the corrupt and powerful brought down to earth (even if it was only on tv) is just surreal. Thank you for the optimism for justice.

Kat said...

Great series finale! I felt every emotion that should be present while watching. You left the show in a good place. Not that I'm happy it ended in the first place :/

1. If the series were renewed, how would you bring Sophie and Nate back into the series?

2. So was Lara the name Sophie told Elliot, Parker and Hardison when Nate went to jail? And when did Sophie tell Nate that her name was Lara? Is Sophie's real name Lara in the first place?

pen death said...

What can be said?

Thank you for the ride, for giving us these lives to share in, for giving us these heroes to root for.

Thank you for the way you have taken us backstage and let us in on the magic.

Thank you for the past five years.

Thank you for making us Grifters.

zob said...

That couch Beth sitting in the end was a bit too big for her. Was that a conscious choice to show she needs more to fill that gap Nate behind or just a props issue?

Tonia said...

Okay, that was an awesome last episode. Thank you. :)

Alayne Stone said...

That was the perfect ending, and I am so happy you got to make it. I was scared of how heartbreaking this would get but I should have known to trust the writers. You hadn't let me down yet, and you haven't now.

Some questions;
1. I thought for a second there that Eliot would bow out - stop being a criminal and open a restaurant. Is he just staying to protect Parker and Hardison (and cause they're his family) or does he genuinely prefer being a hitter?

2. I loved that there were hints through the season to Hardison or Eliot becoming the mastermind but that it turned out to be Parker. Is she the mastermind in a one-and-only-leader way like Nate was, or do the others take that role as well sometimes?

3. Will the new group have any new members? I guess they'll work with all sorts of people temporarily, but will they ever allow a permanent addition to the core group? Especially a grifter would be useful, because while they're all good at it, they're no Sophie.

I just want to thank you again, for a fantastic run and the best possible finale.

Miranda Allen said...

I missed the first 20 minutes since I was watching Doctor Who so I didn't buy the whole "everyone's dead" thing, although I was very confused.

Sophie/Lara got to drive the getaway car. Nate vetoed that in "The Jailhouse Job".

Did Christian and Aldis try out the chair and the "We provide Leverage" speech? You'd think they would all have a little fun with it.

I think Sophie/Lara was kidding when she said that wasn't her real name. She'd told Nate that so many times, it just seemed natural to say it again.

Can't wait for the Season 5 dvds! Hope there are a lot of extras on this one.

shabet said...

When the episode ended, my family had two questions:

What happened to the official reason for going in, to get the medicine for the boy who was going to die from the same rare disease as Sam? (Though thinking about it now, was that just part of the tale that Nate was spinning for the agent?)

Why the hell would TNT cancel the best show it has on the air?! As we saw all the commercials for other shows, it boiled down to reruns of shows we've already watched and don't need to see again (as opposed to each episode of Leverage, so chock full of fun stuff, we rewatch each) or shows we watched no more than two episodes of before deciding we had no interest, or new shows that look awful.

Thanks for five years of stellar writing and versatile characters we could support, and even love, with the actors to bring it about. Leverage will be sorely missed in my family! (And we're watching it in multiple states.....)

tet said...

Amazing finale John! Lots of callbacks and I enjoyed all of them. And being a Nophie fan, I'm so glad you didn't split them up. I loved every second of the finale, and I would watch it again very soon..not right away because it still makes me sad that this is the last episode of the series. Thank you for writing such a wonderful show with awesome characters. Thank you for casting the perfect actors to play our beloved Nate, Sophie, Parker, Hardison and Eliot. Thank you for your creative minds that took us in an amazing ride in the fun train for 5 years.

Again thank you, thank you! Thank you as well for deciding to show us how the show was intended to end. It gave a sense of closure, but I still want to explore this new chapter in their lives. I do wish Leverage will continue in some way or another. The fans are really going to support you guys whatever plans you have. If you need support to get another network, just tell us what to do to help and we'll do our best to help.

Anonymous said...

I want to YELL at TNT and give you a huge bear hug. Your creative genius has given us 5 wonderful years of fantastic stories. I will continue to have my own "leverage" marathons for a long time.

I loved last night's episode. I thought the call-backs to the pilot were delightful. You had me a little bit nervous there about the crew getting killed but alas you came through. But I felt like it was a perfect episode, ending. (I hope only to that chapter.)

There are so many things I would love to say about the cast, the writers, directors but I can't put it into words. I don't think I know enough superlatives to describe how I feel.

Thank you John. I will be looking forward to watching whatever you do next. Because I know if it has your name on it it is going to be great.

talea said...

Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it -- and that's just on my first watch. (the first third, though, was SOOOOO painful.)

All the callbacks; all the twists and turns.

And to be honest, the ending was perfectly set up to be a continuation, if the entertainment gods see fit. But it was also a perfect ending, too.

As for the Nate heavy concern expressed a couple times around the interwebs, well, it had to be, didn't it? That's where it started.

As for the other characters, well, the Rundown Job and the Frame Up Job perfectly set up the new order. Having seen that, I felt the Parker, Hardison and Eliot characters were totally left in a good place to continue their work. And Sophie's whole last season has been delivering her to this point. It all made sense to me.

I would love to see more, but if not, I'm content.

Catharine Brider said...

I see there are 3 novels coming out soon, any chance of an Eliot cookbook? Maybe "Brew Pub Specials by Eliot Spencer (With a section on matching beers to meals)". What title would YOU give an Eliot cookbook?

Julia said...

Well, I wasn't going to be perfectly happy with the last episode just because it was the last episode. Still, that was remarkably satisfying.

Looking forward to settling in on the couch with the family to rewatch and play spot the inverted reference to the pilot.

I'm genuinely sorry this is it. I hope you find a way to bring the team back (which hopefully will be a little less wearing on the writing staff).

Anonymous said...

I will post some real questions later after I've watched the episode enough times to stop squeeing and pay attention to the mechanics. But this is too important not to say right now.

Well played, Mr. Rogers, well played.

Thank you for a wonderful five seasons and good luck on your next projects.

Susannah said...

Thank you for a perfect ending to my favorite show. I couldn't have asked for a better goodbye. It actually makes it a little easier to let go. It didn't occur to me until the next morning, but it reminded me a lot of Yimou Zhang's Hero, which is one of my favorite movies. Happier ending, though, for which I am supremely grateful.

This question isn't episode related, but since this is the last opportunity I'll have to ask you a Leverage question, I'm asking anyway. I watched The Rundown for the first time last month (the movie starring The Rock, not the episode of Leverage, that is). Was that movie part of your inspiration for Eliot? It has to be. I mean, a retrieval specialist who doesn't like guns and wants to open a restaurant? Tell me you've seen it and it was in your mind while you were writing the Leverage pilot.

Thank you for five great years, and for ending on a true high note. Whatever your next project is, you can be sure I'll be there watching and cheering you on.

Dweeze said...

As much as I would like to see - and I think there are tons of - stories with the three, that was a perfect finale. Since this was the originally conceived finale, did you have another in mind to use someday if the show was renewed? Also, though many commenters have said they want to see the show/movie where Eliot calls Nate and Sophie to bail the team out of trouble, I want to see the show/movie where Nate and Sophie have to call the team because Nate and Sophie are the ones needing to be bailed out of trouble.

DBChen said...

So we didn't find out what Sophie's real name is. Not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I like that the mystery continues. On the other hand, I'm glad it's not "Laura." It doesn't fit her.

Loved the ending. great call-back to the first client meeting. Go, Parker!

Oláh Tamás said...

John, and everyone working on Leverage in the past years: thank you for it. This series was magic, and it's gonna be a long while until I get used to not having more.

Gina said...

@shabet -- I had the same thought about the "official" case. Honestly . . . that disappointed me a little. Call me a sentimental slob, but I would have liked to see them end with a case like that -- bringing Nate full circle.

But it was a good strong finale. Even for a diehard Nate/Maggie shipper (I know, that ship sank at the dock, but I just can't help it!), and even for someone who would rather have seen a Hardison/Parker proposal, that proposal scene was very sweet.

Really looking forward to the three novels.

USRaider said...

First off, my compliments to you, Chris, Dean, the rest of the writers, guest directors, guest stars, crew and Tim, Gina, Christian, Aldis and Beth for five years of enjoyment. Leverage is only the second show that I watched from start to finish (the other was Millenium) and it never failed to disappoint.

I do believe that I have finally figured out Sterling and Nate. They are a "yin/yang" in that you can't have one without the other; where Sterling might be constricted, Nate could do things (justice) that law sometimes doesn't allow. How close is that?

Sending Nate and Sophie off into the sunset...together...was a nice touch. Giving Eliott, Hardison and Parker a way to continue the "family business" was a nice touch. Hope you answer the "Black Box" ledger/orange box question because I have always thought there was something like that.

If this is the end (there is always hope), then you capped Leverage off in a truly outstanding fashion. Can't wait to complete my set of DVDs with Season Five!

dollie501 said...

Thanks for a great run, but I have to ask if you don't feel that TNT helped to put the nails in the coffin when they started to split up the seasons and bounced the show from night to night? I know that I have almost stopped watching both TNT and USA because I get interested in a show and then told to wait 6 mths for the rest of the season.
Just the same I would love to see this group of actors in a Mavrick type western series.

Anonymous said...

*TEAR* It was a great way to end a wonderful series. Love the throwback to the first episode. I had to explain all the inside jokes to my mom since she just started to watch Leverage in the 3rd season. It was good going down memory lane. Question: Is it because Hardison is the emotional core of the group, that he could not be a Mastermind of his own crew?

Catharine said...

Five seasons is a classic length and I'll admit I've had a few thoughts recently along the lines of "how much longer can this go on?" But I only learned a few days ago that the show was ending and I AM SAD. Also TNT ran it with the label "season finale" not "series finale" which is very confusing.

Anyhow. I would have liked to see both Maggie and Tara one more time (not in this episode, it wouldn't have fit the structure, but sometime in the past few episodes). Otherwise, this was 99% PERFECT as a finale.

I loved the bit with Sophie's acting. Nate's suggestion that the play was part of the con... seeing her still do horribly... and then seeing her actually do it so well! Thinking for an instant that we learned her real name and then being told we hadn't (we shouldn't, we never should).

The individual goodbye moments between Nate and everyone and Sophie and everyone. All the callbacks to the first episode. Sterling ah ha ha ha ha!

And Parker and Hardison and Eliot being together forever in their little family at the end! You hit it right out of the stadium with the moments between all of them.

In conclusion: <3.

Party Girl said...

How did they know when and for how long the black book file would be on that particular server in Portland?

USRaider said...

I should say "failed to entertain me thoroughly" instead of what I did!

John Taber said...

Best episode EVAR! There was so much of what makes Leverage great in that ep. Drama, comedy, tension, brilliant adversaries, great lines, cons...inside cons...inside cons. Hutton was freakin' brilliant.

Does not get any better.

Thanks for 5 great seasons. :)

Looking forward to what you will be working on next. My only question is that...

What is next for you?

MacSTL said...

I need to watch the episode thru a couple more times to catch all the call backs...

I am surprised no one has mentioned the 'old school' headset Sophie/Nate wear at the theater and the camera work that mimics the pilot

And Parker's black leather hat and her scream on the zip line. (I may have done a bit of "squee"-ing in my sister's living room watching with some non-Leverage watchers)

Question for Dean: How many times did he re-watch the pilot to make sure he replicated so much so exactly.

Anonymous said...

*Gasp* - They killed Lucille! You bastards! She was a good van... Damn it TNT...

Frances said...


First, thank you. I keep thinking there's some clever line like "let's go steal a memory" that I should be able to come up with, but I just keep getting stunned by the fact that it's over. You guys have given me days of wonderful TV, evenings that have turned a days that could have been horrible into ones that ended on a happy note, and a chance to introduce an awesome and funny series to friends...

Thank you. So much.

I was wondering... was Parker's name a reference to Parker from the Donald E. Westlake/George Stark novels? There were a couple of similarities--the lack of a first name, the emotional distance, the focus on money--that made me wonder, and I thought that it might have been a set-up for a contrast. "Here's a name associated with a cold and scary guy, who's calmly defined as 'insane' by Nate, and yet the first time the character appears they're this perky grinning upside-down cute blonde." Am I stretching, or was it a deliberate thing? I always wondered, and I can't find word from On High.

24jg13 said...

Black box shootout to Nikita?

In the season one finale the overhead shot showed the team walking off in different directions, loved that this finale shot had Nate and Sophie walking off with Eliot, Hardison and Parker stayed together. Classic.

jen said...

i hate that eliot never got the chance to reconcile with his father. he went home once to look for him but either he wasn't home or he simply didn't answer. i was hoping we would see him go back to try again.

the first half of the finale i was screaming at the tv. i can't believe you did that to us. that was insane and intense and such a mean trick of a con you pulled. so glad they were all ok in the end. and that nate and sophie got engaged. that was overdue. but what is her real name? gina said on twitter her real name was lara. but on the show she said you know that lara isn't really my real name. so which is it?

i liked the last scene was how the show started. they came full circle. i still just can't believe the show is over. i love this show so much. such an awesome show.

Lori said...

**** Sorry PSA here****
SETH.. per California law they cannot accept any ideas for scripts unless you are a member of the writer's guild. So even though you are not the first to mention a 3 hander or the same under Vance, you have insured that the idea would have NEVER been picked up by writing it here. Not that any of the rest of us want to have a three hander.

Lori said...

Did you have them raise the Steel Bridge and drive up, or was it CGI'd in? If that really was a real van and not CGI, who drove it and yikes!!! weren't they freaking out?

Anonymous said...

@Lori - 9:38am

I supposed you do mean the "Hunt for Hardison" idea/outline I floated, because I have seen a few of my idea on creating show adapted.

I once wrote a blog comment about a spooky devil controlled hotel and a few years later they broke California and created "666 Park Ave".
I also once floated a crazy idea, on the blogs after watching Hustle.
I suggested that we needed a show like Hustle based in America with American actors and culture. - reason why I thought it would be a hit in America without the cockney, I really hope I didn't break any laws with my ideas.

Also, I wasn't the only one who suggested that.


Emily said...

Wow. Just wow. I went through way too many emotions in the early hours of the morning. I sobbed and gasped and laughed and I loved it. Kudos to you for wringing out so many different emotions from me.

I have to admit you had me going with the "deaths" for a bit but I watch plenty of cop shows and if the case is "solved" in the first twenty minutes then it's usually a red herring. That consoled me until the big reveal and then I just felt a bit dumb for believing it.

There's a lot of my questions already been asked so I'll add:

1) Like others have asked, was it always going to be Parker doing Nate's speech from the pilot? Someone else online suggested that it might have been nice to see all three kids share that speech (but with Parker doing the "we provide leverage" bit, of course) and I could totally get behind that. The end was great, but I might have preferred this a little more.

2) Please never tell us Sophie's real name (or confirm that it really is Lara) because Sophie is Sophie and no name will ever be as perfect for her as Sophie. Plus, I like the mystery.

3) A Parker/Hardison wedding? I like to keep things fresh and think that maybe Parker would want them to get married, but Hardison would be all like "I love you, babe, and don't need a piece of paper to tell me that" rather than the other way around. And besides, Parker would secretly be relieved because she wouldn't have to wear a pink taffeta monstrosity.

4) Yes to bouncing bundles of baby joy for Nate and Sophie? They're not too old for a kid or two, or maybe they'd adopt. I want Leverage family Christmases where Hardison gives baby the most annoying noisy electronic toys possible, where Parker teaches baby to sneak out of the house from their second story bedroom and where Eliot glares at the dates baby brings home to meet the fam over Christmas.

5) What happened to Sophie's theater? Please tell me that she still directs there, even if she doesn't run the entire thing. And what about the Brewpub? One of the best things about this season was the Brewpub and Sophie's acting classes. Zachery was a sweetie and Eliot's grudging fondness for Hardison's Brewpub was just great.

6) Leverage International? I'd watch the hell out of that show. Leverage franchises across the globe? Amazing.

Oh, and not a question but loved, loved, loved all the callbacks to previous episodes, especially the pilot. That was awesome.

Finally, just a huge, huge, huge thank you to you and the cast and crew for one of my all time favourite shows, which I'm now sharing with my little brother (he's almost finished the first season and loved The Mile High Job with the plane landing on the road - he thought that was awesome). Here's to your bright future.

P.S. Bonus question... So when's the movie coming out? Just got into Firefly (I can definitely see shades of Leverage in it, or maybe it's the other way around) but they got a movie so I'll wait for mine, be it big screen or on TV. I'm not fussy. :-)

Anonymous said...

@Lori @Seth

In the words of Nate Ford, "all good things must come to an end."

The show's been going down in ratings and demos, and they already did their built in "pilot" for an OT3 spinoff. Remember the Rundown Job? That was promoted more than usual for this show and still only got a .7 demo. That's probably not going to make any network executives salivate.

The sad truth is that low cable ratings and demos are not a formula for a new network and especially not for a spinoff, even without any legal issues.

The show ended after 5 seasons, and it came full circle, which is better than most shows get. All and all, it wasn't a bad way to go out. The writers and actors and producers should be happy with what they got. Most shows don't get that many years on air or a final show they intended. It's all good.


Anonymous said...

I know the difference between a script and an outline can be confusing.
I can understand if some people would think that if there is an outline that.
Leverage/or any other show sees a blog outline that the Leverage team goes to Mexico - That means the Leverage team will NEVER be able to go to Mexico.
If my Leverage team outline says they pick up a phone, by "California law" the Leverage team will NEVER be able to pick up a phone...ever again.

Somehow I don't think that's the law, even I wouldn't attach the name "script" to that sorry excuse for an outline idea I proffered.


ellabell said...

Maybe I should read all the other questions first? Nah, I'll just ask, and see what gets answered.

1) How would you have approached the season as a whole differently if you knew this was going to be the last one from the start?

2) Obviously, you must have SOME ideas on how you would have approached season 6 if it got renewed -- can you explain that? I'd love hear specific ideas, but what I'm actually more interested in is the thought process.

3) Wait, so is Lara NOT her real name? GAH!

4) Now that it's done, can you tell us some more of Sophie's backstory? (I know, I know... but I'd still LOVE to hear it!) And wait, so is her name NOT Lara? I feel like what she told the kids while Nate was in jail would have been the truth, and they didn't contradict Nate when he said Lara, so..?)

5) Are there any cons or villains that you didn't get to tackle that you would have loved to? (This can include storylines that didn't quite work like the lottery job, or things you just didn't have time to tackle. Personally, I was always hoping for a UX story with Hardison reprising his forger role.) I LOVED your Island of Misfit Jobs podcast, and really hope that you do another. (In completely other news, I've been saving the last few podcasts you've done. I'm going on a snowboard trip in a few days where we have a 15 hour drive in front of us, and I'm making the hubby listen to them all from the beginning. I can't wait until we get to the new ones!) (Actually, side question: were there podcasts BEFORE The Experimental Job? Because that's both the first one I have, and when I started watching the shows live, and haven't found any earlier.)

6) Did you actually want another season after this finale? I kind of thought for a long time that the hoping for renewal was a great long-con that you were playing on the audience. ;)

7) Where do you see the team going in the future? (I DID ask this somewhere else, I think. But I'm asking it again here.) In your mind, where did they all end up in 5, 10, 20 years? Are they successful in taking down all the people from the harddrive they stole?

8) What's going to happen to Sophie's theatre group? Does Zachary ever win his Devereaux?

9) What actually happened to the van? If Agent Casey was telling Nate that it got fished out of the water, then he had to actually have done so? That's the only thread I didn't actually follow -- what she believed to be true vs. what Nate was planting. And if Nate planted the van going over... then was he actually driving it over? Did they double back and pick him up?

But seriously, that episode was the best of the series. The hubby and I had to pause our copy every time there was supposed to be a commercial so that we could spin theories and play guessing games. It was a great finale, and exactly the type of finale that I want from EVERY show I've ever watched. The call-backs were especially amazing. Thank you for putting that together, and for giving us 77 great shows.

Anonymous said...

@stu - 10:36AM

You are so right, everything you said I know, I am a ratings addict myself.
I am just exercising my frustration because I have so much regards for the writers and cast, that it is disappointing to know that without a spin-off we will lose the concept and personalities that make up this team.

These characters tend to grow on you :))

Anonymous said...

@stu - 10:36AM

Stu, You are so right, everything you said I know, I am a ratings addict myself.
I am just exercising my frustration because I have so much regards for the writers and cast, that it is disappointing to know that without a spin-off we will lose the concept and personalities that make up this team.

These characters tend to grow on you :))


Sarah W said...

Never mind my question about the little boy and his meds---it just occurred to me that this is the kind of job Sterling would expect Nate to take, so it's both an homage and part of Nate's 'original' story to the Agent.

I'm not bright, but I get there, eventually . . . and if I'm going to be conned, I'm glad it was you guys doing it.

ChelseaNH said...

I was hoping Sophie's real name would be more British and more literary. Like Portia. Maybe, when you do The Big Screen Job, you can hire Kevin Kline to call her Portia.

I am pleased that I guessed someone was trying to con Nate in that dark room, and that I spotted a blonde head amongst the guards going in to search the server room. I also suspected something was up with the police officer (although I was thinking shadowy opposition) and when the team ran away from the guards (instead of letting Eliot deck them while Parker kept working the lock). So I'm trained enough to detect that something is going on, although not specifically what. Which is kinda perfect, because that lets me feel smug while allowing me to be happily surprised.

In the end, I am happy that the kids are all right, and so are the grown-ups.

Ally said...

Oh my God…that was amazing. I’m shaking. Legit. I’m shaking. That was so good…My comments: (those who don’t want spoilers, read with caution, and sorry there are so bloody many):
1.The con was originally presented as being connected to Sam, but then after the first five minutes, it wasn’t. Or maybe I missed that. Clarify, please?
2.I’m so glad Sophie finally got to find peace as an actor/director. (spoiler alert!) Will she take up directing in her new life?
3.(spoiler alert!) Parker and Hardison’s fall seemed a bit rushed. Emotionally, it was gorgeous, but the timing just felt a little too fast. 3a. It wasn’t really clear which leg Hardison broke, but having experienced a broken leg before, trust me when I say that how he got from the building to the car is improbable, even with Parker helping. And I know Parker is really strong, but with a gunshot wound and an 80% immobile Hardison…but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, don’t worry!
(Sorry…I don’t mean to tear your beautiful finale to pieces)…
4.Why wasn’t Sophie in the back with Parker, Hardison and Eliot? Actually, the holding hands bit with Nate was beautiful, so I understand why you did it, but Sophie could have helped them emotionally even if she couldn’t do anything for them physically.
5.(spoiler alert!) I’m assuming the team didn’t make it over the bridge. That said, how did they pull that off? We saw Nate blow through the barricade with the police in plain view, and then are led to assume that the police pulled Lucille out of the river with the bodies and the team inside. So, how did they crash it without killing everybody and then swap out the bodies?
6.Were we meant to assume that it was Parker who survived the original scenario? I thought it would be Sophie, since she was the only one not injured before the crash, but there were several hints dropped that it was Parker.
7.I’m so glad that Sophie finally got to show us some bloody brilliant stage acting! Is that the Royal Shakespeare Theatre version of Lady Macbeth?
8.(spoiler alert!) How did Nate convince Sterling to help him? Nice tag to Sophie’s driving, btw.
9.Where did Nate get Sophie’s real name? Did he sort through his drunken memories of San Lorenzo, or did a team member tell him, or did he figure it out on his own, or what? 8a. What was that bloody clue that Sophie wrote down for him in Ho Ho Ho?
10.(GIANT spoiler alert!) Most beautiful name ever. The name of my mother and my future child. Kudos to Gina. Fits Sophie perfectly. 9a. I hope to God Sophie was lying when she told Nate it wasn’t actually her real name.
11.(spoiler alert!) If another network picks y’all up (which I’m praying for daily, trust me), will Nate and Sophie rejoin the team?

I'm not quite finished yet ;) More next...

Ally said...

These are mostly questions about backstory (sorry--I know you hate it!) and the series as a whole.

12. Is ***** Prentice Sophie’s real name? In King George, she made a point of saying that Charlotte was a stage name, and never mentioned her last name. So is Prentice real?
13. Was Charlotte really just a result of Sophie pulling off Lost Heir a little too well, or was there more truth to that alias? I know this has been answered in many different permutations, but her relationship with Auntie seemed a lot more real than just Sophie playing a con role (especially since they both knew stories about little Charlotte)
14. Is Auntie the Aunt Emily that Sophie mentioned in Ho Ho Ho? 13a. Was Aunt Emily real?
15. Is William Sophie’s ex-fiancé that she brought about the untimely death of by running off to play mind games with Nate? If I’m wrong, do explain, please :)
16. Who are Sophie’s parents, and what happened to them?
17. Does Parker actually have a first name?
18. Is Nate’s sister just as smart and calculating as her brother? 18a. Older or younger?
19. Did Parker’s brother die before or after she went into foster care? 19a. How old was Parker when Frankie died?
20. Was Jimmy responsible for the death of Nate’s mother?
21.Is Alec short for something?
22.How long has Beth wanted to do her version of the “Leverage” speech? It was really good. 22a. Of the whole cast, who do you think would do that speech the best?

And, for the final time, please do give my love to the entire beautiful cast and amazing crew, and my thanks for producing a beautiful bit of television that has been one of the only things keeping me going for the past five years.

Leverage, au revoir.

michaela said...

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I can wholeheartedly say Leverage was the best show I have ever watched and for that I am very thankful.
My question: was this really the last we'll see of our favorite thieves? Any possibility of making a movie?

Party Girl said...

Rewatching and reading the questions here made me think: How much of the van going over the bridge part of the story was real? The success of the plan depended heavily on Nate being able to plant the story with Agent Casey after they pulled him from the river. If he really drove the van off the bridge there was a big chance of him hitting his head a bit too hard and waking up too late for the time window (three hours?) the file would be on the server or not waking up at all ...

But on the other hand, Nate's plans tend to be on the very crazy / extremely risky side ...

Anonymous said...

So, Lara is Sophie's real name... really? It just seems too short for Parker to have used it as the passcode to her warehouse in Boston.

Oona said...

5.(spoiler alert!) I’m assuming the team didn’t make it over the bridge. That said, how did they pull that off?

I haven't quite worked this out yet, but I'm guessing that Nate really did crash the van OR that Hardison can remotely control the van, so either Nate went over alone (he was scuffed up) or Hardison sent it over and Nate was in the water already, waiting to be pulled out as a survivor.

The rest of the team wouldn't have been in the van, but as for bodies that would have been pulled out? Not sure on that. Corpses they "borrowed" like they did back in Season 2? Then P/H/E posed as the coroner's office and switched the bodies out for fakes that looked like the crew.

Amanda Barncord said...

***Minor Spoilers***

I want you to know that my daughter took great delight in the fact that you made me cry, even though I had noticed some incongruities in the situation Nate was interrogated in. They weren't exactly the same ones Nate stated, because I was looking at it from an emergency mental health worker perspective. So I assumed the discrepancies* I saw were oversights, though I probably should have known better. Forgive me for doubting your research.

And even when I thought I was up to speed, you people still threw me a few curve balls, which I enjoyed immensely. And I am so glad I did not post what I thought this episode was going to be like last week, because I was so wrong. And for the record, you had me in tears at the end too, but tears mixed with laughter and joy.

Thank you all again for a wonderful show and I pray that a way comes up to make it possible for it to be continued, in whatever form possible.

*FYI for everyone else: When a person with a head injury has to be physically restrained, they should be restrained to a bed, not a chair because if they faint or have a seizure, they might hurt themselves more and then the facility would have been charged with negligence (and fined big time). The only exception would be if the hospital was getting in more patients than they had beds/gurneys for, but as Nate stated, the room was too quiet for a hospital, much less a hospital being overwhelmed with patients. I would also have to say that that wasn't how a mental health assessment should be started (much less conducted), but sometimes law enforcement has different ideas how to handle things.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all the casts, crews, producers, directors, writers, and this blog.

Awesome homage. Parker in the lift and the last scene.

leticiando said...

First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing run this show has had. It made me so happy to have a show that combined so many of my favorite tropes and made them work so well. I cried my eyes out during most of this episode, because I realized I will miss these characters so much more than I anticipated (and wow I was sure I would miss them a lot).

You guys are awesome. I will make sure to check out whatever new projects any of you decide to develop next.

Now the question: is there any specific development of any of the characters that you wish you had more time to show? Like something that you've been putting off because you felt like you needed more time or something that you imagined in the recent past and now you won't have time to do it?

Thu said...

Yeah, everything they said up there ^^^

I liked Parker in the chair. After the Broken Wing job (and then Nate's "I trust your judgment" part in this episode), I don't think it's so far-fetched that she would be the one to fill his role, but I also think it would be more collaborative between the three of them.

Tears. So many tears. First the tears because the first fifteen minutes were "WTF!!!" and then the tears at Nate's proposal ("Did you steal this?" -haha!) and the actual goodbyes. I'm glad that it was able to end exactly how it should, but I'm sad that it had to end now.

Now that it has aired, is there more you could tell us about making this episode? I assume that the cast and crew had similar "WTF!!!" reactions and you've already told us how everyone was crying... I just want to hear more. I'm not ready to let go yet.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Parker had the chair and the speech because Eliot and Hardison are gentlemen and gave their seat to the lady :)

Unknown said...

That was...Yeah. It was that. It was perfect. Thank you so much, for the series and for ending it so beautifully. As a fic writer, as well as a huge fan, I appreciate it *wink*.

More seriously, though, kudos for going out on such a high note. Beautiful work from all involved (or at least it looked like it on my end of the screen).

One question, now that it's over- are we ever going to see all those jobs you didn't have the time or budget to film, in novel form? Pretty please with cherries on top?

James said...

1. How does someone like Hardison(who has proven to be cocky and have a big ego at times) feel about Nate seemingly grooming him to lead the team but then going with his girlfriend to take over? That had to be tough pill to swallow.

2. What were the dots for on Nates computer map screen back during the season five premiere when he was talking to Hardison about their secret?

ceares said...


Lara = Dr. Zhivago, at least in my mind anyway, so literary if not British. Or Laura = Ring Twice for Laura for that matter

1. I take back my question from the Toy job. We got the Sam story obviously to set us up for the con.(The one you guys pulled on us, not the one Nate pulled). It was an honor to be conned by you guys. I still have to keep reminding myself that the 1st story was a complete lie. Bravo!

2. Did Nate let Sophie take point on the Toy job so he could get a feel for how attached she was before he asked her to retire with him?

3. Was he going to propose before she did the ring finger gesture in the Toy job?

4. Is the Leverage team going to minimize how much grifting it does now? The kids are great but I don't think they can sustain a long term grift. I imagine them doing more stuff like the Rundown job now. Of course they can always borrow Tara on occasion.

5. How burned are they? Can they still stay in Portland? I'd hate for them to give up the brewpub.

Thank you so much guys! You didn't break my heart and you kept me smiling to the very end. Best run I've had with a t.v. show in a very long time. You guys are incredible, cast and crew alike and I look forward to see what y'all produce in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for five great years. It is very rare to find a series where not a single episode is one you cannot watch. Thank you for your time, in the writers room, in the podcasts, on the DVD commentary, and here. It breaks my heart to know that this is the last episode. Once again mind numbing "reality" wins out over creativity and intelligence. I'll pour a glass of Tyrconnell and wish everyone associated with the show (Dean Devlin, Chris Downey, Mr. Hutton, Ms. Bellman, Ms. Riesgraf, Mr. Kane, Mr. Hodge, Ms. Haders, all of the staff writers, cinematographers, and you Mr. Rogers)

May you be rich in blessings, poor in misfortune,
Slow to make enemies, quick to make friends.
But rich or poor, slow or quick,
May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.

For that is what you have brought to us as viewers right to the very end. Thank you.

sikinah said...

I am so hurt that we don't get to see Alec and Parker fall deeper in love with each other. I would love a spin off with Parker, Alec, and Elliot. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring back leverage. the rundown job opened my eyes to that possibility

Amanda Barncord said...

I noticed that some people wondered when Sterling "switched", but I really don't think he switched at all. He's said at least once (possibly more times - my memory is fuzzy) that he considers catching thieves to always be honorable. I doubt he really considers the rich and powerful people in that file to be any less thieving than any other thief and he's shown more than once to go whatever length possible to catch his target thief.

That said, I'm guessing that if there is a spin-off, Sterling is still going to show up from time to time and without Nate around, he's going to have to forge his own relationship with the team to keep Eliot from punching his lights out. I mean, really, he's too great of a bastard not to have around.

I noticed that Hardison talked about publishing the information somewhere where other con artists could use it and work with them. If there is a Leverage International, will ChaOs be a part of it occasionally?

MrsArkban said...

Now that I think about it - what was up this season with the "if we were ordinary people" comments? They were sprinkled in various episodes and seemed to be connected to something Nate had said. Were E, H, and P expecting N & S to retire and hypothetically discussing how the 3 of them would react?

The more I think about this season, the more it feels like it was intended to be the final season. . .

Anonymous said...

Thank you for five wonderful years of my favourite TV show. So sad to see it end, but the finale was absolutely perfect, and I'm glad you got to end it like you intended.

1) Sterling was *very* angry when he thought Nate got the team killed. Was he worried about what that would do to Nate, or has the team actually grown on Sterling? (Grudgingly, of course)
2) Since we won't get to see it, what would the meeting between Parker and Nana have been like?
3) Were there any weird, irrelevant facts about the characters that never made it into the show, but were generally considered cannon in the writer's room?
4) How are fight scenes written in a script? Do you just say "Eliot fight scene here", and maybe mention whatever the key prop is - screen door, duct tape, etc - and then just leave it to the fight co-ordinator? Or is it scripted out in more detail?

Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for such an amazing TV show.

Countess of Monte Cristo said...

One more thing. Black book: Ledger or orange box?

Anonymous said...


That was a great way to close out the series. Well done, sir. Well done.

No questions, just grateful thanks for 77 wonderful episodes.

martianunlimited said...

(Real Spoiler Alert) 3) it didn't happen, it was a lie (go watch the last 20 minutes :) when Sterling recounted the real version of the initial break-in.

(More Spoiler) 8) The Queen's Gambit Job (that's why Sterling says "Now we are even")... Follow up question on that though. Did Agent Casey realize that Sterling was letting Nate go, and Sterling's "Justice is always easy" a response to her realizing that?

Missed opportunity.
Kind of disappointed Nate didn't say... 'It is a distinctive "Ding"' when recounting how he realized he wasn't in a hospital... would have been a nice throwback to the Eliot's distinctives, and to show how they grew on each other. We already have Eliot doing Hardison's "Age of the Geek" (fake scene), and Parker doing "We provide Leverage".. :)

Would love to see Kane's version of the armchair scene.

Anonymous said...

That was literally the best episode of anything I've ever seen on television ever (and this is the third episode of Leverage of which I'm saying that about). Congratulations on turning the entire fandom into a blubbering mess during the greatest time of year.
Thanks for giving us five seasons of the one show that never let me down.
1) Earlier in the series it seemed implied that Eliot was abused as a kid (the speech he gave to Sophie in The Tap-Out Job and during The Order 23 Job with the boy with the broken arm). But then during The Low, Low Price Job, it didn't seem like that. Explanations?
2) Where do we send our pretzels and strongly worded letters to?

Natalie Clements said...

I've loved every episode of Leverage and most have made me laugh out loud at some point. It's not made me cry though, not until this one. Twice! Dammit Rogers!!!

After all I'd read about what was in this episode, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I should have had more faith as, like the others, I loved it. I need to watch it again. There were so many parts I liked and so many throw backs. I loved the 'seriously' moment and the 'Dammit Hardison'. As soon as he put the glass down, I knew that was Stirling ;) Far too many more to mention...

I think it was answered in the comments, but the whole story about the boy dying at the start was a lie, and I would guess actually thought up as part of the cover story that Nate would be giving, as he obviously planned would happen. (It was all part of the plan as they had to spend some time making the bodies! Interesting to see how Nate's mind works. That must have been the plan M!!)

I'm also going to guess that Lara is Sophie's real name, and she only said 'you know that's not my real name' out of habit, or she can't quite bring herself to admit it. Yes?

I can't believe that was the last new episode of Leverage I'll ever see. Noooooo!!! Thanks so much to everyone involved for providing us all with so much enjoyment. When the fun train gets to the terminal, I'm going to refuse to get off...

Sydney Snyder said...

ok I want someone important to see this even though they probably won't. but if someone sees this: LEVERAGE NEEDS TO COME BACK NO MATTER HOW THEY COME BACK THEY NEE TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so some tv station pick them up or someone figure out how to get TNT to renew leverage but just get it renewed. please I literally almost cried when it's a over but I didn't cuz I watched it without anyone knowing it cuz I couldn't watch it last night and if I started randomly crying that would be weird. but that's beside the point. leverage NEEDS to be renewed

Cass said...

Thank you for five amazing years.

It's been a wild ride and I'm sad to see it end but I'm glad it ended the way it did.

I've cried and laughed with the team, they've helped me become a better person, I'll always be grateful for that.

I wish you the best for your future projects :)

G said...

Dear Leverage,

You are one of the greatests, now, and ever, and I am thankful and honored to have been a fan and a participant.

Minor question, it seems this last episode could have benefited from a bit more screen time. Will there be a special extended edition on the DVD/bluray/whatever kids do these days?

Second, unlike most of my colleagues here. I think this is a fitting finale to the series. If Leverage does come back in some form, please let it have a separate identity? Like a mini series with P/H/E with heavy sprinkles of N&S, or make a movie where Maggie (curse you Covert Affairs for stealing her away from us!!!) gets in trouble and the team reunites for this special situation.

I think Rog you would agree with me, which is the premise of this third question/comment...

Is this the series finale scene that you envisioned from the very beginning? Or was it something else?

Again, all the thanks to you!

David Hunt said...

My apologies for not reading all the 150+ comments before posting this.

First, I loved the homages to earlier episodes, especially the Nigerian Job. Sophie's Lady MacBeth, Nate running the job via a headset, Parker changing in the elevator (I got practice for when I'm a dirty old man by trying to will Beth to turn around), and the wonderful repeat of the speech that Nate gave in the last scene of the pilot. Beth nailed it.

The idea of Parker running jobs makes a weird sense given Nate's description of Parker's methods and smarts, plus one thing that he didn't mention. More than any of the crew, I think that Parker can be emotionally detached when the situation calls for it. The ability to put ego aside, call it off and bug out is something that I think she could do well.

I've got one question that I didn't find via a search with my pathetic web-fu. Were Tim and Gina actually leaving the show regardless of it being renewed? I know that you could have pulled the characters back in, but it looked like you were genuinely writing them out of the series.

Michael Brewer said...

Such a pity. I really love this show. It's the best Heist show since Mission: Impossible (the TV series, not the movies) and there's nothing else quite like it on the air now.

Thank you and everyone else for your fine work.

Now, to the questions.

1) Are there any plans you can discuss for Leverage continuing in some form? "Leverage: International" sounds like a neat hook for a game, MMO, spin off series, or something.

2) Ok, seriously, you've had your fun, now tell us... What the heck is Sophie's real name!?!?!? Please? ;_;

And, Seriously, thank you.

Kori said...

No question. Just a comment.

Thank you SO much for a great five years and for a wonderful finale. It wrapped things up and left us feeling complete. I lost a lot of my favorite shows this year and some of them ended terribly. So I'm grateful for the writing of this wonderful series. Always thinking about the fans and giving us what we want/need. And for all the cast/crew taking the time to interact with the fans through twitter and blogs and so forth. You are an ensemble that will be truly missed. You've all meant so much to us. I wish you the best in your future projects. (...and still hoping to get more Leverage in some form or another at some point.) =)


David Hunt said...

Oh. Something I've never posted on any of these episode posts (I think). I had a good feeling about Leverage when I found out that the pilot episode's title wasn't "Pilot." I cannot express how refreshing it was.

Chris said...

With 187 posts, I reckon any questions I have were already asked. I mean, the only thing I'm unclear on is how they staged the accident but this is a clever bunch. If they didn't figure it out, they've asked.

That said, thank you, you bastard (and I say that with love). That was... satisfying. I'm not happy this is over and I'll hope that the show finds legs on some other channel, but if not, five years is a helluva run and that ending felt right. Parker's arc seems obvious in hindsight and her new role is ideal.

Thank you.

china said...

This was, hands down, one of the best series finales I have ever watched. And while I am still pretty angry over the abrupt cancellation notice, I've my peace with the thought of Leverage ending. I am still hopeful that we can still get the show adopted by another network, but I am enough of a pessimist to realize that the chances of this happening are very slim. Look at Firefly—it’s got such a large fanbase but the show never made it past 15 episodes and a movie.

Personally, I'm satisfied with what we got: 77 episodes of pure and utter joy, a show with complex and layered characters doing what they do best and enjoy doing it together, writers who value character development and carefully cultivate each relationship so that each dynamic is explored and get it right all the damn time. I mean, throughout the seasons, there have been awesome and not-so-awesome episodes, and cons that were less than fun to watch, but Leverage has always been about the team for me, and the character development in this show has never been less than stellar.

I'm very happy you got to end it on your own terms and gave us the finale you always wanted us to have. Thank you for doting on us fans. Thank you for giving me Nate Ford, who unexpectedly became my favorite fictional character of all time because you gave him such a beautiful narrative arc.

And yet that doesn't mean I don't see endless possibilities on the horizon. The way this chapter of their lives closed opens up even more interesting possibilities for season 6 (and 7 and 8) episodes. The dynamics will have definitely shifted and that alone will be interesting to watch. Nate and Parker planning cons was something I never even knew I wanted until now. And if they ever get more people into the whole Leverage: International idea, it would be fascinating to see how the team's morality conflicts with those who just want to do the job for a quick payout. *sigh* I know people are so excited for an Eliot/Parker/Hardison spinoff (and it does sound awesome) but I don't think I can watch anything Leverage-related without Nate and Sophie.

1. If the movement to get this show adopted fails, what are the chances of us getting a movie or two? Like, maybe the movie about Eliot making the call to Nate. :D

2. Is Parker really the new mastermind? Honestly I thought she was the most logical choice ever since The Inside Job. Except I don't think it's that simple, Parker taking over. Fundamentally, the dynamic Eliot, Parker, and Hardison share is different when they're working alone and when they're working under Nate. I think they would share the responsibility of planning the cons.

3. Did you really plan on Nate and Sophie getting married? It just seems so unreal. I'm not unhappy. In fact, I'm ecstatic over the proposal. But I always thought marriage would be a few years down the road for them.

4. Did Sterling just turn this into a victory... again? I mean, he told Nate “We’re not the same. We don’t believe in the same things.” (But he's always looking for ways to distance himself from the 'criminal' Nate has become.) Then he tells Agent Casey when Nate's out of earshot, "Justice is always easy." It seems like this might have been his plan all along, for the team to steal the Black Book and for those bastards at the top to get their comeuppance. Maybe I'm just reading this wrong? Maybe at some point in the episode, Nate just convinced him this was the right thing to do.

5. Not a question. Please *never* ever tell us Sophie's real name. I happen to like the mystery.

Again, thank you so much for this wonderful show and this perfect ending. I am sad to see it go, but so happy I got to be part of this experience.

Anonymous said...

Was it intentional that the wounds the team took in Nate's initial story should not have been fatal? (Eliot's wound could have been fatal if not for him taking a very similar wound in the Rundown Job)

msd said...

Thank you for the show I have told everyone about; forced my DVDs on; talked incessantly about and actually had some people get hooked on it.

Loved the finale - although I don't want it to end. I thought all the mirroring of the pilot was brilliant.....or did you want it to be a great drinking game - because it could be!

Was Gina finally relieved to do the MacBeth scene as it should have been done?

Loved, loved the ending. I, too, want to know if each one took a turn in the chair or if it was only Parker.

I have said it before but this show had the best character development and consistency than any other show on TV. That takes some true commitment and I thank you!!

SueN. said...

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While I am still gutted that Leverage won't be back (especially while so much crap TV endures), you truly gave us the perfect ending. I don't think I've ever had that before. So many of the shows I've loved have just ended (and one even ended on a cliff-hanger, which is one reason I detest cliff-hangers so), but this one actually gave us closure. Thank you.

I adored all the callbacks, which both reminded me how it all began and showed how far Our Team has come. If we as fans have ever had any doubt how much you love and appreciate us, this episode laid them to rest.

I admit, you had me going (and cursing your name) with the "death scene," but, even in my misery, I couldn't help but love how beautiful it was. So thank you for showing us the love between Eliot, Hardison and Parker. And thank you even more for not actually killing them. ;)

You broke my heart and put it back together, you made me cry, laugh and cry again (Nate's proposal; so perfect!), and wrung a sloppy sigh from me with Eliot's vow to protect Hardison and Parker "'til my dying day."

And Sterling. STERLING. I adored his anger at Nate for "getting the team killed," because I knew then that he got exactly what these people were to Nate and what losing them would do to his old friend. Also, the "justice" and "order" argument between them was brilliant. That contrast just sums them up perfectly. And then his comment to Agent Casey – "He does that to people" – yes. Yes, he does.

And "Leverage, International" – I CALLED THAT!! Back in one of the earlier question posts, I TOTALLY CALLED THAT. Just sayin'. ;) But it's a glorious idea, and I would watch the ever-lovin' hell out of that show.

I don't really have any questions ( for a few minutes, I wondered if the kid ever got his drug, then realized that story was part of the con). I just want to say thank you, to tell how much I adore this beautiful gift you gave us, and to tell you again how much I adore you and the utterly brilliant team you've assembled, from the writers to Tim, Christian, Gina, Aldis and Beth.

It has been one hell of a ride. Leverage has been the most nearly perfect TV show I've ever watched, with writing that captivated me from the beginning, plots that sometimes hurt my brain with their twistiness but that trusted me to think, and characters who sprang to exquisite living, breathing life in my brain and stole my heart (damned thieves). I've never loved a show that hit so consistently on all points. Thank you for that.

Finally, Leverage has been a show my whole family has loved. For at least one hour a week, we all gathered in the living room to watch the same show (except when my older daughter went off to college). Two teenage girls, two parents, and you gave us all something to love, and something we could love together. You totally rock.

I love you. I love this show, and I'm going to miss it terribly. But I've got my DVDs, and I'll watch them and fall in love all over again.

You're a magnificent bastard, John Rogers. Thank you for giving me this show.

Kylee Fairy said...

When you told us that it was all part of a secret plot to make Parker the mastermind, did you have this ending in mind already?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Hardison's eyes as he briefed the team about halfway through the final episode? They were edited in or superimposed and literally floated on his face...

Pixie said...

I didn't cry. I want to, mostly because I don't want to think about this being the end, but I didn't.

When did Sterling really figure it out? When Nate slammed into him at the server room? He had to know that wasn't an accident.

Also, was "We're even" less of an 'I'm letting you get away' and more of a 'I'm letting you get away with playing me'? Because there's Justice and Order... and then there is the Sterling v. Nate game. In my head, I don't see that one as being ended.

On a non-ep related note, you've mentioned online distribution for the future. Are you looking at it akin to Thrillbent, where it's platform dumb and more accessible? The main reason I didn't catch the podcasts is I hate downloading new software just to watch a video -- and I've got different OS's, depending on device. Plus, when your fandom is global, local distribution doesn't cut it, anymore.


I am going to miss these crazy guys so bloody much. A great big virtual hug to all the cast (all of them... not just the main five), and the crew who worked so hard to give us something so easy to love. I sold two people on this show... and there's a reason I got out of sales. Every time I'm at my parents, my dad asks if I brought my DVDs. He has never been interested in one of 'my' shows before. Count that as a definite win.

Okay, now I'm going to lose it. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep.

Izzie said...

So many callbacks to the pilot!

20 pounds of crazy in a 5-pound bag.
The circle shot!
Parker saying the thing Nate said at the end of the pilot.
Sterling and the whiskey glass.
And of course, the elevator stripping.

Did everyone actually wear costumes that they wore in the pilot? I recognized Parker's hat, and Sophie's Lady Macbeth costume was the same one (so were her lines!) from her first Lady Macbeth role.

Ooh, so many things I want to say, but there's too much! Love, love, love the show (yes, present tense, not past) and THANK YOU for a wonderful five years!

Now what am I going to do with myself? You do realize that I only watch an hour of TV a week, right? This hour? *sigh* I guess there's always fanfic...

BriaTwist said...

You've inspired me to continue as a thief.

Ha, I'm just kidding. :D I'm probably one of the younger viewers here, but for the past year I've not really been watching a lot of TV due to the crap factor, unlike most 18-year-olds. But this summer, I had to back-to-back (no pun intended) spinal surgeries and was laid up for a long time.
[I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis as a child, but that's a long story I'm sick of telling. But I've done well at adapting at each turn. Eliot would've been proud, if he was, ya know, real.]

So two months before my surgeries I find Leverage on ION and I just fell in love. I could see myself in each of the characters, and see the people I love there too. I relate with Parker (bet you never heard that before huh?) on being different, and "spinning things in 3D" (I rocked AP Physics last year, btw :D ) and the...'gymnastics' of her character matched mine (to an extent, my spine IS twisted, ya know) and the whole 'sticky-fingers' thing I'd been trying to drop.

After my surgeries I started DVRing both the ION and TNT episodes to watch while on bedrest, so I could live out my life through this show, this amazing show that rights the wrongs and follows Rule of Cool whilst doing it.

I've seen nearly every episode, and have learned the style. I knew they weren't dead in the van. It didn't matter. Whether Nate was having memory lapses or hallucinations or just outright lying didn't matter. I started crying at it because I've become so close to these people. Out of the many things I use to get my mind off my situation, Leverage has been my favorite. Especially...hell, I've loved it all.

But then, I might just be insane.

But while I was figuring out every turn (bad habit of mine) I was so enthralled with it. Although I didn't anticipate the proposal. Thank you for those little things I can't see coming. Most shows can't do that:) I'm gonna miss you more than I could say. Thank God for DVR. And the internet. (But not the fanfic. Some of it is...weird.)

Basically, this post is a longwinded way of saying, thanks for giving a sick teenage girl in the hospital and now recovery/therapy something to love. A connection to the world outside the hospital room. Even if it's a fictional CrimeWorld only based on our world. Just one of the many things that have helped me out in this.

Thank you...so, so much.

talea said...

What SueN said: I got nothing better than that.

Other than thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the overall best 5 years of well-written, exquisitely acted TV I've ever been privileged to watch. (I love me some Firefly, but that was only 14 episodes and a movie, albeit both incredibly awesome. And we won't bother getting into the wasted opportunity that is Castle.)

Sharon said...

I think all the 'feels' have been adequately expressed in previous comments on how fantastic this episode was to close out the series.

I'd like to echo those sentiments but also add that the interrogation scene with Tim Hutton was so good, I had to rewatch it at least a few times to fully appreciate it :) I wasn't really a fan until this show but he's so underrated even with an Oscar. His next gig should include more of that glorious juju magic acting.

Thanks for the great ride through the wonderland that is your brain, cheers!

Annoy O'sum said...

No one's uttered a "Buffy Season 8" incantation yet?

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