Friday, December 21, 2012

LEVERAGE Goodbye Chat post

We've got one more to go, but I thought I'd put a spot here, where all you obsessive, cranky, persistent little bastards I love so much come to harass me.  I'll do a proper wrap up later this week.  Talk amongst yourselves.  Thanks.  For everything.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for five seasons of great, fluffy crime fun. Thank you for your constant interactions with us fans that made us feel like we were communicating with you. Thank you for accepting the criticisms in good humor, teasing us and making us feel like you understood us.

Thank you for assembling a fantastic team of writers and actors (from the fabulous five to the marks and the supporting players). I know I'm going to miss this show dearly, but I am so happy that you could get the ending you wanted, instead of something shoehorned in or a cliffhanger that never got resolved.

I know you love Moffat, but I have to tell you that in my opinion, you're a superior showrunner and I'll point to the love and care you put into Leverage and how I felt that love when I watched the show.

Thank you again and good luck to all of you in the future.

Anonymous said...

The Apocalypse Job: Let's Go Steal Ourselves a Network :-( #leverage

Zenkitty714 said...

Man, I am going to miss you guys. Thanks for five brilliant seasons!

Jugglernaut said...

I guess even the Fun Train has to stop eventually. Thanks for a fantastic ride!

MacSTL said...

I have had the pleasure to meet all of the main cast (more than once) and many of the guest stars. I also had the pleasure of letting John, Dean, Chris know in person how much I loved this show.

I had never been part of a 'fandom' previously. This one (like all of them I suspect) had varying degrees of 'fans' and I learned how to navigate those waters.

but...I am happy to say I have met many people because of this show who have not only become my friends - but family.

As I mentioned on twitter... I will now watch every show that a former Leverage write helps create! You all have shared your lives with us...and I am grateful.

Maite said...

Thank you so much for five wonderful, magical seasons. Love and blessings to all of you from the Philippines!

bjxmas said...

I'm is this even possible? Never, ever occured to me that this would be the last season. Leverage has been cancelled? Seriously???

This is wrong, totally and hopelessly wrong. If the creative team wants to continue and if the fans want the show, then what in the heck is wrong with TNT?

Every damn show on TV does not need to have bloody carnage and despicable behaviour. Isn't there a place for the good guys to set things right?

I hope saner minds will intervene and save this wonderful show. I only had two must-see TV shows and here goes one of them. This is terribly sad news.

I certainly want to thank everyone involved with making this gem of a show. The cast was a family and the production team, from the writers to the directors to every member of the cast and crew did an awesome job of making this show so memorable. Thank you for bringing joy and good will to television.


Keith R.A. DeCandido said...

For what it's worth, there are three Leverage novels coming out just after the show's cancellation (ah, timing!), so there will be three more adventures of the gang in 2013:

January: The Con Job by Matt Forbeck

March: The Zoo Job by some hack with two middle initials *

May: The Bestseller Job by Greg Cox

* that'd be me....

They're available for preorder from Amazon! Go get 'em!

---Keith R.A. DeCandido, a.k.a. some hack with two middle initials

singinglupines said...

Thank you and everyone who made the show Leverage for everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad. It's my favorite show. There will never be another cast like them ever.

ellabell said...

Turns out it IS the end of the world today.

Thanks for five great years. (I'm so sad I was only part of it for the last one.)

raputathebuta said...

TNT is smoking some bad stuff. You guys are awesome & Leverage is a fun, entertaining show with a great cast & great people behind the scenes.

We need more Cons & more Snark, not another crappy medical show. *pouts*


Kat said...

Thanks so much for giving me one hour out of the week for the past 5 years to just drop and forget about everything. The show has changed me in show many ways and I am so grateful for that.

So just thank you again to you JR and everyone involved in Leverage. It's been a great ride and I'm so sad to see it end :(

Telaryn Dalton said...

I have never cried for the death of a series before. You guys have been the best obsession of my entire life.

You were the show that convinced my mother to stop watching Fox News. You were the show that inspired my daughter and me to try our hand at writing together.

Out of love for you guys I've produced hundreds of thousands of words of fic, hours of video and learned how to do art I never thought I could.

I've also met some of the best friends I will ever have in my fellow fans.

You guys are too freaking talented to stay unemployed for long, and wherever you end up we will follow you. You can't get rid of us that easily.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an incredibly fun five seasons! I will miss Leverage. You and Dean should teach classes in fan relations. Your cast and crew put out a stellar product each and every time.

Thanks again. I can't wait to see what you all come up with for your encores.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for five wonderful seasons!

Glenn Hauman said...

So TNT announces the cancellation after hours on the Friday before Christmas. Nice to see they have as much courage as the NRA.

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss this so, so much. Thanks to you and the rest of the team for making such a truly entertaining show, with characters I dearly love. Cranky that so many of my favorite shows get the 4/5 season contract kill, but grateful that we could meet these people and get to know them for this long.

EllenZ said...

Thank You for a remarkable show and 5 wonderful seasons. You, Mr. Devlin, the cast have been so classy during this whole cancel/not cancel ordeal. Hopefully, Leverage can be reincarnated on another network or in another way...

24jg13 said...

Thank you John and everyone associated with the show. It has been an incredible ride on the fun train. I will miss seeing the great stories, cons, gloat and good guys beating the bad guys. I will miss feeling a part of the show through your blogs, the webcasts and all the bits that have been shared with the fans.

I hope you pursue other avenues for the show, perhaps another station (ION saved Flashpoint and Directv saved Friday Night Lights), internet and/or full length movies.
If those don't succeed I look forward to the next projects by you, Dean, Chris Downey and of course the cast most especially Christian Kane. I will take some solace that no more Leverage means more time for Christian to tour or make more movies.

martianunlimited said...

Nooo.... why??? the Mayans were right after all... (well actually the new agey intepretation of what a new Baktun and some theory from a strange anthropologist back in the 60s were right).. nobody really knows how the Aztecs would have celebrated it.. though we can expect lots of alcohol... (and the occasional human sacrifices..)

Anyway just expanding on Keith's post, is the Leverage universe open for expansion (via franchising with a panel to decide what is canon?) I would really love if someone did a "Saphire Monkey" feature movie (staring Chris Kane), or a "The Iceland job" video game. and maybe.. just maybe... "the Snow Monkey job" mini series.. "Sterling's Angels" would also make an interesting series :D

Anyway. Thanks for 5 years of entertainment. 2013 is going to be a lot less entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Can NOT believe that TNT is so stupid. How much you wanna bet they try to pass off some dorky reality show as a replacement.

Thank you J and crew for 5 fabulous seasons. You will be MISSED (and my television enjoyment has ended along with the rest of the world.

I especially would like to thank you for taking so much time to 'speak' with your fans. The insights and humor have been priceless

Allie said...

I will miss this show like no other. Leverage has inspired me as an actress, a writer, and a director. Thank you to the cast and crew for all of the blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and love you have poured into this show. You stole my heart, and you broke it, and you put it back together and filled it. You'll always be my favorite thieves.

Shelley said...

This is goodbye? But ... I don't like goodbye, it's so final.

So instead, I'll see you around the internets.

Thank you John for taking the time to answer all of our off-the-wall questions and giving such a detailed peek into how a television show is made.

Thank you to the cast, crew and everyone involved with this show for giving the world 5 years of this great program. No one will ever do competency porn like you guys.

Joe Helfrich said...

So, I can't say I'm surprised since you've been talking about working on pilots on Twitter, but I'm still sad. To whatever extent you know and can safely speak, was the problem the cost of the show or the ratings? Because the latter I would feel bad about, since we haven't been keeping up with the show as it airs.

In a larger view, how did the "studio-free" production methodology end up working out? Is it something you and/or Dean will try again?

Tonia said...

Thank you for giving us Leverage. I will miss seeing these characters on my television.

And thank you to the cast for bringing these characters to life.

els9789 said...

I am still hoping for a Christmas miracle...that some network person will be smart and pick up Leverage. Over the last 5 years this show has made me laugh and cry and taught me things I never thought I needed to know, but am so glad to understand now. Great characters and even better real people behind them. Awesome show runners, writers, directors, crew, etc. You all have been a class act and will be missed. I hope to see you all again in the future...and keeping my fingers crossed that it is in one place again some day! Cheers.

Thu said...

"The Apocalypse Job: Let's Go Steal Ourselves a Network :-( #leverage"

^ This!!!

I will still continue to believe that sometimes the best good guys you can get are the bad guys. Leverage isn't just a show - it helped me sleep at night, the idea that there COULD be people taking down rich a-holes.

My best wishes to everyone - cast, crew, writers, everyone - as you move on in your careers.

Debbie Prince said...

Not what Leverage fans wanted for Christmas. We'll wish for a couple tv movies or another interested network ....But we're grateful for the 5 wonderful seasons we had Thank you!
As much as I have liked TNT with no Leverage, the only show they have left I have any interest is Rizzoli & Isles and none of the new pilots seem like anything we'd watch. So we'll look forward to your next show, please keep us updated

IMForeman said...

Well... that just sucks. I have loved Leverage, and I have watched every episode so many times, loved the commentaries on the DVD sets (part of the essential Leverage experience as far as I'm concerned) and just wished I had an ounce of the skill that went into making it. So, I'll greet this news the only way appropriate:

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Moberemk said...

You know, I love this show. It's just...everything I want out of television. It's smart, well-made, and genuine in a lot of ways you just don't see anymore. I'm gonna miss it, but I have to say I'm not actually sad. The best performances, I think, end while the audiences still care enough to want more. And if the comments in this blog are a good barometer, well, I think the show couldn't have ended on a stronger note.

So thanks, to everyone. See you on some other channel.

Anonymous said...

There goes my cable! At least I'll have more $$ now. All the best to the BEST show/cast/crew that ever was! TNT SUCKS!

ralphdibny said...

I hardly ever rewatch TV shows. Partly, this is because of the golden age of TV that I am lucky enough to be living in. There is so much good TV out there that I don't have time to see, so how can I justify spending my time on a show I've already seen? Well, Leverage is a happy exception. I watch it on its initial airing, then rewatch when the DVD comes out, then re-rewatch with the commentary. You've built a damn fine show here, and I thank you.

Oh, and thanks to you, my wife and I are currently watching all of The Rockford Files on Netflix. What a great show. But Leverage is better. So you've got that going for you, which is nice.

Tonya said...

Five seasons and a movie? If Community can be that hopeful, can't we?

Rhode Island Leveragefan said...

Seriously? Sad news. It will be a lot harder to keep up with the news and advances in technology. Leverage always kept me informed. Thanks for stealing my heart (and mind). Leverage will be missed.

Beth Ward said...

While this news makes me exceedingly sad, the network dragged it's feet long enough, I feared this would be the outcome. I watched the show from the beginning and it helped me through a really tough time. I will miss having the team in my living room every week. I will also miss having the team in our town. That has made the show even a little more special for me. Thanks to everyone who worked on the show for all your hard work and for doing your jobs so well. I am sorry to see the end of this show, but at least the creators get to take it to it's intended end. That is a favor that fans don't often get these days. Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think five years is a pretty good run for a show, but I will definitely miss it and the wonderful characters. TNT effectively killed this show; I don't think the network had any intentions of renewing it seeing how they moved it around where people couldn't find it and put it up against powerhouse shows like Sons of Anarchy. It's sad that people would rather watch shows that are filthy than good, clean fun shows but that's the state of the world today. Reality shows and filth. Sad.

Anyway, thanks for the memories.

JustBecause said...

So, TNT is the Grinch that stole Christmas then?

I was late to the Leverage party, only discovering the show as it entered its fifth season this summer. Thanks to DVDs and conveniently timed reruns on ION I was able to catch up on what I had missed and it soon became my favorite show on TV. I'm absolutely not ready to see it end, but if this is it I thank you and everyone involved for providing such well crafted and fun entertainment. I wish all the best to everyone involved with the show in their future endeavors.

Here's to hoping that TNT's pilots all fail (and they have a change of heart), or some other network snatches Leverage up (even if only for some "where are they now?" movies?), or that I can at least forgive myself for taking so damn long to discover this gem of a TV show.

Eric Avedissian said...

Thanks for one of the best shows on television. Superb writing, characters and actors. Leverage was a rare show, one where the little guy triumphed over the forced of greed and corruption. Thanks, John for a unique and enjoyable show. I'm sorry to see it end, and will miss the Leverage crew.

Jessica Snyder said...

Thank you so much for an Amazing 5 years of Leverage. You all worked so hard, thanks for giving us the finale we deserved. Any chance in continuing Leverage in another way? Perhaps a movie or a different station

Lou W said...

Thanks John. I came to your blog years ago to read about the Global Frequency pilot, and I remember thinking that the heist/con show sounded alright, but my hopes weren't too high.

Instead it turned out brilliant, and it has been my clear favorite show for the last five years. It has been a pleasure to watch and to get 77 episodes (especially compared to 1 for GF). I look forward to the series finale, and especially to watching the Leverage DVDs again in a few years when my kids are a little bit older. Thanks again for creating such a great show, and you can be sure I'll keep reading to find out what's coming next (although, I feel I should warn you, my expectations will be a bit higher this time).

Russ! said...

I really hope that reports of Psych's impending death are exaggerated. Not sure if I can take losing both in such close proximity.

Congratulations, crew, on a fantastic show. One of the nice things about going out before your time is that you never go over the hill. That's five seasons of brilliant television in the bank.

FlKaniac said...

Thank you LEVERAGE team for a wonderful 5 seasons. I am going to miss you all.

IMForeman said...


Psych has already been picked up for a further season than the one starting in February. It's not going anywhere yet.

Gina said...

I will miss these great characters so, so much. Thanks for the memories.

@Keith: Thank you so much for letting us know about the novels. I'm off to see if the first one's available for pre-order yet!

MacSTL said...

Rogers.... Both Kane and Tim Hutton said (separately) during the Leverage Con in London last month that there were other networks looking at picking up the show if TNT didn't.

Any chance remain of that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the best damn con show on TV.

Emma said...

I feel like I just got gut-punched. My first two thoughts:



I cannot imagine WHY this show would ever get canceled. I am completely shocked, though, I was wondering why they were dragging it out so excruciatingly. Still, I never imagined it would be canceled. Leverage is the most wonderful, consistent, well-written show on the television. I'm just so sad that 5 amazing seasons are all we get. I'm going to have a lot less to look forward to on the TV now...

Lori said...

Ah John, you guys gave us so much, and we tried to give back with writing, endless writing to TNT. And yet, we just couldn't give you the gift of season six. I am so sorry.

We adore the characters you've created, the actors in their places and the lovely adventures they went on. And the growth... Sophie is no longer an airheaded actress, Parker has feelings..etc ..

We thank you so much for occupying Portland. We enjoyed having you in Oregon and hope that you can visit again. I hope someday we can have a farewell Con and visit. I'll pay nearly anything! Squeeze!

Just relax said...

I'm usually just a lurker on blogs and discussion threads and stuff, but this makes me just sad enough that I want to leave a comment.

It was a great show, it had a great run. I don't have cable and have paid, out of pocket, for every episode. I wouldn't be here if I thought it was a mediocre show. But the coming season finale is, according to TPTB, the intended series finale. Let's just be grateful that it ended on a high note, eh?

Unless, of course, it ends on a less-than-satisfactory note. In which case, expect a trollish note from me in a couple days.

Amanda Barncord said...

Okay, I'm not ready to deal with this yet after the week I just lived through. I'm going to tell myself a bedtime story where Leverage gets taken up by a better network and keeps producing shows.

Stefan Jones said...

Leverage had a great run. Longer than most, and the quality never flagged.

The show had a strong social justice vibe that is hard to find elsewhere on TV.

I'll echo Lori's thanks for filming the show in Portland, and in setting it in Stumptown itself this last season.

I hope your new pilots are well received and that you are back in the saddle soon. Maybe in Portland again? Because that would rock.

LoopyChew said...

Long time/first time. You guys have provided some of my favorite television to date and I'm sorry to see you go. It's gonna be a bittersweet Christmas...

Art_Connery said...

WEll, John, Chris, Dean, all the writers, crew and cast. Thank you for making this wonderful show. I've laughed and cheered for this show like few others. I hope y'all get picked up by some other network. Although I am disappointed by TNT's decision. I'd like to thank them for keeping the show on this long. My wife has been a huge fan of the show and she usually doesn't get too excited about any show. She loved Parker and wanted to play her in the RPG and this woman does NOT game! My thanks for all the Google + hangouts and answering my(and all the other fans' questions.) Thanks for the Leverage10 podcast. Damn this sucks. I've lost a good friend today and I don't know what to do. Sadness, rage, frustration. I'm gonna miss you, each and every one of you. Son of a bitch this hurts. I'm cracking a bottle of Glenfiddich I've had for a while. I need a drink.

MisterOwl said...

Dammit, TNT!

Thanks to the cast and crew for five great seasons in Crime World. I'm planning to enjoy the hell out of the finale.

I know that new pilots are being written. Just let me know when there's something I can shove into my TiVo.

TNT is not impressed by my Parker problem.


Gordon said...

Thank you so much to the cast and crew. Nate, Eliot, Parker, Hardison, Sophie, Sterling, Maggie, Chaos, Quinn, Archie, all the bad guys, Jimmy Ford...I'm gonna miss you guys. I think I'm gonna have to have a marathon right now just to make myself not be sad about this.

Elisabeth Fies said...

Sorry JR. :( But I'm so pleased you were able to write us the real Selina Kyle on a weekly basis. <3

LindaS said...

It has all been said, John, and that is just another sign of how your show has brought together not only your production team, but us grifter fans. You helped us all feel there are others out there who appreciate fine writing, amazing and in-depth acting, creative directing, and how important each and every crew member is in creating fine art. And your art was fine. Cheers to you, John. You deserved a better send-off from TNT. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo!!!! TNT has officially ruined Christmas and given us the end of our world. Dean Devlin, please save the series in some form!

Eolirin said...

A cold winter night
Silence from a plastic box
No more Leverage.

Keith R.A. DeCandido said...

Gina: Ask and ye shall receive...

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Susan M. said...

As Nate Ford said in the season 5 opener, "All good things must come to an end." That doesn't mean we have to like it.

Thanks for the memories, and may you be even more successful in your next endeavor.

Need to go cry now...

John McCarthy said...

I just saw a Facebook post by Aldis about TNT pulling the plug. I'm too pissed right now to be coherent. But I'm gonna try. . .
Just wanted to make sure I said "THANKS."
John, I'll say the same thing to you I said to Stan Lee when I met him at MoCCA in NYC:
Thank you. Your work has added to my life.

It's true, no gushing, fawning or exaggerating. I've been educated and entertained and LEVERAGE will stick with me the way a good story should.
I ever bump into you, first whisky's on me, sir.

Calla said...

The Mayans were right; the world did end today.

Thanks for everything, John! You are the best showrunner a fan could ever have.

The amount of EXTRA work you put in - not because you had to, but because you're awesome (and probably drunk) and wanted to.

The episode Q&A posts here a Kung Fu Monkey, the Twitter comments, the podcasts, the DVD commentary on every single episode! No showrunner has ever done more for the fans. In my mind, you have exceeded Peter Jackson in the screen-time to extras ratio.

Leverage was a great show, with a great cast and crew. A true kismet. Definitely one of those show that will still be talked about in decades to come - referenced by future showrunners like you referenced The Rockford Files and all those other shows that inspired you.

John, you seem like you could be a nightmare of a boss, but every person who worked for you, who posts anything about you, seems to love and admire you, and they all seem to have valued their time on Leverage - crediting Leverage for some significant personal and professional growth.

I hope that one day, I will have a boss like you and be able to work at something as incredible as Leverage.

Thank you for everything! I will look back on the show with such admiration and I look forward to the next projects that lie ahead for this tremendous cast & crew.

Hugin said...

I love Leverage, and first I want to say thanks for giving me 5 of the best seasons of TV I've ever seen. This is the only show I like that I've never looked for fanfic for, because you were so perfect I didn't need any.

That said, I'm not as sad/enraged as everyone else seems to be. I'll miss it, and rewatch the DVDs religiously, but you had 76 great episodes. There's only so much that can be done with the premise, and I'd rather you stop when you're on top than watch Elliot fight a shark in season 8. I guess I'm just feeling more like a wake than a funeral right now. Leverage is gone, and I don't like that, but I loved every minute of TV you guys gave me, and that's enough.

Anna said...

Soooo sad that they not renewing Leverages. Stupid TNT for letting a good show go. I guess I have to watch repeats. :( TNT way to ruining Leverage fans spirts a couple days before christmas,to proberly replace it with a show that is soo dumb. I soo sad and mad about this.

CL said...

Is it possible to approach another network for Leverage please?

You know, my dad always scoffs at TV show. When he watches shows on TV, he will always points flaws here and there. One day he caught up with Leverage on AXN (I'm from Asia) and he laughed. He laughed during Eliot & Hardison's interaction. He asked me of the show's name. I said it's Leverage. It's the show he always caught me watching on DVD almost every day. And he said, it's a good show.

TNT have ZERO idea about what Leverage do to grifters, right? This is an amazing interesting intellectual heart-warming show. I can' accept it to be gone.

However thank you. I still have this little hope of season 6. But I'll support whatever you're gonna produce after this. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

how about just going local then? Portland loves Leverage, right? How about at least getting picked up for a portland channel?

Anonymous said...

So the world ended after all...damn it. I will miss the Leverage World terribly...

Darkrose said...

What is it with this year? First City of Heroes gets cancelled, and now Leverage. This makes me sad.

Thank you for an amazing ride.

Pixie said...

First Christmas gets cancelled (long story), then to cap it off we lose Leverage, too.

Excuse this non-drinker while she goes to get incredibly drunk.

Thank you, all of you who helped bring us the best show on American television -- one where substance outwheighed style, and it had a lot of style.

I'll be sticking around to see what comes next... just not tonight, of course.

Tonight, we mourn.

Kris said...

Well, just... thanks, man, to you and all the crew and cast. Had tons of fun. Learned a lot (anything can be hacked, including my brain; people are like knives, and also like locks; the brew pub menu is the hardest one to design; there's a black market for truffles?! [which the NYT recently did an article on]; sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get...). Also, "Parker as God intended" in The Studio Job helped me write a term paper on existential phenomenology and martial arts. Competence porn forever!

And thanks especially for being so damn accessible here and pulling back the curtain on what the writer's room is like. As much as I'm a power-hungry control freak deep down, I think I'd really like to work in an environment with that sort of madness and collaboration.

Hooray for the internet so we can follow you and the others to your next jobs. Best of luck to you all, and thanks again for everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm just sad Rogers' decision-making lead to low ratings and the show never really took off into a real hit for TNT. These amazing characters, as they've been set up in the pilot deserved better.

SueN. said...

There are no words for how sad I am right now (and how pissed at TNT – cancel Leverage but keep Dallas? Really?).

Thank you, Rogers, you magnificent, surly, drunken bastard, for loving us to a) give us a show like Leverage and b) letting us become a part of it. I've said it often on this blog and I'll say it again – you have gone above and beyond in your interactions with us, and you have spoiled us. You've not only tolerated but encouraged our nit-pickiness, our obsessiveness, our rants, our snark and our squees, and you've done it with wit, humor, grace and only the occasional abuse. ;)

Seriously, I don't know of any other showrunner who shows this kind of respect and affection to his audience. We are truly the most indulged fans ever.

Of course, we wouldn't be here if you didn't give us a show worth the effort. Leverage truly was a gift. From real flesh-and-blood characters we could relate to and have come to love so fiercely, to plots and story arcs that kept us guessing, to smart, sharp writing that respected us and never talked down to us, it' had everything I could possibly want in a TV show. Except, you know, more seasons …

And your cast. Oh, Lord, your cast. Christian, Tim, Gina, Aldis, Beth put their hearts and souls (and, with Christian, his blood) into their characters and brought them to brilliant, vivid life. And they did it with a crazy chemistry that just blazed right through the TV screen. (Seriously, if Christian and Aldis never appear together again on screen, we will all be bereft.)

And I feel like we've watched Aldis grow up …

So, thank you. I am sad and angry and hurt … but thank you. Thanks to you and Dean and Downey, to Amy Berg, Albert Branch, Christine Boylan and "The Wonder Twins," Melissa Glenn and Jessica Rieder; to Geoff Thorne and Becky Kirsch, M. Scott Veach, Jeremy Bernstein, Paul Guyot, Aaron Denius Garcia, Joshua Schaer and Jenn Kao – fabulous writers all.

You made mine and my family's lives better, and you gave us a show we could all watch together. Thank you.

From the bottom of my broken heart, thank you.

Sonja said...

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this show. It's rare to find shows that are fun AND intelligent. It also always seemed as if cast and crew actually liked what they did and each other (at least it came across this way on screen).

John, thank you for taking the fans of your show seriously and taking the time out of your busy schedule to discuss every episode. I am going to miss Leverage a lot, but at least it goes out still being the quality show it started as.

Katrina said...

Thank you so much for the last 5 years, and an awesome show. Everyone - the crew, the writers, the actors, production - has created something I look forward to regularly, and watch again and again.

Thank you also for sharing this space on your blog with us. Thank you for letting us ask you questions and for sharing answers with us.

I'm gonna miss this show a lot. I'll keep an eye out for other projects everyone is in!

tet said...

First of all, thank you John and to the rest of the Leverage team for such a fantastic show. I've never been so attached (okay obsessed) with a show before, but Leverage really stands out. All of you are awesome and thank you for entertaining us with beautiful writing, acting and stories. I'm sorry if I am just randomly saying things right now, but the news of cancellation is just taking its toll right now.

Good luck to all of you in the future. If you guys are still deciding whether to continue the show in other means, we will support you guys no matter what. I'm sorry, I just want more #Leverage :(

Alayne_stone said...

I just read someone saying they were bummed you got cancelled so I flew here in hope it wasn't true. Guess it is. I just kind of...gaped in silence for a minute. Damn.

But thank you. So much. Your show was amazing, it made me happy on a regular basis when I was feeling down. It's one of the shows I'm keeping in the back of my head as I try to become a screenwriter myself. I also can not thank you enough, John, for making the time to run this blog and answer our questions. It has taught me more about how television writing works than all my classes combined (they're crap classes though ;)).

I'm sad there won't be any new episodes but I'm happy you got to make this many. It's a good run, I am extremely excited for the finale and so grateful you got to make the final episode you always had in mind. And most of all, I think Leverage is a show that allows for countless rewatches. I know I'll keep coming back to it when I need cheering up.

Rebecca said...

This gives me *such* a big sad. :(

Like everyone here, the Leverage characters felt almost like family to me. And that is such a tribute to you and the cast and crew. Because, through this blog and your podcasts and hangouts, we came to know so much about the cast and crew IRL. Yet that didn't take anything at all away from the show and the characters. That's not usually the way that works.

But, even more than just knowing, we've developed such an affection for both the characters and the real life people. Not having Leverage in the making leaves a big hole in our universe.

We wish you well, John, and everyone else, too. I hope that one silver lining is to find you on here a little more. Best of luck with your new pilots, I hope we get to hear about them, too. I remember being fascinated by your early tales of Leverage before it even came on the air.


Sarah said...

I just can't beleive it, I'm crying...

Please, tell me you're not giving up, that you're trying to negotiate with another network to continue, that you are DOING something.

I was looking forward to the books, I eagerly awaited for possible Second soundtrack that you mentioned, I've done anything possible, voted all over thousands and thousands times... and now it's all ruined.

Please, please, tell us are you even thinking about posibility of continuing the series somewhere else - we NEED IT. If not, tell us. Don't leave us hanging so long like TNT did. Simple : yes, we are still trying, or No, we are not, will be enough. Pease. I'm devastated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great show. I don't invest a lot of time and effort into watching series tv since the networks always seem to cancel the shows after only a couple of episodes, but I committed to this one and followed it wherever TNT aired it. I'm looking forward to the Leveage books mentioned in other comments and I'm hoping for a continuation of the show in other forms as well, made for tv movies, feature films, etc. Maybe with a movie, you can finally get Benedict Cumberbatch for a part? :) As for TNT, Leverage was the only original show I watched on that network. I would watch reruns of Castle and The Mentalist, but since I have them on DVD, I'll be watching the dvds now. Last comment: Just remember - Star Trek was cancelled too and look what happened to them!

damagedhearts said...

I can't believe it!!

I was always holding out hope for another season and now this, URGH!!!

Like to thank you, the cast and crew on a amazing 5 year run. The journey has been brilliant and going to miss the weekly chats with the fandom, the podcasts, the tweets.

You will be missed, it's like there is a hole in the TV world that cannot be filled.

Best of luck in the future, thanks for an awesome run..

Right where can we steel a TV network.....

Oona (and no, not O'Neill) said...

Well, let me just say, I hope you guys knew about this well in advance of Christmas, because otherwise, that's kind of a crappy present from the network.

So here's the deal: I'm 40 year old professional with 2 little kids, and I haven't been part of a fandom since my 20s. Leverage really clicked for me, so much so that I've been with it for 5 years - longer than I ever was with any fandom in my 20s.

I have to especially thank you for Nate Ford - a cynical and empathetic, brilliant and idiotic, good and mean-spirited, funny, drunk, fucked up awesome character. One of my favorites on TV, and I love the way Timothy Hutton (and the writers) had the balls to let Nate NOT be the coolest guy in the room - a rare thing for a main character these days.

I've seen a lot of Timothy Hutton's work, but this was the first show that made me love him, and I discovered and re-discovered a lot of his great performances as a result of Leverage.

I would have loved to see a Season 6, but I'm glad you got the ending you planned and wish you all have a great 2013 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

This can't be the end. 0_0
Please, give us something to hope - at least, give us more books. It's not expensive, right?
We need those people in our lives, if not on the screen, than in written form. Please, give us more books, give us all those plots you planned.

The Grifters and The Kaniacs need more, and you don't have to worry about sales and market, we'll buy everything.

Books, yes. We need more books.

Julia said...

Wow, this makes me sad.

It's been a rare joy these last five years to have a show to watch that respects the intelligence of its audience. I hope you guys get the chance to do it again, either by continuing the series somewhere else or as movies.

If you don't, you've all given me more than enough already.


Aurora said...

Thanks to all the cast and crew for five wonderful seasons of "teamy goodness" with a nice balance of dark and light, clever and action. I enjoyed watching the team's adventures through the years.

The characters meant as much if not more to you than the plots, and that means a lot in driving the show.

And thank you, Mr. Rogers, for giving us this forum to rant and rave and quench our curiosity. ETA: even if blogger's captcha is an evil spawn of satan.

Laura J said...

I hope you all have a back up plan (A-Z, maybe M) because I can't imagine no more new Leverage after Tuesday. You've created a wonderful world, amazing characters (no more Nate/Sophie scenes!) and built an incredible Fandom. I've met a lot of incredible people online and off.(We're all sobbing right now) and Leverage will always have a special place in my heart.
I had the fortune of meeting the all cast and they really are amazing people.
You will all be missed!
Thank you!

Max Vaehling said...

Thanks for five years of fun!

Feel free to make a Leverage movie any time now.

Ally said...

Still praying that some (intelligent) network somewhere will pick up Leverage and continue to enable us for a very long time yet.

Thank you so much, Rogers, for everything you've done to make our experiences the best they possibly could over these past five years. It feels like such a long time, but looking back, now it seems so short.

To the cast, there will never be a finer combination of acting talent and familial chemistry on television. To the writers, you all have never ceased to amaze me, every week for five years, with your powerful, well-written scripts that the fabulous crew turns into quality television that we fans can continually enjoy, even after the show is gone. To the crew, your hard work will never be forgotten. Thank you all, so much, for five years of wonderful amazingness. :)

Bg Porter said...

Obviously, I'm bummed. Here's what would make me cheer up: if you got the rights to do a Moore-style reboot of 'The Time Tunnel' and cast Hodge & Kane as the leads. Also: Michelle Forbes in there someplace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Please tell everyone in the cast and crew how much the show has meant to the fans.

In fact, Leverage is the only show I've managed to always carve out the time to watch. I'm a season and a half behind on Doctor Who, even.

I'm going to miss this show even more than I missed Jaime Reyes when DC cancelled Blue Beetle and that's really saying something!

Thank you again for bringing us these wonderful characters and doing your very best to never stop the fun train.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and all of the crew for your hard work on this show. Thank you for doing your best to never stop the fun train.

This show has meant a lot to me and has occasionally been the only thing keeping me sane during some dark times in the last few years. In fact, it's the only show I've always found the time to watch. (I'm even a season and a half behind on Doctor Who!)

I'm going to miss the Leverage 'verse so much...even more than I missed Jaime Reyes when DC cancelled Blue Beetle and believe me, that's a lot.

Thank you again for bringing us these wonderful characters. I wish you and the rest of the team the best in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: Oh, I give up. I can't even manage to leave a comment properly.

Can we just pretend that it's a result of my being upset, rather than incompetence? ;)

LarryFleming said...

I wrote a long comment last night when I heard. I deleted it, too much emotion and a little profanity. I am still mad at TNT, one for cancelling the show and most of all for telling us on a Friday just before Christmas.

OK, Thank you Dean, John, Chris for creating such a fun show. The cast seem to jell right off the bat. I wish everyone a good holiday, I am looking forward to the finale. I hope to see all the new shows that everyone moves on to. Bye for now.

Dan said...

I watch a lot of TV. A. Lot. But, I can honestly say that the last five seasons of Leverage have been the best TV experience of my 36 years. From the first seconds of the pilot, it was like you guys had made this show just for me.

Do I want to say goodbye to the crew? Of course not. But, all good things... I would rather have five seasons of perfection than ten seasons of mediocrity.

Thanks to all of the cast and crew. Whether you want it or not, every name that has crawled across the screen during a Leverage episode has a fan for life.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the series finale now. You said earlier that some people may not be happy with you after it airs. If this was written as the series finale before you knew it would officially be just that, why make it where the fans might not be satisfied? I thought it was mentioned that everyone wanted to go out right. I'm a little concerned about how this might end.

Other than that, I really hope another network picks up the show because I'm not ready to say goodbye to it just yet.

XJill said...

Leverage always made/makes me smile and that's a great thing to find. Thanks for answering our questions all these years and I'm so glad the series is ending the way you all always planned. Wishing you and the team all good things in the future!

PurpleOps said...

@Calla really said much of my thoughts, but I'll add a couple of things.

TNT has a bit of a history of this sort of thing - remember Babylon 5? - they either cut budgets or cut the show. They're a business. But John has always said they've been a great network to work with, so I won't heap too much vitriol on them; at least they aired Leverage for five seasons.

Speaking of which, Tuesday will mark the end of a two-and-a-half year run for me, as I only came to the series early in Season 3, summer 2010. But Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD were so phenomenal. As so many have stated, I've never seen a show be so good to its fans. And not at a fluff-level, either; the commentaries and podcasts are funny and rowdy, but also very insightful as to the making of a television show. Would that all shows could engage their audience so well - and without gimmicks such as forcing them to watch their iPads instead of the TV screen!

To the exceptional cast and crew, thank you for your attention to detail and love that you put into your work. To the writing staff, despite my occasional criticisms, you put together many superb scripts. I've got nothing but good to say about the directors, particularly Frakes and the executives who directed. Of course, my highest praise once again goes to Joe LoDuca; I'm still hoping for another volume of Leverage music.

Thanks for a great series! Now go out and create something new, and sell it! I'll look forward to seeing it.

TomR said...

Thank you, sir, for giving the world this brilliant, hilarious show. Five seasons wasn't enough.

steveburnett said...

Loved this show. Loved the actors, the performances, the stories, the soundtrack, the fun. Sad didn't get #sixseasonsandamovie, but will be preordering the Complete 5season Blu-Ray box the day it exists for pre-ordering (assuming it does). We've really enjoyed this. Best to everyone.

antisocialbutterflie said...

I can only echo the other commenters who have elaborated far batter than I how much this shows means to us. I'm saddened but resigned. I appreciate that the finale will offer some closure.

A big thanks to the cast and crew, from the writing to the acting, direction, props and costume department. You brought us the best every week. I'll miss you deeply when you go and I wish you all the best.

Thank you for five entertaining years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the cast and crew for five wonderful seasons of a great show. Thank you John Rogers for going above and beyond with your episode Q&As especially. I'm sorry it's over, it's been a spectacular ride. I'm sad that there won't be more adventures for Parker and Hardison and Eliot or Nate and Sophie. This sucks!

I look forward to seeing what comes next though. Everyone connected with the show has shown themselves to be tremendously talented and pretty classy to boot. I wish you all the best of luck and great success in future projects.

Thank you again for Leverage. I'm going to miss it so much. (Is it too early to break into the chocolates?)

Meredith said...

I have never cried over losing a TV show before.

I cried last night. Because even if I came to the party a little late (halfway through S3), I have loved this show more than any other I've watched before or am watching now. My dad and I have bonded over Leverage, talked about it, and that has meant the world to me.

I continually re-watch the DVDs and commentaries, and THANK YOU for going above and beyond to not only deliver an amazing show to your fans but also to acknowledge us and listen to our feedback and respond. There is so much respect in this fandom because of that.

I have learned so much from this show about what goes on behind the scenes, and because of the fandom, I've learned how to make graphics, fanvids, written tens of thousands of words of fic and read some of the best fic I've ever seen. I have connected with some amazing people who I know I will stay in touch with even without Leverage on our screens every week.

I just don't think I can say enough how good this show is. Even the episodes I didn't enjoy as much as others were still better television than anything I could get somewhere else.

I am looking forward to the three books coming out, but I do hope that this is not the complete end and that the show can continue to live on either on another network or in a different format (Buffy still has comics, and Firefly fans managed to make a whole movie happen for them).

Thank you, again, to the entire cast and crew who have created something incredibly special that I will continue to enjoy in the years to come.

bourgon said...

Thanks to everyone for making this show. It's been an awesome five years.

Please keep blogging, John - fell in love with the site when you namechecked Doctor Who, Shadowrun and Doc Savage all in one paragraph, and the man crush doesn't end that easily.

Looking forward to whatever comes next from all the talented people now available.

Carol said...

Tell Gina to call Stephen Moffat to see if you can write a Doctor Who script, now that you have the time.

I'm going to miss Leverage. It was an extraordinarily high-quality show. I hope you and everyone find other work soon, so we are not deprived of your talents for too long.

Kiron Kid said...

Damn! That was one of the all time great shows. Any chance of another Network picking it up? It's rare to see such well written and casted shows like Leverage.


GuyFromOhio said...

Yuck. Never fun saying goodbye.

I remember coming here for the Boats posts, and stumbling over the "hey, we just might have a pilot in the works" post from ... 5 years ago? Holy crap.

So if I ever need to write a thesis on showrunning, writers, or how the industry as a whole churns out ep after ep, good, gruesome or otherwise, here's the baseline reference material.

Thanks, John. You done good.

PsychoKitty said...

Thank you very much for creating a show that is intelligent, fun, and interesting. Leverage was the first show that I have ever been a true "fan" of, and I just wanted to thank you for creating a place that, for one hour a week, one can lose oneself and just enjoy the wonderful stories playing across the screen.
Thank you.
TNT obviously doesn't appreciate real talent.

Gary Ancheta said...

All I ask is that you do not leave us. This group of actors and writers are really fun. I haven't had this much fun watching a series since Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel series where I followed Christian Kane to this series. Leverage is a remarkable show, but I hope you guys have a Firefly or a Dollhouse somewhere in there so I can see my favorite writers and actors do neat stuff.

Hell, I'd love to see a Season 6 at Dark Horse, if you guys can manage it. Or at Boom!Studios. C'mon Mr. Waid, make it happen!

Ana said...

Thanks for 5 seasons on the fun train! I'll miss Leverage, but I'm grateful for 77 fantastic episodes. Best wishes to you, John; and to the entire cast and crew.

Bob Huss said...

Damn. I was hoping the TNT-dragging-their-feet thing was just part of a con being pulled on viewers, and the season finale would have the twist (spin-off, new direction, whatever).

Amanda Barncord said...

Perhaps I'm just upset because the show isn't being renewed, but TNT's repeated phrase of "it had to end" really rubs me the wrong way. It comes across like a parent's scolding.

It's also utter BS. TNT chose not to renew the show. That's fine. It's their prerogative not to carry the show. It is not their place to declare the show "ended". There is a world outside their network.

And while, John has said that they're a good network to work for, this type of declaration really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially since before this show the only thing I cared to watch on TNT were reruns of hit shows from the major networks. This really makes me think that their profit models are syndication heavy and there is a segment in the upper management that has a very narrow view of what is worth the risk of an original show.

Anonymous said...

@ Amanda Barncord

Similarly, I was more than a bit put off by the 'Its time to say goodbye' tag.

..and the timing

Karo said...

Thank you, writers and actors and production crew, for five wonderful seasons. A good ending, with plenty of openings for fans to write ourselves :) (No final episode yet, but I'm confident.)

meanderling said...

Like many of the commentors, I'm still holding out for a movie, Firefly-style. Congrats on the brilliant run, though.

ChelseaNH said...

Well, hmph.

I know, all shows must come to an end and five years is a good run so I don't gypped, but still -- hmph.

It would be cool if y'all went the Firefly/Serenity route with The Big Screen Job. I'll do my part as a consumer to encourage that.

In the meantime, I'll look forward to whatever you and your merry crew happen to cook up next.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for an entertaining, enlightening and everything-else show. So sad that it's ending, but so happy that we got have five seasons of pure delight. Kudos to all--and I'm especially grateful for the creation of Parker, my all-time favorite female character!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the best program ever on tv. I will really miss all the characters that you brought into my livingroom every week. We can pray that maybe another network will pick up this wonderful program. I hope you win pc awards that would really show tnt. May God Bless all of you. Hope to see all of you together in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Please thank all the crew and the cast for a job well done. This was such a wonderful program. And even Christian dropped blood and broken bones for this series. I will really miss the Eliot charater. Hope you find another network to work with. Will miss all of you try to find a way to come back to us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you cast, writers, producers and crew. Leverage has been a wonderful ride.

Through it I fell in love with Tim Hutton's charisma, gained a whole new arsenal of Kane songs, watched a future star (Aldis) in the making, and learned the proper way to grift and pickpocket. So many memories that I will treasure again and again through the DVDs.

I can honestly say now, in true Leverage fashion: 'I am a thief!'

Best of Luck and keep writing your blog... or we may just have to steal it.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the showmakers and to all the fans.

I've learned new lenses and techniques and facts from the show and from John's blogging about the show. Thank you for enriching our lives.

ellabell said...

I just wanted to say thank you for being so amazing to the fans.

And basically everything SueN said, because she pretty much says everything more eloquently than I do.

I'm a Canadian nearing 30 that has always loved television, but has never quite put as much effort into a show since West Wing. (I know you don't like Sorkin, but go with the analogy.)

I started watching tww in my final year of high school, and before that time I had no idea how the world worked. I was content to live in my own little space and not look outside of it. Then tww came along, and I started caring about what was going around me.

Before Leverage, I was still interested in the world and even still spent a lot of my disposable time volunteering and learning about international development, but I didn't really know anything about crime, or how the people doing wrong in the world got away with anything they did.

Not only did you open up a side of the world I barely knew existed, through Leverage and this blog I learned to think critically about what was going on around me, and search for what was really being said instead of just listening to the words.

I'm not just gushing or waxing poetic. I wanted you to know that it isn't, and has never been, just a silly little heist show to me. I genuinely learned more from this show than I have from any other in my adult life.

(although... I SHOULD still learn about the proper audiences to discuss what I've learned here. When I told an acquaintance that his community theatre group would be a great way to launder money and he got defensive and awkward, and I realized I should back away slowly and never say something like that again.)

So, thank you for being so amazing to the fans, for making my mind work, for filling up my creative journal with quotes about villains and how stories should be told, for answering our questions, and for putting up with our squeeing and screaming for the past 5 (1 for me) year.

Other showrunners should take lessons from you on how to engage the fans, because you are in a class all on your own.

Good luck with all your future adventures.

There are not enough ways to say thank you.

Kevin W. said...

Leverage gets canceled yet Two and a Half Men is allowed to continue.

Have I ever mentioned that I believe the average American pop culture consumer is a moron?

John, I have enjoyed this show since I picked it up near the tail end of season 2. Thank you so much for all you do. I am sorry that you got screwed because America can't get its head on straight and watch quality television. You, Dean, Timothy, Gina, Beth, Christian and Aldis all made some fine television and you will be missed.

Vala said...

@Ellabelle, you literally made me cry. Again.

Josh Rogers, thank you.

You're aware that we'll follow you wherever you go, right? :D

Btw, check what your fans are doing on USA Network Facebook page - someone thought us how to steal ourselves an Network :D

Not our fault :D

Megan Soares said...

Hi, I am an eighteen years old girl from Portugal and I've watching Leverage since it's started... in Portugal.
I just heard the show is getting canceled wich is a shame because I used to watch it with my brother and I confess, it's the only TV show I watch so, is there a chance you are getting picked up by another netwrok?
If not, thank you so much for this amazing ride and very clever show to you, Dean Devlin, and the entire cast and crew.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe this is happening. For now. I prefer to be in denial for a while. This show always cheered me up, even when I didn't feel like smiling. I love all the characters and I am incredibly sad I won't get to see what they're up to anymore.

That said, if this is really the end, thank you for a great show with amazing writing (oh the continuity!), fabulous interaction with fans, but above all, fantastic characters!


Bex said...

Cannot express how upset I am about the cancellation. Thank you to you, the cast and crew, for bringing such awesomeness to our tv's for 5 wonderful seasons. TNT doesn't realise how much of a gem it is losing and how hard it will be for any other show to pull off what you guys have.

msd said...

Everyone has already said everything I am feeling. TNT IS the Grinch......not to mention idiotic. I had hoped for some group renewal and much high fiving. DAMN!

This is the first blog I ever posted on. I still remember when you answered one of my questions - I felt like one of the cool kids!

I have loved Leverage since the pilot. I have all the DVDs. I will sit and watch reruns even though I know the dialogue. It was smart. It was funny. It was touching. It had crisp, smart, believable dialogue and the characters actally evolved. It highlighted things many of us would have passed over. It was well researched. Gush, gush!

The blog, the questions, the answers and the commentaries on EVERY episode on the DVDs were the frosting on this cake. You made us feel like we were part of this. You gave us props for spotting things that got by editing.

I'm heartbroken but I'm also richer for taking the ride on the Fun Train. Cheers to you and everyone else who makes Leverage a true diamond!

Raksha said...

Some time back, I read in several posts and/or tweets where you said your plan for the show was 5 seasons then done. I don't know if that was a firm plan or not, but I'd been preparing myself for the end for a while now and you know what? IT DIDN'T HELP! It didn't help at all! I read this news and threw my head back and cried like Snoopy ("AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!").

Well, thank you all for five amazing, unforgettable seasons. The entire cast and crew of this show is truly amazing and I'll be making a point of following all of your careers in the future. Best of luck to everyone involved with this show.

NG said...

I know this is probably an overreaction, but I'm heartbroken. We have loved this show from the beginning and it was the last smart show on television I could watch with my kids in the room. So thank you, Rogers. For the show, for this blog, for the podcasts... for the whole leverage experience which has been a ton of fun over the past five years. Whatever your next project is, please let us know about it here so we can support that too.

trail of bread said...

So long and thanks for all the fish. I mean shows. It's not the (Mayan) end of the world, but yours was the only show I never missed apart from Dr. Who. Job well done. Great cast, great stories, great point of view.
so now I do hope you take up another suggestion and get a gig on Who (with Gina, Kane, Aldis, Beth and Tim). Aldis for next doctor?

From one ex-physicist to another - job well done. Thanks. And good luck for the next show. I'll be watching.

trail of bread said...
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trail of bread said...
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Sofa King said...

So, 2012 starts with losing Chuck, and ends with losing Leverage. Pretty shitty year for my favorite shows.

Thanks for five great years; one of my favorite shows ever.

Simon Haynes said...

Long time fan, first time poster. Just wanted to thank you John for some absolutely fantastic TV these past few years. I got into the show after seeing Wil Wheaton's post about The Ho Ho Ho Job and I've been hooked ever since, rewatching most episodes numerous times over, and turning all my friends into fans of your show. I'm looking forward to the finale and to whatever turns up in the future.


BailsG7 said...

Man, this has been my favorite show forever. I can't believe it's about to be over. I hate to see it leave. I may even go as far as to say that I am bereft. My mind is saying "Protest" and "you guys should switch networks!" And you should try it, get the fans to protest or something. But if it is really over, I hope that everyone-the cast and the crew- are able to find something on the network. Hey how about those spinoffs we've been talking about. You have more than enough fans. Thank you for giving us such a special show, and showing us that the best ideas can come to you when you are drunk. And thank the cast and crew as well.

Anonymous said...

It's all been said but I feel the need to say this part again....

Damnit, TNT!

Of all the crap still on tv, Leverage doesn't get a pick up? Somethings's wrong with television.

shawnel saffo said...

Dear Cast & Crew of Leverage, I am just like many of your loyal fans, heartbroken there is no season 6. I came across the show on a rerun "The Nigerian job" and i was hooked ever scince. The show was a great escape not just from reality t.v. but reality period. I'm sure you have heard of how many "Family nights" were planned around the show which was awesome. What will i miss about the show? EVERYTHING. The comedy, action, drama, sence of family, i could go on and on. To the crew , thank you for five years of creative cons, awesome effects, and fabulous one-liners and story lines that your fans have said and used in everyday life somehow. To the cast, Sophie "the grfiter" Deveraux , Eliot "the hitter" Spenser, Parker "the theif", Alec "the hacker" Hardison, and Nate "the brains" Ford THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME RIDE CREW!!!!! Your gone, but not forgotten........Thanks to DVDs!!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE FUTURE.

Elaine said...

It seems like every time I find a show I really love - one that makes me think or feel or forget that I am watching a show - someone decides that it isn't turning enough of a profit to continue. This makes me very sad. And angry. And worried for our culture.

But my bitterness is not the point here. The point is that the writers, directors, producers, cast, and crew of Leverage have given us 5 wonderful seasons, commentary on every episode, podcasts, interviews, a blog where we are encouraged to ask questions (and receive meaningful answers), a willingness to add to canon because a fan noticed or thought of something cool, and, above all, proof that they love what they are doing JUST AS MUCH AS WE DO.

So, thank you. Thank you for assuming (correctly) that we are smart enough to get your in-jokes and allusions. Thank you for making us look up the ones we didn't get, so that we could be in on the joke. Thank you for new obsessions that we first heard referenced here. Thank you for the occasional gun show. Thank you for my new levels of paranoia about anything with a label that starts "Big...". Thank you for making the show you wanted to make and doing it so very, very well. Thank you for trusting that we're on the fun train with you.

I'm sorry for our loss - mine in watching it, and yours in making it. It seemed like pretty much the best job ever.

Liz said...

Frequently over the past five years, the news (or friends on Facebook, or blogs, what have you) have reported on various cons and scams of all types, to which I've nodded and said "Oh yeah, I know all about that already. Learned about it on Leverage last year."

I like learning things, and with Leverage my brain has gotten all kinds of exercise. I think my favorite is the Master Class you guys teach with each and every DVD commentary. (Where can I apply for the college credit?)

Not to mention the Seminar in Fan Relations that all of you have taught. And I never got the sense that was an angle you all were playing. You guys -- cast, crew, producers, writers -- meant it. As a fan, I appreciate it. You made us feel like we were right along on the ride with you.

(Kind of a shame that TNT wasn't taking notes. The announcement of cancellation, tossed out there on a Friday afternoon before Christmas, was beneath them. Leverage deserved better.)

And a hell of a ride it was. Some cons I loved, others not as much, but the character arcs were consistently compelling. I want to MEET the Leverage team one day. After the show is done, from time to time my imagination will be occupied with wondering what they're up to. When I hear about some financial institution screwing someone over, I'll think...ah, if the Leverage team could take a crack at this. You created a cast of characters that we truly care about.

So...thanks. I hope that the future brings continued success to each of you. Keep us posted on what you're doing next. And if you find yourself somewhere near Detroit (any and all of you), then let me know and I'd be glad to buy you a drink. Or six. I love you guys.

You know, in a non-stalkery sort of way. :-)


Sandy Tomezik said...

Well damn, now I'm depressed. I followed this show since the very first job and this cancellatgion will be big loss. Thank you and all the cast and crew for an intelligent, funny show that offered a vicarious victory against the SOBs of the world. I don't suppose you could send Mark Shepard to talk to TNT management? After all, Sterling NEVER loses.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great show. I will miss it. The cast, writing, characters...all of it, the best. And thank-you so much for letting the fans feel that we were a part of the show as well. The cast as well. I plan to continue to follow you all on Twitter.


Unknown said...

So does this mean that we can finally get the teased cross over with Psych?

firelizardkimi said...

I came in to Leverage late (between 3rd and 4th seasons), but you and the other writers and the cast and crew had made this world so interesting and engaging that it was easy to fall in love with. It definitely sucks to see TNT cancel this show that I fell head over heels for, but I am glad that the final episode will be how you always intended to end the series (is one of you psychic? did you know that cancellation was coming? writing on the wall or something?), because I think (I hope) that it will give us, the fans, some sense of closure for this wonderful, wild ride you've taken us on for the past five seasons. Thank you so much for creating this show and these characters and this universe. I know I'll be watching the DVDs for years to come.

P.S. You know, I seem to remember reading/hearing somewhere that you said early on that you thought Leverage would run for 5 seasons, because you would run out of material to keep the show interesting after that point. Truth or my imagination?

Pixie said...

Now that I've had a little time to process, I realise just how much I really am going to miss this show.

Not just the show, but all the other things, too: all the looks behind the scenes and into the processes. I've never been in a fandom that has seen so much reciprocation from the creators and the others involved. From the commentaries (every episode! no one does that!) to the hangouts, and taking the time to answer our nit-picky and left-field questions.

And thank you for bringing back the gamer-geek in me, the one I thought I'd lost. The show brought me here, and you and others here reminded me how much fun it can be to play.

So, thank you. Thank you for a wonderful ride on the fun-train, and for indulging us more than we deserved.

I think the hurt comes from the way they dragged it out, deciding to end things on Christmas of all days, almost forcing you to fade away instead of going out with a bang. I mean, I still want to find whomever is responsible and drop a 40lb piece of granite on his/her/their foot/feet.* After all, it didn't have to end this way.

Please, please keep us updated on what comes next. I, for one, will be there.

*Why, yes, I do know where I can get hold of some, with convenient handles attached, even.

dndInfotainment p said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Maab_Connor said...

Thank you so much for five AMAZING seasons! for the stories that were so much deeper and characters who were so much more lovable and the plots that were twistier than ANY other show on.

i'm one of those ppl who watches 15 mins of an hour-long drama and knows what's going to happen, and am right every time. Leverage is the ONLY show that EVER kept me guessing. you never dumbed it down. You never insulted our intelligence. this show has stayed tight and compelling and surprising though five GREAT years of Jobs. frankly, it deserved better than the network is giving it. as do you.

but YOU and the cast and the crew came every day and put in insane hours and crazy stunts and put up with our INSANE selves. this is a fandom that felt reciprocal... and that is a rare and beautiful thing. so THANK YOU ALL so much for that.

now, if you will excuse me, i'm going to go put a flaming bag of dog poo on TNTs doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John, Dean, Chris, all the rest of the cast and crew. You gave us such a special show. Not just plots and characters, but big issues to fight and as someone else said, a master class in film and photography. I listen to every commentary, every podcast, and I know I will re-watch some of the episodes again and again. Thank you for being part of the community of fans, for encouraging fans, and teasing us as well. I hope you and the others announce new projects soon because I plan on following you (in a non-stalkery way.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ZMiles said...

Very unfortunate. But thank you for five wonderful seasons, and also for all of your commentary and insight. May you go on to bigger and better things.

Mercedes A said...

For the love of cheese and crackers another great show gone!
The writers voice of this, the incredibly long hours, months, and some years of research were not done in vain.
I thank you all for your creativity and incredibly hard work.
This show was done well, and the characters are works of ART!
You'll be truely missed. Thank you!

JC said...

John, I've been a fan since I read Blue Beatle. Thanks for such a great (shadowrun) show. :)

Theliel said...

It took me a few days to write this but -

Thank you John. Not just for providing a great show but also a great blog.

You've entertained me consistently for 5 years now and I thank you for what you've done and how you've done it.

Please let us(me) know what your next project is and how we can support it.

I cannot claim that I will like it but you've earned at least a shot.

John Higgins said...

I'm very sorry to see the show go, but I'm very happy that I got to accompany you on this journey.

I hope that some of the mysteries and backstory can be revealed, now, either in a blog post or in some other format (novels, comics?).

I look forward to supporting you, the cast, and the crew in their next projects. Please keep us posted on these things.

It has been wonderful to be part of this family. Thank you.

talea said...

I've been marinating on what to say, but I haven't finished that yet.

So what I say now is: Thanks for the best 5 years of TV I've ever been blessed with.

Your character development and continuity were the best, bar none.

CrazyKo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abstract said...

First thank you for this great show.

I discovered Leverage only last May, courtesy of the absurdly long delays between airings in the USA and other countries.
So I'm saddened and pissed off at the same time, and I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye so soon. It's like arriving at a party and people are starting to leave 10 minutes after. And given the addictive nature of tv shows (and addictive, Leverage has been these past 8 months), it's been an intense experience to watch 4 seasons in a few weeks, that ends abruptly.

As someone said in an earlier comment, it was like this show had been made just for me. Very strange and very rare feeling. Never been a fan of con artists shows (except 'Switch', in the 70s starring Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert, which has many similarities with Leverage, I think, wonder if the creators had that one in mind when creating Leverage), but I loved this show because of the characters development (what an interesting antihero Nate has been), the fine writing in the dialogues, the reflection on ethics (does the end really justifiy the means, etc) and all these art references that made me prefer Leverage over White Collar (my God, the Blackpoole Wing in the two David Jobs).

So what's next? Is there a future for Leverage in other forms? Books are coming, since they got the creators' imprimatur, I suppose we can expect the same level of quality than the episodes?
For latecomers like me, is it now pointless to comment on posts that are a few years old because the show is over? I understand you will move on to other projects which I hope will be as successful, but I'm just afraid the interest in Leverage might wane just when I'm getting started.

Polaris said...

I have had such a wonderful time watching this show. I've watched it from the first episode and I can't believe it's going to be the last. I love these characters and the family they made, and I love the amazing cast and crew. I can't wait to see what everyone's going to do next. Thank you so much for the amazing journey!

mordicai said...

Hey, just wanted to say-- thanks, nice work & I look forward to whatever comes next.

cgeye said...

I'm not here to extend condolences. I can't be sad when a series with great writers, actors and production staff gets to survive more than one season in the basic cable jungle, especially when so many other shows make so many more compromises to survive, from the beginning. The voice didn't ever waver, and all of you showed strong work. I refuse to be sad for that.

I came upon watching the show slow, even though I followed your blog since the Global Frequency days. I wanted to watch the show at my own pace, and I knew I couldn't go otaku with it, because of other commitments. However, my relationship with watching it changed once I got on demand access on cable. I watched all the episodes I could, live or not, and I began to really enjoy how the characters learned how to trust each other.

I've always had a like-hate relationship with Mission Impossible, old and new, which began when I was a teen and noticed that the violation of the domestic spying law was taken casually, and that there was never a character's questioning of whether all the laws the MI force broke ever mattered, for the sake of the order they worshiped. I liked shows such as Switch more, because they started from the place that was a grey area, ethically and legally. They internalized and respected the risk, and didn't hide behind a flag.

Leverage was the first conman show I saw in years that kept its characters asking, "if I'm conning others to protect folks in the straight life, why aren't I more a part of that?" It also explored how many eyes need to be turned, for both evil men to thrive and the Leverage Group to be able to fight them -- and how that is more a symptom of cultural decline than something to champion.

I think our media culture is happy to substitute the use of violence for the use of morality -- not the old-fart 'in my day, we din't have to see so much blood' kind, but the kind that demanded characters have a code they stuck to, and that we understood -- and that, in its own consistently subversive way, Leverage was the most moral show on television. Thank you for sticking it out, year after year, for keeping your characters intelligent and flawed, and for never backing down about saying who the bad guys were, and are. I will buy the box set.

Sarah W said...

I'm going to miss all of you -- cast, crew, writers.

I think it's almost worse to know you all most likely won't be working together as a team in the foreseeable future (odds being what they are) than to lose the show. Because everyone's brilliance meshed in some weird and wonderfully twisted ways.

You've taught me so much about story arcs and editing and character-building and about how to play "What if . . . ?" like a boss.

Thanks for five years of fun, angst, and the inspiration to try some of my own crime fiction. You're right -- it is fun.

Anonymous said...

We will all miss you. I really understand the Rundown job. It would have been great for the three to continue. This was an awsome awsome episode, I think the best. I so hope and pray that another network will pick you up. Tnt does not know what they did. SERIOUSLY!! DAMMIT TNT! you made a very large mistake is cancelling this wonderful program that al so helped many people deal with things in their lives. Including me. I am such a hugh fan and continue to watch in reruns and dvd's Good Luck to all the cast and God Bless Hope to see you soon.

Countess of Monte Cristo said...

I suspected this would happen from the beginning of this season but I didn't want to believe it. I'll never be ready to say goodbye, but I can trust this show to do it with dignity. I'd rather have it end while it's still perfect. You don't wrap up the best show on television every day, so let's take a moment.

Okay. I just want to say thank you to everyone. The writers, directors, producers, crew, cameras, sets, costumes, make-up, post-production, studio, and of course the wonderful cast. Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, and Aldis Hodge did an absolutely fantastic job individually and of as a group. I've never seen such amazing chemistry in a show. I definitely want to follow the careers of the actors and writers involved in this show because there is a tremendous amount of talent here. So thank you for five great years. It's going to be hard, I'm going to miss Leverage, but I guess it's time.

Becky McElrath said...

Please tell us this whole cancellation thing was a con on the audience. Please.

Nyctotherion said...

Thanks for a great five seasons. I hope the series has given the cast enough exposure to keep them in view for us!

I see Beth has already been cast as the girlfriend of yet another genius; wonder if this starts typecasting her as nerdbait?

thebacardiqueen said...

If we can convince another network to take the show, will you still make it, or would you consider doing a movie?

thebacardiqueen said...

I saw a response from you online about the end of Leverage..."I think we're about five more years from on-line only series being viable. That said, we certainly have on-line plans in negotiation if we're not picked up. Lord knows if they come together, but Dean Devlin does so love an impossible challenge". Can you explain what those plans are and what are the chances of it happening...?

Sarah said...

Felt totally scrooged by TNT, canceling Leverage right before Christmas. Said to my partner "I guess there's no reason to watch TNT anymore--I don't like anything else on the network. Well, except for Longmire." He said, "That's on A&E." bah-dum-dum

I probably won't boycott the network, but it is crazy that this show was cancelled. Please steal Leverage a network!

Awesome finale, I was sobbing at some points, but will wait to comment on the episode post.

Thanks again for 5 great years of characters, stories, blogposts, podcasts, humor and overall excellence from every member of the cast and crew. I look forward to the Leverage spin-off show and the Leverage movies.

Sarah said...


gotta agree--but I understood NBC canceling Chuck (even though, the replacement series had even lower ratings!)

Don't understand letting go of Leverage though, it's on an upward trajectory.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for 5 years of fantastic work. My family always get together to watch Leverage. A true family hour. May the entire crew have great futures. Nate, Sophie, Parker, Hardison and gorgeous Elliott you will be missed. I wish we could steal a network.

DBChen said...

Thanks for 5 years of fun and smarts, without gore and misogyny. And for these great blog posts. I look forward to your next venture.

Also, I look forward to waking up next week to the Con Job on my e-reader.

Thanks again

Paul Guyot said...

Hey, folks. Paul Guyot here - I had the pleasure of working on seasons 4 and 5 of Leverage and it was the best job I've had since I drove that little caged car picking up golf balls on a driving range in the Arizona desert.

I just wanted to tell you all how much the writers appreciated all your love and support during our run. It meant a lot and unlike other shows -- you guys were part of our writers room. We talked of our loyal fans often, and considered you all during certain storylines.

John Rogers and Chris Downey were outstanding bosses and they did their best to always give back to you and keep you entertained and surprised.

Thanks for the love and we hope to see you all again on the next one.

Kes said...

I don't expect you to, but your post-game blog posts could be turned into a seriously awesome Nit-Picker's Guide to Leverage. Would probably be a pretty good seller, too!

Cain said...

After watcing the finale, I have a question about the crew's character development through the series. Did the character's more or less end up as you & Dean planned them or were there any major changes based on the actor's input and/or chemistry with each other? If the latter, can you give a few examples?

Thanks again for a wonderful show.

kehf said...

Thanks for a fun five seasons. I love watching characters be confident, competent and grow in interesting ways and there really isn't enough of that on TV. Thanks also for a show I could watch with my son. I wish the cast and crew all the best in future endeavors!

Randall said...

You had me at "Nigerians."

Thanks from this spec monkey. Your blog turned out to be a master class in what to do and NOT do in my scripts. It's been the most valuable advice I've received in ages.

Many thanks to you and the cast and crew for five years of great entertainment.

Christopher said...

Devlin just tweeted there'll be no Season 5 DVD? WTF!!??? We can't be robbed of everything!
I think you don't quite understand the impact that show had on so many lives, you can't see devastated people in various Facebook groups, who are voting in 12 hours shifts, trying to keep name Leverage up, who are contacting networks, and doing everything possible to keep Leverage alive.
Please, don't give up - movies, series, novels, this JUST HAVE TO CONTINUE!!!

You created a monster - don't let that monster to turn around and bite. Don't give up on us.

Anonymous said...

Might have missed them, but I haven't seen requests for the Taggert/McSweeten spin-off yet. Or, more interesting, McSweeten/Parker.

Amanda Barncord said...

Okay, after much thought and consideration, I've decided that I will forgive TNT for everything if they pick up the spin-off with Parker, Hardison, and Eliot.

Feel free to ignore all of my previous comments on this post.

Anonymous said...

Please get the Season 5 DVD situation straightened out. It was bad enough to get the cancellation news, but those of us who don't have cable & bought the first four seasons really want to see the final season with the commentary that we've come to enjoy so much. Thank you for all your hard work which led to such an entertaining & amusing show.

Murasaki_1966 said...

Thank you for the dream of Justice. For an hour a week, I could believe in a world where some people are on the side of the angels, even if they use the devil's tools. Thank you for an interesting education in the mechanics of evil, corruption and big business. Thank you for the ride on the fun train. I will miss this show.

Thank you to all the writers, researchers, and all behind the camera who do so much to bring the show to us, but rarely get thanked. Thank you to the cast too, inhabiting their characters so well.

Thank you, for five years on the fun train. I will miss you all. But I will have the DVDs.

*Michelle said...

Thanks to Tivo suggestions, we've been watching since day one... well, probably day 2 when we decided to check out what tivo thought we might like.

This show was always SMART, fun and funny. This is the epitome of perfection in my opinion and should be heralded as "this is how you do it right" from everything from character development to plot to staging and acting. Really really wish it would never end, and really really bummed that it is.

Thank you so much for producing such a great show!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you sir for the quality entertainment you and your associates provided with 'Leverage'.

Here is the email I just sent to TNT:

This message cannot begin to express my dismay at your decision to cancel the show, 'Leverage'. I was impressed at TNTs quality of production and felt that 'Leverage' was the best example of your "TNT knows drama" campaign. Watching 'Leverage' brought me to 'Castle'. From the information I have seen, the decision was 'ratings based' however I beg to remind you that TV is not the same as in the 50's with 3 networks, etc. The plethora of choice in shows along with the availability of on-demand and paid services which are growing because of the freedom to watch my choices at our convenience have clearly altered the paradigms that should be used to measure a true audience.

I also think that the way the cancellation was handled was quite poorly administrated. Not allowing the show's staff to orchestrate a graceful exit of the series was an insult to the fans, cast, and crew of 'Leverage'.

I have never written a fan letter or appeal before, but was so appalled at this situation I felt compelled to contact TNT. I suggest you reconsider your decision, however the damage may be irreparable at this point, much to your and our loss.

Thank you for your attention.

Bsquared86 said...

I don't know if you'll ever read this comment, but I just want to thank everyone involved in the creation and production of Leverage for a great five seasons. And I want to thank the fandom for being so fierce and loyal. I'm so proud to be a part of this community!

With all that said, PLEASE make a made for TV movie or something!

Lori said...

Man, I hope Gina doesn't read all these questions about her being PG. She'll never want to be on screen again.

Anonymous said...

@ Lori 7:26am

Just blame it on the camera operators and poor lighting.

Anonymous said...

Re-watching The Reunion Job. That line about McAfee being too soft for the suppression business. Well, not that soft it turns out given recent news. Goes to show, you just never really know anyone.

AliKat_7 said...

I posted this on Aldis Hodge Online and I wanted to make sure you saw it John since its for the cast and crew (and fans)

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leverage. Thanks for all the fun times, the laughs, and most of all, the greatest experience of a lifetime. I will really miss the cast and the plots. Please, let another network take this show over. I really don't want to end so soon. Thank you all and good luck to everyone on Leverage.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leverage. Thanks for all the fun times, the laughs, and most of all, the greatest experience of a lifetime. I will really miss the cast and the plots. Please, let another network take this show over. I really don't want to end so soon. Thank you all and good luck to everyone on Leverage.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leverage. Thanks for all the fun times, the laughs, and most of all, the greatest experience of a lifetime. I will really miss the cast and the plots. Please, let another network take this show over. I really don't want to end so soon. Thank you all and good luck to everyone on Leverage.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leverage. Thanks for all the fun times, the laughs, and most of all, the greatest experience of a lifetime. I will really miss the cast and the plots. Please, let another network take this show over. I really don't want to end so soon. Thank you all and good luck to everyone on Leverage.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Leverage. Thanks for all the fun times, the laughs, and most of all, the greatest experience of a lifetime. I will really miss the cast and the plots. Please, let another network take this show over. I really don't want to end so soon. Thank you all and good luck to everyone on Leverage.

Anonymous said...

This is to the end of a great show. I will never forget all the jokes that were shared. None of my friends watched this show (crazy right?) so they never got the jokes that I cracked that referenced this show. Let's go steal ourselves a network to start this show again eh?

Emma said...

I'll really miss this show. It has taught me a lot, especially about myself. I'll never forget you Leverage, and the impact that you've had on my life. Here's to a great TV show.

Jerrie H. said...

I am sorry to see it go. But watching a Season 2 marathon New Year's Eve (its the only season I have on DVD), I noticed that more than once in the commentary the mention of "This is how you go from making one season to making five seasons." Was five seasons the plan from the start? And could tnt have thought perhaps you had no plans to go beyond five seasons?
I guess I'm just upset that my favorite show is gone.
When will season 5 videos be available? I still have all the eps on my DVR but so love the commentary that is added giving insight and behind the scenes trivia.
As for the finale, it made perfect sense to me that when spinning a story for Sterling, Nate would use their first con that Sterling knew little if anything about. I did think it funny that Sterling knew Sophie was supposed to be a bad actress but that she could act when breaking the law, i.e. playing 12 people while drunk. I also thought it great that Nate used the sick child story to draw Sterling in to save him from himself.
I will miss everyone who brought Leverage to life each week and stole our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Aww, too bad. Again I'm a little sad that you never stumbled on those phony martial artists and their "schools", that would make an awesome Eliot-centric (or Hardison-centric for even more laughs) episode ("The Kung Fool Job" I talked about in the 5x12 questions post). An egomaniac douche rips someone off and, when challenged, threatens violence, backed by his phony claims of martial arts/special forces experience. Not quite "The Tap-Out Job", but I can already imagine the banter between Eliot and Hardison:
Eliot: "Well, I can't do this, man. My instincts are just too good. On the other hand, you're a natural."
Hardison: "Seriously? You want me to go against Mr Walter Mitty Nutjob?! Like, hand-to-hand?! Oh heeeell no!"

Oh well, one weekend I might try a Leverage marathon and churn out some fanfic. But then I will be REALLY pissed off if you manage to renew the series and my fanfic will cause the topic of phony martial artists to be off-limits because of copyrights, intellectual property and stuff. Even if I'm willing to sell it for a t-shirt and autographed cast photo.

Countess of Monte Cristo said...

Hey congratulations on your People's Choice Award for Best Cable TV Drama. I'm gonna miss this show a lot. Way to go out with a bang!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the People's Choice Award for Best Cable TV Drama! Is this the type of thing that might make TNT reconsider, or another network to pick it up?

Amelia James said...

I want to see Leverage go on in one way or another. There are so many stories to tell, so many bad guys to take down, so much more to learn about our team. Movies, books, comics, whatever...I'll take it. (And I don't even read comics.) Miss them already.

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