Friday, July 22, 2005

Super DragAndGo

You know, it's always the little things. Like not expecting much from the new Doctor Who, and it turns out to be so giddily fun it has my writer friends and I answering the phone with "Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North."

Or, as I'm using Firefox to browse the Interwebs because I'm not, oh, INSANE, there's a free Firefox extension calld Super DragAndGo. Sounds like a dumb little idea -- use your mouse to drag a link downward, and it pops the link open in a tab behind your current window. Drag it up and it pops up as the front tab. Drag an image/file off to a blank spot on your computer and it automatically downloads said binarytronics to your Desktop.

Install it. Close your Firefox. Reopen. And suddenly enjoy feeling like you live in the FUTUUUUURE. Seriously. I can't stop smiling. For most of you this will mean nothing, but for some of you sharing my prediliction for obsessive gadgetophilia (why, hello, Mr. Waid), this will make you giggle like a schoolgirl.

Via our useful, useful productivity pals at Lifehacker.


1031 said...

That does sound like a pretty cool download. The future is arriving, slowly but surely.

Earlier this evening, my brother, who's in town from Denver, was talking to his phone. He was asking it how charged the battery was and the time and date, and it was answering him. Out loud. And I think it sounded like Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Gene's widow who voiced the computer on the various new Star Trek shows (but you all knew who she was because you're sci-fi nerds).

I forgot to ask him if the GPS program will tell him where he is and how to get where he's going.

Emily B. Langton said...

I adore the new Doctor Who series. It's actually the first Doctor Who I've ever watched (bad geek!) but I was hooked from the first moment Christopher Eccleston appeared.

Fortunately, it seems to have the same effect on the old-school fans. A friend of mine (whose eldest son's first word was "TARDIS") said that it's everything you could want from Doctor Who but done a hundred times better.

(And thanks for the tip on the Firefox plugin. Firefox has so many neat gadgets.)

Sizemore said...

Bah - you know how I feel about Doctor Who.

And living in the future is all about waking up to the Met's new 'Shoot To Kill' policy and wondering if you'll have time to email the BOOM to Flickr as your exploding bus catapults you into the air.

Rogers said...

Mike, you let the TV show episode poison your mind. Think of it as the one time your girlfriend got drunk and said somethign truly horrendous to your mom. It happened, move on, and think of the good times.

Hey, and at least you mastered phone-blogging to flickr. I'm still going to be figuring that shit out when "Freedom TEams" come collect me for the Gonzalez Re-Education Camp because of my library reading.

Anonymous said...

Super DragAndGo looks nice. Have you seen RadialContext? It's a slightly more complicated version of the same thing: right-click and drag in one of the eight cardinal directions. right-click and right is the same as Super DragAndGo's down. But there's a lot more, and the options are context sensitive between page, image, link, and probably more that I haven't even bothered to notice yet.

Anyway. Cheers for Friday's drinkup last week. Cool to meet folks.


Bill Cunningham said...

I am a technical neanderthal...somebody pass the raw meat.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I've spent the day tinkering with it and I like it. Thanks!


Nölff said...

Firefox is full of wonderfull things.

Lee said...

(Spoiler, kinda)

When your friends start answering the phone with "Are you my mummy?" you'll start to wonder if it's all quite so much fun.

Spooky shit.

Amandarama said...

Super DragAndGo looks pretty cool. If you're using Firefox, have you looked into YubNub ( It's a command line tool that lets you assign keyword shortcuts to URLs. You can also add YubNub to your Firefox search bar.

Oh, and Dr. Who rules!

Gene said...

The features added by DragAndGo are similar to the standard features found on a Mac. Welcome to the way things should work ;-)

Reg said...

Thank you for the cool (and useful!) link!

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