Monday, July 25, 2005

New Who

a.) Oddly, that pose of Billie Piper's is the exact same one Aimee Garcia struck in our GF picture. Is that some sort of default insouciance they teach at acting school?

b.) That's the style I was going for with the lead character on a new show idea. Well, I suppose those who don't watch Who won't know, and those who do will assume I'm homaging and appreciate the geek shout-out. Hmm, no loss there after all. Posted by Picasa


Eric said...

I'm almost embarrased at how giddy I am over the news that Anthony Stewart Head will be appearing next season.

vhsiv said...

Who is the new Doctor? What's the actor's name?

vhsiv said...

Asked and answered - David Tennant.

Anonymous said...

What is there in this new getup that even makes it *hint* that he's the Doctor? He could be any posh lad walking down the High Street. Shame.

Rogers said...

Mm, suit's pretty retro. And I never liked the showy cricket-suit bullshit. Take away the scarf, and Tom Baker could've been a college professor. It's not a crime ofr sci fi to be a little hip.

Jim said...

Anon, he's going to be the anti-Ecclestone Doctor, i.e. Tennant's not going to be a cheeky Northern lad. I, for one, am glad for the change. "Where was I? Oh, that's right. Barcelona!".

Rogers, I *like* that they dress like 20th century Englishmen instead of like "sci-fi" characters; nothing dates quicker than trying to look "hip" in an imagined 200,000th century.

I can't wait for the Christmas Invasion.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I'm the guy with the High Street comment above.

He looks like he stepped out of a remake of Brideshead Revisited!

The Doc can't be a fashion plate.

Orac said...

Looks a bit drab. I liked Ecclestone's look, as one episode put it, the "U-boat captain."

Anonymous said...

Or as we Yanks were thinking, the guy in the Matrix coat...

... anyway, what's he doing all flash, like he's going out to chat up some birds? He should above all that. And bugger all for apparel.

Jack said...

For my part, I was very disappointed with this past series of DOCTOR WHO. Eccleston's Doctor never seemed very heroic and in general wasn't the ultra genius "Enlightenment fantasy" that I watch the show for. (When Capt. Jack Harkness appears, he fairly steals the show because of this.)

I've seen Eccleston in other things before and he's a great actor, so I blame the scripts.

Still, as much as the show disappointed me this go round --I'm looking forward to David Tennant's Doctor.

Rogers said...

That's what I meant when I said "hip", I meant "current." And salt for taste, as much as I dug this season, Tennant's intro gave me a big whack of Tom Baker vibe right across the noggin, even in those few sentences.

Anonymous said...

"Is that some sort of default insouciance they teach at acting school?"

Pretty much. Or it might as well be.

Laurean said...

I have to say... nice new sexy doctor. YES!

err...and I heard he's a huge fan of the series himself...he even did one of the voice scripts (for a radio special once upon a time)

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I'm going to miss Chris Eccleston in that really cool black leather jacket. David Tennant is a fine enough actor, but that stuffy brown suit...ugh!

Andrew said...

The Eccleston Doctor was tops in my book. He added a harder edge in line with the Doctor's recent history.

But also kept the endearing loopiness. Overall a big thumbs up.

The John Pertwee Doctor was a bit of a dandy with the velvet suits and like. So I'm happy to see David Tennant bring a different style.

David said...

Billie Piper may have the same insouciance, but she doesn't get to say things like "Yes, you're not melted!" all giddy and excitable-like...

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