Monday, February 14, 2005

Um, hi there, strangers.

Geesh, hello, thousand or so humans who showed up today because Warren pointed over here.

For those just joining us, please, linger amongst the archives. There's the series on Screenwriting in the real world, including some random notes on the Transformers script scattered around. I also recommend some books you haven't read.

There are the True Geek Conversations (TGC), all guaranteed to have actually, sadly, occured. Related to these are rants on the Fantastic Four trailer and a new problem in genre writing, Fandamentalism.

And besides the comic/film/geek rants, there are some political humor posts, including Oh. Oh Canada, Spongiform Sexuality, Who's your Daddy Broward County and I Miss Republicans, which was nominated for a Koufax Award this year.

Enjoy, and be sure to visit our attractive snack-bar and blog-roll. I don't randomly link, so every site over to your rightis guaranteed to exceed daily recommended doses of weirdness, amusement, or information.

Now that the pimping is done, back to business. As several of our friends point out in the comments to "Womb Crazy!", one must add Moore and Gaiman to the list of writer who fight the womb-crazy (thanks for Molly, Gaiman, seriously). Also James Robinson on STARMAN, which in my opinion is one of the finest continuous runs on any one book -- it's all in trades now, so you should grab it. Also, the only reason I even gave a rat's ass about Sue was by meeting her in Star City.

Got to go with Jeff Smith and BONE ...

I haven't read enough Adam Warren, but people assure me he's cool, so I'll go with it. One could dive into the Terry Moore end of the pool, but my point here, of course, is not that there aren't (a few) well-written female characters in comics. But these ain't the flagships, people. These aren't the multi-part continuity arc guys. The year in super-suits was defined by both companies as the year of Crisis and Disassembled. And they were defined, in turn, by their estrogen-mad mavens of villainy.


Kevin Church said...

Gail Simone on Birds Of Prey. She does more than OK with the writing-of-women, even if I have a specific loathing for the art style they're using.

Rogers said...

Mentioned Gail in the original essay. She also rocks hard in City of Heroes.

1031 said...

A mention by Ellis is worth 1000 new readers, huh? I gotta get me some of that Warren love...

Warren said...

I have destroyed your relationship with the internet and you don't even know it yet

Joel said...

I visited yesterday fot the first time and I know I'll be coming back. I've already had the pleasure of reading your commentary on our country (fellow Canuck in the nation's capital).
I'll be saving the rest of the archives for the next internet "rainy-day'.

Kevin Church said...

Apparently, I was high on butane fumes when reading your original essay or it was the late hour. Yes, major love to Ms Simone, who makes with the more than decent writing.

Ellis's Miranda Zero is a very, very strong chick character. Of course, you rather knew that, right?

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