Monday, January 19, 2015

LIBRARIANS #109 "City of Light" Question Post

Backstory! Tesla!  Snarky Cassandra! What more could you want? Comments and questions below, which I will answer this week.


Anonymous said...

Tesla!! :D

How early in the writing process did you decide that Tesla should be the one behind the experiment?

bookishmalarkey said...

Ezekiel fighting off Norman was because Eve possessed him, right? Man, that makes me really want a bodyswap episode. Any chance of that ever happening?

Dan Da Man said...

Alright, I only saw this episode last night, will watch the finale tonight! Still, some questions:

1) Jenkins says there is no such thing as UFOs, and yet in one or two of the TV movies we could see Flying Saucers in the background of the library... how does that work? (No-Prize theory: Jenkins wasn't saying there are no such thing as Flying Saucers, etc.... he's just saying that there are no unidentified ones.)

2)Was the "point and scream" thing specifically a reference to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", especially the Donald Sutherland version? I mean, it's JUST LIKE that.

3)Was Ezekiel always Australian, or did it only happen after you cast John Kim?

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to like Mabel at first, but thank you for another great episode! It's good that the team can't win 'em all.

Was Collins Falls' archive room the same archives featured in "The Radio Job" with the rejected patents in Leverage?

Cassandra said...

Snarky, jealous, "Get the hell away from her!" Cassandra is my new favorite thing. Have Jake flirt with some more girls next season, but just so I can have sassy pants Cassandra. He'll catch on eventually.

Unknown said...

How much Atomic Robo and/or Warehouse 13 did the writers binge on before drafting this episode? Because I really liked the steampunky, sci-fi twist as compared to the rest of the series thus far and I'd like to see more like it!

EVW said...

Strange that a town archive would have antique cars and such. It looked more like a museum collection. Usually, a town archive would not contain anything except boxes of old records.

It's logical to assume that the archive is storing the property of the original residents until they return.

But, why didn't Jacob comment on that strangeness?

EVW said...

How is it that the town archivist/ fire chief /etc. has been around for decades and none of the current residents notice that she never ages? With all those jobs, she obviously hasn't been keeping a low profile.

Anonymous said...

I just now connected Cassandra and her hallucinations to the Cassandra Cascade. Not sure if the connection was intentional, but it interesting noticing the similarities. The idea of a person with visions getting trapped in their visions as each one triggers a new one until the completely lose touch with reality...just saying.
Snarky Cassandra was the best! And I liked how for once her and Jenkins were completely on the same page about a new person being involved.

You just had to make us become attached to Mabel before killing her didn't you?

Unknown said...

A tiny quibble here....Cassandra betrays the librarians to save her own life and Jake won't trust her, but Mabel deceives the librarians (hiding her true nature, participating in body snatching) to save her life (and, yes, those of her fellow townspeople) and Jake....kisses her? I guess Cassandra should go big or go home.

amarillion said...

@Audra Arr – I think the implicit level of trust between team members who banded together to save the world, might be a little higher than that of a random, but cute stranger who you have just met. Stone didn't put Mabel in any real position of trust to break. Then they got a chance to chat all night, bond over missed opportunities and realise they had a lot in common, both highly intelligent people, aware of how it feels to be trapped in a small town and to desperately want out, and the pain of watching dreams slowly die. I don’t know if Stone was in love with her, but I think he knows he could have been so, but even more so they both recognised in each other someone who felt the same pain, longing and trapped feeling. So I loved that he finally got off his arse and took that walk though Paris, for Mabel and for himself.

Cassandra worked with the team, then betrayed the team to the very people who had just finished displaying they were Completely willing to kill innocent people to pursue their goal, and to put the Rest of the World in danger, again! Then barely did anything when Lamia stabbed Flynn, and basically kept helping the bad guys until they got tired of her. Cassandra didn't have one failure think, she had multiple ongoing issues with forethought. So I really don’t think Cassandra could go any bigger. Mabel was never seriously willing to put innocent townspeople in danger. Even in a situation nearly as bad as Cassies, when the stakes came down, Mabel helped Stone get to the switch, even knowing it would cost her possibly everything. Was Mabel innocent herself, nope, she used the townspeople, but she wouldn't see them hurt.

Anonymous said...

Again, I adore you for giving us this opportunity. As I have been working for the last 14 hours, I am going to post my notes as written last night. Apologies for any stream of consciousness.


1) What led to the decision to make Jones the initial voice of ethical reason?
2) What led to the decision to have the LITs lose, especially in the first season?
3) Who in the writing room reads The Oatmeal?


I love that Baird is respecting the LIT's Hink-o-meter. Someone spots something off and she lets them loose to investigate. To my mind that is the most significant piece of character development in the entire series.

To be continued on the next post...

Tom Galloway said...

Jenkins referring to a 130 year old woman as "young lady"; nice touch there.

So how come Jake's able to leave home now? And does he feel a strong similarity to one George Bailey of Bedford Falls?

Admittedly 100 years of stored up hydropower would be quite a lot, but these days might there be a way of accumulating the power quicker?

WuseMajor said...

Ok, so

Interesting to see a sad episode. I hope they can get those people back eventually. Or maybe sooner, now that

Flynn is back and they have Library access again.

The way Stone talks, it sounds like he was doing manual labor on a drilling rig, not managing the family

company. Did it fold and he had to get a job or was he just really hands on?

I don't entirely know how I feel about this episode as an episode. I mean, I could already tell at the

beginning that she wasn't gonna make it and then she didn't, so felt kinda predictable. And it had a

really sad ending, which I'm not fond of. But the ambiguous "Would it have worked or not?" question being

unresolved was interesting and ...I dunno. I just feel like something could have or should have been done


Involving Tesla was cool though.

Angela said...

Loved the fact that out of the entire team, Ezekiel was the most freaked out by the body-snatching. It's always nice when the morally ambiguous character has a hard limit on what's not OK.
On the flip side, he was also the most visibly upset over the plans failure.
Was this a sign that he cared more about the trapped townspeople than he wanted to admit or more the shock and irritation over the fact that for once they lost, and Ezekiel Jones does not lose?
Either way, it was a fab bit of character development.

amarillion said...

@Michael Brewer - My first through for Stones company, If you've ever seen Armageddon, with Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Ben Affleck, that might be the kind of company Stone's in charge of. A team of riggers who sub contract out for various jobs. He would be in charge of the team, but also have a chance for plenty of hands on work. As the boss it might mean he could assign someone else to handle the day to day stuff, while he does jobs on his own that get him away from home.
Ooh, would also be another reason why trust is such a big thing for Stone. You need to be able to trust the person working next to you, to do their job, because screwing up on an oil rig can be fatal. Crap, this just added another paragraph to my character breakdown for Stone this ep.

I am slightly miffed Mabel died, since I really did like her, and she had some really nice chemistry with Stone. I also have to admit, I didn't really see it coming until everything started going wrong. However her interaction with Stone did provided him with a nice bit of character growth.

Timothy R. said...

Not specifically related to this story, but I have to wonder: can we hopefully get the tie-in books started while the series is still running this time? Especially since it looks like we have a hit according to the ratings? I've already seen KRAD on this board, so I know he's chomping at the bit to supply a story or two. While I'd love another season (or five), a few books would be nice too....

Li Ting said...

This episode was so much fun. Is there a possibility of exploring Jacob and Cassandra being romantically involved, (or any of the LITS), in the future? Love their chemistry!

OldeSaultie said...

Was the signage in the control room at the dam (Wardenclyffe Falls Dam) an intentional reference to Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower?

LIS said...

I'm really loving this show !

Did Mabel really died or she's trapped like the rest of the town folks?

I like the concept , that even them being the heroes , not always they will win .

volatile_hearts said...

Really fun episode - all the heartbreak and sadness aside. It was really interesting to see the LiTs have to deal with losing. But on to questions!

1) Is anyone planning to build that new more stabilized capacitor? Are Jenkins and Cassandra drawing up blueprints when the camera's not looking?

2A) This episode had a much more sci-fi spin to it - Tesla and body-snatchers and wireless electricity. Were you inspired by all the classic tropes of old sci-fi?

2B) What gave you the idea to have Ezekiel address the body-autonomy of body-snatching? It's a nice modern take on it.

ChelseaNH said...

1) Stone said he was always close to home, but in the Santa episode, he worked in Alaska for a year. Was he just choosing not to complicate the story? Alaska was before his father went downhill? Also, he has siblings but I'm guessing he's the oldest, since he was the one to shoulder responsibility.

2) How did Mabel not age? I guess you could call it a side effect of being grounded, but she was corporeal while the others were not. The longevity/immortality angle has room for more exploration. Preferably by someone not inclined to evil, but that seems kind of unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is my third attempt to post a question :) I thought I had heard you, or possibly Dean Devlin, say that the relationship between Jacob & Cassandra was moving towards a brother/sister type of thing. However, Cassandra definitely had the jealousy going here. I could see that being another issue for the characters, but was she really jealous? Or worried? I may be in the minority, but I feel that a romantic relationship there would be bad for the show--the LIT's need to keep the "friendship" to work together, and romance would complicate that. Other than that question, I just really wanted to say that I loved this episode-- I too would love to see Paris. The feelings expressed about the chances missed while handling responsibilities were so poignant. It's a great series overall, & this episode was definitely a favorite. Thanks!

Unknown said...

1.) Jake helps Cassie a lot and does care for her. Sometimes this comes off as more romantic and as if he looks up to her, but he also gives her a lot of crap and his vocabulary towards her often makes it seem as if he is talking down to her. I love the scene in the maze where Cassie makes Jake listen to her explanation, I feel that this is something that needs to go into greater detail. Will there be any more scenes like this (or like the ones btwn Zeke and Cassie about her upbringing) between Jake and Cassandra?

2.) Cassie relayed that she felt her parents loved the dream of Cassie's old, pre-hallucination opportunities more than her and the first scene features her working as a janitor. Will there be any flashback episode where Cassie's upbringing will be looked into?

3.)I loved that the tech-enhanced goggled allowed Zeke to see Cassie's hallucinations. Since, I'm assuming, that the library contains the goggles, will anyone else have the opportunity to experience, and hopefully comment, on her hallucinations?

4.) Although you said that Zeke is unaware of Cassie most of the time, he often helps her emotionally and quite well while providing her with a confidence boost and acknowledges her humanity and strengths. I appreciated this a lot. DO you have any comments on how Ezekiel's perception of Cassie has changed?

5.) I also appreciate how each of the L.I.T. are at different levels of maturity. I do see stone treating Cassie as a little sister he feels responsible for sometimes, than there are small moments where the chemistry changes direction. Also, Jake often reacts to cassie with a 'what?' face where Ezekiel is just like' yeh eh' so I guess my questions are:
a.) where do you see cassie's and zeke's relationship heading towards and where is cassie's and jake's?
b.) When will Jake stop underestimating/under-appreciating Cassie and will cassie ever call him out on it?

Chloe said...

I thought it was interesting that Jake trusted Mabel based on nothing, and he still wasn't angry when he found out she was ultimately lying. She was only trying to save herself, too, to the detriment of possibly thousands of people. I know Jake has been hard on Cassandra for the drama, but she should have proven herself after what they've been through.

Was there ever a plan for a resolution of the Jake/Cassie issues, or are we just following it through to the inevitable outcome that they are on the same side, and he's going to come around to people who know the real him and always have his back? Because I love the chemistry Christian and Lindy have, and I really want to see that develop between these characters. It's one of the bonuses I keep a close eye on in this already wonderful show.

Calla said...

It's super interesting that there are so many comments about Cassie & Stone's relationship/interactions.

To me, this episode was the mirror of the Fables ep - in that, Stone was jealous of Cassie getting all the attention (especially when he'd been the hero), while in this episode it was the opposite, Mabel was all about Stone and acted as if Cassie wasn't even there. So, I don't see it as romantic between Cassie & Stone - just them feeling like the third-wheel sometimes. Was that the intent or is this a case of we're welcome to see whatever suits our fancy?

It was fun to have Tesla mentioned! Was the power plant at the same place as the Leverage ep where Nate almost shoots Dubenich?

I really liked that there was that appointment book - that seemed like a very cool concept. But I echo the thought that maybe someone could come up with a new, more advanced capacitor to help save the lost souls sooner.

Oh, and one question about Stone: he seemed almost scared to go to Paris on his own. And I get what he was saying about obligations holding one back from doing things like running off to Paris, and how, after a while, you just get in the habit of thinking you can't go (I'm in the same boat right now). But, Stone has been to Paris already - and so many other places since becoming a Librarian. AND he has the door to walk through - so he doesn't have to get x-rayed at the airport, have his large bottle of shampoo confiscated, and sit on a plane for fourteen hours. I could see him having this "travel" issue at the beginning of the series, but now, after all he's done and all he's seen and everywhere he's been, it doesn't make as much sense. Am I missing something? Is there another reason he's gets that nervous, tentative look before stepping through the door? Is it about him going there alone? Or specifically about going there without Mabel because she died?

Thanks for another really enjoyable episode! I like how different each of the plots have been, but none of them have felt out of place.

Sarah W said...

Tesla! Ghosts! Love! Loss! Awesome!

If I have one, tiny, nitpicky, personal, possibly regional, definitely irrelevant problem with this otherwise fantastic episode, it's that, as a professional archivist and librarian, I gritted my teeth hard every time the word was pronounced "ar-KYEV-ist" instead of "AR-keh-vist".

Maybe this is just a regional differences between the writers/actors/characters and my Midwestern self, or maybe Tesla accidentally shifted syllabic stress along with the people, but if not, it's a strange mistake for genius librarian heroes to make.

(Can we have an episode about evil microfilm? Because it is.)

Anonymous said...

Cassandra was so sassy in this episode! Who's idea was it to write so much snark for her? Most of it was directed at Jake, as most of the comments have picked up on, but she even quips at Ezekiel! Any huge reason why, or were the writers just testing how far Cassandra could go? Lindy did an excellent job with it all that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another really enjoyable episode!

Just a question:

1- How come Tesla was not affected by the experiment ?

Anonymous said...

Watching The Librarians has jumpstarted my re-watching Leverage.
1) With Kane having been in both shows, when you're writing, do you have bright lines where you distinguish Eliot's personality from Jake's personality?

Do you give specific direction that irritated Jake seem different from irritated Eliot?

2) Any chance of a crossover someday?

Thank you for being so generous in answering questions!

Kevin said...

I could tell it was a Jeremy Bernstein episode the moment Baird and Jenkins started the snarky banter at the beginning of the episode. Brilliant, and so well done.

- K

Kirstielou said...

"Genius inventor, rival of Edison & pretty much the reason why we have electricity in our homes" - cannot tell you how much I loved that line about Tesla. My 9 year old son was very excited watching that as I'd recently explained to him who Tesla was & used a similar description. He now thinks I'm pretty awesome for thinking the same way as The Librarians.

Stefan Jones said...

Great episode!

For the curious, I'm pretty sure the industrial site where the episode's climax was set is:

Plans are underway to remove the old, shuttered mill and make the falls open to the public again.

Were the cool old instruments native to the site?

ChelseaNH said...

BTW, what's up with the occasional swear word? Not that I object, but it seems like the sort of thing there would need to be conversations about.

Thea said...

It's the LITs turn to lose touch with their Guardian after Eve lost them in the labyrinth in Horns... Jenkins, of course, pointed the irony right away hahaha well despite the snark, the ending was quite bittersweet but realistic. They have to live with the hard choices they make.

1. I love the parallel of how the LITs are thinking along the lines of "What would Col. Baird do if she were here?" to Eve trying to understand how her LITs work (which is a working system so far, she lets them off in a divide and conquer way)
2. Can I ask what made you decide Eve should be out of the picture almost the entire episode? Was it a test to rattle the LITs (although the support via Jenkins tagging along was welcome, it must still be weird finding themselves without their Guardian)? Would things turn out differently if she was there? I doubt it though, some factors were really out of their hands.
3. If I ask nicely, would you share what Jenkins' crack about intelligent life is? Please? I promise to be properly offended.
4. I'm wondering if the location used is the same as the one in Leverage's Season Four finale? The dam and the "power plant" looks familiar.
5. Wouldn't the 87 trapped residents feel/see Eve being a ghost just like them if she went around to investigate while the LITs returned to the Annex after she became invisible to them? Or the covert op skills helped her be able to tail along with her wards?
6. About the Library's appointment book that Jenkins left to Eve, correct me if I'm wrong: it's for keeping up with solutions to magic that take time (example the recharging for that town)? Why is it with Jenkins if he's staying in the Annex - Flynn didn't know the Annex exists before the Library was disconnected, right? Or does the book pass between Judson and Jenkins from time to time? Does Charlene act as mediator during the exchanges?

Alia said...

Earlier on, you mentioned that in in situations where Baird went missing, we'd see the Lits struggle. Were you referring to this episode? On that note, would the ending have gone differently had Baird been there to watch over the Librarians? Exactly when/how/why does Jenkins decide to leave the Annex to help the Lits. Should we expect to see more of that next season if there is one?

Ezekiel Jones seems to be all over the place regarding his personality. From adorkabley going on about UFOs, default-obnoxious at losing Baird, moral/judgmental (for once) at the townspeople, and the end, he looks so grief-stricken and frustrated, like he just realized for the first time things don't always end happily ever after. Cassandra and Stone, seem be kind of resigned about the whole situation in contrast to him lashing out and stomping away. We saw with the mosquito pitch that Zeke's the youngest one on the team (presumably under the age of 25). Is the obnoxious way he acts because some kind of front or because he thinks he's invincible the way most young people do, and are we going to we him react differently than the others to situations because of his age?

Alia said...

Also, why is Zeke so bad at lying and picking up very obvious cues. Namely when dealing with Mable and the "poof" "Colonel Baird = optical illusion". Seriously, he's a world-class thief, shouldn't he know better?

Kindra W said...

I really liked this episode especially that we got more of a background on Jacob Stone, my favorite character. How did Christian Kane feel about getting a love interest then losing her at the end? I am safe in assuming that Mabel passed away due to the electrical burn that was on Stone's neck because of the conductor in her neck that was grounding her blew, right?
As a side note loved the Lord Byron scene in The Power of Three with Christian Kane!

Cristina said...

OK I just discovered this and I hate myself for not being able to comment on Rule of Three because that used to be my favorite episode...until I saw this one.
But, to business. I don't know how to put this gently and without screaming so I won't even try. THANK YOU FOR DOING A TESLA EPISODE! As in, one that really honors him and is historically correct and one that says that he was the reason we have electricity today and also references Tunguska and all. It meant a huge deal for me given the fact that I missed some Tesla on my TV since Sanctuary ended so yeah, I will love you forever for that. Also if you get a season 2 (I am praying for that every day because you guys made me fall in love with you and I would hate to see you gone) I would love to see you keep the Tesla references going, like it doesn't even have to be a whole episode, but you know, mentioning the name once in a while like you did this season would be great :D
Now, questions :D
1. The whole experiment thing had a Philadelphia Experiment vibe to it if you ask me. Was it intentional or not? (I'm guessing it was since you did your homework with Nikola and some theories say that he was involved in that too)
2. There are girl geeks and there are Tesla fangirls. I'm guessing Cassandra is more of the latter since when she was evil she wanted to electrocute people (which, you know, could actually work not that I've given a bit of thought to it, but I digress). So, question/more like headcanon I really want confirmed: she found about Nikola when she was a teenager and identified a bit with him (because minus the brain tumor they both have photographic memory as you probably know and she does sketches in her head too so yeah, dunno, maybe just a coincidence)
3.(More like because it has to be 3, you know why). This is a more personal one, but what is Jake's problem again? Him and Mabel were cute, yes, but you know a girl for a few days and she lies to you (with good reason that involved more people, but still) and you kiss her but when you have a girl who yes did a mistake but she also had reasons and unlike Mabel proved herself time and again you like her, but you don't trust her? Seems like a double standard to me, so what's up with that? (Not saying he should kiss Cassandra too, but you know, maybe give the gal a break once in a while).

curiosity said...

This question isn't really relevant to the episode, but I was very curious about how you decided that Cassandra should have synesthesia? It's something that's so helpful in narration and it helps define the character but it's also not very commonly known. How did you come across it?

rayban said...

Have/Will Ezekiel and Parker ever meet/met in real life? If so, who would be the better thief?

ZurEnArrhBatgal said...

Okay, I know I'm asking this awfully late, so it may be too late to get my question in, but I thought I'd give it a go:

You've talked about how this show is essentially a magic-mystery-solving series. I'm always fascinated to know how different writers/writing-teams approach the process of plotting their mysteries, and I wondered about the approach behind "The Librarians."

If I understand TV writing correctly (good chance I don't), an episode is fully plotted out by the full writing team before the assigned writer actually sits down with the script. So when plotting is happening: do you and your team generally start with the "solution," and build up the mystery plot around it; or do you start with the mystery and brainstorm your ways to a solution? Does it work one way one episode, and the other way another episode? And, if so, is one method more common?

I feel like this is a particularly apt episode to ask it in relation to, because it seems equally likely to me that you could've started with either the mystery card ("aliens/body-snatching") and worked your way to the Tesla/circuit solution, OR that you began with the solution card ("Tesla/electric-city") and built up the "alien" mystery around it. Is it simpler/easier to start with the mystery or the solution? Do you have a plotting preference?

(P.S. Bonus points for the extra Jenkins in this episode -- not to mention the pleasure of watching Cassandra be exasperated and bored, but not pettily jealous, by the Stone/Mabel romance. It's been a long, LONG time since a female character has been able to be anything but "petty and jealous" in such a situation in a TV show. Kudos and props!)

Stacey said...

Having now seen the behind-the-scene photo of Stone carrying Mabel, I can't help wondering--how long did Kane have carry Ms. Webb to get that shot?

shibboleth said...

1. How old is the Library exactly? Judson's evidently over 2000 years old and the first Librarian. So does that mean the Library was around during the time of Camelot? Or did it spring up after Camelot fell in order to control all the magic?
2. How come nobody notices a random building with weird drawings on it at the base of a bridge when there's a road leading right up to it? I'd find it hilarious if a tourist came in thinking it was a visitor center of some sort and ran straight into something supernatural. How big is the Annex anyway? It doesn't seem like it can all fit underneath the bridge.
3. Nice to Jones can go on a geeky rant (and about UFOs, no less) just like Cassandra and Stone do. We have Stone and history, and Cassandra with math and science. I get Jones' personality role in the show, but does he brings any actual skills asides from being a thief?
3. Jenkins seems to be getting out a lot more instead of running Mission Control from the Annex. And particular reason for that, or did he just feel like it?

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Kris said...

Just wondering -- is The Librarians at five acts or six? I watch using an iTunes season pass and with the extended cuts the act breaks are harder (for me) to spot.

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Unknown said...

Okay, I've had this discussion with several people, so I need the official word. Is Cassandra jealous of Jake's flirting with Mabel? I read it as she was rolling her eyes, and later when he volunteers to talk to Mabel, she teases him.

Sami said...

Congrats on getting picked up for another season!
Loved Stone quoting Lord Byron in "Rule of Three" and speaking French in this one! Will we be seeing more scenes like those in Season 2?

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