Monday, October 03, 2005

C in C

*sigh* It was the entire marketing campaign. One Sentence. A concept so bugnuts insane you had to tune in to watch THIS IMPOSSIBLE BIZARRE IDEA COME TO LIFE!!! --

This fall

a woman




Holy SHIT!! Is that over the top or what?

So many layers of sad on this, I can't even begin.

Once again, for the new folk: "Everybody who wants to live in the 21st Century over here. Everybody who wants to live in the 1800's over there. Good. Thanks. Good luck with that."


david golbitz said...

Well, what's more preposterous? That the creators of this show think it's a huge deal to have a woman be leader of a nation, or that the Republican presidential candidate in the show would have chosen an Independent as his running mate?

Ian said...

Don't forget all those female prime minsters out there, too.

Unknown said...

well, three of those are technically prime ministers. The semantic difference is negligible.

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Hey, it's Helen Clark, whaddya know.

GM Doug said...

And to be honest I think you are missing out a few more World Leaders who happen to be Female.

However for such a "progressive" nation many of us have to snigger at the lack of real progress the USA has when it comes to non WASP politicial candidates.

Truth be told it would be an interesting poll to find out which of the following is likely to become President of the USA first.

Non White President.
Female President.
Gay President.
Forgien born President.
Spanish as first language President.

Matt said...

You forgot the female Finnish President, Tarja Halonen...

Dan Guy said...

I thought that tagline was horribly misguided. As if the only thing notable about her is her gender?

Unknown said...

Tarja Halonen rocks. I just wanted to stick to the convention of the advertising campaign. You canalways read more at

Buzz the Windling said...

Can't have a forgien born President without a Constitutional amendment. So I would put that one at the bottom of the list.

Anonymous said...

and Im STILL WAITING for a good show this season

Anonymous said...

Naomi Wolf writes about Commander in Chief in the Guardian:

What does Davis do that is so right? She hits the ideal note - with the exception of a too-low neckline, but there are ratings to consider. She sports navy suits and unmoving hair, her voice is low and commanding - neither shrill (see? they are all hysterical) nor a Thatcherite bass (see? a man in drag). In a scene in which she outbluffs the scheming Speaker of the House, a Republican asking for her resignation, she is a steely but courteous poker player; when facing a hostile cabinet for the first time, asking for them either to resign or work together as a team, she is a shrewd politician and manager. This is, so refreshingly, the first TV character (film hasn't got there yet) that reflects years of experience - by the directors and producers, possibly the actress herself - of observing high-powered, skilful women playing the game at the level where stakes are highest.

Unknown said...

hey, far be it for me to criticize the work they're doing. I just find it sad that such maneuvering and writing is necessary to convey a female polticial leader in the 21st Century in the nominally most advanced nation in the world.

writergurl said...

Layers of sad? How about layers of stupid?

There's an article about this in the current Razor magazine. It takes Hillary and compares her to a "tomboy" (can't go with the "too girly"), expounds on her shrewdness in the political arena and touches lightly on the premise behind this show. Pretty interesting article...

Hadyn said...

Nice, had to do some research to find out what you were actually talking about but, nice.

In our recent election here in New Zealand (which was won by incumbent female Prime Minister Helen Clarke, second of the pictures) one of the opposition advertisments ran the line: "A Man for a Change".

ps. Considering our leader is listed here can I go on a right wing-style rant about how you hate my freedom? I'm not a right winger and so never get a chance to have my freedom hated, so it might be fun!

Unknown said...

I DO hate your freedom! Rant with justification!

Anonymous said...

You know what's sad? I say Bill O'Reilly on Regis and Kelly the other day, and he predicted Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Nominee for the next presidential election.

The sad part is, I immediately thought to myself, "I hope not. America isn't ready for a woman president, and we can't afford to lose this election."

America isn't ready.

What a sad thought that was.

Anonymous said...

D'oh, you forgot Kim Campbell too. Okay, she wasn't elected, but I'd like to think she still counts in her own embarassing way.

Props to Canada!

Come to think of it, our last Prime Minister didn't speak either official language... two for five!

Unknown said...

I debated including Kim, as I have a rather nedearing anecdote about her form her consulate days, but wentfor the elected/long running ones.

Anonymous said...

Tin Foil Hat Mode: On

this show is obviously a ploy by the Democratic party to prepare the public for when Hilary Clinton runs for office in 2008.

Hadyn said...

Fake Rightwingish-style rant to follow:

Rogers you Lie-beral Demon-crat! (Sorry I just had to use that line, ho ho) Stop yer whinging! “Boo Hoo! We aren’t civilised enough to elect a female leader!”

I noted that you only picked the “sterner” looking women leaders. I mean Thatcher? Come on! Then next to our leader, the almighty Helen Clark (leader of New Zealand) you had the gall to put the phrase “a woman”, like we couldn’t tell. That’s just nasty.

Since a woman came to power here everything has gone so much smoother. (In fact our first female Prime Minister led a political coup to oust the previous leader). Sure all men have to be implanted with tracking chips and Sex and the City re-runs dominate television but the place does smell a lot nicer. That’s real freedom. Do you hate our freedom! FREEEEEEEEEDOOOM!!!!

It even turns out that some of our WW1 heroes were female!

So don’t commit your hate crimes on us! HATE CRIMES!!!!

Well that filled in my Thursday morning, back to work

Seattle Slough said...


I will rank them from most likely to least likely:

1. Gay President (closeted) -- already happened assuredly
2. Atheist President (closeted) -- already happened assuredly
3. Female President.
4. Non-White President.
5. Foreign born President. -- Requires Constitutional Amendment. Unlikely.
6. Austrian as first language President.
7. Spanish as first language President.
8. Gay President (out) -- Never
9. Jewish President -- Never ever.
10. Atheist President (openly) -- Really, really, seriously, never ever.

Anonymous said...

9. Jewish President -- Never ever.

You can't be serious. Feingold and Clark are both serious contenders for '08. And that's just '08.

Anonymous said...

Seattle - ain't no such language as Austrian. Those crazy cats speak German - albeit German with a hilarious accent which makes them all sound like slow witted bozos.

I should add that the Gubernator (as that's surely who you were thinking of) has, according to Austrian friends who've seen him speak his native tongue, largely lost his German language skills. His German is apparently now more embarassing than Dubya's English.

And hey, shouldn't Benazir Bhutto and Irish President Mary McAleese be on that. Okay, the Irish Presidency is really more of a head of state thing with the Taiseach (it's the Irish for PM) actually running the show. Still both are democratically elected....

Kidsis said...

You all rock. I am so cheered by JR's observation and your reactions to it. Tiny kernal of hope.

Unknown said...

Mary McAlees is up top. I considered Butto, but all the corruption charges kind of blunted the message.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, you're right so she is.

Of course you forgot British PM Harriet Smith whom I believe has been running the UK since the failed Slitheen plot.

Unknown said...

Do not take Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North's name in vain. Mark Waid and I are still leaving voicemail messages to each other signed off with her name.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rogers, you did get Mary McAleese, but you forgot Ireland's first female president, Mary Robinson.

Ironic, isn't it, that on this score the U.S. should be behind a country whose constitution includes a provision encouraging women to stay home and look after the babbies?

Anonymous said...

It’s pretty hard to juxtapose Hollywood’s feigned amazement in its marketing of this idea with its incessant, decades-long portrayal of men as bumbling, self-absorbed nincompoops who only barely survive thanks to the deep wisdom and hyper-competency of their female counterparts.

Unknown said...

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