Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blogging for a Cause: Katrina Relief

Did I keep to my previous plan of writing thank-you letters as the donations came in? No, and as such, I am waaaay behind. But all who donated will receive e-mailtronic thanks, which I'm sure you'll save and treasure forever.

The huge publicity around Katrina was the primary factor in raising this amount of money. Although, looking back over the summer, if I may, I blogged the shit out of August and September. Just saying.

Another thing. The two largest donors were:

-- largest donor liberal tech whiz Dave Slusher at Evil Genius Chronicles, who cunningly did his own fundraiser and then applied it to my matching

-- close behind was Gaijin Biker, at Riding Sun, a conservative American living in Japan. Politically we disagree on ... wll, everything, but we still manage to have civil and entertaining e-mail discussions about it. Our mutual love of tech and geekery keeps it all cool.

Because that's how we do it at the Kung Fu Monkey.

What did you folks raise for Katrina Relief? A lot of large donations, and I'd rather see more of the one-dollar donations from the regular readers and RSS folk, but all in all -- pretty amazing.


Which means I dip into my filthy screenwriting monies and match that for a grand total of , well, let's round it off --


to the Red Cross for Katrina relief. As we can see, people are still being relocated, need shelter, food, etc. so this money will go to excellent use for our fellow citizens in need.

Nicely done, folks. Proud of you.

October's looking like it might be a little busy with work travel, so I think we'll take a month off from "Blogging for a Cause" and jump back in when I know I'll be able to give you a decent amount of blogbang-for-your-buck.

Thanks for your generosity. We know return to your regularly scheduled programming of pop culture snark, hubris and apocalpse rants.


david golbitz said...

Wow. That's awesome. If it keeps up like this, you'll be bankrupt in no time, John. ;)

Shawna said...

John, you did a great service here. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, John, and kudos to you for your generous matching donations.

Gotta go, my Global Frequency phone is ringing...

Anonymous said...

Posting anonymously so I'm not bragging: As one of the donors, I'd like to give you some wiggle room regarding your matching funds. There's some concern out there about how big a chunk of donations the Red Cross is getting. If you'd prefer to donate matching funds elsewhere, I'd have no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

It's a great thing to raise money for a worthy cause, but my big question with regards to all these fundraisers for the victims of Katrina is this...

Isn't the government giving the victims of Katrina like 50 some BILLION dollars? That's not enough?

Not trying to be an ass, but the thought just occurs to me...

Unknown said...

well, two things. One, no, not enough. A chunk of that is going into rebuilding New Orleans, not temporary shelters, emergency supplies, that sort of thing. Two, that money has to both get through the appropriations process and the insanely corrupt disbursement system.

Perfectly good example: we've spent 200 billion on the war in Iraq, and despite an enormous amount of hue and cry, our troops STILL don't have appropriate body armor. The same government that's fucking that up is in charge of that 50 billion dollars.

So no, it's not enough.

Anonymous said...

i applaud you for your orignal idea. it's so rare to have someone literally put their money where their mouth is. it reminds me of the days when, if a roman emperor wanted to go to war, he financed and led the troops himself. Barring that, he was expected to send a close relative, still on his own dime. it pains me to see underequipped other people's kids sent out on HIS mission using MY money! again, thank you for not only doing your part but helping me to do mine.

writergurl said...

Well done, sir, well done!

RB Ripley said...

Friend, your heart, as does your great writing and blogging, inspires.

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