Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LEVERAGE #514 "The Toy Job" Question Post

Tick tick tick.  Hope you enjoy the Merry Christmas feelings in this episode because our Christmas episode is our finale.  And your feelings on that one ... may be mixed.

Leave the usual questions, comments and doubts below!


Anonymous said...

"Hope you enjoy the Merry Christmas feelings in this episode because our Christmas episode is our finale."

Season or series finale?

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling you're gonna kill someone off. Please tell me I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that if TNT cancels Leverage after a PCA (nomination and possible award) and us voting our butts off in all the other contests....I am boycotting their station! Seriously, it's the best show on TV and the ONLY thing I watch anymore.

Anonymous said...

You sound like the decision had already been made not to renew.

Jen S. said...

I can't remember if it was the same interview or two different ones, but you said that, A)It would be a Series Finale we could be happy with, if that was what it was, and B) You had your coworkers crying and glaring at you for days after you wrote it. Soooo, those seem contradicting to me...lol. The only think I can see making them cry would be a character death, but SURELY you understand that we wouldn't be happy about that. =)Of course, I'm still holding out hope that TNT will get off their asses and renew the show. =)

d3 items said...

My opinion is that you can go to hang out with your beloved, that maybe help u relax a lot.

Gina said...

@Jen S. -- "The only thing I can see making them cry would be a character death."

Or a wedding?? :-) Still holding out hope for Hardison and Parker . . . (Yeah, I know, I'm a sentimental slob. Nothing to be done about it.)

Wasn't Hardison ever a child? I had several friends, plus a sibling, who would have loved that double-faced zombie doll thing. It looks like a Garbage Pail Kid, and while I hated those things with a passion, I was pretty much the only kid who did. :-)

Gina said...

"Blogger moms"? I've always heard them called "mommybloggers." Or are you hoping the ones in your audience won't recognize themselves? :-)

24jg13 said...

Is Sofie pregnant???

Anonymous said...

can't cancel the show we haven't had shirtless scenes yet

24jg13 said...

what if Nate's gonna be a dad again and he can't handle it? Could make for some tears.

Gina said...

Golly, what an ending!! Poor Nate.

IMForeman said...

When they were building the buzz on their toy, were they using the Cialdini sales method?

Anonymous said...

Love the ending. Except that we didn't get anyone else's trust moments!! Booooooo

Greg said...

I know Nate isn’t a “good guy” but I thought he was unnecessarily mean tonight and his story at the end felt like a cop out.

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred hearing about someone else's trust moment, other than Nate. Parker would have been really interesting. I'm sure you have a reason for making it Nate, so I'll reserve judgment until the finale airs.

Why did this episode seem to have more than 6 commercial breaks? It felt like there were as many commercials as there was episode. It was really distracting.

Anonymous said...

Baby Joy Rage...I think I blacked out from laughing! Parker makes me so HAPPY!!!

PurpleOps said...

Nice to have Jonathan Frakes back directing; his style is always welcome, particularly in several of the table scenes. I've got a bunch of praise and a few questions.


A. Great names in this story: "Poggio"; "Whirlie-Glee-Glee" (loved the "gone-gone"); "Joylandia"; "Fungineer" (good for fungus labs, too!).
B. What a fun, slimy villain! Totally believable and nasty in all the right ways.
C. Hardison as child development expert, Eliot as Sensitive Dad, and Sophie as sales-shark - all excellent. Nate as flaky toy company owner was, perhaps, TOO understated but redeemed by the end gloat.
D. You should copyright the "Anti-Claus", but improve the pronunciation to match "Santy Claus".

And now, the questions.

1. Was this the first time for a Boylan-Kim safe? Nice homage to writers who have moved on to other shows.
2. I know that what's in the shows is supposed to be LESS crazy than the real thing, but - failed toys to Bolivia and Sudan? No wonder those countries have wars!
3. Wouldn't the warehouse where the failed toys were stored miss the "liberated" Baby Joy Rages? Or the company that actually created it?
4. And speaking of the company that created it, wouldn't they make some noise that their product suddenly resurfaced and was being re-marketed quite publicly?
5. How did the crew get the whole shipment of dolls out of the warehouse?
6. Did Beth Riesgraf overdub the voice of young Parker, or was that just a gifted little actress?
7. Did this story really take place over three days? I know TV is famous for compressing timelines, but this seemed like a lot for a three-day period.
8. Are there any Standards and Practices reviews of Leverage scripts? The pronunciation of "shih tzu" which put the "t" on the first word, and the "Baby Feel Me Up" references (which were hilarious) surprised me even for basic cable. Not complaining, just curious.

And the big question:

9. Was the double entendre of Sophie stating "I have a figure for you" intentional? That one REALLY cracked me up, particularly with the villain's leering on Gina's amazing walk-aways.

Girding myself for the finale... And worse, TNT actually teased the question "Is this the final Leverage" or some such thing. Yikes!

Gina said...

@Anon at 8:24 -- I know! "Anger . . . more anger . . . definitely anger!" Parker rules!

antisocialbutterflie said...

Another excellent episode. I have to commend your casting department for securing Gregg Henry as the bad of the week. He really brought this one home for me.

On to Questions:

(1) Parker's little top hat was crazy. Is Hardison turning her steampunk?

(2) Baby Joy/Rage/Feels-a-lot is the most terrifying thing ever. Equal parts It and Chucky. I love that Parker loves it. Was that what you had in mind in the writer's room or was it the product of the prop department's crazy imagination.

(3) Where exactly was Elliot during the blogger mom meeting? Was it supposed to be a support group or do they all hang out at the same park?

(4) I say this even though I loved the White Rabbit Job. Why is screwing with someone's head okay, but when you screw with Christmas the team hits the breaks? Weird priorities.

(5) The Sophie's ring finger thing. I'm not sure how to interpret that. What was the message you were trying to get across?

As always many thanks for your time.

sith_lady said...

Terrific episode!

Now follows a disjointed assortment of question, comment, and cheering:

Did they really push online sales for the toy? Wouldn't it have been easier for Hardison have used his techy wizardry skills to hijack the internet, or at least Poggio's, to make it *seem* like there was a big presale rush?

Who designed Parker's fascinator hat/headband? It's awesome!

I loved Nate's toymaker persona - one of his more understated and yet seriously eccentric characters so far - did Timothy Hutton base it on anyone or anything in particular?

Was there a scene where Hardison makes Eliot pose 'cheesy' for the blog photo (Eliot seems pretty suprised by it, though)? And if there was such a scene, will it be on the DVD?

Whoa, creepy dark Nate is creeping back - is this going to tie into the finale?

When I saw the ending, I at first thought it was an oddly sad way to end an otherwise cheerful episode, but on second thought, I realized that for the first time Nate is voluntarily talking about Sam without first flying into a sort of combatively non-communicative rage, or getting knackered, or both. It shows he really has come to trust the team, and that was a beautiful progression. At least, I think that's what I saw. Was that the intention?


I LOVED the writing in this episode. It was brilliant, hilarious (with something juicy fun for everyone - I love when the story is able to do that), a little dark, with lots of fun interactions between the crew, one of your slimiest villains ever, and a solid ending. Props to the author, and I hope he or she gets to write many more :)

I especially enjoyed the interactions between Hardison and Eliot - the *look* Eliot gives Hardison when he sees what "his" blog looks like is priceless. It seems like Hardison really gets a kick out of needling him. I also get the feeling Eliot's secretly really OK with being messed with, so long as it's by friends :) He reminds me of B.A. in a lot of ways.


Yay flashback! I love young deadpan angry Parker :)

Yay Zachary! He's lots of fun to see :)

Yay tough-nice dad Eliot! Funny how he had all those details ready at hand to give to Hardison for the blogger dad persona. He's put a lot of thought into what he'd be like. Or maybe he was trying to head Hardison off at the pass :P

Yay for another Christmas Leverage!

Art_Connery said...

John and crew,
My thanks on getting Gregg Henry as the villain. He does smarmy and jaded so well.
I like having Parker as still quirky and random.
Alec, getting no love on this episode, maybe feeling the effects of too many secrets?
Super wild-ass guess of the week, Nate and Sophie get married and go off on Nick and Nora adventures. Eliot heads up the new team with Alec and Parker. They recruit Tara for the grifter and Quinn for the Hitter. variant keep Eliot as hitter and have them work for Stirling. Ok I'll climb off the ledge now.

Was that Frakes pulling a Hitchcock (or a Stan Lee) at the CPSC office?

@Gina- Check out the juror #6 Job for bits on Hardison's childhood.

@antisocialbutterflie #5 remember when Sophie said she was married? That was her her showing The exec that she was married to Nate's character.Sort of "giving him the finger" if you will. Although Brits use a different gesture ...

I still think the TNT execs are checking out how y'all are doing on Tuesdays since y'all were not needed to shore up Sundays anymore.
If it was real bad, they would have pulled the plug already and if the numbers were outstanding, the pick up would have been done as well. So I'm waiting on the finale. I voted in the PCA's but some people were very much better at it than me (6000 votes in one day? yeesh.)

Art_Connery said...

@Anonymous 1338- JR has always said that each season finale could have been a series finale.

@24jg13 that thought crossed my mind

@sithlady Thanks for the reminder, Eliot on the grift w/o glasses, a first.
and I agree that Nate's rage has ebbed away and is now just hard bitten cynicism

Oh and a last thought, it was a telling character moment for me when GH's charcter checked out Sophie as she walked away. he was completely oily.

Kat said...

Great episode i had tears in the last scene. My question is this: Was Nate's trumpet story at the end by any chance a reference to the film Tim was in 'Made In Heaven'?

trix said...

Great episode! Although I am feeling a little sad that next week's episode might be the last. I loved how we were reminded of how Nate is a mean guy. He was nastier this episode than in the previous episodes. Lots of funny moments and bantering as well! Loved that!

Still hoping for a Christmas miracle that is a renewal.

antisocialbutterflie said...

@Art_Connery That was the first interpretation that I came up with but I made the mistake of thinking about it some more. I also considered that it was a jab at his "everyone wants to sleep with themselves" comment and she was indicating that Nate was more like her. There was also the "I know what's real" talk at the end of the Corkscrew Job which could have been leading up to an actual Nate/Sophie engagement which doesn't seem too far-fetched considering all the foreboding about Nate's health and the fact that the writers like leaving those things to the imagination. I've also started entertaining a pet theory that the Japan B-story in the Broken Wing Job was some weird grifter honeymoon.

Amelia said...

Loved it!! Loved a lot of things people have already mentioned, so I'll try to mention new things.

The Christmas decorations just quietly strewn around the office. :D I knew Parker was responsible but I really liked how y'all didn't draw attention to it.

Tim's performance in that last scene. Mmph. Sometimes you forget that this guy won an Oscar, and then he reminds you. Fabulous stuff.

The "I'm not afraid to get emotionally butt-nekkid!" and "No...no, we don't want to see that" exchange was HILARIOUS. It passed quickly but I loved it. It also felt a bit improvised -- was it?

People already talked about Sophie's "I'm married to HIM" gesture, but I just want to register how EXCITED that made me. I know (or assume?) she didn't mean it literally but the level of commitment their relationship has displayed recently is awesome. And they looked *fantastic* -- actually Nate looked beautiful this entire episode, love what his hair's been doing lately!

Looking cautiously forward to next week, though I probably won't watch on the day. If it's the end, it's been a great run. If not, looking forward to next year!

Donna G said...

The Toy job was a great episode, as usual I'm sure your team did a lot of research for it....but who came up with that butt ugly doll? Is the part where Nate starts with his secret of Christmas past the beginning of what we are in for next week? I started crying already. Please tell us you guys aren't going anywhere we need more Leverage

Anonymous said...

It looks like Nate and Sophie are pulling a Thelma and Louise in that promo. I hope that's not a cliffhanger ending! That's something that could easily be fixed should the show be picked up again, or left to interpretation if it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Gregg Henry show up. With a show that deals with corporate slimeballs from week to week he plays weasels way too well to not have him on eventually. For as great as he was thanks to watching the SNL Christmas specials too many years all I could think about was Dan Ackroyd's Irwin Mainway. I kept waiting for Sophie to stare him down and say, "Mr. Lassiter, you are a VERY sleazy man."

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed watching Leverage since season 1 and I want to thank you for doing something that very few shows do: being prepared for when the show ends. It seems like most of them expect to go on forever and they think about how to end the show later on, if they think of it at all. With how fickle and unpredicable TV networks are these days, some shows don't even get the chance to do a proper wrap-up. Having a season-ending cliffhanger means you risk disappointing your fans if the network decides not to renew your show for another year.

I hope that Leverage will go on for at least one more year (two more would be the maximum, based on your "less than 100 episodes" comment a while back), but knowing that each season finale was written so it also could be a series finale is remarkable and very comforting.

If Leverage does come back, please also look into having another Con-Con. The first one was fun, and I'd love to go again since I missed the less formal second one.

Thanks also for having Sophie discover a new stage to make her own. She has been a coach for Eliot, Parker and Hardison. It's good to see her coaching a new group of actors.

SueN. said...

I … may be developing a thing for Zachary. I don't know what to do with that. Help me.

Eliot seemed to pull the name Dashiell for his "son" out of nowhere in a hurry. Does he share your taste for noir?

I think Greg Henry just slid into one of my top Leverage villains. "Baby Feel Me Up" made me lol, and his skeeviness toward Sophie made me want to slap him. "Mine are made with petroleum-based plastics and the blood, sweat and tears of Third World 11-year-olds." Bastard. Great job.

I also loved young Parker. She had our Parker's dead, flat delivery down pat. (Also, "crazy clowns named Gigi who live under your bed and whisper your name" – Parker just really, really hates clowns, doesn't she?)

And product safety studies are voluntary? That is just so wrong. Not surprising, but still wrong.

Also loved Hardison's "TED talk" and his outrage at (again) being asked to do a gazillion things and being appreciated for none of them. "Emotionally butt-nekkid" FTW.

And Sophie … good Lord, she really is a force of nature.

So, has Nate always hated Christmas, or just since Sam's death?

His shared memory at the end just gutted me. Tim's delivery was just wrenching. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how good he is, and then he lands a devastating reminder.

Dear Santa: Please, please let us have a season 6. I am so not ready to say goodbye to you guys.

oppyu said...

1) Did you intentionally choose the most terrifying doll ever? I was flinching every time that plastic demon-spawn abomination came up on the screen.
2) They... they don't really have creepy former arms dealers selling unsafe toys to children right? How does an arms dealer even apply to corporate jobs?
3) How does super-genius Hardison not know the origin of Christmas?
4) Is Sophie technically having her drama students commit crimes? If so, does that conflict with her earlier stance on manipulating civilians into becoming criminals?

Scott Flowers said...

Did I see Aldis playing Hardison doing an impression of Mad TV's Michael McDonald doing an impression of Steve Jobs?

DaveMB said...

I liked that we started the job with a straightforward "Plan A" (Parker steals the hidden safety report) before we get into the complex plan that we tuned in to see. You've mentioned that there are many jobs that we never see on the air -- presumably these include many in which the simple Plan A works.

You are giving the viewer more credit for intelligence by asking the Scott Evil question: "why are we doing this complex plan when we could just..."

Jessica Snyder said...

Was the comment that Hardison told eliot, when Nate said, "Eliot you're on top of the mommies" and Hardison said, "And that doesn't mean literally" scripted or an Aldis improv

Nicole S said...

Hardison buys Parker a $100,000 motorcycle and flashy kicks, what does Parker get him, and the team? Does she steal gifts or actually break into her hoarded money?

I don't know if the brilliant writing did it on purpose or if I'm reading too much into it, but I love that Parker couldn't identify any emotion past anger as a child, but then can connect to the joy/rage doll when she's a part of the team. I think her knowing the difference between joy and rage on the dolls' faces is a healthy psychological sign.

If Leverage gets renewed, will we get to hear the other four stories?

Anonymous said...

Watching these last episodes is heart wrenching knowing the end might be near. But I'm enjoying every minute of it as usual. Gawd, how I will miss my Leverage fix. Maybe it really is the end of the world. But in case it isn't here are a few thoughts of mine.

When GH was at his desk and the doll was there, was it intentional that its butt was facing the villain? I just about died laughing seeing its ass sticking out like that.

Does Sophie's acting students even know that she is using them? Do they have a clue what she does when she is not at the theater?

Nate, oh Nate! Will he ever have closure? Great job TH bringing me to tears (again).

One unrelated comment/question about this episode but very much related to next weeks epic (gulp) season finale. Sterling is back. Yipee! I love hating him. Mark Sheppard does such a great job and I'm glad he appears as often as his schedule permits. Tell me, was his character, Sterling, going to be just a one time deal? Or did you always want him popping in to get our blood pressure up? Or was it a demand from fans to have him come back? You people make reoccurring roles work like peanut butter and jelly. Always wanting more.

That said, I want to thank you and the entire team for 5 years of me regressing back into a child like behavior. You've made me realize being a middle-aged she-nerd is the way to be. It certainly makes being a grandmother fun! Bless your hearts and I wish you all success, whether it be a season 6 or a road elsewhere. Leverage will most definitively live forever in our hearts and at the nerd conventions.

PhantomMinuet said...

"actually Nate looked beautiful this entire episode"

He really did. I love how the unkempt, scruffy, dissolute Nate of old has been replaced by this handsome, wiser man.

I am also one of the ones who would have liked to hear the other trust stories. I was really hoping that Sophie would tell us all her real name.

Anonymous said...

Interested to hear the origin of the doll. Did a writer have a bad experience as a kid - either getting (or wanting and not getting) something that was hideous. What is the reasoning behind having the Leverage team's manipulation of others more morally questionable? There seem to be dissension among the team in the White Rabbit Job and last night even Parker felt it was not right to mess with Christmas. It would be a shame to not have Leverage return for season 6. The range of emotions for viewers to experience in one episode alone is a rare television treat.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to hear the rest of the team share something, why did you cut that?
The angry doll reminds me of a doll that was around when I was a child, I don't know where I saw it but it looked very familiar.
@SueN. When I was watching, my first thought when Eliot said his son's name, was that Hardison had made it up and Eliot was having trouble with the idea of having a kid named Dashiell.

Carol said...

Did the design for Baby Joy-Rage come from the Doctor Who episode The Beast Below?

I half expected Baby Feels-A-Lot to actually become a hit toy at the end.

I have to say, I'm so torn. One on hand, I think 5 years is a pretty good run for a show; many of them start to get 'tired' after that, but I really, really want a 6th series of Leverage. Everyone is so talented, I hate to lose that. There's so little of this quality on the air nowadays.

Lori said...


I don't understand why people think Nate is a bad guy. Because he told the origin of Xmas to Hardison (Though I think it was adults sacrificed at Saturnalia. Babies to Baal)? Or the marketing story to Parker? I loved those scenes!

Q1: Was Dashiell an homage to anyone? Dash Hammett?

q2: Always wondered if there was a formal or informal log of how many scenes or lines a character got as scripts progressed? I could see.. hmmm we have a couple of Jobs heavy on Sophie, let's look for a Parker story. Or do you just keep it in your giant brain?

The Goozer said...

Ok, I know I've said this before, but THIS was my favorite episode of the year!!!

I laughed and cried, and enjoyed every moment.

Frakes is a great director! And the writing was SO GOOD on this one!! Nate's speech at the end had me bawling! I know Tim's performance was part of it, but that story was just so perfect! Did Tim write it or the original writer or was it you, John?

Loved the villain! So slimy and so smart. I felt like I could actually SEE Sophie's skin crawling!!!

Eliot as sensitive dad, and Hardison as...... was that Steve Jobs he was doing? So funny!

PLEASE being Leverage back for season six! This show makes me so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

While I did enjoy this, Nate's attitude towards gifts and Christmas seemed off. In season 3, he "acquires" fitting gifts for the team, but now he wants to forego gifts? I know he's left the church, but Saturnalia is his go-to for the origin of Christmas? He seems to have bailed on hope during a season associated with hope. (Yes, I know that the season has been commercialized -- but not by everyone. I would have thought Nate could have looked past the greed to the hope, charity, etc. of the season.) Or, is he just that cynical now?

Amelia said...

Also, this was my parents first episode and they really enjoyed it. :) My dad is a Portland native!

Anonymous said...

Sophie, unlike the other 4, doesn't seem to have had an overt growth arc (outside of her relationship with Nate) since her S2 identity crisis. But I think we have seen some more subtle evolution...
1) From things like her trust of Parker's instincts in White Rabbit and her little speech about the value of trust in this ep, are we to glean that part of her growth has been growth in her ability to trust someone besides herself?
2) We've seen her establish her acting school. Is this an indication that somewhere in her head she might be on the verge of admitting to herself that she's not a great actress? Even if maybe she tells herself it's just a way to share her love of theater/acting as the acting roles available to her narrow as she ages -- or to exploit her gift for teaching which she discovered coaching the others during cons.
3) IS she a good acting teacher? Or is she just good at teaching people to act during cons (similar to the way that she's only good at acing during cons?)
4) Okay, I'll ask it: Sophie married to Nate - foreshadowing? or just part of the con/gloat?

allyone said...

Just caught last night and I absolutely loved it. It just captured all my favorite things about Leverage:
1) the team chemistry was great, really crackling;
2) Nate being cynical is funny and fun . . . and not entirely untrue!;
3) Parker being sweet without sacrificing odd is awesome!
4) cons using social media are awesome! Mommy blogs SO NEED TO BE SATIRIZED!
5) Eliot's idea of the perfect dad, Sophie's work with everyone, Hardison feeling brutalized by Nate's pagan Christmas story - perfect and yet felt really fresh;
and finally
6) the ending which was touching and felt so true and unforced; Tim Hutton can really nail those scenes, but the reaction shots were so awesome, too - I really felt the love and empathy from Parker, Hardison and Eliot, and that worked like spades in that scene.

It seems like ratings are up from last winter season. I hope that helps you guys. Episodes like this make me want to see you guys go on for years!

Philip Okita said...

What type of motorcycle did Hardison get for Parker? Acasi?

ceares said...

Leverage is the only show I've ever watched and loved that hasn't broken my heart, though I'm guessing the finale might change that. Fingers still crossed for a twelfth hour renewal, but just wanted to say thank you for providing five seasons of fun.

1. So was Eliot's outrage at the motorcycle's cost and the idea of taking Dash to the Superbowl a natural frugality or the results of growing up without money?

2. Sophie seemed particularly cold to the mark, was that part of the con, to entice him more or did she just find him that sleezy. (loved the little ring finger gesture at the gloat point, though I suppose you won't say if she and Nate are secretly married?)

3. Why was Nate so anti-Christmas this year? I'm assuming it has something to do with what's going on in the finale? Or is he just being a grump? I mean the whole premise of the show is based on having something that was once bad, be good.

4. Why pick Nate's story to tell? Of all the characters he's probably the one we know the most about in terms of issues--daddy issues, son issues and the story just felt like a rehash.(not that Timothy Hutton didn't sell the hell out of it)Even if we count the glimpse of Parker's therapy and Hardison's fantasy father as something true about them, that still leaves Eliot and most of all Sophie, who I don't think we know one true thing about.

4. Just how smartis Hardison? I always assumed the gang was brilliant at their own niche and smart enough to be successful at most things they attempt but between this(I studied early childhood development) and the K street ep, I'm starting to think, that like the team, I've not appreciated exactly what Hardison does/can do. So where does he rest in the pantheon of fictional geniuses?

I loved Beth R.'s reading of the 'my Santa baby' line. Also loved the little giggly exchange between Parker and Hardison about where the mark came from, the verbal slap fights between Hardison and Eliot and now I'm just sad cause I'm gonna miss the hell out of this show.

allyone said...

@ceares - I think it's Nate's story, because Sophie asked everyone to show their trust by revealing something about themselves. We as viewers may know the most about Nate, but Nate as a character is frequently the one least willing to give of himself to the team. This was a big step for him.

And I also can't help but think that it's going to be important for the final episode.

@Anonymous - I think Nate has always been cynical, and while he may have gotten closer to the team and gotten willing to develop relationships with the team, he's still cynical about people and how they work.

Lucia said...

I would love to comment about "The Toy Job" -- writing, acting, directing -- but I'm so overwhelmed by anxiety about what's going to happen in the finale that I can't think straight! Death seems inevitable!

Cain said...

As always, an excellent episode.

As others have asked, who came up with the doll design? Any plans to market the doll so we fans can send them to TNT to show what will happen if Leverage isn't renewed?

Is Nate really that cynical about Christmas or just manipulating the team to go through with the con? or perhaps a bit of both?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Jonathan Frakes directed this episode as well as NCIS LA's holiday episode. (How does that timing work?) Mr. Rogers, since you've also directed episodes of Leverage, would you comment on or highlight the differences in which Mr. Frakes approaches a Leverage episode vs. NCIS LA from a directorial perspective?

Susan M. said...

LOVED the show, as always. A few questions.
1. When will the season 5 DVDs be available?
2. Was Baby Joy/Rage inspired by any particular toy nightmare of yours or the writers'? I always thought the Barbie Makeup Head was creepy. On a side note, I'm pretty sure my kids have a Whirly Glee-Glee type thing.
3. Are there really former arms dealer toy execs out there, or was that just a quick way to get us to hate the mark?
4. So Parker got a new warehouse in Portland, and Hardison has a crash pad over the brew pub, care to reveal any details about where the other team members now live? i.e. Nate and Sophie bought the mansion from the Frame Up Job, or Eliot built a log cabin in the woods.
5. What was Hardison soldering together while sitting at his desk with Eliot when Parker was breaking into the server room during Plan A? Yes, I watch TV shows for all the weird details.

Thanks for making a great show.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the episode (had to laugh at seeing the Convention Center actually being used as the Convention Center)! Have to admit that I'm on pins and needles about the next episode...

The above commenters already covered my questions, so no real questions. Okay, I lied, I do have a question - is the golf club where Eliot was grifting the moms the same one that Parker and Hardison "borrowed" all the officers' cars from in the Boost Job?

Izzie said...

Umm, I wanna say it first: Eliot as a DILF? Yes, please, and thank you!

Question: So what happened with his dinner date at the end of the Low Low Price Job? I know these eps are being aired out of order, but it seemed in that episode like you were trying to make Eliot be interested in a "settle down" type of girl, rather than a "just a fling" kind. Maybe I was just looking too hard for something that wasn't there, but airing this one after, with him being all, "Ooh, that's a blogger mom? Yum!" like always changed (for me) what the Low Low Price ep did with the character.

Parker: I thought it was horses she was scared of, not clowns. I thought she liked clowns, or at least wasn't creeped out by them. "I saw a horse kill a clown once."

Last: That toy was creepy. Thank you for the nightmares. Not even Supernatural scared me that much. At least for that show, I was prepared for the amount of scary. Here? *shudder* Also, airing this near the end of the year/season was a little interesting because of the Janus (two-faced) doll. Speaking of two-facedness, I was surprised Hardison didn't made a Two-Face Batman reference. :(

Maite said...

1. I love Parker's sparkly sneakers!

2. I was surprised that Eliot was being dismissive about Parker's justifying her choosing the Baby Joy Rage instead of the first toy they decided on. That he calls her decision "stupid" was harsh, I think. I'm just going to believe that Eliot was frustrated over the seemingly slow progress they were making during the con, so he takes it out on Parker.

Thank you so much for five wonderful seasons. I was saddened to read the news from Dean. Blessings to all of you from the Philippines!

Jesika said...


They CAN'T cancel Leverage! THIS IS BLASPHEMY! NOOO! ;~; I'm boycotting TNT for this. SCREW YOU, TNT. Taking the only good show on TV...

Who knows, though.

Maybe they will reboot it in a year or two. Dean Devlin seems to have no objections to actually doing another season, and the actors look as though they love it, too.

The only thing we're missing is more viewers. People, tell your friends. Get people on board by sitting them down and having them watch all of season 1. Such an amazing show deserves AT LEAST 10 seasons!

Though, this might just be my own opinion.

ellabell said...

I don't know if you'll actually be reading / answering questions from the good bye chat post, so I figured I'd put it here.

Can you go into some of the behind the scenes of what goes into a decision like this? For a lot of us, your blog is the first insight we've had into what goes into the making of a TV show, and you've done a stupendous job of it. Yet, this side of the business I'm still severely limited on. I'm sure we'd all really appreciate it.

There are all kinds of campaigns and comments on twitter about trying to get the show picked up by another network. I know that you probably don't want to talk about it if there's an actual chance of something like that happening, but the truth is that I actually have no idea what would go into a pitch like that, or even if something like that is realistic.

I'm sure you're also going to do your own final goodbye post when the time is right for you (outside of the episode post, I'm sure), and I look forward to that. Is it possible that maybe you put up another post / question-free for all where we can ask all the questions we maybe never asked before? (Like, maybe now that it's over... where WOULD you have taken the characters next year? Or where do you see the characters in 5 years? or even what is Detective Grayson's first name? Or Archie's daughter's? What ever happened to Hurley and Peggy, did they find happiness with their 6 cats?) Or course, those are just examples (except for Grayson's name -- that I really want an answer too)

Anyway, these are just thoughts from a fan who has learned an amazing amount from you in the past year (sadly, I only started watching during the season 4 hiatus) about television, and the world in general, and hope to squeeze out a little more before the show is gone forever.

(though I will continue to follow this blog as long as you continue to write in it.)

... and there is actual gushing in the goodbye chat post. These were just the questions.

Anonymous said...

And then the networks ask why the public doesn't support new shows? Because whenever a show grows and improves (writing, chemistry, etc.)and builds a steady loyal fan base like Leverage you cancel it!!! And then replace it was far inferior product.

Sidebar: Can anyone tell me where I can find the knit caps that Hardison has been wearing this season?

Hollie Meyer said...

Who was in the dinosaur costume?

Was that Jonathan Frakes in the hat and glasses at the U.S. Safety Product Agency?

Nyctotherion said...

MOLOCH! Babies are sacrificed to MOLOCH!

Here's a lovely bit from Paradise Lost I used shortly after the shooting:

First Moloch, horrid king, besmear’d with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents’ tears,
Though for the noise of Drums and Timbrels loud
Their children’s cries unheard, that pass’d through fire
To his grim idol.

Anonymous said...

One doubt I've always had and I don't know if it was ever answered. Did Nate and Maggie got divorced before or after Sam's death?

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