Sunday, December 11, 2011

LEVERAGE #413 "The Girls Night Out Job" Question Post

Hey, it's Peggy! Where'd Tara learn How to dance like that? Where the hell are Hardison and Eliot when she calls them? All your questions, comments and snark addressed below.


Kevin said...

Why isn't Sophie mentioned, is she not in this episode?

SueN. said...

@Kevin, yes, Sophie is in the ep.

Christina said...

The Boylsn Method. Hahaha!

Christina said...

Boylan, not Boylsn. Hmpf

Lydia said...

The Boylan Method... A nod to Christine Boylan?

Video Beagle said...

is Boylan Method a reference to something/

Video Beagle said...

Is that the Coupling theme being played as the tango?

Anonymous said...

Where's Maggie?!

msd said...

WHOA! Peggy is channelling Eliot in fighting with a frying pan! That's what you get when you mess with a small business owner who happens to like cats!

JoellaBlue said...

Lots of fun! I can't wait for next week and then re-watch this week's episode to see the two mesh. Curious about the Mexican gang fight...and the junkyard...and how the heck they left the poker game to get in that mess.

Did you film some of the show (i.e. the hallway in the consulate) in the Governor Hotel? Either that or it was used in the San Lorenzo Job wasn't it?

I love how Parker is growing as a person. She's still weird but she's becoming less completely off the wall. Her interactions with Hardison are so sweet.

Thanks for another fun ride.

Joey C. said...

I'm a bit confused: When did the "thief jumps onto the side of an SUV" scene take place chronologically within the episode?

Because that part lost me.

Video Beagle said...

Final scene with Tara was a bit...just there...

Nekussa said...

Thank you so much for letting us see Sophie and Tara together! I really enjoyed this one. Can't wait until next week to see what the boys were up to.

Of course, having watched this show for too long, I was thinking that the professor who "just wanted the information for the Venezuelan people" was a grifter himself who's just made off with all that valuable data. :)

Interesting point that Nate needs to talk to people who aren't his teammates. Does he in fact remain in touch with Maggie?

Ally said...

Hahahaha...I love seeing the girls kick some butt! Parker was adorable--that dress was stunning, btw. I thought Peggy was a dietician, but oh well. She was hilarious.
My questions:
1. What happened in Quantico?
2. Where did Tara learn to dance like that?
3. What exactly happened with the briefcases? I was understanding things until Eskibar had two briefcases of cash.
4. How was it that the dress Parker stole just happened to fit her so well?
5. I understand that Sophie and Tara never grifted/thieved together, but how did they both understand references like Quantico? Were they just in really hairy situations together or something?
6. Who won the poker game?
7. When can we see Maggie again?
8. Are the team members that well-known/feared amongst the criminals of the world?
9. Did Parker ever clear up what exactly was going on with Mattingly for Hardison?
10. Whose idea was it to throw the bomb out the window?
11. How did you do the Hardison fence thing?
Again, incredibly epic. Tell everybody they rocked this, especially the girls. And Jeri too. When do we have her back?
Was that Jack Hurley in the promo? Excitement! :)

Anonymous said...

Is there no sexy, smart, funny, etc. sistas in Hollywood or the world that can be added to the Leverage team??? I love the show other than that.

DaveMB said...

1 ) Quantico is the location of the FBI training academy and also a US Marine Corps training base. Sophie presumably knows something about Tara's background -- she clearly was some sort of national security professional before becoming a grifter.

2) Sophie and Tara simultaneously decided that going out the window made more sense than to follow Hardison's directions. One of them said "that's the first thing we've agreed about all night".

3) I believe Mattingly evaded Escobar's thugs before the rest of the action happened -- he said something when he first met Escobar about being attacked by thugs in advance of the deal.

4) It seems that next week Hardison is going to be interrupted in the midst of recreating a scene from the movie 48 Hours...

WV: "ingsafee" -- sounds like a Scottish island...

PurpleOps said...

There is STEAM coming off my BIG SCREEN TV after that dance that Jeri Ryan did... very nice!

This ep was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the "other half" - literally. Questions:

1. Do bombs typically have clocks on either side? When Sophie and Tara looked under the serving cart, the bomb clock was facing the camera - and so were they. Dramatic license, or is that how those things are made? ("I'd like the deluxe bomb model, the one with two clocks, just in case anyone wants to look at it from the other side." "Do you want the clocks synchronized? That's extra!")

2. Can you please confirm that "Marge" is NOT Sophie's real name? I'm presuming that Sophie's horror was at the selection of the name for her, not that it WAS her real name. (And to all the Marges out there, it's not THAT bad - it used to sell dishwashing liquid!)

Tara O'Shea said...

You are all mad geniuses.

Also, I just got to explain the relationship between "Hamlet" and "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" to my flatmate, and I know most folks will prolly use "The Zeppo" as their go-to, but I can't help it... I'm wired differently.

(Also, I love how Sophie continues to slip and call Tara "Tah-rah" instead of "Terra" tho how Tara keeps from biting her head off I'll never know, cos people have a 50-50 chance at getting the correct pronunciation and yet will still get it wrong 90% of the time.

I know, I know.... never tell you the odds.)

Tara O'Shea said...

And of course, I forgot my question...

Did the heist involve Venezuelan oil fields solely so Tara could tango? Or was that just a side benefit?

(Also, The Boylan Method made me GLEE.)

Raksha said...

My #1 feeling about this episode is Tara. Yay, we get Tara and Sophie both! Also, I'm proud of Parker for maintaining a friendship with an actual normal person.

This episode was great. The shake up in format is fun once in a while!

Adam C said...

So much tighter than last week! I loved this episode. And Tara's dance made it even better along with Manningly's reaction to Parker's real identity.

ellabell said...

1) I thought Peggy was a nutritionist?

2) I was going make a big thing about Quantico being FBI, and I didn't see Tara being FBI, but then the comments said that it's also Marine Corps. So... there's that.

I totally thought Sophie or Tara should have said "you're adorable" to the Harvard prof. That would have been way more in-world.

3) Do Tara and Sophie see each other often? And did Tara have no interest in seeing anyone else from the team? They parted amicably.

But seriously, this episode was SO MUCH LOVE. The Sophie and Tara interactions were WONDERFUL. I had always wanted to see them together. (However, I still would have like more background on when they actually met.)

@ DaveMB: What is "WV"? It seems like that could be funny, but I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

wat was the song at the end with tara and maddingly. it was beautiful.

ellabell said...

More questions:
4) What else did Parker have in her SkyDrive / why? (I can get... a picture of missing persons, two fingerprints, a computer screen, security camera footage, and that all I got. Anyone else get more?)

5) Does Tara run with her own crew now on at least a semi-regular basis?

6) Did Sophie or Tara get the keycard to Craig's room? Was it through Sophie or Tara's style of execution?

Also, big fan of all the really short dresses in this ep. Day-um.

And an even bigger fan of just the friendly back and forth of the team at the beginning. I love to see when they're just hanging out.

Philip Okita said...

Are Parker and Hardison going on their first real date on Saturday?

Mouse said...

Thank you DaveMB. I was also going to reference Quantico. I was just there a few months ago. Although, what the reference is for Tara I'm not sure.

BONG!! Totally love the frying pan! Does it top the lady with the umbrella on the 15 Minute Job? I think so! I like this scene much better. HAHAHA!!

With 20 days left, you guys have made my year. Thank for all you do for us. :)

Art Connery said...

my thoughts in no particular order
-Hardison misting up about battle bots
-The Return of Tara!!
- I've been waiting for one of the crew to be recognized by someone else in Crime World, I expected it to be Eliot, with an " Aw man, it's him! Nevermind, I'm leaving"
- Loved the contrasting styles of grift
- Was that the back of Lt. Bonanno's head at the poker table?
- I would think much the same thing happens next week with Boys Night Out- they start with poker and Hurley comes up and says "hey I got a problem" and the fun train begins...
- Eliot cleaning house in another bar???
- All three ladies in dresses, yum!
- Excellent twists.
- Tara as ex-military trained intel(officer?) confirmed
- Peggy as a hitter and a fondness for knives!
- Han Solo reference
-Parker with both suitcases of money- heh- saw that coming
@video beagle - Tara had already established she was attracted to him from the first photo, she just followed thru with her desires, did you notice that Sophie had steered them together?
@ally-2- In Indiana, after all Tara never lies, she said so. :D
@ally-4- Fun train/plot convenience
@Purple Ops- Dramatic License, if the clock was facing Sophie/Tara we couldn't see it, just their reactions. If we did see the clock facing them, all we would see is the back of their heads.Now we get an "Oh,crap" moment and so do they.
- More Cora, please.
My thanks to Chris and Jenn, Gina, Beth, Jeri and all of the crew for this excellent episode. Looking forward to the return of Hurley from the 12 step job

LindaS said...

@ellabell WV = word verification. It is a game on some blogs to make up a definition for the word you get.

My question - Why didn't Maddingly just take off with his money when he found out there was a bomb? Could he have been that smitten with Parker?

Video Beagle said...

Art: I got that she said "yummy" about him, but the show ended on a weird overlong linger on two guest characters in shadow.

SueN. said...

This ep was so much fun! I loved the chemistry between Gina and Jeri, and the contrasts between Sophie and Tara's grifting styles. I also loved the idea of Parker having kept up her friendship with Peggy and using it to "practice" associating with "normal people."

I also very much liked the "secondary" characters, Peggy and Mattingly. It was great to see Peggy return and get fleshed out a bit more, and Mattingly makes a good addition to the Leverage 'verse. The actors made them both very engaging.

Also nice to see Det. Grayson back. Will we ever see her and Bonanno interact? I imagine they'd make a formidable pair!

So, my questions:

1) Was it just me, or was there a moment of dread from the team when Parker mentioned that brunches have forks? ;)

2) Re: Tara's suggested means of witching the briefcases – setting a fire in the kitchen and grabbing them in the ensuing panic. Was that at all a callback to your description of the differences you see between Sophie and Tara (Sophie still gets Christmas cards from marks, Tara exits burning buildings with suitcases of blood-stained cash), or just a really fortuitous coincidence? (I also loved Sophie's, "I was thinking of something a little less … trample-ey;" again, a nice way to point out the differences in style between the two.)

3) When did Hardison become the go-to guy for bombs? I would've thought that was more Eliot's forte.

4) Does Nate actually keep in touch with Maggie?

Anyway, huge props to Jenn Kao and Chris Downey for the ep. It was so much fun. And I can't wait to see next week's!

SueN. said...

Um, yeah, switching the briefcases. Though I'm sure Tara could somehow witch them if she wanted to. ;)

Ralkana said...

...but the tango is from Argentina & Uruguay. I really want to like this episode, and that's driving me nuts. Especially as the friend who got me INTO Leverage is Venezuelan, and I know it's going to drive HER nuts.

AussieEm said...

Excellent episode. So looking forward to next week. I *loved* seeing Aussie Wil Traval, but would have loved him using his Australian accent. ;-) LOL. And I think you should come do an episode set in Australia ... I can just see Nate saying "Let's go steal ourselves the Sydney Harbour Bridge ..." :-D

Laura said...

I feel I have missed something, are Parker and Hardison now officially a couple? If so, I feel sad I missed their first real kiss(which was not part of a con!)? After building it up for so long, is it now official without some big, defining moment?

Red said...

1) seeing Grayson, to balance Bonnano with the boys.
2) the Tara/Sophie counterpoint, especially their reaction to the "Hopes and dreams of the Venezuelan people."
3) it was really Parker's ep.
4) Peggy shows some spine. Way to go small business owner / cat owner!
5) Tara and Mattingly at the end.

My hopes for the Boys' Night:
1) the boys call Sophie or Parker for help, like they called Hardison.
2) Some tight shirts, open shirts, or sleevelessness from the guys
3) No reveal that Nate's been pulling strings in the Girls' Night. I get that Nate's the mastermind but I like that each member of the team is able to run a job without him. After all, they each have a rep before joining up with him.
4) the boys talk about relationships too.

msd said...

In no way am I dissing your other writers but the scripts that you or Chris Downey are more directly involved in are always bright notes in the season. There is an easiness, a flow and the right amount of sharp wit to them that the newer writers haven't quite found yet. It makes sense, you two created these characters. I am really looking forward to "The Boys Night Out Job".

In an earlier blog I asked about the relationship between Nate and Cpt. Bonnano. It appears it has moved from détente to poker playing buddies? Isn't there a part of the good captain that wants to handcuff the lot of them?

Steven Proctor said...

I know asked about this to you on twitter (as @stevenproctor), but I figured as this was a Tara featured episode it is worth asking again.

Tara's real last name is Chace isn't it?

Tara Chace being of Queen and Country comic/novel series fame for those unfamiliar with it.

Rachael said...

Since I complained last week, I thought it was only fair to stop by this week and say that I loved this episode. This is Leverage at it's best, and I can't wait for next week. I usually hate it when networks do double headers and show two episodes back to back, but in this case that would have been fun to do. Oh well, just gives me more reason to rewatch this one before I watch the new episode next week.

As a specific compliment, I'm so happy to see so many characters from previous episodes getting reused this year. That's one of my biggest gripes about TV shows...they always invent new characters when the "universe" of the show already has great characters that could be used. I know it has to do with the availability of the actors and that kind of thing, but I still wish it happened thanks.

Geek Girl said...

Perfect in every way! Can't wait for next week. And more Det Grayson please (under cover in a short skirt hitting on Sophie would be good!).

Oh and the James Bond-style music was excellent.

Nekussa said...

Were both episodes actually filmed at more or less the same time?

Anonymous said...

just stoping by to say great episode.

now I definitely love Tara( ...and yes, I do trust her a li' bit too.)

love the new lady cop, heads banging to the wall, while cuffing perps, is her thing, right...?

...did you guys just stea....I mean borrow, a lil 24 piece? Nice..

the Quantico ref. was great, reminded me of my instructor, only he said '...just be fast as lightning, but a flash always leaves trace behind, so be better than that....' poped up in my head instantly, thanks for that.

have to re-watch one or ten times to see if there are any Q's, so far, loved it. great job

MacSTL said...

@nekussa Yes. They filmed both episode simultaneously!

Loved Nadine saying how she was running back and forth between the two

Anonymous said...

Since you guys shot this virtually together:
how long did the two eps take to shoot?
How did you balance it out and who was second unit if you had two directors to begin with?
Yes, I am one of those crazy people who wants to do this in the future.
Thanks, Zee-Zee

Miranda said...

No question. Just want to say how fun it was to have an episode with Parker and cats when I named my cat Parker after her. Should have named him Garfield instead, but that's a story for another time. And then the name Eliot would work too. My cat's pretty quick with those sharp claws.

Anonymous said...

1) I spent the majority of my childhood in a suburb right outside Quantico, actually living on a street where the majority of my neighbors were either FBI or USMC, so the mention filled me with joy.

2) I LOVE Tara. She's audacity incarnate.


4) I thought it was interesting that Hardison was the only guy the girls needed to contact. They can work around the absence of Eliot and Nate, but Hardison's skill set is irreplaceable.

5) Can Mattingly please come back at some point? He is beautiful.

6) Why doesn't Tara know anything about bombs? It seems she'd have a rudimentary knowledge, given all the military/government background she has. Also, it seemed like Eliot would be the go-to bomb guy?

7) Do we get hot fan-service outfits from the boys on their ep, too? Please?

Keith said...

Has anyone suggested yet a Sophie/Tara con artist movie? Because that would be awesome. I'm picturing something like a modern day Sitng.

Havenward said...

I loved this episode a lot, not in the least for seeing Tara again (the blend of grifter and hitter is brilliant) or for Parker's revelation about Hardison at the end.

I did have a question not directly related to the episode... I know that Sophie's real name hasn't been revealed to the audience yet, in part by making them suffer with Nate. But in a moment when they're off earbuds, like the scene between Sophie and Parker by the elevator, or between Sophie and maybe Tara, shouldn't they be using the real name? Is not using the name a choice to continue to hide it, or is the decision made for the sake of continuity for the audience? (Also, if/when her name is revealed, would the show switch to using that name instead of Sophie?)

Havenward said...

I'm re-watching the Jailhouse Job right now, and I'm curious... 1) will we get to see Bonanno again? 2) In a season geared toward consequences, will the judges from this episode come back after the team?

I'm also curious if the rumors I've heard about the next season of Leverage being set in Portland (rather than just shot there) are true? Although you're busy enough that I'm sure that will already be answered by the time you get to this. :)

Stacy B said...

I am so happy you let Tara and Mattingly hook up in the end. It would have been a terrible waste for a guy like that to just drift away.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how beautifully Sophie and Tara's outfits were coordinated (opposited?) to highlight their differences. Black dress/blonde and white dress/brunette created a really stunning visual to emphasize their opposite characteristics. Was it expressly planned that way, or did it just happen?

Miette said...

I'm happy that my show is back!!

THE Parker oh yeah~

Parker is so cute in this episode. I personally think she turns more like a child when she talks about Hardison or to Hardison. Of course, hat down to the gorgeous Beth Riesgraf.

And Tara!! I can finally admit she's damn hot in this episode!!

Sophie seems like a clumsy grifter beside her! But no complain that's maybe because Sophie's been in "good guy" world for more time than the bad ass Tara lol.

1 question:
So on the Maltese Falcon Job, where did Tara go? All of the sudden she had dinner with Sophie? Didn't Sophie tell the other member?

Entertaining episode after all! Thanks!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So was the Odessa, TX reference a nod to the excellent, but ill-fated Rubicon?

Also, just watching Jeri Ryan's Tara dancing the tango was enough to reaffirm this fan's heterosexuality! (Not that I'd pass up the chance to dance with her.)

Anonymous said...

I am so scared thinking that the hacker Mattingly is working with is none other than Wil Wheaton's "Chaos" Colin Mason. And with Mattingly having hooked up with Tara… I'm getting stressed out thinking about this.

What if another crew forms to "do good" but in reality serve the interests of Leon Rippy's Jack Latimer?

I am getting worried for our team!

Katie said...

Fun to hear the "accorded ground" principle of poker games for cops/criminals at use (is that only a Boston thing?)

On the whole, I really liked this episode. It was fun and fast and busy and it was great to see the women at it on their own (with the occasional information assist from Hardison).

But if I were Parker's friend, I'd be telling her to dump the narcissist. There isn't a woman in the world who needs a guy who makes plans based on his deep belief that if he likes it she will too. It's also worth noticing that at the end Parker says she didn't have as much fun doing stuff she liked with some other guy. That does not lead to "I would have fun doing stuff HE liked with Hardison." It's crap.

Piratecat said...

You know this already, but you guys knocked this one out of the park. Pure fun.

- K

Devinoch said...

Another wonderful episode, guys. I'm a little sad TNT didn't just run two episodes at once, so we could get both Girls' Night and Boys' Night in the same night... you do, of course, realize this leaves you completely open to do... the Date Night Job? (And you can bring back Noa Tishby for Elliot's date!) I think I just might kill someone to see that episode. (Hell, you could even do it as three episodes, so we can compare/contrast their dates - I freely give you this gauntlet.)

Also, what does Tara use in her phone to keep her lies straight? Evernote?

Philip Okita said...

If this is Charlie's Angels, who's who? I had to ask lol

mjeswede said...

Great episode!!!Here's my question...and works on all your episodes this year...can we have more outtakes on the DVDs or at the end of the shows - I would imagine there were a few shots that needed alot of takes - they all looked like they were having so much fun!!

GinaFan said...

Travals Australian accent showed up at one point. I bet he's Tara's boyfriend.

Again, the loose and drunk Parker made me uncomfortable. Similar to last weeks ogling. I don't like Sophie on the floor either. Seeing them in compromising situations just bothers me.

On the other hand, Jeri in an incredibly short skirt is no problemo. I kinda get the impression that Jeri can hang with the boys just fine.

DaveMB said...

I assumed the prior incident with the bomb was in the original Odessa, in the Ukraine. But Odessa, TX is also a possibility -- good catch.

And an excellent thought about Chaos as well.

I googled "Venezuela tango" and got rather few hits -- I think we have to chalk that up to dramatic license, justified by the very realistic scenario for the various parties being willing to pay so much for that particular McGuffin.

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I love how Parker is growing as a person. She's still weird but she's becoming less completely off the wall. Her interactions with Hardison are so sweet.Do best, no regret!giubbotti moncler outlet 2012 good topic, I will concern on.

Anonymous said...

Is fighting robot really exist? I thought Real Steel was a fantasy genre -_-

D' Lan 88 said...

quick question.. is the "date" of Hardison & Parker about the robots, an idea from the movie Real Steel??

SueN. said...

@Anonymous (12:34 a.m.) and D' Lan 88 – According to teh Wikipedia, BattleBots is a real thing. Info is here:

Denny S. Bryce said...

Loved the episode - Parker's arc is realistic considering where she started and the pace at which she's learning.

Never was a Jeri Ryan fan until she started working on Leverage - loved her and Sophie together - they were magic, sexy, older women, with fabulous legs and an attitude - thank you writers for knowing that actresses over 40 are HOT!

I looked up 'fighting robots' by the way - an arena-like game played in Japan - there are youtube videos to prove it that date back before Real Steel...I didn't want to believe - but it's true.

Hardison hanging out with 'his boys' to prove his manhood? Well that might end up very awkward for Parker/Hardison. The 'boys' can lead a young man down a slippery slope.

A guess - The mastermind behind these 'jobs' is Sophie:). She had an exchange with the James Bond-like character when the group gathered to discuss the bomb. They exchanged a look, and I don't think it was a mistake in the editing room.

Great episode - can't wait to watch "Boys Night Out".

Erin said...

Absolutely adored this episode, and I was so pleased you brought Tara back in a style worthy of her awesomeness. Hope to see her again next season!

However, I will echo some minor concern that "Parker growing into someone who can have a healthy relationship" is getting a little confused with "Parker becoming Hardison's physically affectionate, video game-referencing, homework-doing, battle-bot watching, would-always-rather-be-with-him Dream Girl." I assume this is unintentional, because Parker's arc up until now has been so exquisitely written, but intentional or not it is beginning to bug. Just slightly.

I still love Parker/Hardison, but I look forward to seeing them do a Parker thing instead of a Hardison thing as a couple (picking locks for fun, perhaps, or casing banks they have no intention of robbing!), or seeing Hardison having to deal with one of his flaws or insecurities before they reach the next stage of their relationship. Maybe next week :)

Anonymous said...

Re: Mattingly possibly working with Chaos - Oh, that so needs to happen, solely so the actors can form the league of Wils with one L.

I also agree with a few other commenters that the end scene felt weird and out of place. The reveal of the tape recorder almost saved it, but not quite.

Ali Kat said...

Another brilliant episode and it was SO awesome to have Tara back working with Sophie. I loved how their differences were highlighted so much. The wardrobe on this episode was fabulous too - all of the ladies looked amazing and the dance scene with Tara was smoking. (and I'm straight!) Also loved seeing Peggy back and how she kicked a little butt herself.

Parker hugged Peggy. Is Parker becoming more of a hugger? Did Parker steal the suitcases of money from Mattingly in the end or did he give it to her? (as a reformed man type thing)

Maryana said...

Parker's was wearing the sexiest shoes I ever saw. Please please please tell me where I can get a pair!

ChelseaNH said...

Was the guy who played Escobar a local? How much salary did he kickback for the tango with Jeri?

Sophie and Tara realized they had fifteen seconds to carry out Hardison's instructions (including the nail clippers, so they just shoved the cart out the nearest window.

(FYI, I'm typing. This on my newly acquired iPad and not loving the experience. Nifty gadget for passive consumption of content, not so great when you want to speak up. I think I'm going to trade it in for a laptop instead.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you guys can sit back and go through all these comments. I actually read some of them and all I can say is WOW!! I get we want to make TV is real to life as possible but we have to remember its tv!!!! Shows are here to entertain us. Leverage is awesome because its good entertainment,great scripts,and great acting! This episode was very good, I love the relationship that have grown throughout all of the seasons. HP relationship is the best because you can see the growth in these two characters. I could watch them together all day. Did we miss something with them as far as establishing or defining there relationship. Good work way better than last week. Also just one thing could you guys please stop putting these me in these skin tight jeans, they can barely walk and if they can barely walk certain things can barely breathe.

craig said...

What’s the endgame for Parker and Hardison? It seems to go between having a serious relationship and just a high school fling where they’re together because it’s convenient. . Going on 5 seasons and its clear they like each other but where does that lead to.

GinaFan said...

Sophie and Tara in The Sting! That would be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Not a question, just a comment. I volunteer tobe the pole Tara practices dancing with:)

Lyn said...

If the real thumb drive got drowned in the champagne by Escobar, then what's inside the thumb drive that Parker gave to Prof Gracia?

Btw the Hotmail account belong to Tom Baker! That's cute ;)

ChelseaNH said...

@Lyn: Mattingly made two copies of the data; his "fumble" with the thumb drive was actually him switching in a second one.

(FYI, kept the iPad, got a wireless keyboard. Way cheaper than a laptop, if you want to go Apple.)

Anonymous said...

the song from the end of the episode ? ... title, artist, any information ? ... please ... is a great song

Riley7 said...

Are we going to see any more of Tara in the season finale?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, did none of the writers bother googling 'venezuela' or 'tango' while working on this episode? I get that you wanted to work in Tara dancing but it just felt like a glaringly obvious case of writers not caring enough to do even basic research and it really bothered me.

A really entertaining episode otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know the title of the song at the end, with Tara and Maddingly? It was very beautiful, but I can't make out the lyrics. Thank you!

Stefan Jones said...

I saved "Girl's Night Out" for today.

That was a great episode.Funny, intricate, and exciting; broke the usual "Job" mold, but some good got done anyway.

Famous4it said...

Oh man! Just having both Sophie and Tara on one con made this episode for me!! I'm a die-heart Parker fan, but even her funny bits couldn't top the Grifter duo!

Loved Peggy the Hitter and the "the Parker' bit. Hehe. their fame makes me so proud, and Tara's bit at the end was truly the cherry on top! No questions as such, maybe after we see what the boys were up to!

Gina said...

The little boys in the audience sure got their fanservice, I must say.

Anonymous said...

I still can`t figure out that venezuelian tango song at the end of the episode Girls night out Job even after googling it....So beautiful and so hard to find....

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H.R.Hewitt said...

Excellent bounce-back from last week, which no offense but I didn't really like. Just one question:
- Can you explain exactly how the kick-switch worked, I get that she kicks the Prof.'s briefcase under the table but how did Escobar's briefcase end up on her side?
- Also on a side note I remember in the Jury job didn't Peggy say she was a nutritionist, did she switch jobs when she moved?
I was just watching some episodes from season one last might and this episode it just really struck how much healing Parker has done as a part of this crew. Yet I still love her as a character, nice job keeping your character's true. Can't wait til next episode.

Kylee said...

Tara = hitter + grifter = gritter

Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

Just one thing- I thought there would be some picking from Tara at Sophie about her and Nate

xjill said...

Catching up on my Leverage - this one was fun and I do want to know if Jeri already knew how to tango or had to learn for the ep?

Aldara said...

Honestly? I think this might be my favorite episode, ever! So many incredibly fun details! Hehe, the grifting dynamic between Tara and Sophie is awesome and I loved Parker's "human" side in this one. Good job!

Doloras LaPicho said...

... wow. I'm amazed, 82 comments in and no-one has mentioned the elephant in the room - the unquestioned assumption that the Venezuelan government are bad guys, and that foreign-based Venezuelans trying to overthrow them are good guys who do what they do out of the goodness of their hearts.

Now look, I don't want to come off like the conservatives who yelled at you over that one episode in which the baddie bore a family resemblance to Sarah Palin. And it was certainly cool to see Tara back, and get more insight into Parker/Hardison (although I'm desperately unhappy that Parker ended up with a man, but never mind.)

But... seriously? You guys really think of the Chávez administration as one-dimensional baddies? One alternative view, for example, is that the Venezuelan government have been trying for 13 years to "help the helpless" in their own country by plowing oil resources into hospitals and schools in the slum areas, rather than letting them be creamed off by the 1%-ers (who tend to send their kids to study at Harvard, etc.) If Nathaniél Fordeza had come from Caracas rather than Boston, I wonder what he would have thought the "hopes and dreams of Venezuelans" were.

I'm no shill for the Chávez administration and I'd be delighted to discuss their failings and bad decisions elsewhere. But in the "blood diamonds" episode, the name of which I forget, you unsubtly hinted on this blog that this was based on stuff actually going on in Zimbabwe. But you didn't call that country's government out by name. In the one episode which featured the Iranian secret service, they weren't the Big Bad either. Which is why it is so frustrating that you felt that it was no trouble to call out Venezuela's government by name. This is not a one-party state or a country who makes war on its neighbours we're talking about - just one that pisses off the US by not being compliant.

I would encourage any readers who want a more nuanced portrayal of what's actually going in in that country to check out Oh, and I've never heard of "Venezuelan tango" either. I think the national dance of Venezuela is baseball.

Anonymous said...

Is Det.Grayson becoming something like a female Det.Bonanno for the team?

Anonymous said...

Long time watcher of the show and Venezuelan here.

This episode crashed and burned for me. Venezuelan tango? This is a risible concept that will get you laughed out of the room south of Rio Grande.

Seriously, this could have been tackled in a jiffy via your favorite search engine.

Regarding the politics, let's just say the link posted by Doloras is to Chavez what Fox is to the GOP, narrative-wise. Readers owe it to themselves to check other fact-based blogs (Setty's notebook or Caracas Chronicles).

Anyhow, keep up the good work (aside from this ep.). Will keep watching! Thanks for a great show!



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