Sunday, July 24, 2011

LEVERAGE #405 "The Hot Potato Job"

A return to more template-y, con and heist-y stuff this week. I'm about 12 hours off having my half of the finale finished, then we'll binge on answering these while I'm living in the hotel for prep.

By the way, this is kind of relevant.

Your Comments, questions and growing restlessness below, please.


Tracey said...

The Promo is fantastic, can't wait to see this episode tonight :D

Sherri said...

Because I HAVE NO LIFE, I am watching season one YET AGAIN.

Have you ever considered exploiting a dedicated fan with a secretarial bent to parse through the questions asked here for you, consolidate the repeats, and ease your time pressure so you can still answer everything without your head exploding? I'm sure you could find a few hundred willing minions willing to slave for the pure privilege of saying they did.

Liz said...

This is going to be another one of those episodes that simultaneously entertains me and leaves me deeply disturbed about the state of our world, isn't it?

I'm really liking the Leverage/Falling Skies line-up on Sundays, by the way. Fun night of TV.

Mercedes A said...

The food industry is so disturbing. Will this completely turn me into a macrobiotic mess? Food is love!!!! Is there any hope?

Sandy said...

Wow--new improved Leverage--now with homework. I enjoyed the potato genome article and I like the idea of a pre-episode reading. I hope you can do that once in a while, though I know your workload probably doesn't allow it. Also, it seems to have been Electric Entertainment day on TNT. They played all three Librarian movies and now they're having a little Leverage marathon.

tbill63 said...

Are you as jazzed as Dean Devlin that we're having an entire afternoon of Season 4 and also his movies The Librarian? We Grifters are having an awesome afternoon!

jamesfirecat said...

"Remember Laos" was that a call back to some other episode or just a noodle incident?

Andrew B. said...

Do tubers warrant a Sternako system, or is that just for grains?

MacSTL said...

My Most Favorite Episode EVAR!!!! Thank you Jenn Kao!!!

Gina said...

Any teacher that left a bunch of kids alone with two strangers on a field trip would be fired, and deserve it. I'm having a very hard time believing that teacher would risk it. (I know it's TV and one is supposed to suspend disbelief, but there are limits! :-) )

Sophie doing Eliot's voice was hilarious. I'm glad he cleared that up, because I couldn't figure out what accent she was trying to use at first!

Gina said...

I love that Parker thought the whole time that the potato wasn't really a potato. :-)

Tyler said...

Not my favorite episode ever, but definitely my favorite episode ending. Panic in Hardison's voice, the twist of fate, it was wonderful.

Also, I think you guys should try to get Richard Schiff as one of your villains. He'd nail an Evil Speech of Evil.

24jg13 said...

Another Supernatural alumni, can we ever get Jensen on the show?? Please Please Please. Can't wait to see the team take Mitch down, so disliked him on 6th Season of Supernatural. He plays bad soooo good.

Sarah W said...

So many excellent lines and details in this one -- it reminds me of the late first season, except there's a deep level of trust now. Plus it features a future anti-authority Robin Hood. Nice!

Snerk of the show for me:
"I really like Eliot-slash-Sophie. Could you do me-slash-Nate? No, Nate-slash-you!"
Considering your views of fanfic, was this one of yours?

Love the cross-training, too: they all seem so pleased that the others are picking up their skills.

And the ending was frighteningly realistic -- and I don't mean Nate-slash-Sophie.

Either the team has made yet another high-powered enemy, or the client is still in danger. . . will there be a clean-up episode?

allyone said...

That was a super fun ep. It was a great breather from the more emotionally intense eps of the last two weeks.

All the stuff I loved:

Nate's big awkward "hey" wave to Eliot when the team walked in was just spot-on "What? I'm not doing anything to look guilty about." And the bra save.

Sophie taking Hardison down and Eliot's pride of teaching.

The cut away to Eliot tackling that guy after he was told to "look the part."

Teacher Mike and Teacher Jen and Trevor, especially Trevor in the control room.

The great moment when they were all like, "huh, what do you know, there really was a mole."

The tuber switcheroo at the end.

That Nate is such a giant ass dork about having a friends with benefits relationship - adorkable has never been a word I associated with Nate Ford, but he was kind of adorkable.

And I have to say - BANG UP JOB so far on the two couples. I was really worried that we were going to get all Grey's Anatomy or some such shit this season (I know, I should know better). So far, neither P/H or N/S feel contrived at all.

It really does feel like where they are as couples is a natural extension of where the characters are right now - not like you guys have hooked them all up in a cooked up romance to try to broaden the show's appeal.

And I feel like either P/H or N/S could end up as a long term couple - or not. There are reasons that they should and reasons they shouldn't, based on each individual character, and I am really thrilled by that uncertainty. I actually feel like the show is not really exploring the couple so much as the individual characters in a new situation, if that makes sense. Anyway, it's awesome to see so far.

Good stuff.

pkate3 said...

Did I miss the 'distinctive' line about stance from Eliot this time or have we gotten to the point where we just know that is what he'd say? ;)

Loved the episode tonight from Sophie doing Eliot's voice to even her 'accountant' could take out the guards.

Though you did have me worried for a second or three that all the security for the company was going to be bald.

Promo for next week....don't freak me out like that and leave me hanging for a week!

JoellaBlue said...

Loved this episode. So many continuations of character beats (Eliot teaching Parker and now Sophie, the switching of jobs, the baseball slide, Eliot's "awesome" complete with facial expression [which was also in a bio food episode] ) are fantastic. I love the allusions to things in their world and ours this season.
Questions: 1) Did Eliot see the bra on the stairs? He sure looked that way for longer than a casual glance. 2) Will we get to see all the bells and whistles that are in Lucille Mach 3? BTW - why Lucille? I think of BB King's guitar - his instrument of magic. 3) How hard was it for Gina to learn Christian's syntax, accent, and tone? 4) Any idea when TNT will greenlight a 5th season? 5) Will any of the team confront Nate and Sophie (if they realize/learn about the relationship?

I can't wait to see what's up next this season. Thanks for the ride!

briddie said...

Parker's desire for her own burn vault was awesome - was that written, or did Beth ad lib that? It was so...wistful. It certainly left me wondering what Parker would put in a burn vault, especially considering her love of cold hard cash!

Suzanne said...

VerdAgra, really? LOL!

Nooch said...

So much fun stuff in this ep! Which scene was hardest for the cast to get through without cracking up? Also, Eliot is known for the "Dammit Hardison"s and Sophie got her's in this ep....will Parker ever get to do a "Dammit Hardison"?

Anonymous said...

This is why I watch this show. The 1st season is still my favorite and this felt just like what Leverage is supposed to be. Sophie doing Elliot, Parker miming bugs, and the whole morning after scene were great.

My question though is how did Nate end up downstairs, mostly dressed, looking like Sophie woke him up? And b/c it makes the scene awesome is a completely respectable answer.

Lily said...

Loved so many things about this episode, but had one overriding question: why did the company steal the potato in the first place? I get them trying to buy the patent for the potato, or trying to intimidate her into selling the patent or some such bullying, but I don't understand what they gained from stealing the potato. If it's just that they want to help the world by selling an enhanced potato (which, HA), then she should have been willing to sell because they are capable of getting it into more homes than she is. But she isn't big enough to compete with their business in any way, and yet I can't come up with a plausible motive other than that.

My question aside, this one was great. Loved the Nate and Sophie developments, loved Parker not believing that they were actually after a potato, loved the kids and Sophie making it up as she went. It was great to see Sophie really shine in her element - I mean, she actually found a mole! It was a really fun episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

SueN. said...

I adore you people. And Jen Kao is now one of my favorite Leverage writers. Please pass on my sloppy, slavish love to her.

Seriously, there is so much about this ep I love that if I tried to list, it would be a replay of the whole damn thing. I do think my absolute favorite, though, is Sophie doing Eliot. So. much. love!

And Trevor. He'll be taking over his school now, won't he?

I have to believe Eliot knows what went on in that apartment. He's not a man to miss seeing a random black bra.

Oh, and the promo for next week's ep? That was just cruel.

Sean Fagan said...

Why would anyone believe that the CEO of a large agribusiness company would be tempted by only five megabucks?

(I know, I know: people are stupid, and do stupid things.)

I'm going to presume you know enough about potato farming to know why I laughed out loud at the claim about genetically engineered seeds. (While it made the company even eviler, the woman should have responded with how ludicrous that claim was.)

PurpleOps said...

Another fun episode! While you say it's "template-y", I would say it stepped out of the template in a few ways. But that helps fuel my questions:

1. There seems to be a LOT more "on the fly" and less "planning" for the cons this year. While it can occasionally be good, a large part of the fun of watching the show is to see the plan unfold (or NOT see it and learn about it at the end). Is this just to start playing with the format, or that the tightly planned cons are harder to write?

2. Speaking of playing with the format, wasn't the discovery of a real mole a bit of a break to the restrictions to which the writers were previously held? Or does it sufficiently fit the "team succeeds too well" rule?

3. Stretching credulity was (a) sending the teacher off the way they did, (b) showing the kid all the tricks in the control room (although I suspected the payoff would be that no one would believe him), and (c) another use of utterly non-secure passwords. Corporations these days instruct their employees to use strong passwords that can't easily be guessed - or if they could, at least substituting numbers or punctuation for letters (alright, can't do that with a ten-key pad). And yes, I suppose the executives can skip some of the training. But I'd like to see Hardison vs. a strong password (or two) soon.

4. Loved the Male/Female bit for Sophie's credentials. Wasn't it lucky that the guy's pad had real-time refresh? Is luck becoming a bit too common for our heroes?

5. Interesting ending. As someone else asked, will this result in a follow-up episode? Looks like next week's is not it.

6. Even though he was great in the role, why use Mitch Pileggi for something where he's unlikely to return? He's the kind of actor we want to see again!

Enough from me. Looking forward to more - and to answers!

Anonymous said...

When they hit the farm to get the potato, it should be use of patent and/or plant patents, not copyright. The cases you're totally using as inspiration (which are a bit nuts for even an IP guy like myself); depend on both the plant patents and regular utility patent. The copyright would apply to the expression of the plant, but not the idea's in the plant. So putting in TV terms, if you had the patent you couldn't use the potato theft as it would be taking the idea. But for the copyright only the expression is protected so if you do your own version (that's not just a ripoff but it's own show like say leverage stands on its own from hustle, but Everybody loves Ivan doesn't stand on its own from Everybody loves raymond).

ChelseaNH said...

So, fast-forward ten years and Trevor's working in Hardison's crew?

Eliot's wardrobe tackle earned me a look from a cat when I kept laughing out loud.

I think the aluminum foil was flashback overkill.

FYI, I believe Fast Food Nation has some good information on what agribusiness has done to the potato.

Kylee said...

Such a great episode! One of my favorites, just because of all the improvisation and switching up roles. I also loved that Sophie got a chance to shine. She's really good. And I love how she can work a conversation to further a con, indulge her need for drama, and stick it to Nate. It's artfully passive-aggressive, and I love it. Also, who does wardrobe for you guys? I loved her blue top!

Also, this goes without saying, but how is friends with benefits going to work out for her and Nate? And does the team know what's going on? Elliot did sort of see the bra dance.

Also, for that job Sherri suggested? PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME.

NougatCat said...

Ok, so no real questions, except uncertain musing about the cat out of the bag/the team's possible vibe about Nate/Sophie... even Eliot had to notice something was up when they walked in? But gotta chime in with the others on how plain fun this ep was.

I also almost even forgot to be frustrated at the 'big bad' (props to all for good choice of subject matter there), simply because the good old classic Leverage heist and wit had me grinning so hard my cheeks hurt. :) I appreciate you guys pushing the boundaries of the show (such as last week), and the awesome things they tackle, but this kind of stuff is why I fell in love with the show in the first place. Please give the writers big praise for all the dialogue/tweaks as the con went on, and so much love for how well the cast plays it out. Christian especially had some of the best moments! Loved it!

Calla said...

John, you have wrecked me! I can't think of a job industry to work in that isn't corrupt and evil! What am I supposed to do with my life? (No, seriously, I have no idea - help me!), about this episode. It was interesting how the con kept switching runners (Nate->Sophie->Nate->Parker->Nate). The only thing I have to wonder about it the potato itself. Potato plants don't just make one potato, they make many - how can this be the ONLY potato? This potato should have, at the very least, several siblings. Also, it's unlikely that there would be only 1 mother plant - the mother plant was probably grown from cell cultures, which means that there are little potato-cell clusters multiplying like Tribbles under grown-lights somewhere. Oh well, it wouldn't have been as fun retrieving cell clusters.

I liked Parker's action sequence - not just her laser-evading acrobatics, but also her daring getaway. Did Beth try to out do Kane with her floor slide?

S.E. De Roche said...

Gah, Gold Stars all around in the writer's room for that one. It was another fantastic episode. I loved all the fantastic little beats that everyone had. A few questions:

1) That handshake that Hardison keeps doing first with Eliot and now Trevor? Written in or running ad-lib gag? Because it is rather cool.

2) I know it was probably a coincidence and the two actresses just look really similar, but Evil Wheat Scientist (Dr. Hannity?) and Jana West aren't played by the same actress right?

3) This was the beginning of Trevor's life of crime wasn't it? Though I did love Hardison trying to teach him what they were doing.

4)West is coming back for the finale isn't she? I'm sensing a possible team up of EVIL...

Vanessa (Fighting Cook) said...

Great choice with Katy Beckemeyer & Michael Patrick Connelly.
Gina looks good w/ the 80’s outfit
Dinner as a code-word, I love it!!
I like how Parker goes straight for the cereal.
The bit with the bra is one of the most hilarious things Leverage has ever done. Priceless!!
I like the new Lucille.
Great diversion with the hay.
Get funky Hardison!
“You can’t fake country.”
Nice cover Sophie!
Eliot teaching Sophie how to fight is awesome!
I love Parker teaching Hardison how to do a lift.
No one does sarcasm better than Christian Kane!
Gotta love how a retrieval specialist acquires a new outfit.
The group of kids is a nice cover, but there’s no way in hell a teacher would leave a school group unattended. Great shout out to underpaid teachers though.
I love Nate’s exchange with the kid about authority. Adorable!
Nate & Parker’s code-talk about the floor plan is cool.
I really like the new pairings in this episode. N/P, N/H, H/S, S/E
Banana/potato! LOL!
Yay for Sophie’s “Dammit Hardison!”
How did the kid get in the security room? Why did they let him stay?
Why is the guard just standing around?
Nice improv Parker!
Did Sophie get lucky with the question that broke the janitor into confessing?
I like how Sophie uses the con to take shots at Nate again.
How did Nate know that the code is six digits?
Nice slide escape by Parker. :-D
Why didn’t they just steal the whole potato?
Why the implied ‘to be continued’ with Nate’s phone and Hardison’s frantic phone call?

gwangung said...

Why the implied ‘to be continued’ with Nate’s phone and Hardison’s frantic phone call?

Because, usually, when Hardison frames somebody, it's a GOOD frame and hard to knock off.

So....who could undo a Hardison frame?

Vanessa (Fighting Cook) said...

How often does the crew take on a new client? Does the team work every day?

Famous4it said...

As much as I loved the Van Gogh Job, it was fun (and less heartbreaking!) watching some classic Leverage. Hats off to Jenn Kao, this episode had me in fits of giggles! I really enjoyed the set-up: initiating lock down, getting the crew in. It was fun having the whole team on the inside.The entire Nate/Sophie side story, very nicely done; like how they're struggling with 'casual'.I love what you guys have done with the 'romance' on the show. Not stuffing it down our throats, but just giving us enough to keep us hooked and wanting more! L I was very happy to see Mitch Pileggi, loved him in X-Files!

Best bits for me: Hardison's SNAFU (it's so much fun hearing someone say it...)'Eliot , dress the part' BAM! Sophie's Eliot accent (and his reaction!!), the real mole, and of course, the bra situation!

Anyway, loved it as always. Thanks for taking the time to read our comments.

P.S.: That promo... ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!

Famous4it said...

Oh and the end!!! Love the twist! I did not see that coming!

Tracey said...

I Loved this episode!!, joint fave of the season :D

I loving the Nate/Sophie development, it's about time for those two :D, really looking forward to their journey. One thing that intrigues us fans. Can you clarify something, did Nate/Sophie do it downstairs or upstairs. It's for a discussion about where their clothes ended up.. ;)

I loved the ending, the sweetness of Nate/Sophie and then the big wallop of WTH at the very end

LarryFleming said...

All the good comments have been made. This was a fun episode and another really fun ending.
Someone said that they had trouble "suspending disbelief" watching this one, I can say I had no trouble. This wonder team has taught me to believe in the show and what they are doing. I always feel good after watching Leverage!

Oona said...

This ep really reminded me of some of those gems from season 1 where there was so much great humor and where the character focus is super balanced and the overall feel is so light and fun. I watched it twice in the same night, and it was so crammed with good stuff, that I caught jokes the second time that I missed the first!

Sophie taking charge is so much fun, both in the con and in her relationship with Nate. If she's using this whole Sex With Extras thing as a long con to get Nate to get off the stick and man up in the relationship, that will be INSPIRED and irreverent and I will buy you a big bottle of scotch. This is the couple who started out by shooting each other, after all.

I also have to say, this show has made me a Tim Hutton fan. His performances have so much subtle detail in them, even his little throwaway lines like saying Sophie is good at what she does and his time with the client in the beginning, there are just so many little nuances in his delivery that seem very well thought out.

Not to diminish the great work all the actors are doing - they're all great, and they were all particularly entertaining in this ep.

There's really too much comedy gold to list, but on my rewatch, I really caught that Hardison is tanking the hay con and Parker's all like "I think they're buying it" trying to be supportive. Very cute. Also, Hardison teaching Trevor that they're confusing the guard and Nate hissing "Don't teach him that!"

Multiple Check Mark Trevor so needs to be part of this crew.

Anonymous said...

Loved it! Great episode.
Quick question ... why the need to "rescue" the potato, surely destroying it in the burn room (or the canteen's deep fat fryer) would have sufficed as there was clearly more than one super-spud in existence back at the farm?
Speaking of the burn room, why (if Parker had the code and the security pass) were the lazers still on?
OK, that was two quick questions ;o)
One quick request: please ... more Eliot!

evening_shadow said...

I'm adoring this season for its moments of humor scattered through out the episodes. I loved loved loved Eliot's "Is she doing me?"and "That's my girl."

I guess we know now why Nate was more "relaxed" last episode and I'm guessing we're not going to see an immediate resolution to Hot Potato's cliffhanger since it wasn't in the Van Gogh episode at all.

I echo the others' curiosity about Lucille 3.0. Is there a reason she's white this time around?

Gina said...

I was a little surprised at no mention of the Pigford case when Hardison was accused of not looking like a farmer! For a show that loves the topical references, it felt like an omission.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if Sophie's pregnant? As a consequence of their "extras"

Nikkiwah said...

Loved the ep!!! Who's idea was it for Sophie to do Eliot, was this from the writers or cast?

Jana seemed to get out of jail really fast, might she have support from a previous target that the team has gone up against?

Robin said...

Mmm... super-tuber fries.

Sophie using Eliot's accent and diction was absolutely wonderful.

Great to have the snag be of the "We've succeeded too well" variety. The team thwarted evil they didn't even know existed!

I'm a little weirded out that Lucille mark 3 is a windowless white van. Please tell me Hardison hasn't been offering candy to young children. ;-p

Loved loved loved the way Tim bashfully... stammered with his eyes, for lack of a better description, in the final scene. It was a beautiful echo of the very first Nate/Sophie interaction in the pilot.

Question: Parker felt a little off this week, not as focused on the task at hand as she usually is. Was that a deliberate choice resulting from her (over?)reliance on the team or just Parker being more Parker-y than she's been lately?

Lydia said...

One of the best episodes ever, I haven't laughed this hard since the Rashomon Job! So much comedy gold in this episode it's impossible to pick a favorite. Definitely on my top 5 list.
Amazing Leverage debut by Jen Kao, she has to have some episodes in future seasons.

Questions: 1. a) When do you find out about being renewed for S5? b) How soon after getting confirmed for a new season does the writing process start?
2. Thank you so for having Sophie say "Damn it, Hardison!" - will we ever see Hardison say it, perhaps imitating one of the team yelling at him?
3. Coincidence that the actress who played Jana West looks similar to Lisa Brenner - Dr. Hannity - in the other agriculture job?
4. It's implied that this job will be revisited... Will that happen this season?
5. Where is the filming location of the farm? Looks vaguely familiar.
6. Was it hard for Gina to learn Christian's accent and speaking rhythms?
7. So, Christian's 5'7?

RS said...

I think my favorite parts were a) how, after Eliot told Hardison you can't fake country, Sophie proceeded to do just that and b) how Sophie mimicked Eliot's eyebrow lift. This was a departure from her usual role, and it was very impressive. I totally bought her as a hardcore security expert.

Rachael said...

The box or ledger?

Anonymous said...

I assumed on first viewing that the "let's go to dinner just as friends - oops, we slept together!" scene at the top of the hour was the first time they've gotten together since the actual first time. But then they basically repeat that convo at the end of the episode, so now I'm wondering if the top of the episode conversation was itself a repeat of previous times to which we haven't been privy. Is that the takeaway?

AJ said...

er... you can't copyright a potato. you can copyright the directions on how to hybridize the potato, or how to cultivate the potato, or a painting of the potato. but the potato itself? nope.
copyright applies to original works of authorship. see

Zeyneb said...

Awesome episode - loved it. Won't repeat the bits I liked 'cause then you have to re-read it all, which we are great-full for. One of my favorite bits that has not been mentioned before is Parker's 'are there bugs' imitation, I can see why you say she is a great actress.
My question is not episode related but general. Several times now we have heard Eliot mention that it would take time to prep something. The first time I think was in the Ho Ho Ho Job and then again this season (once or twice?) Are we to assume that when we see the team break into a facility it has all been prepped and they have done extensive plans from A to M which not only Nate has been part of but the whole team? Especially Eliot since he has been the one to mention the prep times in all occasions?
And I have to mention it - the promo for next week and the sneak peek you gave us - you are just too cruel! Can't wait until the next episode.

24jg13 said...

@S.E. De Roche

first time I saw the handshake was on youtube from a video of Kane's show where Aldis was on stage with him. So I would think it was something the boys put together and have now brought into the show. I was pretty sure it was ad libbed in the episode that Eliot and Hardison did it.

Cindy said...

Like many others have mentioned, this episode felt very Leverage-y - a good thing, to be sure. And, as others have asked, did Eliot see the bra? He's the sort of guy who would totally notice - not just because it's a black lace bra hanging off a staircase right out in the open, but also because, in his specialty, he would scan every room he enters regardless of how often he's been there before.

Thanks for having Sophie drop a 'dammit Hardison,' it was perfect. And thanks again for having the burn mark on the back of Parker's jacket after her dramatic exit from the burn room.

Anonymous said...

Loved this for most of the reasons already given. Especially liked Trevor being party to the inner workings of the con. Some study recently showed that when people interact with fiction (read novels, see movies/tv), they don't envision themselves as one of the characters so much as envision themselves in the fictional world. Seeing Trevor was like a Leverage-dream-come-true. Really hope to see him again. For such a small part, he was awesome!

Ronald Ivory said...

Time for a "Leverage","Rizzoli & Isles" crossover episode. How about it?

Izzie said...

Eliot/Sophie, Nate/Parker, Hardison/Nate...Was that a reference to fanfiction? What about Parker/Eliot and Parker/Eliot/Hardison? Those are both pretty popular, too, haha!

Parker's slide out of the exploding vault...Parker channeling Eliot?

Did Eliot see that bra? And did he recognize the "distinctive" bra straps? ;D

Enderling said...

Loved the classic-Leverage kind of con-episode. But the whole 'infiltrating a agricultural company'...this episode REALLY reminds me of The Inside Job, though I guess you could've been going for that.

Also, -20C is not that cold--it will give you frostbite eventually but it's not "oh god you wandered in and you'll die soon"--most science labs have -20 walk-in freezers and we work in them without any real fear of death from exposure.

Catslyn said...

Okay, I have to ask... is the girl playing the client in this episode related to Alona Tal? She looks like they could be sisters to me and Alona was on the show after all.

Pocket Monkey Games said...

Where was this episode filmed?!

The 'campus' filming location of the headquarters for VerdAgra seems so familiar. It is somewhere near Portland, OR.

dizzykj said...

@Enderling - I thought that, so assumed that it must have been -20F!

Lydia said...

@Catslyn, Yes, I thought the same thing! She reminded me a lot of Alona.

Jen Erickson said...

The writers on this show are so very kind to respond to tweets. Thank you Writer's Room! Jenn Kao's episode brought out my research geek and I found this 60 Minutes clip on the "Doomsday Vault". Incredibly interesting, and Jenn gave me a Twitter pat on the back for my efforts. *pushes up glasses*

Get Even said...

Loved this episode. Very classic Leverage. Two question though.

Was Nate disappointed that Sophie didn't want more than a casual relationship?

Was that Sophie's subtle way of telling him to make the first move for a more than casual relationship?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that now that Parker and Hardison have their relationship, she seems to spend more time with Eliot?

Izzie said...

Me again. *waves*

I saw the newest edition of the TV Guide Magazine, and the Mary Tyler Moore and Tim Hutton article (about Ordinary People) mentioned them wanting to work together again. Tim joked that he would call the writers of Leverage to work it in...Has that happened? Could it happen? Because that would be very awesome.

Also, I forgot to mention this in my previous post: Did Chris pick out that pink tie-and-shirt combo in the last ep? If not, how did he react to the costume choice? Tough guys wear pink?

And what was up with Eliot putting on someone else's glasses? That's SO bad for your eyes (plus it gives you a headache), and he should know that, especially since he needs good eyesight in his line of work. He did it in the Rashomon episode, too. Tsk tsk. Or does he have magical readjusting powers? ;D

Becky said...

As observant as Eliot is, there is no way that he didn't see the bra hanging on the stairs.

Jeff R said...

Great show.
Love Elliot teaching Sophie how to fight. "That's my girl"
Would like to see more of this where Elliot is teaching Sophie and Parker and getting a kick out of them doing well.
Great that Elliot took out the guards so quick. Have noticed since the first couple of esp he takes longer to put them down. Understand when they are hitter like he is but how many in the world can there be?
Only disappointment was Elloit's description of DEA, etc stance. He use to always say ... "the AK-47 has a unique sound, the marines have unique fighting style, etc" But the stance was just stance not "unique".

Alan Scott said...

Kudos for coming up with a genetic engineering plot that doesn't make "Frankenfoods" the badguy.

Kris said...

That was lots of fun. Grinned like an idiot the whole time. Seemed like there were more little "side" conversations, and that they went on longer than usual, which I liked. Especially Hardison's "Don't teach people how to do that!" and later getting a similar reprimand from Nate. It was also nice to see the return of cereal.

So how DID Sophie guess about the janitor's bank account? And will we get to see Parker's taser again?

Anonymous said...

Sophie looked surprised like everybody else about the janitor. I didn't think she did know about the account or expect him to say he was a mole. They didn't want to find the mole since that meant the lockdown was over. But maybe she had some grifter spider sense at work and stumbled onto it?

I'm confused about Nate. At the end of S2, he tells Sophie on the phone that he loves her (well kinda but really he did). At the beginning of S3, he's ready to talk about the kiss and she;s not. Now in S4 he's saying he's not ready for a relationship, even nervous about just friends with xtras? That doesn't make sense. Has he really changed his mind about what he wanted or is he chickening out now that he may have a chance at it? Exactly how big of a wimp is Nate Ford with girls?

Anonymous said...

I was just rewatching the hot potato job and it made me wonder something. Where does Eliot keep his pony tail holder. After he beats up the guy in the suit and takes his cloths we see him with his hair down and then he puts it in a pony but there is no pony on his wrist which is where I always keep mine.
Also, have you seen the latest readers digest? The front page says "How safe is your water?" Shades of the three days of hunter job. And there is an article in there about how the banks will foreclose on houses that dont even have mortgages (the long way down job). Just thought is was funny that the readers digest discusses two topics you bring up in leverage.

Kylee said...

Jeff R: He was reporting on the kind of security they had. I personally think it's more impressive that he could tell because of something as subtle as a stance.

(in response to the Anonymouses above me) Nate's totally a wimp! Though I think it's kind of hilarious because he and Sophie spent so much time trying to get into the same place at the same time (or figuring themselves out so that they could get to the same place at the same time) and they finally do (friend zone) only to find that it doesn't work out for them. At all. They're adorable.

One of the things that makes Leverage such a great show is that it's relevant. It's awesome, how much people can relate to it.

Noah Brand said...

Comment of the evening from our place: "Nate is so Catholic about sex, his last STD was stigmata."

Tom Galloway said...

Little confused about a bit near the end; Elliot takes out the security types. Cut to the lobby. And we next see Elliot and Sophie pretty casually walking into the lobby. Was a scene cut explaining how they got from office to lobby without either 50 guards around them or a trail of bodies in Elliot's wake?

Jane said...

I really liked this episode, loved Sophie and Eliot doing a con together and Eliot's "throw her hips into it" comment.

Eliot does know that Nate and Sophie are sleeping together, right?

If he doesn't he's lost a lot of his credibility for me. Here's a guy who is supposed to be the greatest Retrieval Specialist and Hitter, who notices the smallest things and can tell peoples (former) profession by their hair or the shoes they wear. And yet I'm supposed to believe he doesn't notice a dress in Nate's hotelroom or a black bra hanging on some stairs in his apartment? That just doesn't ring true.

24jg13 said...

@JeffR - the word Eliot uses is distinctive.

@Jane - couldn't agree with you more. I have no doubt that Eliot knows about Sophie and Nate. He had to have seen the bra, nothing should get passed him.

Bubblegumm104 said...

I believe that Eliot knows about Nate and Sophie. I think he knew about them before they knew. The tension and the flirting have always been there so he has to have picked up on that. Unlike Parker and Hardison, he's not naive when it comes to sex and/or relationships.

Even in S1 in The Two Horse Job when Sophie was wanting to warn Eliot about messing around with Amy, he told her then that neither she or Nate had any room to talk to him about that.

He has to know. I just wonder how long it's going to be before he calls them on it.

24jg13 said...

Okay Rogers, you're killing me. First you make it look like Eliot gets shot in the preview for the Carnival Job and now I watch a sneak peek of the fight scene and oh how could you do that to Eliot and in the face too. There is no consolation in knowing you got a UFC fighter (friend of CK) to do the job.

planethalia said...

Were you going for a creepy clone look on those lawyer/muscle guys? Because that's how that felt to me! It was a nice touch, if it was intentional.

Meagan said...

Great episode once again!

1. Were you going for a "Fringe" shout out with those two security guys in the beginning? I can see ONE bald, pale guy, but TWO...I seriously yelled "The Observers" when I saw them, lol.

2. Unrelated to the episode, but I am Aldis's growing physique something the writers ever worry about? Hardison is supposed to be this almost pansy-ish, uncoordinated geek and Aldis LOOKS like he can take out as many guys as Kane.

MagzMc said...

Ok I'm a little curious about how we found Nate & Sophie in the apartment after 'Dinner'. Sophie's upstairs after getting dressed (minus bra) meanwhile Nate is asleep on the living room floor, with his jeans & shoes still on? Please tell me he didn't keep his shoes on! Also it can not be good for his back sleeping on the floor. Do they need to be super drunk each time before they sleep together?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely have to agree with everyone who says 'Eliot knows about Nate and Sophie'. Of course he does, he's Eliot! He's very good at keeping secrets [remember his "I make it my business to know where Damien Moreau is at all times" ... did the rest of the Team know about that before they needed to? no] and keeping things confidential on behalf of his "clients". As long as the situation is not compromising the Team, he's not going to say anything.

pkate3 said...

I'd think that Eliot does know about Sophie and Nate and did see the bra.
And even if he didn't see the bra, he does know something's going on there not just because of the past flirtiness etc.

The man is super observant and Nate's little awkward 'dance' to hide the bra would have made anyone know something was going on (even me who can be not as observant as I should be) me his actions practically screamed 'look at me'

Part of that old 'don't look' thing...someone acting off draws the eye. Especially when they are trying to hide something.

Oona said...

@noahbrand - that is a pretty awesome line!

It definitely wouldn't surprise me if Eliot knows about Nate and Sophie. In SLJ, Nate gives him the excuses about being up late and celebrating and Eliot laughs and says "I don't care." Which pretty much is what I would expect Eliot's attitude to be about two adults in a grown up relationship.

But even if he doesn't know, I don't think that's a knock on him or his observational skills. He's not a grifter. He's observant, but not in the same way a grifter would be. Plus, he's been with these people for years. He's probably so used to them acting crazy- because they are - that he doesn't think twice about them acting a bit odd.

And whoever said that about Hardison's physique, I agree. Not because no computer geek ever looked like that (although none of mine friends do that' for damn sure), but his guns are bigger than Kane's right now, and he's a bigger guy. Seeing him in a wife beater as the nerdy dude with limited fight skills is kind of like casting Tawny Kitaen in cutoffs as a neurosurgeon. You guys are lucky AH is such a good actor, b/c on physicality alone, that casting requires a LOT of suspension of disbelief.

Kylee said...

Can we just have the whole team know about Nate and Sophie? And then at some point, Nate and Sophie make it a big deal to tell everyone and they're all like "Yeah, I already know"?

CorruptBiggins said...

Imagine my surprise when I recognised what was used for the establishing shot of the Verd Agra complex thing. It was the hospital near to my home town: James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough in the North East of England. I know you use all sorts of stock footage, it was just weird to see some place I know in an US TV show.

Gina said...

Anon @2:42 -- I expect he'd keep the ponytail holder in a pocket. That's what I do. (I think they feel too tight around the wrist.)

Anonymous said...

Here what i found -> vision correction

GinaFan1 said...

Seemed like someone was playing the Elliot comedy instrument nicely on this one.

I agree, the teacher leaving the kids totally broke away from believability.

So Gina has hit Tim in the berries, and now Aldis. Who could be next?

Anonymous said...

To everyone that says Elliot knows about Nate and Sophie. If you rewatch the episode you will see Elliot looking at the stairs where the bra is when he sits down, Sophie notices the bra a minute or 2 later. Elliot would have to be blind not to have noticed the bra. You will also see him giving them knowing looks in the episode.

Swellsman said...

When the villain appeared and claimed the potato, the justification used was that the potato incorporated Verd Agra's intellectual property -- I presume this meant some genetic modification patented by the company (like Monsanto's Round-Up Ready rapeseed, uh, I mean canola plants.

When the client responded that the potato did not, the villain merely asked if she was willing to bet everything on that assertion. Again, I assumed the implication was that the potato may have been inadvertantly cross-pollenized by neighboring Verd Agra crops. Monsanto has brought suit against organic canola farmers where this has happened, and has succeeded in having their crops declared To have infringed Monsanto's patent rights -- even though there was no evidence that the defendant farmer had ever intentionally sought to introduce modified plants into his crops. I have seen some speculation that, given how easy it is for canola crops to cross-fertilize naturally, Monsanto may be hoping to corner the market for canola by way of patent litigation. After all, if a sizeable chunk of the canola crop cannot help but contain Monsanto-owned genetic qualities, then under some existing precedent Monsanto owns those crops.

Was this originally intended to be something touched on in the episode that simply got cut for editing reasons? After all, the villain's simple assertion that the potato contained Verd Agra's intellectual property was never explained -- nothing provided as to how that could possibly be. Or was I simply reading too much into this episode?

RevTrask said...

Great, I'm the Reverend-Come-Lately. No questions. Just (mnostly) praise.

Two weeks after it aired, I have only just seen the ep. It was:

Worth. The. Wait! Classic "Lev"! No OTT, super-hero silliness. Parker's slide outa the burn vault was so much more meaningful than Eliot's "crouching hitter, hidden hottie" slide thru the bullets and oil last season. (OK, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't write scenes that include Eliot, oil, and sliding. Just write' em... different). No maudlin sentiment re: kids. That little boy was pure evil and pure delight, lol. Like a lot of other posters, I loved Sophie doing Eliot's voice. And Hardison still can't hack a hick.

PS-Thanks for the ep. I've already seen "The Carnival Job" and laughed so hard at "Feel the Force" Eliot that I cried. But "The Hot Potato Job" was excellent.

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOD. I LOVED THIS EPISODE. The Nate and Sophie scenes, AMAZING!!! Just a few simple questions:
1)Does Elliot know about Nate and Sophie, in The San Lorenzo Job Nate and Sophie were in bed together, if he missed that, i get it. But come on, did he miss Sophie's black lace bra on Nate's stairs?
2) Nate and Sophie were acting weird when the team came in, i'm surprised nobody, especially Parker, said a word. But I could see Hardison saying something b/c in the series premiere he picked up on Nate and Sophie flirting when she said "Now this time you really are in my head." Could he have seen the bra when the camera was off him and not say anything?
3) Will Nate and Sophie's "friends w/ extras" things develop into a real relationship where we see them act like a normal couple and have pda? B/c I would strongly encourage pda w/ them, they r soooo cute together!!

Sihaya said...

I just want to know if it was mere accident that VerdAgra's potato thieves drove a Yukon.

Chelsea said...

Please please please tell me we get to see a flashback of Sophie's time on "Vixen and the Knave". PLEASE.

Owen said...

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Anonymous said...

Love this episode, but I'm starting to wonder: why is Hardison so incompetent?

Everyone except Hardison can fight, grift and lift competently by now. Sophie learned to rappel in one season, while Hardison still can't do it after three.

Is he just a really slow learner? Or is he disinclined to learn things?

Maybe it's just the people I know, but I've never known computer-science geeks to be anything but eager-to-learn and quick learners.

Roy said...

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does anyone know if they did a continueation of the hot potato job

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