Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LEVERAGE #215 "The Maltese Falcon Job" Question Post

Script Coordinator is proofing WD of #301. I'm off to sleep. I look forward to your outrage and snark. I'll combine this one with the #214 one for a double-header of fan-service. (wow, that sounded dirty)


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Calla said...

Is it true that Carrie Underwood is a huge Leverage fan and wrote "Cowboy Casanova" about Eliot?

Monica said...

Did Bennano live or die??

The Writer said...

I'm curious about the "cliffhangeriness" of this season's finale. While I don't personally think this year's ending qualifies as a cliffhanger in the truest sense of the term (though apparently Gina disagrees), I got a much stronger sense at the end of this episode that there's more coming to the story than I did at the end of the first season. Was this deliberate? I can't remember the timing, but did you know you were picked up for a third season before you finished shooting this episode? Would/did knowing you had another season coming affect how you wrapped up this one?

Sherri said...

I suspect we may end up in a debate over what constitutes a cliffhanger :). The term dates from the early days of movies and is usually traced to the old "Perils of Pauline" series of films, where one segment would end with Pauline literally hanging over a cliff (or tied to railroad tracks or some such) -- a situation that required IMMEDIATE resolution because she couldn't hang on that long or the train would arrive in a few seconds. A cliffhanger is a division between a situation/question and its resolution which must take place within the immediate future (from seconds to minutes, or at most a day).

I full expect tonight's episode (which I have not seen) to end with the crew in a painful situation that does not and CANNOT be resolved in short order -- thus, not a cliffhanger. A QUESTION, yes. A BIG question, certainly. If it ends with Nate dangling over a pit of alligators on a frayed rope where we see the strands popping one by one -- THAT would be a cliffhanger.

I'm spending the day moving throwable objects from the vicinity of the TV and planning a list of curses to scream at the appropriate moment.

LarryFleming said...

Can't talk about the show yet.
Physics blog: Statement- there are no attractive forces, only repulsive ones. Gravity doesn't pull, it pushes.

24jg13 said...

So looking forward to tonight's finale.

When will season 2 be released on DVD. I have them taped but the dvd's are so much better.When is season 3 scheduled to air?

Please say it will be by June. I am already showing signs of withdrawal.

SueN. said...


You've broken me, Rogers. You and your crew have well and truly broken me. Damn you. Damn you all to hell!

Sherri said...

@SueN -- never fear. We can spend the intervening time until next season in analysis, speculation, in-joke excavation, and assorted petty arguments. IF true desperation sets in, we can resort to mocking fan fiction.

However, I refuse to venture near the slash sites. I made a cursory search on the terms once, months ago. What I saw -- and I didn't open a single file, I just scanned the names of files -- was scarring enough. I should have just stayed away from that door. Really, I should have.

Matt said...

Gotta keep that fun train rollin' on...

Obviously no questions about the episode yet, so here's something I landed on via io9 this morning:

Where the Magic Happens (aka "The Room")

Any interesting similarities or differences between Eureka and Leverage here?

SueN. said...

@Sherri, It's still going to be a long slog. In anticipation of this dark time, I began scoping out other shows with which to amuse myself until Leverage returns, and while I've found a few that I like, I haven't found any that I love. (Glee comes closest, but I always find myself thinking that Puck grows up to be Eliot.)

There aren't any that engage me the way Leverage does, none whose characters fascinate me quite so much, none whose writing amazes me with such consistency, and none that hits all my hot spots. On some shows, I've enjoyed the characters and the way the actors portrayed them, but frequently been frustrated by formulaic writing. Or the writing was sharp and crisp and smart, but the characters did absolutely nothing for me. Leverage, however, is one-stop shopping. Or viewing.

I mean, jeez, even your minor or one-shot characters are memorable! Jack Hurley, Cora, Taggert and McSweeten, the Evil Team of Evil Leverage … the show's a veritable feast!

All of which makes me wonder … Rogers, is it sheer coincidence that the season finale falls on Ash Wednesday? I mean, you know, there's penance, and then there's penance.

And we Italian Catholics are not cut from the same cloth as you Irish ones …

Sammie323 said...

No question yet. I just like getting all the comments emailed to me :)

Thanks for another great season.

WV: orkie -- a small breed of dog who doesn't know why

Anonymous said...


While it is true that a lot of fanfiction is pure and utter waste of space, if you look there are a few that are of a higher caliber. If it's not your thing, great, but that doesn't mean that all of it is as bad as what you stumbled across.

Codger said...

You're going to combine the post-games for 214 & 251? Does that mean you're skipping post-games for 212 & 213?

Sherri said...

@ Daisy

You sound a bit offended. I've read much fan fiction in years passed, which is why I don't read it any more. What is good is rare, and what is not good is voluminous.

It may also be we have very different standards by which we judge. I, of course, like my standard and you, quite rightly, like yours.

However, my remark was based on a comment John Rogers made some posts back where someone asked him about the door Eliot cut into Nate's apartment in The Beantown Job, asking if we would ever see that door and know what was beyond. Rogers answered, (more or less) "That is the door behind which all fanfiction lies. Don't open it. Don't even go near it."

ChelseaNH said...


Repeated applications of Season 1 DVDs.

Now here's a product idea: A multi-disk DVD player, so you can load all the disks for your favorite show and then press the CONTINUOUS AUTOPLAY button.

wv: slamou - What happened to my truck yesterday. Stupid snowstorms.

Shelley said...

Just want to say,before this comments section implodes:

Thank you.

Thank you and the cast and crew for making something fun, entertaining, smart, funny, and just plain good TV.

And thank you for taking the time out of a very busy schedule to come play with us loons and answer questions, set the record straight and feed our need for Leverage goodness.

Can't wait for season three.

wv: chins ... wow an actual word, I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

Leverage is awesome. Favorite characters are Eliot and Parker. Double header sounds dirty but when done is even dirtier..lol ;) Anyway,love the way the cast plays off of each other...the comedy always makes me happy. Never have them cut Chris's hair or turn Parker into a lesbian and most importantly--BRING SOFIE BACK. Yall should have more of Kane's music playing in the background of each episode. Live long and prosper and always may the force be with you.

Teresa said...

My complaint is TNT. First they spend a week showing an ad where Sterling blackmails Nate and threatens the rest of the crew with arrest followed by Parker choking the hell out of Tara. Then today they start telling us how the FBI is involved and the team is "hiding in plain sight." I'd like to see the show as it happens, not have it spoiled beforehand.

Ed said...

Nobody passes out like Richard Kind. Kudos for working that in.

msd said...

Mr. Joshua??! You are always talking about who is the Busey is - you finally brought his best character to your story!!

Tyler said...

My question is, how awesome is Richard Kind in real life? Because every time I see him on TV he seems like he'd just be a really cool guy to hang out with.

LarryFleming said...

How hard was it to get access to that cargo ship?

Teresa said...

OMG I hate you so much right now! How could you do this to us? You start shooting Season 3 within the week, right? How many eps and when is the debut??

Barb said...

Well played sir.

Ryan said...

So I'm assuming season three is going to start off with a kick ass jail break...right? RIGHT?

Great re-introduction of Sophie by the way, but I thought Tara's departure with a little too abrupt.

Confessions of a Con Medic said...


I hate the way the episode ended.
I hate the way I felt after it.
I hate that Terra is gone
I hate that Sophie and Nate are unresolved.
I hate that Sterling didn't lose
I hate that I have to wait for summer for new episodes.
but do you know what I hate the most?
I hate that I can't hate you or this show, Or everyone that works on it,not one bit....

Thank you John!

Anonymous said...

The ending was PERFECT. 100% in character and superbly acted. I was quite pleased with it, actually.

Red said...

So much to love about this episode:
how Eliot calls Nate out on how he's slippng but E'll back him up all the way
how Parker says she wants the old Nate back
the way Parker gets her mean on
Nate calling Sophie
the Tara twist
the Sophie twist
the Nate twist at the end
great ending
damn, we have to wait till summer!?!
Thanks for making such a great show. And for answering our questions.

Sherri said...

Mr. Rogers, I love you. No, seriously. I have a collectible Guinness mirror my father left me that I will GIVE to you. I totally mean that.


1) When will new episodes start?
2) When will the DVDs be released?
3) Anyone talking about doing a book in the manner of the old Trek References -- glossy pictures, background, influences, all the cool stuff geeks like me just love to have for $29.99? (and, yes, I have most of the Trek references, including the really old ones.)

No, that was NOT a cliffhanger. Things were tidied up, things were finished, and Sophie looked BEAUTIFUL. The circles were perfectly closed, and I did lots of screaming and getting all teary (ya rat bastard, manipulating me like that!)

But, yes, we have a whole new ballgame next season. You've done a good job giving the team a new focus. I cannot WAIT.

But, dammit, I have to.

Snowy said...

Brilliant ending! Did you always have that ending in mind when you had Sophie take off? Because I loved her appearance back into fold of things.

Congrats on the season and I can't wait until summer!

Rosalyn said...

Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
The battle's done, and we kind of won,
So we sound our victory che -er.
Where do we go from here?

Vanessa said...

Brilliant and perfect yet again. My head hurts from all of the excitement, but it's a good kind of hurt. ;-)

Macie said...

Did Nate call himself a thief just to spite Sterling? Or did he just finish being in denial? If the latter is the answer, what made him realize that?

zenkitty2003 said...

I feel like I just had rough sex for an hour, and I'm just waiting for his junk to come back online to do it again.

That Was Perfect. Rogers, you gorgeous bastard. I hate you. I love you. You brought the story full circle, completed every arc, gave us closure and peace and satisfaction and HOW the heck are you going to FIX this?!

I need a drink.

Chessy said...

You own me. That was magnificent. You have made me proud to be a fan. Thank you a million times over.

I am going to rewatch the finale now, and repeatedly, until the Summer season starts.

MelodyAnne88 said...

You shot Nate!! What were you thinking!?!?

That being said I want to give EVERYONE on leverage a huge high five for that finale. And might I just say that Gina looked brilliant, radiant, beautiful, and just plain amazing. I loved the way she came back too. Real sneaky like. Loved it.

CK brought the awesome as always. I liked the countdown when he was taking everyone out. lol Who's idea was that?

And I will have to say that I will miss Tara. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning but I really did grow to like her immensely.

I don't know if I can wait till summer. What Leverage goodness are you gonna give us to satiate us?

Anonymous said...

Loved Nate's speech at the end.Him FINALLY admitting they're all family and that he's a thief...brilliant!AND THE KISS!I actually expected a choir of Angels to start singing or something.I cried when they all got on the chopper and left Nate there.You guys definetly topped Last years finale.Kudos.And how cute was Eliot,counting all the guys he knocked out?

Lins said...

Yea....ok have to say that was NOT ok. I'm half tempted to fly to Portland and crash on my cousins couch when y'all resume shooting just so I can get an idea how this plays out.
A few comments/questions regarding the episode.
I loved Nate's transformation and Sterling's utter confusion at it in the end. Complete Brilliance on that. Kudos to Dean on the way the ending was shot. Very movie like.
Yay for Mom coming back! Though I was a little confused. Was she playing Nate in the chopper when she said she couldn't hear him, did she only hear parts of it, or was that a slip in the script?
Angry Parker is made of win.
Love the tie in of the Maltese Falcon.
I can't wait for S3. I have many more question but I'll hold them back as I'm very confident you'll answer most of them in the opening episode. Thank you for a wonderful, nail biting episode.

zenkitty2003 said...

Macie: I can answer that. Nate's done being in denial. He knew who he was when he realized that his thieves were more honorable than the "good guys", and the best friends he'd ever had. He knew who he was when he knew he'd rather go down himself to free them than turn them in to save himself.

Emotions can spin you around until you lose yourself, and you can't find yourself just by thinking about yourself; you're too close to the question. You know who you are by your actions: what you will and will not do. When it came down to what Nate would or would not do regarding his thieves, that's when he knew himself.

Denita said...

I loved it and I hated it; it made me laugh, it made me shout, I had tears in my eyes several times. The writing was perfect, the actors were all awesome & I can't decide which cast member I like the most and that includes Sterling. I hope we see Tara again.

Most excellent, y'all.

The only question I have at this time is what happened to Lt. Bennano?

lisanh86 said...

The first (coherent) words I said when that ended were, "Now that was a character arc." Thank you so much for that, and I can't wait for the DVD commentary.

SueN. said...

Oh my God, I don't even know where to start! Though maybe blinking and breathing would be a start …

Rogers, I hate you and I love you and I adore the hell out of your cast and your writers. Tim Hutton tore my heart out of my chest and made me cheer like a lunatic, and Gina just stole my heart all over again. Beth was all over the scary-crazy tonight, Aldis was cool-scary (and Mr. Joshua? Beyond perfect!), and Kane … yeah, I need a cigarette after watching him and his brutal-scary perfection.

This episode was magnificent. So rich, so deep, so fraught. I knew Nate would never betray his team, but even so I was cringing. But, my God, I almost stood up and cheered when he said, "and I'm a thief." YESSS!!! I still get chills just thinking about it!

And you made me cry with the goodbye, you bastard. When Nate admitted they were his family, and with their pain so obvious … have I mentioned that I hate you? And love you?

As for any questions, eh, is Bonanno still alive?

And is it Season 3 yet???

Caitlin said...

You made me cry...hysterically...I was shouting at my cousin over the phone as she tried to recap during the commercials...

First question...IS NATE GOING TO BE OKAY?!

Second question...Did Eliot know that Nate was shot and just didn't tell the others because he knew if he did, they wouldn't leave Nate?

Third question...Was this season aired in the original order that you had intended for the episodes, or did TNT put them out of order again?

Fourth question...Did Sophie hear all of Nate's message to her, or just part of it? Cause personally, I started crying when he said that she was his compass, that was just perfect.

Fifth question...How badly did you want us hating Tara? Cause truthfully, I was hoping Parker was gonna chuck her off the building.

Sixth question...Is Sterling going to become a regular, cause I don't know if my poor heart can take it...

I think that's all the questions I can get from my brain tonight. I salute you, the actors and the rest of the crew and production team my good man. Let's keep the cons coming!!!

workworkwork said...

So much to love.
Thanks to my iTunes Season Pass I got this episode last week and we watched it over the weekend.

But we watched it again tonight -- live, because this is currently the ONLY show we watch live.

So, questions....

Was all of that hair really Gina's? I mean, I love a good thick head of hair on a woman but did it grow out that long while she was on break? Anyway, it looked great.

How does Beth make Parker both scary and adorable at the same time? That's how I felt when she confronted Tara on the rooftop.

Once again, Tim Hutton refuses to tone down his considerable acting chops just because he's 'on the TV'. And we're all all glad of it, too.

The Sophie/Nate kiss? Smoking hot. I don't ship one way or the other but both Gina and Tim totally sold it.

When are the Season 2 DVDs coming out?!?!?!? (Must. Have. NAOW!!)

"Just be the Nate Ford we came back for." And my heart grew three sizes that day.

In short, can't wait until summer.

Stefan Jones said...

I'm watching TMF now.

I really get a kick out of Richard Kind. He was great in A Serious Man, which I recommend to everyone who likes mind-benders.

The Portland locations have been more obvious lately. Like the church off of the Park Blocks standing in for Kiev.

And just now . . . PGE park, with its name undisguised, standing in for a Massachusetts ball park! And the team is The Beavers! (And I just saw a tourist with an Oregon shirt in town for the game. :-)

They're all WELL DONE stand ins, mind you. You've chosen a flexible and friendly city. I hope you'all come back for Season 3!
* * *

I've really enjoyed this half-season. The overall quality is even better than usual.

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode!!!!

Loved how Parker got all "Kill Bill" with Tara! Actually every scene those two were in together was really good. There is chemistry there. Too bad you guys didn't stick them in more scenes together through out the season.

Love how you brought Sophie back.

Love Nate sacrificing himself for the team.

Love the Tara towel scene!

Love how everyone worked together in this episode.

Okay the only questions I have are: whats with Nate being shot. I mean why? Whats the point? I mean he was giving himself up anyway. He didn't die. I guess it somehow ties into the next season?

A lot of stuff was hinted at and left open about Tara's background. For example what did Sophie do for her that she would owe her. Etc. So obviously you guys want to bring her back. Most fans (including myself) want her back. The question is will Jeri Ryan come back and will it be as a guest or for keeps? IMO she did a fabulous job with the character and won over a lot of fans. Bet there will be a "Bring Tara back" campaign now. lol

Ally said...

Is it time for Season 3 yet?

That ending was beyond awesome. I can't believe I have to wait until summer to see more.

What was the plan Nate told the team? That they were going to wipe the slate clean with the FBI files, so there was nothing to connect any of them to any crimes, and then make a break for it?

Do you expect Sterling back in 3.01or will we be fast-forwarded down the line? (Hey, a girl can ask)

Seansmoma said...

Wonderful episode! I really enjoyed it!

Will Sterling be on more often in the next season? I absolutely LOVE that character (Okay, hate him but it's all good!)

Video Beagle said...

Well one big question...why is Sterling with Interpol?

He was made a VP of a mega insurance corp....I can't imagine Interpol pays better, and as he's a self-serving bastard...I don't see him doing it so he can pursue justice.

Brooke said...

"Mr. Joshua"! BWAHAHA! Excellent Busey shout-out. And Hardison rocked the look. Hee.

Not_A_Jenny said...

Loved the slap heard 'round Crime World. And all the call backs to earlier points in the season, "took you long enough." Cheers for brilliant 2-part episode to close the season and I have no idea how to fill my Wednesdays at 10 from now until July.

Jon said...

Wonderful, simply wonderful. Mr. Rogers you have made a series where its fans care about the characters in a deep and personal fashion.

That being said I absolutely adore the writing team, Leverage is the best show on television hands down bar none. The only thing I dislike is the break between seasons I need more Leverage, and the way you ended the season had me tearing up. Thank you John Rogers and all the crew, actors and writers for delivering perfection each and every week.

SueN. said...

Oh, and I must give kudos to Jeri Ryan. I've loved Tara, and I hope to see her again. I know it can't have been easy to come into an established cast, but she made Tara a vibrant, unique and fascinating character in a very short amount of time.

Still, I didn't realize how fond I'd become of her until tonight, when I was desperately afraid she'd betrayed the team and then hugely relieved that she hadn't.

She was a great addition to the team, and I'll miss her.

Anonymous said...

So, now I can't wait to see what the S3 opener brings for the team now that Nate is in custody. I liked the little

'actually he did all the cutting'
'thank you, I appreciate it'
'well, you work hard'

between Nate and Eliot, goes to show how comfortable they are with eachother. Oh and Sophie popping up out of nowhere, that was great. Wasn't expecting her to show up. Hmm, let's see... ah Nate's 'I can feel you thinking Sterling and don't.' Loved it.

Enjoyed this season final and am anxiously awaiting Season 3. Is it true (Mr. Devlin answered questions on Live Journal so this is where it's coming from) that viewers will get to see something that actually scares Eliot? Because that would be awesome to see, oh and because I'm a poor person I just bought Season 1 (yay for Tax returns) and will we ever be seeing 'young Hardison' with the braces and all that again? You had me dying when I saw that deleted scene. Or a young Eliot? Or a young Sophie? We see plenty of Parker, and one Nate, anymore 'young thief' moments?

Thanks for a great show! It's the only thing I bother watching anymore.

marga templeton said...

spectacular in the spectacle sense of the word! also tremendous!!!

i'm sure someone will fill this in for me... did sterling not get word that sophie was 'dead' between the second david job and seeing her on the cargo ship? bc that would explain his not batting a lash when he had the whole team on the ship.

and the deal that tara made... ?

also... repeat 'that was awesome' ad infinitum. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok,what was the stuff you tied Christian's hands with?Since he had to snap them after the first 3 guys he K.O.ed,I'm guessing it wasn't real rope.Was it?

Nina May said...

for a double-header of fan-service. (wow, that sounded dirty)

@Sherri: ... does that make it canon? Maybe if we squint? :)
Gutter, mind; mind, gutter. You two may be spending some considerable time together.

Ah, finally getting to comment on the finale (thank you, iTunes, for that). I love, love, love that Nate is at peace, finally, knowing who he is. After a season (and a lifetime, basically) of defining himself by who he's not - not a thief, not a drinker, not his father, Nate is now able to define himself as he is, as he chooses to be, on his own terms.

I love that the team was fundamental to that, that knowing them was what made it possible for him to reconcile "thief" and "honourable", to identify himself fully with his thief family. I look forward to what the resolution of that conflict will bring, and I know you won't disappoint!

(By the way, it also made all the other pieces click perfectly, particularly the "living above a thief bar". Having lost the intense, but temporary, identity of grief and revenge and mess of S1, he returned to what he knew - being defined by what he was not. But the intensity of S1 identity factors meant that he was groping for equally intense identity factors, which meant moving in above his father's thief bar. He desperately needed those close to remind him of who he was, or rather, who he was not.)

And that Sterling realized that he no longer has any idea who Nate is, now that he's redefined himself, lets us know that this change is fundamental. Looks Sterling's going to have to learn how Nate thinks all over again, without a lot of those useful levers of denial and the need to prove himself. A man at peace with himself is much harder to manipulate. Glad you're keeping it interesting there. And that Sterling didn't win, didn't lose, but was willing to call it a draw? (Q1) Would you say that's essentially the same as the S1 finale?

... Or maybe I overthink everything and I'm full of crap. But that's how it read to me. And if so, fantastic arc, Rogers, beautifully done.

That Eliot recognized that getting Nate's back, all the way down, meant walking away at the end was gorgeous, as was the struggle to take that final step boarding the helicopter. Agh, I love the friendship and reliance you've developed between them. Everything it ought to be to hit that sweet spot.

(Q2) Also, Tara as an early warning system - did the team seriously not spot that? Very Sophie. And thank you for rounding it off with giving us a reappearance of Sophie's London mob persona; it's nice to see her characters having lives and continuities, not just having her say that.

(Q3) So can you tell us the title of 3.01 yet?

Wow, three questions. That must be a record for me. In short, Rogers: Well Played. You have no need for a participation trophy.

wv: poloriol. Endorphin produced while watching Leverage finales.

Moni Lyn said...

Awesome EP!!! I loved all the LW shout outs.
Mr L Getz, Mr Joshua, Eliots Countdown.

It took me a second to get the Adult movie title in the hotel room but when I remembered Independance day was Dean's film I howled.
Eliot's expression when Tara dropped the towel, when again
in the hotel room. Priceless

The Elevator scene! LMAO

Eliot and Parker confronting Nate was perfect and in the end Nate
letting everyone know how he feels about them, too good for words.

Nates calls to Sophie were heartbreaking!

UUggg but now we have to wait for summer to find out what happens next.... we need the season 2 dvd;s now so that we will have the extras and commentaries to keep us warm.

Thank you for creating a show that is so well written, acted, and produced. I don't think it can get any better yet every week you prove me wrong.

alecj said...

Unbelievable awesomeness! Leverage is one of the best shows on TV and the finale showed why. I care about every single character more than any other character on any other show on TV. The writing is blockbuster caliber and acting is amazing.

Waiting months to see how they all get back together is going to kill me.

Kudos to everyone who works on Leverage. You keep topping yourselves and i cant wait to see what you do next.


PS Is it weird i want Parker to choke me a little?

briddie said...

All the callbacks were just awesome; my favorites were the team walking in sight of Sterling, just like 2nd David and the way Nate both poured a glassful and drank from Sterling's flask - keeping the glass "for later", just like in the first season. Oh, and the callback to the image of Eliot in the leather apron.

The one part that I didn't quite get was what did Bonanno being Italian have to do with finding the ship? Yes, he wrote Maltese Falcon in English and the ship was the Italian version, but why did Eliot keep saying it looked familiar? I got really lost there.

I can't wait for Sterling's return just to see how he approaches Nate, who not only admits he's a thief but has demonstrated "honor among thieves" by making sure the team gets out. And telling them they are honorable, as well.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it. Loved Hardison's accent -- it was perfect as promised. And as to how it ended ... I think this is the most appropriate time for the gradual build up applause.

What I'd give to be a fly on the wall in "the room" ...

At least you're a man of your word: that was definitely not a cliffhanger. Great way to bring Sophie back (if that's even what she's calling herself next season).

Anonymous said...

First, may I say how much I love your show!! Beautiful balance of fun, angst and plot twists. The characters have grown and bonded, all in a very believable way. Thank you for all of the hard work.

- Parker's comment about an air duct - "Like a long metal coffin. With wind." And then that look. Was that Beth taking that dialogue and running with it or was that deliberate?

- Have Parker and Hardison finally admitted anything to one another? Or are the fanfic authors the only ones to have them make that choice? :)

- Kane's hair is gorgeous. Love the counting of bad guys. Were Eliot's hands bound with a cable tie?

- Did any of them know Nate had been shot? I think Eliot suspected something, but I'm not sure... There was the hesitation to get on the chopper - was that simply Eliot's loyalty shining through?

- Why did Nate bother to cuff himself to the rail? So he wouldn't change his mind? What was that about?

- Nate's phone calls were heartbreaking. THANK YOU for the kiss - it will help tide us over to summer. Sophie to the rescue!

"My name is Nate Ford and I am a thief." Beautiful symmetry. He looked so free when he said that - the first joy I'd seen on his face in months... Coming to terms with what he had become?

Keep up the great work!!

Hodag said...

Wonderful Ep. Gina has never looked more gorgeous and Tim is a very very lucky man with that kiss.

wv: inamp -- the noise making part of a software media player.

Hodag said...

Also, I vote for Patrick Stewart or James Nesbitt as the leader of the "Best European Team"...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double comment, but I was curious: how long before this was filmed did Gina have her baby? I noticed the strategic camera angles hiding her front for most of the episode (for all but one shot, in which her hands are in her pockets and the jacket is cut to billow out) and that just made me curious.

She looks great, though, whether this was filmed one week or two months after the baby. Or even before.

Richard Howe said...

Excellent work there, Rogers & crew. Gripping & fun. Kind of wish the Maltese Falcon connection had been more, say, literary, though I do see the connection as far as what one does for one's partners.

I must admit that I kept waiting for Nate's dad to pop up. Maybe he'll appear in what I'm sure will be "The Jailbreak Job".

Is it weird for me to be touched by Sterling's realization that his "friendship" with Nate is well & truly over?

gwangung said...

Actually, my favorite line was (I think) "She touches now?"

Becky said...

Excellent finale for a fantastic second season. Loved every minute of it.

Was it Christian's idea to do the countdown?

Cindyd1000 said...

SPLENDID! And much more like a movie than any TV episode I've ever seen. You may kiss Dean for me, as no one else I've asked in PDX would do it for me.(The fraidy cat boys)

Kudos especially to you, and particularly for the ending. It was PERFECT. Hutton was PERFECT. And you, you gave us just enough to be too ecstatic and in the throes of excitement to think about how long we have to wait to see what's next! You made me cry, Mr. Rogers. Twice. (Please don't tell the other lawyers. I've worked hard to appear a stone cold bitch and have my rep to consider.)

I also loved what you did with Sterling. It's so clear in this episode that he actually thinks he and Nate were friends before and that he truly "knows" him. Lovely touch when he realizes Nate's real identity is now something else altogether, even before Nate himself vocalizes it. Maybe even before Nate realizes it himself.

Wonderful way, wonderful episode to end a season about identity. I learned a lot about Sterling's that I didn't really see before and certainly more about Parker. I believed she would kill Tara, so either she's capable of it or, if she was bluffing, she's becoming quite the consummate bluffer.

Most importantly, while Sophie may have left to find her identity, the result was Nate discovering his. A great ending for a great new beginning! Can't wait to see where you'll take us in Season 3!

Rebecca said...


You know, it didn't occur to me how awesome the finale would have to be, since this season was just so amazing. If I'd thought about it, I would have assumed it would be on a par with the rest...which would've been more than fine. But tonight...wow.

For general feedback, Richard Kind was fabulous, as usual. But you guys have been seriously on the nose with your guest stars, every last one of them.

And fave parts were, of course, Eliot's countdown and Parker going for the throat. Plus "She was naked." The kiss. The kiss was as good as any screen kiss ever. But the slap raised it to another level. Big celebratory jumps and twirls just seeing Sophie again.

The episode was bursting with awesomeness. I can't even believe you managed to surpass yourselves so brilliantly. Again, wow.

I don't call this a cliffhanger. We know Nate's and the team are coming back in August, so I can live with his being shot and them taking off. It was all perfect season wrap up.

It usually takes a while for the questions to pop up, but for right now, I just want to know:

Will you tell us how Lt. Bennano is doing or is that part of next season?

Because if that's part of next season, it makes me wonder if S3 literally picks up almost where it left off, with the same case. Including Sterling.

Okay, that may be in the nature of a spoiler. Or not.

At first, I questioned Hardison leaving that phone within reach of the mayor, but I guess he was so upset that Parker might be in danger that it was understandable. But did you have to make the mayor also able to get his hands free? He didn't do anything more with them after that and he'd already done the damage making the phone call. Whoever tied his hands didn't have the excuse of being upset, so they should have done the job right. Did I miss something, or didn't he just wander out of his hiding place? Did he need two hands to open the door or what?

Can't wait to watch it again. And again. Can't wait to get the DVD.

Oh yeah, one more question, though I think it's been asked already. When's the S2 DVD coming out?

Oh, and to the Portland native: Don't worry, the Portland locations may be more noticeable to you, but the rest of us are not nearly familiar enough to catch them.

On that note, though, I have to admit that I never feel like the team is in MA. The closest I've come is in The Bottle Job, although that still just felt like a set to me.

In fact, really the only difference I see between this show and a theater movie is the sets/locations. The outdoor locations probably wouldn't jar as much, if I wasn't supposed to be taking them for MA, because they are always high quality scenes. And Nate's apartment doesn't feel like a set, but it also doesn't feel like Boston. But is there a reason the team has to be in Boston?

Or is it just me? Not that it matters, because the show is so excellent, that I don't really care.

Fabulous show, amazing season, perfect ending. Well deserved congratulations to everyone involved.

wv: funter = a hunter of fun, like Leverage viewers

gwangung said...
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gwangung said...

But is there a reason the team has to be in Boston?

Not anymore.

BTW...the kiss by itself would be OK, but a bit cliched. The slap added to it made it emotionally satisfying---taking the expected and tweaking it in a new direction.

Anonymous said...

Can't think of a question and I have no complaints. I'm just here to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you, and everyone else who worked on Leverage Season 2, for a great season and an amazingly awesome season finale! {Which I'm sure you'll find a way to top in Season 3, right? :)}

Was great to see Sophie/Gina in it. I guess I do have question - did she "return"? Or did you film her parts in advance? (If so, you really worked that out well!)

-Ann said...

Awesome episode as always. I didn't think I'd be sad to see Tara go, but after the last two eps, I was actually coming around on her. Would love to see her back in S3, maybe as some sort of accidental/inadvertent adversary.

1 - Does Parker totally not get how GPS/sat nav works?
2 - Who was Eliot trying to call from the ship?
3 - Exactly how much of Sterling's offer had Nate explained to the team?
4 - Was giving himself up like that Nate's Plan A or was it more like Plan M?

And I just have to second/third/whatever everyone asking about the S2 DVDs. I'm nearly done with the commentaries on the S1 DVDs and have learned so much and really enjoyed them.

redwulf25 said...


Parker is not a lesbian. She is clearly Bi.

Nikki said...

That ending was really spectacular. It was wonderful how the team's dynamic shifted subtly but instantly once Sophie arrived, you could feel everything sort of knitting back together--which Nate promptly unraveled. Really amazing how his act of sacrifice could be so personally harmonizing but also be the most divisive thing he's done yet. His team looked pissed. I guess the one thing they never expected was that the Nate who'd told them never to quit would accept defeat, much less plan for it. Really great job, such a good finale.

My questions so far are: (1) We assume that Nate will somehow get out of this mess. Will it be by his plan, the team's, or some bargain with Sterling or the feds? If you can say. (2) What happened to the mayor? Did everything effectively break the deal he had with the FBI? (3) Was that the mystery side door in Nate's apartment I saw a fed walk through?

Maya said...

I've noticed that Nate called Sophie "Soph" a few times in season 1 and now in the season finale (I was so happy to hear it again!). I was wondering if that's in the script or is it something Tim Hutton does in the moment. A bit of improvising. I think it's cute.
Am I right that Nate decided to give himself up in that moment when Sophie disconnected, when he thought she'd never come back to him and he has nothing to live for anymore?
As I saw it, she was already in a helicopter on her way to rescue Nate and the team because Tara already let her know of what was going on.
We know how Nate feels about her, that he loves her, he even nodded after almost saying it. It's better he says it to her in person anyway so she can tell him back not over the phone when she can hardly hear him, so I loved how that was done. I think this is even better, she'd come back when he really needed her even if he wouldn't say the words to her.

I adored the Nate character development (Way to go Nate! Loved that last line) and the Nate/Sophie relationship development in the finale. I'm looking forward to season 3 even more if that's possible. Sure, you gave us that smokin' hot kiss (Tim and Gina were outstanding) but it only left me wanting more from this couple. It made them more electrifying and stronger now that they've made some progress. I love how you handled Sophie coming back to the team. That was perfection. All in all, this was an outstanding season finale. This Nate/Sophie shipper thanks you. Your episodes never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

Just one question: was the Sophie-ex-machina REALLY necessary? Seriously? No other way to resolve the plot? No other way to bring her back in?

Mitchy said...

Not quiiiite a cliffhanger, maybe, but deary me, it's going to be a long hiatus!

Excellent season finale, my compliments to your cast and crew for hitting all the high notes.

I'm really, really going to miss Tara and Jeri Ryan. I'll second the comment that the departure was a bit abrupt but I get that you needed to focus on reuniting the crew with Sophie. My main question is how the heck did Tara get off the ship? The only gangway that I saw seemed to be covered by Sterling and the FBI. My current favourite guess is Sophie arranged for some ex-navy seals to sneak up in a boat on the ocean side of the ship :)

Thought this season as a whole was excellent, if a little slow to start. We had some great character development, truly outstanding guest actors and some very memorable episodes - at least three are in my top five eps ever so far. (The Bottle Job, The Two Crew Job, The Three Days of the Hunter Job).

I have to give kudos for the way you coped with Gina's departure so smoothly. It says something when the comments about the stand in character start off all "eww ick, bring Sophie back at once!!" and end up going "Awww, can we keep her?!" Please tell me a spin off is a serious option?

Really looking forward to Season 3. Thanks again for taking time to answer our questions, it's deeply appreciated!

Toni said...

WOW! Just freaking WOW! Love you guys.

I had to watch the ep over again once (or twice, OK, maybe three times) to even know if I had any questions.

Does Sterling think of himself and Nate as friends? It just seems like he wants to keep giving Nate a pass.

Apparently, Sophie heard at least some of what Nate said on the phone, cause she knew he needed her. But why didn't he hear her?

What did the mayor tell Kadjic the second time he called that made him turn on Nate? As far as the mayor knew, Nate was exactly who he was telling Kadjic he was, right?

Thanks for an awesome season and an amazingly awesome finale!

LarryFleming said...

You do a lot of infiltrating the Police and now on this episode, the FBI. I know you are not telling us trade secrets, but do you have a technical advisor connected with either service?

Anonymous said...

Great episode, but why do you have to keep shooting Nate? For added dramatic effect? That seemed totally unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

How come Eliot's phone didn't work in the cargo hold but Kadjic's did?

Fun Train only goes so far as an excuse.

Anonymous said...

This story was absolutely entertaining/thrilling/exciting AND fun! It REALLY wasn't a cliffhanger too, thanks for that!

BTW I'd like to understand a few things though:
1. Was Nate faking the blood - like Eliot was in the Bean Town Bailout?
2. Nate cut a deal with Sterling. The deal required Kadjic (hmm Albanian not Croatian lol?!) to be in the same room as those weapons for Sterling to tie Kadjic up perfectly to the crime..did that happen for Nate? They did bolt those doors securely with both the Mayor and Kadjic inside for Sterling, right?
3. I felt that Sterling was playing along with Nate's plan. All the Mayor/Kadjic evidence destroyed in a fire, really? I just felt it was to look convincing to Agent Nevins...
4. I don't think that Sterling would ever want to "share" his case wins with the FBI/other authorities in the first place, would he? Something already established about Sterling's character traits - ALL credit must his and his alone thing LOL!!
5. I would love that "ambulance team" coming for Nate to be my favorite people, who never actually flew away in that chopper - just like in the Bank Shot Job!

I'm really sad there's this break!
I'll just be doing what I did the last time - watch ALL the eps from S1 to present...like now, I just have to watch this ep again, and listen to every word that was said..
Special mention must go to Christian for his subtle but powerful presence, Eliot went wild on the cargo ship didn't he?!

Brooke said...

That was GREAT! Everyone brought their A-game.... excellent job by all. Loved Eliot counting down the guys with guns - hee, and also competence-porn Eliot figuring out the Bennano/Italian link. Loved Parker and her strong fingers and her baddassery! Loved Hardison as Mr. Joshua - heee! Tim was phenomenal. Great to see Sophie AND sad to see Tara go. Just really excellent, as we have come to expect from your finales.

Answer: Someone asked: What did the mayor tell Kadjic the second time he called that made him turn on Nate? The Mayor told Kadjic that he was alive! Nate et al had pretended that they killed him (like the cut up feds in the tub!) to seem badass.

- I got the sense that they allowed the mayor to escape on purpose, to trap him with Kadjic. But did they allow him to call Kadjic on purpose and if so, why? or was that a mistake?
- Who was Eliot trying to call?
- What was the exit strategy sans Sophie? Just Eliot beating the shit out of everyone?
- How much of Nate's telephone confession/plea/love declaration (SO well done btw) did Sophie really hear?
- Is Bennano alive?


Joan said...

@sherri for the record the quote was:
'That room is where the fanfiction comes true.
You must never look in that room. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE DOOR!'

And I'd like to point you to Rogers earlier answer about the subject:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How come Eliot's phone didn't work in the cargo hold but Kadjic's did?

Fun Train only goes so far as an excuse.

have you ever tried to use a phone on a metal ship below decks? Doesn't work very well and when it does you have to freeze and stand on one foot with your arm in the air.

Kadjic's a bad guy, their phones always work when the ones held by the good guys don't. It's the law of nature.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Sophie heard at least some of what Nate said on the phone, cause she knew he needed her. But why didn't he hear her?

What did the mayor tell Kadjic the second time he called that made him turn on Nate? As far as the mayor knew, Nate was exactly who he was telling Kadjic he was, right?
Toni said...

This is just my guess but I think Sophie got the "..Nate needs you" from Tara - who "explained" quite a bit on the (secret) set up she had with S. I heard Parker go.."so you were spying on us?" and Tara says no, but that S didn't "trust them" to call her because...they'd excuse him/his motives/behavior? I would personally like Nate to think that Nate's phone call *actually* made S come to him LOL!! That would give S a chance to ask Nate: "Oh Nate, about that phone call..what..?

Again IMO - Yes, Nate was who he stated he was. He was a dangerous man (into money laundering)AND hated to be lied too! He was with an even more dangerous man (Eliot hehehe!)there to dispose of his enemies! So, anyway...the frantic call by the Mayor was to tell Kadjic that he was alive? (H was supposed to have killed him, the "sound" was relayed thru' the phone to Kadjic.) Right after the call, Kadjic says, you killed my partner? Nate answers, you need "new partners."

Rayhne said...

I've always believed that Sterling has been trying to save Nate from himself. Now he realized he can't do that. Will we ever find out what happened between them to destroy their friendship (or was it just because Sterling chose to continue working for IYS and Blackpool?)?

- Why did Nate bother to cuff himself to the rail? So he wouldn't change his mind? What was that about?

I think he did that to keep the team from trying to rescue him.

Ally said...

Anonymous said...
Great episode, but why do you have to keep shooting Nate? For added dramatic effect? That seemed totally unnecessary.

I'm not sure Nate would have been quite as emotional and open if he hadn't been shot. It's one thing to give the team a good speech in the privacy of an airplane hangar as in the Season 1 finale, but this time they were surrounded by Sterling and a bunch of FBI guys. I'm not sure he would have laid his heart bare if he was just leaning against the railing with a smirking Sterling over his shoulder.

I think the uncertainty of being injured may have given him a sense of urgency to say not just that he wanted to get them out of the mess because he got them into it but also how important they had become to him.

Plus, there are all those hurt/comfort fanfic writers to feed. You know how Rogers loves hurt/comfort. ;)

A little side note - nice continuity detail with the red marks on the cheek from Sophie's slap and the little pool of blood beside Nate in the end. It always irritates me in other shows where a character will get seriously hurt in one scene, and in the next, it's like it never happened. May have been a no-brainer for you guys, but viewers do notice that stuff and appreciate it (or at least this one does).

Question: what was the impetus for calling this ep The Maltese Falcon Job?

Moonette said...

First of all, kudos on a great season finale. I still cannot wait for Season 3 - but I am so happy with the finale here that I can wait with bated breath for next time.

Two quick questions:

1) That ship looked awful big to be trying to leave port on it's own. Wouldn't it need a tug?

2) Can we have Season 2 on Blu-Ray please? :)

24jg13 said...

Thank you for Nate finally saying he needs Sophie and for just about saying I love you to her.

THank you for the kiss... and the slap, he so deserved that.

Thank you for Eliot taking out 14 guys single handedly.

Thank you for Parker going "Eliot" on Tara.

Thank you for making Tara one of the team and not some undercover agent trying to take the team down.

THank you for Hardison caring more about Parker than the con.

Thank you for Nate finally realizing the "thieves" were so much the better people.

Once again you wrap up the season with a complete ending and not a cliff hanger or questions. Can't wait to see how they come back together in season 3.

Question though, was that genuine concern on Sterling's part when he realized that Nate had been shot and will that change his thinking where Nate is concerned?

So once Nate testifies, he should be a free man, since they have no evidence to hold him on, right?

Will season 3 still be set in Boston, or a new place?

and finally thank you for an awesomely amazing show and for taking the time to answer our questions and comments.

Anonymous said...

That was one highly enjoyable hour of television. Bravo on a superb finale. EVERYONE was pitch perfect.

I don't know why more people are not watching Leverage. Most of the other shows pale in comparison in regards to plot, characterization, and mostly execution. Leverage is smart and so well-acted. Kudos in particular to Tim Hutton, Christian Kane, Mark Sheppard, and Gina Bellman for outstanding performances.

I raise a pint (or two) of Guiness in hour honor, Mr. Rogers.

Robin said...

How brilliant was Nate's utter inability to get beyond "I lo-" even when he knew Sophie couldn't hear him? Hutton just killed me in that moment.

LOVE angry Parker. The woman choking Tara and completely prepared to chuck her off a skyscraper is a beautiful evolution from the little girl who blew up her house to get a stuffed bunny. So brutal, and her expression reminded me of how she looked watching Eliot beat on Sterling a few weeks ago. Little sister's been learning. :)

Will Nate end up in the same jail as gun-runner Tony? Because I would never ever object to more Paul Blackthorne on my flickery screen.

A fantastic job by the entire cast and crew. Can't wait for season 3.

WV: unparma -- fake cheese

Mockette said...

Great show, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching again tonight. My question/comment is regarding the wonderful TNT Promo Department. Like you, I love how much they support the show…however the twitter post they sent out yesterday afternoon (that is no longer posted, I guess someone clued them in) containing a picture that included Sophie was beyond spoilerific. Did someone involved with the show get the Twit and make a call to get it deleted? I know I didn’t imagine it because I held my iphone up to my husband and said “they really shouldn’t have sent that out!”

Dee said...

Wow. Just wow. I think I may have taken your name in vain a time or two last night. (All in a good way, of course) Excellent ending, and it answered many of my questions from earlier. I particularly enjoyed the Nate/Eliot/Parker scene when Eliot said he always had Nate's back, and Parker told him they wanted Nate Ford back. Tara's departure did seem a bit abrupt. I guess much in the way that her entrance was. The ending left me speechless.

Two questions:
1. What was the German that Tara used when making her call?
2. Does Nate realize that Sterling's enabling his drinking (and using it against him)led to his team's vulnerability?

24jg13 said...

Though I may be in the minority, I like Chris' hair shoulder length and in layers, have that pic on my desktop. Too much hair, can't see enough of his face.

Brian said...

Perhaps a meta-question: Is there any chance you're going to be able to post the scripts to this or any other episode online? I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to take a look at the blueprints underlying such a complex and wonderful show.

And before I forget: thanks so much for all of this, the show, the Q&A's, and generally being awesome. You managed to make a fun comedy-drama-heist-thing that never talks down to the viewer and is unapologetically smart and sharp. The only downside is that it often makes me ponder the economic feasibility of becoming a professional thief...

SueN. said...

A few more reflections upon further viewing …

I love that we get a taste of just how truly dangerous Parker is. We all tend to think of Eliot as the dangerous one, the violent one, and sort of overlook Parker as just the sweet/funny/crazy girl who has a rather unnatural love of money and safes. But in this ep we saw a whole 'nother side that makes me think that, really, Parker may be even more dangerous than Eliot.

Eliot is a professional, and he is all about control and context. "I'm not gonna hit cops." "I only use violence as an appropriate response." "What I need to control is in here. Always." Eliot gets pissed, Eliot hits hard and Eliot really seems to enjoy fighting … but he doesn't seem to get off on the violence. If he has to bash heads, fine. But if there's another way, he's good with that, too.

Parker, though … She *does* seem to get off on it. The tazering, the forking, the "I want him dead. Can we make that happen?" and, in this, her absolute, stone cold willingness to drop Tara over the side of that building, without so much as blinking. (And, btw, huge props to Beth for that look on Parker's face as she grabbed Tara's throat. I shivered, and my 12YO Parker wannabe went, "Woah!")

It makes me wonder. We've heard Eliot admit that he's hurt people, and I have no doubt he's killed. Maybe not gleefully and certainly not wantonly, but I have no doubt that he can and will do it if he considers it necessary and not suffer grievous pangs of conscience afterward. But now I'm willing to bet that Parker could kill, too, and maybe even more easily, or at least without quite so much weighing of the pros and cons, than Eliot.

I'm also guessing that Eliot knows this, that Nate probably does, too, and that Hardison has absolutely no idea what he'd be getting into with her.

I have no idea if I'm anywhere near right, but, hey, it gave me something to think about during a staff meeting this morning. ;-)

Also, and totally unexpected, you made me actually feel *slightly* sorry for Sterling. He really thought he knew who Nate was, he really (I think) thought he could "save" him … and he was absolutely gut-punched by Nate's final play. When the FBI agent asked, 'Who is this guy?" and Sterling answered, "I don't know," part of me cheered, but another treacherous little part went, Awww.

You made me "awww" for Sterling, Rogers! And there are no words for how wrong that is!!!

Take a bow. You are a magnificent bastard.

zenkitty2003 said...

Nikki said: His team looked pissed. I guess the one thing they never expected was that the Nate who'd told them never to quit would accept defeat, much less plan for it.

I'm not convinced Nate saw that as a defeat, or even a surrender. I bet he feels like he won. His people are free, he's found what he's been searching for, and he even got see Sophie again (and finally kiss her!).

As Sterling says, "I got what I wanted. I won."

The team, however, is almost certainly just as pissed off at him as they are worried.

I echo the questions about the Maltese Falcon. Why was it bothering Eliot, and aside from the name of the ship being in Italian, why did it matter that Bonanno is Italian? (How is his name really spelled? I keep hearing Banana.) If I recall correctly, in the original Maltese Falcon, everybody betrays everybody else; I'm not getting the parallel.

Nate said he would turn state's evidence against Kadjic. Does that mean he can get himself a reduced sentence, or maybe just out on parole/probation? That's usually what people get in return for telling what they know, right? Or maybe Nate's already used up all his chips on this one. Also, what evidence does Nate have to give them, besides Kadjic locked into a ship with a lot of (presumably) dead guys and a stash of weapons? He set everything else on fire. Do they really have enough to convict the guy now, even with Nate's testimony?

There were so many wonderful things in this episode. The elevator sequence, starting out all frantic and ending up with both of them just saying screw it, so funny. The scene with Nate and Eliot and Parker, with them laying it out for Nate and Eliot telling him in so many words that he'd go down with him, and the look on Nate's face when Parker said "Be the guy we came back for!". Between all that, and Sterling's speech and devil's bargain in Nate's apartment, I think that's what brought Nate to his senses. Poor confused Sterling; Nate did something he never saw coming and gave Sterling his victory on his own terms; now he knows he never really knew Nate at all, and he'll never be able to confidently predict what Nate will do anymore. Dangerous angry Parker; holy crap, for a minute I really thought she would drop Tara off the roof. Eliot counting, then counting down; breaking the ties on his hands with brute strength; being so damned loyal and so mad at the same time; taking charge of the team when Nate was done; and even his near-sentient hair looked exhausted there at the end. Hardison with the giant wrench and drill driver and the scary; my, he's changed. Tara - what, now *she's* just walking off? Ha! I came around to liking her; I do hope we'll see her again. And Sophie. I thought I wasn't missing Sophie, until she came back, and I was so glad to see her! I hope she's found herself. Also, she looks so beautiful!

Will Nate be drinking next season? I can't imagine him not, frankly, but I think he won't be drinking to drown anything anymore.

But the really important question: Does the team have any MONEY left?

gwangung said...

I'm also guessing that Eliot knows this, that Nate probably does, too, and that Hardison has absolutely no idea what he'd be getting into with her.

Oh, yeah. He knows a little (he's not stupid; he's spent a lot of time with her), but he's essentially a nice guy. He's in no way prepared for her craziness.

Patrick said...

A nice finale. But Nate Ford returns for S3, doesn't he?

1) I hate and despise and hate scenes where someone finally breaks down and admits to someone else what they're feeling while the other one doesn't hear him, most often done via telephone. Now, I realize that in the end, Sophie heard enough of Nate's call, but the scene played just as cliché and really turned me off.

2) So not only do you make it a plot point that there's no reception on the ship but have the Mayor call the arms dealer in the same room where Elliot couldn't get a signal – you actually have a scene where Elliot holds his cell away from him, looking for a signal, and a guard snatches the cell and immediately calls his boss on it! Come on, how's that supposed to work?

3) Why did all the FBI agents surround and target Nate in the final shot? He was cuffed to the rail and laying on the floor, bleeding, and they treat him like he's a terrorist with a hostage.

Nice episode, but the first season finale was much better.

scooter5203249 said...


And it was no more cliffhanger than the Season 1 finale. The team got away. Nate's found himself. And I don't think he's going to do time. He's giving state's evidence and he'll have a good lawyer (maybe his dad will help him with that- Jimmy Ford must have experience with getting out of legal jams), or the team will do something to remove and destroy any evidence that Sterling has (that the team didn't already destroy), and Nate and the team will be back in business in no time.

Loved Parker talking about being stuck in an airduct, and Eliot waiting for Sophie before getting on the copter.

- Richard Kind was marvelous
- Tim was outstanding - his call to Sophie, his scene sending the team away, his admission that he's a thief
- Beth, Alec, Christian, Jeri, Gina - wow
- Congrats for a great finale and thanks to all the cast and crew

Questions -

- Does Maggie's remark to Nate in The Zanzibar Marketplace Job - (something like) "I like the man you've become; too bad you don't" - tie in with the Maltese Falcon Job ending? Nate proclaims that he's a thief because he finally likes the man he's become?

- What's with the GPS when Parker and Tara are heading to the docks?

- How come Nate is the only team member that ever gets shot? First The Bank Job, now The Maltese Falcon Job.

Patrick said...

Dee: the German was "It's Tara. Yeah, it's been a while." Even though we Germans wouldn't say "Es ist Tara", but "Hier ist Tara" (i.e.: here's Tara), that's not really a "mistake" unless Tara is supposed to *be* German instead of just speaking it.

SueN. said...

ooh, one more thing (too much coffee, maybe? *g*). Can I just say how much I loved Tara calling Eliot "Sparky"? I mean, seriously, who else would dare?

And how hard is Hardison gonna ride him for that? ;-)

No, really, I'm done.

Maybe …

David Hunt said...

4 - Was giving himself up like that Nate's Plan A or was it more like Plan M?

Based on what I'd seen the answer to that is "no." To be more precise, plans are sets of actions you map out to achieve a set goal. I'd say that Nate's goal was always to put Sterling in the position where Nate could force Sterling to accept his sacrifice. Or to put it another way, I don't think Nate had any plan that didn't include some variation of Nate getting arrested to save the team.

Anonymous said...

I hate you.

I was enjoying hating Stirling, and now I can't.

I was enjoying hating Tara, and now she's gone.

Mostly, I was enjoying watching this show each week, and now I have to wait for months.

BTW, Evil Parker was awesome.

One question: was this originally written to be a two hour finale? It felt a little choppy in places, like big chunks had been cut out.

Terence Chua said...

Although of course I am happily and eagerly awaiting Season 3, even if the series wasn't renewed, this would have been a more than worthy finale.

"My name's Nate Ford... and I am a thief." The music swells, the guns pointed at him lying on the deck bleeding, the camera rising high into the air. A perfect noir ending. Kudos, Mr Rogers.

Cameron Hughes said...

That was badass, John. Who do I bribe to get Hutton an Emmy nomination?

In all seriousness, when Jeri Ryan said the team was too willing to forgive Nate on things in a way Sophie didn't, does that mean his drinking? Does she know he's drinking?

Let me know if you want to do another Rap Sheet interview, dude.

Ildewild said...

People have asked who Eliot was calling...I believe he was placing the call on behalf of Nate, to let Sterling know that the bad guy and the guns were now both on the boat. That was the idea, to tie them together.

Or at least Eliot was *trying* to call. For those asking about how the bad guy could get through and Eliot couldn't, I can't speak to using cell phones on a freighter. But I do know that while my significant other and I both have cell phone service through the same provider, it's pretty common for one of us to get a signal in a place while the other can't.

PhantomMinuet said...

Nate and Sophie? That was some good kissing, right there. We should have more of that on Leverage. :-)

A very interesting episode. I find that I like it better the more I think about it.

And a question...while I know that Sterling has to be back in the third season to resolve this season-ender, would you consider writing Mark his own Sterling series, because I love his character in a way that isn't entirely seemly.

Anonymous said...

Gawd when will I learn, with your show I always "find" or come across something I missed the first time. In this case apologies for thinking Nate faked being injured! I just caught the moment Nate got shot. He was locking the door on the other side when Kadjic opened fire through the door.
Eliot says "Geek spiral" to Hardison?! I just love your script!!
I'd like to confirm something. The connection between Lt Bonanno being Italian and the ship was...Kadjic's cargo ship was the only one registered at the dock with the Italian version of The Maltese Falcon name? Which was spelt in English form on the Lt's note? Why did Eliot in The Three Strikes Job say it meant something then?
Actually none of these minor things mattered much to me! Honestly, I think the episodes were hugely entertaining and worth repeated watching!
Thank you!

ita said...

Thank you for so much in this episode, not least of all Sophie slapping Nate. Boy, was that long coming.

I get that we got little steps of Parker/Hardison throughout the season, of them spending time together and his overweening concern for her and her appreciation of Lucille and the costumes, and them having money retrieval hijinx together.


Yes, I'm a shameless shipper. They're my favourite on TV.

ChelseaNH said...

Woo hoo! New Hampshire earns a passing mention! Although transporting the mayor to Nashua would just *barely* qualify as an interstate crime...

So, Nate and Eliot are on the ship and Nate opens the bag of money and we cut to commercial and I look at the clock and think, "Wait, it's only 10:30? I get another 30 minutes? Wheeeee!"

Now, that being said, I offer the following observations not for the purpose of derailing the fun train, but to help you calibrate your audience's sensitivities.

The team knew that they were destroying the evidence against Kadjic; they had to look up the case. Why would they agree to do that? Or, more specifically, why would they think it was necessary? Other than making Sterling look bad, which might be motive enough.

Also, since legal procedurals have been around for decades, we're pretty well aware that there's never just a single copy of the evidence. Sure, there's a single item with a fingerprint on it (although I doubt Kadjic's case was built on that kind of physical evidence) but there are always lab reports and photographs. So the twist of having the team destroy all of the evidence against Kadjic so that Nate has leverage (heh) with Sterling is -- a stretch. Although it did take me until this morning to realize it.

Gotta go to a meeting now, so my other observation will have to wait.

Nina May said...

@SueN.: Tara calling Eliot "Sparky"? I mean, seriously, who else would dare?

IIRC, Parker did. Who of course would dare.

12-Step Job: "I love apples, they're my favourite fruit."
"Good for you, sparky."
I remember this because it immediately preceeds possibly my favourite line of the series so far (in a herd of great lines): "I PUT A RAZORBLADE IN THAT APPLE."

Nina May said...

@ChelseaNH: Why would they agree to do that? Or, more specifically, why would they think it was necessary?

It included photos and other evidence of the team being involved with the mayor, which is all the reason they'd need to destroy it. I don't watch procedurals, so I don't know about copies and such, but the evidence is only a day or two old at the most. I could buy that it hadn't had time to be processed or copied yet.

totaltvaddict said...

A lot of my questions are asked above (like who was Eliot calling? Sterling?), but I did have a couple.

At the end, who was Nate saying "Get them out of here" to? Eliot? Sterling? Sophie?

Why couldn't mayor and gunrunner go out/shoot out the windows in the bridge to escape? (I think some were even open...am I looking behind the curtain too much?)

Was Hardison leaving the mayor alone (with his phone) part of the con to get him reunited? I'm not sure Nate being almost shot without Eliot nearby was part of the plan.

Despite my nitpicks, I thought the ep was full of great things. Eliot's countdown. Everything Ford and Sterling. Parker and Tara. Hardison wrapped up in Parker's gear. Sophie reveal. Paul Blackthorne and Richard Kind.

Gah, wait until SUMMER?!

Joe Helfrich said...

Nice touch how, at the end, it was Sterling who took the alcohol away from Nate, which no one else would do.

Just how pregnant was Gina during this shoot? I lost count of the tricks they used to block her body.

Excellent trick keeping Sophie moving all season, so that when Nate called her and she was already traveling, it didn't set off alarm bells.

Doesn't Sophie realize that this is the plan he came up with when he thought she wasn't coming?

Why didn't Nate just give the barkeep he considers family a key and instructions to go collect important items from the apartment if he's out of touch for two weeks? (Yes, I know, because you needed a way for Sterling to nab him, and it helped humanize Nate right before you tried to make us think that he was going to throw the team under the bus. But still.)

msd said...

John Rogers, that finale was just brilliant! It was exciting, funny, frustrating and a little heartbreaking. Again, I salute you sir! I also could see parts that you did probably just to amuse yourself but the effect was excellent. Each to their own – I think I liked the S2 finale even better than S1.

• “Indie Panties Day” had to provide your director with a giggle or two.
• Here is my opinion on why Eliot’s phone wouldn’t work, in the ships hold, and it did for Kradjic – different cell phone providers. Hey – it happens where I live, you use one provder and you get coverage, you use another and you don’t. That and the previously mentioned theory that the bad guy’s phone always works when you don’t want it to.
• Beginning and ending the season with Sophie playing Annie Kroy – really cool.
• The Sophie and Nate moments were wonderful. We waited for the kiss and it was worth waiting for – even if it eventually ended in a slap.
• I can see why Christian ended up doing fight scenes until dawn – 13 people to take out is going to take some time!
• I really have enjoyed the relationship arc between Nate and Eliot. Nate putting Eliot in charge of getting everyone on the helicopter and the hesitation before Eliot climbed in was great.
• Okay, maybe Sterling didn’t lose but he also didn’t win the way he wanted to. He wanted the team. He wanted to be the brilliant Interpol agent on his first job (and they send him out alone?) and really that didn’t happen.

Nitpicking or questions:
• Will Nate end up as Lt. Bonano’s roommate in the hospital?
• Hardison knows Eliot’s account numbers? This is the same Eliot who wouldn’t tell Parker or Sophie what he did with the money but Hardison knows his account numbers? WOW. And the money they needed was for the money in the bag or what? I think I missed something there.
• Would the FBI/Interpol really put a protected witness in a hotel room and not be in the adjoining room? I’m just saying...but I am willing to ride the fun train.

All in all just a spectacular episode.....I hate to wish time away but is it July yet?

Nikki said...

@zenkitty2003 I'm not convinced Nate saw that as a defeat, or even a surrender. I bet he feels like he won.

You're probably right, I'm thinking from the perspective of the team.

Brooke said...

2) So not only do you make it a plot point that there's no reception on the ship but have the Mayor call the arms dealer in the same room where Elliot couldn't get a signal – you actually have a scene where Elliot holds his cell away from him, looking for a signal, and a guard snatches the cell and immediately calls his boss on it! Come on, how's that supposed to work? As others have pointed out, it's very common that some cell providers get service where others do not- so I don't have a problem with E not getting a signal even though the arms dealer did. As to your second point - the guard did not use Eliot's phone to call his boss, he used his own. Note - different phones & he hits speed dial.

Someone (Puspa?) was asking how Eliot tied the Maltese Falcon thing together to know which ship to go to. My take is this: The name of the ship was 'The Maltese Falcon' in Italian. Bennano made a note to himself, calling the ship 'The Maltese Falcon' (in English). I believe that Eliot figured that an Italian-speaker would unthinkingly translate to English when making his note... whereas a non-Italian speaker would just copy down the (Italian) name of the boat verbatim. So when he saw the boat's Italian name and remembered that Bennano is Italian, he made a good guess that that was the right boat. Did that make sense?

Rayhne said...

Whether anyone likes it or not, Sterling is now a law enforcement officer and he is trying to put away criminals, to follow the law, to do things legally. He hasn't broken the law and I get tired of people talking about Eliot beating or killing him. Sterling hasn't done anything wrong! Yes, folks love to hate him but he's doing the same thing that cop who was shot, those two bumbling FBI agents, and that lady FBI agent are doing and Eliot never threatens them nor do people talk about how Eliot should beat them up. If you don't think Bennano wouldn't arrest Nate in a second, think again. Would people start saying Eliot should kill him if he did?

I'd also like to point out that Sterling acts the way the team expects him to act and he treats them like they treat him.

Nate destroyed the evidence to put the bad guys away. He is the only way now to put them away. If the team rescues him or he doesn't testify, then the bad guys get away with gun-running and shooting a police officer. Does that still make him a good guy?

ChelseaNH said...

Me: Why did the team go along with destroying the evidence against Kadjic?

Nina May: It included photos and other evidence of the team being involved with the mayor, which is all the reason they'd need to destroy it.

There are two batches of evidence: the stuff in the box that they burned and the stuff on the servers that Hardison deleted. My impression is that the surveillance was on the server, and the boxed stuff was what Sterling had brought with him from Interpol. So the stuff in the box didn't have any references to the team, so they weren't obligated to get rid of it to cover themselves, so why go to the extra risk to destroy it?

But the stuff on the server brings me to my other observation, which is something that has long bugged me about deleting evidence off servers; to wit: backups. (This was also an issue in The Top Hat Job.) I don't know if writers don't know about backups or if they ignore them because it complicates matters in a non-cinematic way, but for that kind of information, you're not going to have a single point of failure or a single point of deletion.

If you're geeky enough, you can argue that the entities involved had redundant off-site servers which Hardison was able to access at the same time (so, multiple deletions with a single action point). That would be logical in the case of the FBI, which has to be able to continue business if some disgruntled party happened to blow up their offices somewhere. The errant food company would be more likely to backup corporate management info (like memos) to external storage and send the occasional (usually weekly) set of media to off-site storage.

Which means, if you want to steal data from a company, you could steal their backups instead of hacking the system. (Kind of what Eliot wound up doing with the surveillance tapes in The Wedding Job, only with slightly more up-to-date storage media.) And since a disgruntled Hardison is fun to watch, maybe you could try that sometime.

wv: coness - Jane Curtin's role in The Coneheads

Anonymous said...

zenkitty2003 said...
I feel like I just had rough sex for an hour, and I'm just waiting for his junk to come back online to do it again.

Quoting this because: a) it's true; b) it's awesome.

LURVED it. LURVED it. The looks on Sterling's face in the elevator. Eliot the good soldier herding the troops into the chopper but delaying just a bit before getting in himself. Nate and Sophie's kiss which was equal parts tender and smoldery (is that a word?). And the slap. Clearly, there will still be some complications between these two next season. Hardison with the "torture".

And the last scene was beautiful -Nate laughing after he says out loud that he's a thief and looking happy and peaceful as he was lying there looking up at the helicopter. Nate is usually so keyed up or brooding. He was relaxed for the first time in two seasons. Or maybe just losing a lot of blood, but I'm going with the "man at peace" theory. TH rocked it.

Nate does seem to get his ass kicked the most, but I can live with it as long as it's spaced out and doesn't start to get all about the angst. You know - the lead clinging to life while the supporting players wring their hands in the waiting room. In fact, I don't want to see any of the characters in that kind of peril. Too many good shows get bogged down in that crap. I'm sure we'll have about 50 fanfics on that topic in the next two weeks. I don't need to see it on my TV.

I am a total Eliot fangirl but the hair is a problem. Both people I've introduced to the show are driven to distraction by it. When hair gets to be worthy of separate billing, it's time to rethink the 'do' people!

Questions - sorry if they've been asked, I tried to review most of the other posts:
- What would be the charges against Nate at this point, if the evidence was all destroyed?
- Will the rest of the team have to scatter now or will they hunker down together somewhere?

medrawt said...

Haven't had a chance to rewatch the episode, so maybe the blocking or dialogue could confirm this, but:

When Nate is giving himself up, Eliot says something to the effect that the chopper is just x yards away, and "I can take them." While we've just seen Eliot neutralize 13 armed guards (well, we didn't get to see all 13!), that was one/two at a time, in close quarters where he could use surprise. Although the secondary wave of FBI types hasn't shown up yet, they're out in the open, there's multiple law enforcement types with weapons drawn arrayed around our team.

I have a hard time imagining that even Eliot, in the universe of this show, could plausibly disable all those people without getting himself or someone else on the team shot. (Maybe if he took a hostage? But that turns into another stream of questions, right?) On the other hand, I could imagine that Eliot could disarm one of the agents and then, if necessary, shoot the rest with minimal risk that anyone on the team gets seriously hurt (of course, he doesn't know that Nate's already hit). But that would be an incredibly dark, crossing-multiple-personal-boundaries sort of thing for Eliot to do.

So am I misreading the situation? Or is Eliot meant to actually be skilled/superhuman enough for scenario 1, or desperate/intent enough for scenario 2?

gwangung said...

- What would be the charges against Nate at this point, if the evidence was all destroyed?

Well, obstruction of justice and evidence tampering for sure, as well as burglary and improper access to federal records....

PhantomMinuet said...

medrawt, I go with Scenario 1, Eliot is supposed to be superhuman. :-) However, he has shown a reluctance in the past to hurt cops, and the FBI agents are obviously cops.

lark8girl said...

First - Bravo - excellent show from so many angles!! All of the characters had such great parts in this.

"When Nate is giving himself up, Eliot says something to the effect that the chopper is just x yards away, and "I can take them.""

I saw this as Eliot in denial grabbing at straws.

"Whether anyone likes it or not, Sterling is now a law enforcement officer and he is trying to put away criminals, to follow the law, to do things legally."

EXACTLY! And I have to say that in this episode they've done an exceptional job with Sterling's character. Not a cartoon character of good or bad but showing the nuances of him doing his job, remembering his old friend/trying to "help" him and maybe seeing the new Nate. Well played!

Andrew Cunningham said...

Argh, tried to watch on Netflix, and the episode cut off halfway through. Somehow they only got half the episode streaming. Called and reported the issue, so hopefully it'll get straightened out, but damn frustrating nonetheless.

medrawt said...

PhantomMinuet -

I feel like in last season's finale (which I haven't seen in quite some time) Eliot acknowledged that even he couldn't take out multiple guys, guns drawn, who were spread out around him enough that he couldn't fight more than one at a time. (That's why they needed the "What would Hardison do?" coolness with the earbud frequencies.)

Also want to second the appreciation for the representation that, really, Sterling's more or less in the right. The Leverage team's moral authority hangs entirely from some pretty thin threads, and there's no reason Sterling - or Bonanno, for that matter - should be obliged to respect the commission of crime for a good cause, anymore than we or they would respect a cop who knowingly framed a man they "knew" to be guilty. (That is, we trust the team to be perfect in intention and as close as possible to perfect in information, although they were going out of their way to take down the wrong guy in the Zanzibar Marketplace Job; a cop has no reason to have the same trust in a bunch of people who until recently did very bad things for money.)

Elise said...

Why? Why? Why?
Why is this episode not on TNT's website?
Why is the version on Netflix only 26 minutes long?
Why do you hate online viewers?!?!
I would greatly appreciate it if I could watch my favorite show online legally. kthxbye.

SH said...

So was Parker trying to mess with Tara or having a happy flashback to the time she buried herself alive with the steel coffin line?

"Apparently, Sophie heard at least some of what Nate said on the phone, cause she knew he needed her. But why didn't he hear her?"

I don't think she heard him at all; she was already on her way at the time. Nate did leave her a metric assload of messages at the start of first part, which should've clued her in even if she didn't have Tara keeping tabs on things.

Rayhne said...

Why did the team go along with destroying the evidence against Kadjic?

I think it has something to do with the team happily screwing over Sterling and no other reason, since I can't think of another reason to do it. Never mind that the evidence was needed to put the bad guys away and with it destroyed, there would have been no way to convict them.

Rayhne said...

Uhm .... now a question. How many takes did it take to do the elevator sequence? And did Mark just ad-lib the expressions and body language?

Mo said...

Did anyone else think of Sesame Street when Eliot was counting down? Would someone do a mash-up? Pretty please?

Nina May said...

@medrawt: I feel like in last season's finale (which I haven't seen in quite some time) Eliot acknowledged that even he couldn't take out multiple guys, guns drawn, who were spread out around him enough that he couldn't fight more than one at a time.

Well, Nate was making the point that his broken rib and such was the main factor in his own assessment that Eliot couldn't deal with them all. We've seen that Eliot most certainly can deal with multiple shooters, ie the flashback in the pilot (although the exaggerated nature of that always made me think we weren't supposed to entirely know if that was a real event or a rumour of an event). And Eliot's response of "Four guys?... Six guys?" and his little shrug after Nate mentions his busted-up condition always seemed like he at least thought he probably could. Like, Maybe, mabye not. Let's find out.

And we could speculate that he's been coaching the others in what to do to stay out of his way/as safe as possible in these kinds of situations, where he needs to do his thing. The rest of the team aren't useless, and in various ways are good at taking care of themselves. (I'd be most worried for Hardison, what with not having any injured to fight.) Which reminds me, did anyone ask if he noticed Nate was shot? Of all the team, he'd be the one most likely to pick up on it, I think.

And put me on record as having no idea how the evidence whatsit works. Don't know, don't (entirely) care. I can see how it would bounce some people, though. I tend to view Hardison as the fix-all guy for electronic data manipulation, whether its possible or not, because I'm entirely happy with that being the way Show portrays him.

Nina May said...

Ergh, not proof-reading. Clarifying: Did Eliot notice Nate was shot? I am not saying that Hardison would be the most likely to notice Nate injured. Even if it did mean he could then beat him up.

ita said...

@Nina May

Eliot paused and looked back after Nate collapsed, so it seems probable that he knows something's up. Also, the helicopter hovered over the scene, so maybe they all know.

Sigrún Dóra said...

Absolutely brilliant! Awesome season. Three questions:
1) will Jeri Ryan be back?
2) will we see more of the awesomeness that is Stirling?
3) when will S3 be on telly?

please tell the cast and crew they did a fantastic job on this season. oh and a pretty nice first day back for Gina ;)

Joan said...

@Patrick The phone the quard called with was a different phone, not Eliot's, and the call the guard made was meant to show that there now was a signal.

And I thought Eliot had to make that call to make sure they couldn't leave by shutting down the 'electronics in the engine system'. They did something similar before in the Season 1 finale.

Also they destroyed the evidence because a lot of it was against the team.
That's also why Nate needed to be sure that Kadjic and the weapons were on the 'Maltese Falcone' so they could pin the arms dealing on him. And I think that the mayor also has plenty to say about Kadjic involvement.

Rayhne said...

Also they destroyed the evidence because a lot of it was against the team.

Yes, I realize that but if the plan had failed then the bad guys would get away. So the team obviously believe their freedom is more important then bringing down the bad guys.

We need a discussion forum.

Nina May said...


Oh, definitely. I meant before he agreed to get the rest of them off the boat and leave Nate to Sterling, and so on. So further clarification: did Eliot know Nate was injured, and if so, when did he spot it?

Anonymous said...

@ medrawt

but remember Eliot had a concussion and a couple of broken ribs back than....

Idlewild said...

Just a tremendously enjoyable episode, on many levels. We got all the great lines and moments (like Nate, Sterling, and the elevator which was tears-inducing hysterical). But we also got, I felt, a very satisfying resolution to Nate's story this season. Crazy thing to say about a guy who was *shot* and *handcuffed* at the end, but there was a sense of peace about Nate. He was in trouble, but he'd also figured out some important things. The last line: "I'm Nate Ford and I'm a thief" was just awesome.

So was Tim Hutton. Bravo.

Very sorry to see Jeri Ryan go, and I do hope we get to see her again, and learn more of her story. At the same time, very glad to have Sophie back! I didn't realize how much I'd missed her until she popped up behind Nate!

There's more I wanted to say, especially about the development of the Sterling character but...I have to go.

Thanks to everyone, and congrats!

Raligh said...

Did anyone else think of Sesame Street when Eliot was counting down?

You mean like: "THIRTEEN! Thirteen gun-toting thugs! Aah-hah-hah!"

Thanks for that mental image!

On topic:


I've been trying to collect my thoughts enough to form questions/make coherent comments.

What I have so far:

1) Did the excessive talk about Christian's distinctive hair (and its potential [in]appropriateness for the character) play a part in the scene where Sterling is able to identify Eliot from the back of the head - out of the corner of his eye - while the elevator door is closing?

2) I loved Sterling's arrival being heralded by his own recognizable musical cue, ala Darth Vader. However, I got to thinking - is that particular cue actually more of a "oh dear, here comes trouble" score and I only assume it is for Sterling personally because his appearance is so closely associated with that emotion?

3) THANK you for bringing Sophie back as Annie Croy. (Kroy? Croi? Croix?) That is my very favorite of her personas (probably followed by Olivia Smythe-Patel and Michelle the French Rave Girl). Question: Will Miss Croy make another reappearance? I'd love it if some of the team's roles became characters in their right. Kind of like Sam Axe's ubiquitous Chuck Finley.

4) As with most other viewers, I'm fairly certain that Nate never intended to turn on the team. (Maybe thought about it for a moment, but not seriously) However, with the FBI showing up and Sterling applauding and being all hail-fellow-well-met towards Nate - did any of the TEAM think that Nate had betrayed them? Their body language seemed to indicate they were curious, but not suspicious. Which says a lot about their trust in him and the team and how far they've come from the pilot. ("You're the only one who's played both sides")

However, that recollection is based on my single initial viewing... and I was a little on edge on the time! Easily could have missed something

Once again, THANK YOU for such an awesome show. And please pass on our gratitude and congratulations to all the cast and crew.

P.S. Oh yeah, another question: Any idea on when we can expect a Season Four announcement? =)

Nina May said...

@Rayhne: We need a discussion forum.


(Which I normally never say, being in complete agreement with J. Jacques. But that's how much I agree.)

I'm totally serious. Even if someone set up a blog or something. We can't keep overrunning Rogers' place with all this esoteric speculation and discussion. Unless he keeps providing random posts for us to comment on, like during the wait for S3.

Joan said...

@Rayhne Yes when it comes down to it the team is most important. Their safety comes first, the bad guys getting caught is a bonus.

They are a family, and I can't wait to find out how they plan to free Nate :)

Dee said...

Patrick- thanks for the translation help. I speak enough that I usually catch what is said, but for some reason it went by too fast for me last night.

Another question: Why the need for 'all' of Nate's money to make the plan work?

Nina May said...

Gah, so apparently I can't html link. Either I'm wrong or the site is. Probably me.


wv: ciashari. A catch-all term for the religious law of the assorted alphabet-soup agencies, but particularly the CIA.

Denita said...

msd said...

• Hardison knows Eliot’s account numbers? This is the same Eliot who wouldn’t tell Parker or Sophie what he did with the money but Hardison knows his account numbers? WOW.

It wasn't Eliot's accounts that Hardison has access to; it's Nathan's.

Graeme McMillan said...

@Matt - It's very weird seeing something I posted linked somewhere I don't expect it. But yes! I want to know all about the Leverage writers' room as well. Please.

@EveryoneElseButReallyMrRogers - No cliffhanger my ass. YOU LEFT NATE BLEEDING TO DEATH AND ARRESTED WHILE EVERYONE ELSE FLEW OFF EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN'T WANT TO! Not a complaint, though; it was a great episode. But I'm with everyone who wants the next season to somehow be ready to show, uh, now thankyouverymuch. It'll be a long wait until the summer season.

But because I should probably ask a question: How much do I need to beg before someone would seriously consider some Leverage comics? I mean, Boom! would probably happily welcome the possibility, right...?

scooter5203249 said...

ChelseaNH said...
"Woo hoo! New Hampshire earns a passing mention! Although transporting the mayor to Nashua would just *barely* qualify as an interstate crime..."

YES! I loved hearing the NH mention. The team really should come north of the border for a visit next season. Lots of swell places for them to hide out should the need arise. And I can think of some situations here that could use a little Leverage.

Anonymous said...

Nina May said...

@Rayhne: We need a discussion forum.


(Which I normally never say, being in complete agreement with J. Jacques. But that's how much I agree.)

I'm totally serious. Even if someone set up a blog or something. We can't keep overrunning Rogers' place with all this esoteric speculation and discussion. Unless he keeps providing random posts for us to comment on, like during the wait for S3.

There is a forum for Leverage on TNT and there is one on IMDB, too.

Wv: gatede - a stampede going through turnstiles

Kate said...

Is Nate's cover in the season finale, Lional Git, derived from the very enlgish 'lying old git'? I had to laugh in one of the scenes in 'The Three Strikes Job' as it sounded like Nate actually answers the phone as such. By the way, I'm not calling Nate old! I'm just calling 'em as I hear 'em.

Thank you so much for another ace season of Leverage. The ending, which apparently wasn't a cliffhanger, but pretty much left Nate hanging to the edge of a cliff (or a boat in this case) kind of broke me. There were tears, damn it! That was just plain mean and I loved it! LOL! I guess Nate's family of lovable theives, grifters, hackers, and hitters is just going to have to figure out how to go steal a Nate.

I can't wait for Season 3 but first I can't wait for CON-con.

msd said...

@Denita - Thanks for clarifying that point for me. Apparently I lost track of the conversation! I did wonder why Nate told Hardison to just go ahead when I thought it wasn't Nate's money.

Makes sense to me now.

wv: bastrid - Sterling??

Chanie said...

So we don't have cable and we get Leverage through Netflix Instant queue. Only HALF the episode downloaded - it cut off right as Tara and Parker were going off the roof. NOT COOL. Could someone please speak to Netflix about this?

Quinnell said...

This epsode was awesome, better than last year's final because everyone had a significant part to play. A fact made even more impressive because of the extra team member.

Loved everything especially the whole sequence in the hotel, Parker's 'be Nate Ford', Eliot's countdown and Sophie's return.

Nate getting caught is bad but I thought it was a beautiful ending. 'My name is Nate Ford and I'm a thief' is the perfect line to end the season.


I thought Gina was beautiful during this one. Loved all the tricks that were used to mask her pregnancy. When Sophie walked past Eliot and Hardison on the ship was that her or a body double?

Parker and Tara driving over the bridge. Were they actually driving or was that green screen? I couldn't tell and it's usually pretty easy to spot. And related to that why is it so hard to make 'fake' driving look convincing?

Was there more filmed of Eliot's countdown (nr 10 to 2)? It would be a great DVD extra if there was.

Brouke said...

First, FANTASTIC finale. It had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. (I also moved closer to the TV while I watched it. Lol). I'm very excited for season 3.

My question is about Nate and Sophie's phone call. Could they hear each other or not? Because Sophie mentions the call later in the ep., but during the call she complains about the noise from the helicopter and the reception. And Nate is really pissed when she hangs up/signal is dropped.

Did it go something like this?
Nate: Oh, Sophie can't hear me, so I can get out all my feelings without actually getting them out.

Sophie: Oh, Nate is saying a lot of things I'm not ready for at the moment, so I'm just going to pretend I can't hear him.

Also, do you know if there will be commentaries on each season 2 ep. on the DVD? Or if not, which eps. will have commentaries? (Sorry this is so long).

GinaFan said...

Ack! Netflix for Maltese Falcon Job only has 23 minutes of the episode. There should at least be 43 minutes.

Now that's a cliff hanger!

IMForeman said...

So, when Leverage returns, will it be "The Prison Job" where they bust Nate out of the clink? They could send Elliot in as a fellow prisoner, as he's the natural suspect for bodyguard and taking down opposition, but it's funnier if it's Hardison. Like he can only hack the Prison from the inside. Taking down a corrupt Warden while they bust him out...

"Let's go steal us a Prison."

Calming Influence said...

God DAMMIT! So Tara just walks off - what the fuck is wrong with you, Rogers? Jeri Ryan was MADE to work with this cast. Let me guess - "personality conflicts" with the talent? Fuck that. Unless there are restraining orders, this crew should be forced to work together. I'm not kidding: if Jeri Ryan isn't in the season three opener, I'm gonna start throwing shit.

[tosses back shot of whiskey, wipes mouth with back of hand]

And Sophie too, you pig-fucker!

Nina May said...

@Anonymous: There is a forum for Leverage on TNT and there is one on IMDB, too.

Yeah. Those scare me.

Well, actually, I can't speak to the TNT forum, but I've heard imdb (and similar) labelled as "the monkey cage" (with all due respect and no connection whatsoever to our resident Kung Fu Monkey). And my experience tells me that's fairly accurate. Entertaining enough, in a poop-flinging kind of way, but the really decent discussions just tend to get buried in the sheer volume of inanity, unless you're really luck/dedicated. This place has a totally different tone of discussion.

Nina May said...

I kind of wish Calming Influence's comment had been available to read before I hit Publish Your Comment.


Sherri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherri said...

@Nina May

The TNT forum isn't so very scary. At least, the ranty, ragy areas are easy to identify and you don't have to get it splashed on you. There are also less emotional, more even toned threads. Plus, the TNT site has some nice extras, like videos and wallpaper.


Come on over and take a look around.

(I REALLY wish Blogger would put in a comment editing option).

Tyler said...


I think Tara left because, you know, Sophie came back, and they did exactly the same job, and what's the point of having two of them, and Tara didn't really have a character arc that could grow much further than it did since she already discovered that Good Feels Good and while she was pretty awesome after her first episode, where would they have gone from there? It's not like their cons ever need Two Sophies.

I didn't think Jeri Ryan was ever supposed to stay on after. "Personality conflicts" implies she was fired as opposed to being hired for a set number of guest starring episodes.

Really, I would have thought the guest star credit would have been a tipoff.

Le Chan said...

Apparently, Netflix won't make the season finale available for instant so I won't get to see it just yet. I'm sure it was brilliant and wanted to thank you and everyone you work with for bringing us such a great show! It's really brilliant!

Nina May said...

@Sherri: Perhaps "depress me" would have been a better word choice. I'm not actually so very easily scared, except for what those forums reveal of human nature. But thanks for the tip. I don't know. I guess I just like the quieter areas of the online party ... and you lot in generally particular :)

Rayhne said...

@Calming Influence

It was never intended for Jeri to stay past the end of the 2nd season so kindly calm down and stop abusing people.

Calming Influence said...

@ Nina May & @ Tyler:

Look, I'm all about calm, rational discussions, but it's clear to me that you don't have the same chip implanted in your brains that I have, allowing me to see what's really going on here: John's ongoing plot to drive me insane.

Allow me to recap:
Leverage, season one: "This show is awesome!"
Leverage, season two: "This show is awesome, but John Rogers took away Sophie, my favorite cast member, just to hurt me!"
Leverage season two, update: "Oh cool! Tara is taking Sophie's place! She's perfect! Yippee!"
Leverage, season two finale: "But but but I like Tara now! And she's going away! Curse you, Rogers!!!

You must see my point. right? It's not me, it's him.

Anonymous said...

That finale was not quite as much sheer fun as the Season 1 finale, but it was a lot more . . . substantial. Lots of character growth and glmpses into the future. SO . . .

1) Does this mean Nate has found his happy place or did he just take the first step in a longer journey?

2) Will we see psycho killer Parker again soon?

3) Did you have the Season 3 opener in mind when you were writing the Season 2 finale or did you just take a leap and decide where to go after the fact?

4) You've said Season 3 will be stylistically more like Season 1. Does that mean more stylized? Cuz there was such a big abundance of cool shots, cool character movement in Season 1 - a lot of the episodes had a more stylized feel than in Season 2. I'd love to get some of that back for next time. I just watched the Season 1 first ep again, and man, that thing just zings.

Nina May said...

@Calming Influence: John's ongoing plot to drive me insane.

Oh dear. He does seem to be doing rather well, doesn't he?

Calming Influence said...


And to address (a little more seriously) your point that "It's not like their cons ever need Two Sophies."

I grew up when Mission Impossible was on prime time, so I think I know a bit more about sophisticated con jobs than you. (you get that I'm kidding there, right?) MI always started out "Good morning, Mr. Phelps" and lead in to Phelps choosing his team; what rule says you can't use two talented con artists on a team? Wouldn't you ideally want them ALL, aside from their particular specialties, to be professional cons?

Calming Influence said...

@ Nina May:
"Oh dear. He does seem to be doing rather well, doesn't he?"

That's what I'm saying!!! He's devious, and needs to be watched closely.

Just so you know - I think John is a true renaissance man, and here's my favorite bit of his writing: (and yes, I've been reading his stuff this long: http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/2006/08/wait-arent-you-scared.html)

Tyler said...

@Calming Influence

Oh yeah! Well I grew up watching Power Rangers, and that taught me that no matter what, every member of a team must be ridiculously specialized and each of them will add their unique skill to the whole, and that's the only way to win. There can be no overlap!

Nina May said...

@ general upthread insanity

And every ideal team has exactly five members in those specialized roles!

zenkitty2003 said...

@Calming Influence

Reading that first post of yours under the moniker "Calming Influence" made me laugh. I know you were joshing - but I thought, "so, is the *whiskey* the calming influence"? Heh.

I remember when the original MI was on, too. It was so awesome. Not that we said "awesome" so much, then.

24jg13 said...

What happened to the 250,000 in the warehouse? Sterling said they (Nate and Tara) got away with it but they left the warehouse without any case and needed to take the money from Nate's account to finish the con on the ship, so who has the money?

Sterling perhaps?

gwangung said...

1) Does this mean Nate has found his happy place or did he just take the first step in a longer journey?

Think about it. What's more fun? Nate finding his happy place? Or Nate THINKING he's found his happy place?

Writers love to torture their characters....

(and if they're lucky and catch on, characters do it back to their writers....)

Calming Influence said...


Thank you zenkitty! I've always been misunderstood; it's the cross I bear.

And there are few situations that a little whiskey couldn't improve.

Happy smileys to Nina May and Tyler. Pax.

Anonymous said...

Using Eliot's line from, erm was it The Bean Town Bailout? It's about why 5 people make a good team.
Okay, anyway Nate's hesitant about planning a con as the MOB is involved, yet he'd want to go it alone! At which point everyone (tries to) HUMOR him out of that baaad idea..Nate then works out, "metaphorically speaking" (H said that!)a workable PLAN, which Eliot POINTS OUT POLITELY requires 5 people to make it work! Everyone agrees with that.
IMO, having already 5 people to give equal time within, what? 43min? is a gargantuan task for the writer(s)..as much as I *think* Tara grew on me (JR thankfully didn't have any irritating mannerisms!) I *think* I liked Tara for "relating" on a serious/respectful level with Eliot especially:) There were NO cliched "getting to know you/sexy" vibes from Tara towards Nate (or WORSE Eliot/Hardison LOL!)
Tara was a little stiff & awkward with the crew BUT she played the cons straight and professional like. JR was given an AWESOME script/storyline for a guest starring role, and I'll remember that when/if Tara unexpectedly pops-up again in future Leverage cons.

zenkitty2003 said...

For those thwarted by Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand has the Leverage season finale up. It only costs a couple bucks to watch it.

Sherri said...

@Nina May -- No, it's not nearly as bad as some forums I've seen. I've seen a lot of forums over the years. This one is quite reasonable (at least in the parts I roam. I wouldn't go into the WIKI forum for money.)

@Calming Influence

As for John driving you crazy, I suspect it is less of a drive and more of a putt. Still, why not just relax and go with it? :) Crazy isn't so bad. I've been there for years.

Let's talk show influences (not that I expect John to answer this -- this is the stuff I want in that book I mentioned earlier).

Mission Impossible is a noted influence, as is Rockford Files. MI used a team, but Jim Rockford usually got in and out of trouble with minimal assistance.

I'd say that "Switch", with a con artist turned detective, is back there somewhere as an influence (I had such a crush on Robert Wagner). That show also used cons to make the bad guys reveal their secrets. That team only had three members, maybe two on any con (I don't remember if Sharon Gless did many of the cons, as she was sort of the 70s secretary in that one).

Then there's another Wagner show from earlier -- "To Catch a Thief" in which a world famous cat burglar makes a deal to do his stealing for the US Government. I just barely remember that show. Sort of works for a Parker echo.

I wonder if The A-team would possibly show up in the mix.

Just from a writing standpoint, I think I see a lot of the late and great SF shows from the 80s and 90s as an influence, although more in the "Things Not To Do" list. I don't think Leverage has succumbed to the more frustrating and scream producing tendencies that showed up in those. I am VERY GRATEFUL for this. Sometime a thing can serve best by being a bad example.

Nina May said...

@Calming Influence: I've always been misunderstood; it's the cross I bear.

Aww, poor thing. It's so terribly unfair that those who write with obfuscated intent are misunderstood, isn't it? And this on top of being driven insane! Simply oodles of sympathy coming your way. Or, you know, something.


@Puspa, I think the five member thing was specific to the con they were planning to run, not a general principle.

mogulmouse said...

After stalking this blog since the begining I've finally worked up the nerve to express my graditude to all the Leverage cast,crew,writers,producers,etc. for all of your hard work. Also, to everyone who comments here. Your all very entertaining. Thanks.

And to TNT for allowing a third season. All too many times I've loved a show from the begining and it gets canceled with a cliffhanger. (I hate when that happens).

Mr. Rogers, your brillant! You and your crew proved it with the awesome way you wrote around the little real life glitch of a cast member needing time off to have a baby.

Thank you for bringing Sophie back in the finale. Like the others who have already commmented, I didn't realise how much I missed her. The short video scenes just wasn't cuttin it.

Kudos to you for bringing in Jeri Ryan as Tara and made her charater fit with so little time. I'm confident that you will find an ep or two for her to return in the future. I know Jeri will come back in a heartbeat if she's asked to, because she already said she would in several interviews.

Did Jeri and/or Mark Shepherd ever tell you that they worked together on an episode of Star Trek Voyager together? (like 10+ years ago)It was in 2000, an episode called "Child's Play". He played "Leucon".

Shelley said...

Well at 185 comments so far, I hope you read this far Rogers!

That was a stellar season finale.

Great red herring with Tara setting up the meeting for Sophie.

And Sophie! What a come back!

Gotta say, this was Nate's story. He finally breaks down and tells Sophie how he really needs her; he tells the team he needs them and they are his family (and I love the timing of that line was after Tara said good-bye. I like Tara and I hope Jeri comes back, but this IS his family)and he declares himself a thief.

Absolutely brilliant stuff. This is why I watch this show, not only are the action/cons great fun to watch but the characters are allowed so much growth as well.

Eliot telling Nate to do his job, Parker piping up with the kick to Nate's backside. Parker going deadly on Tara was awesome. This is the Parker I can see blowing up her step parents house.

So a couple of questions:

What will be the timing for the season three opener? Will it pick up soon after we left everyone or will it be weeks or months?

Did Bennano live?

I'm trying to remember when you got the news season three, was it enough time to write these last episodes or was this set up as an either/or again in case you weren't picked up?

Thanks for a great season two. Cannot wait for season three.

Calming Influence said...

@ Nina May

"those who write with obfuscated intent..."

I think it's an eye-of-the-beholder thing in this case. I just might be wrong, though. Cheers!

Nina May said...

@gwangung: What's more fun? Nate finding his happy place? Or Nate THINKING he's found his happy place?

Hey, I'm all for tortured and wangsty (I'm a solid SPN fan, though tended to get impatient with the Whedonverse style of woe-is-me) but just as "sober Nate is more of a bastard", I'm really, really interested in what a Nate totally reconciled with his inherent thief nature, and embracing that identity, can do/will be like. So I'm actually going to go with Nate finding his happy place is the more fun on this one. Plus, Nate with his shtick together gives us room for the neurosis of the others to bloom....

wv: loilies. Special doilies given in token of unbreakable family loyalty amongst certain clans of the mafia.

Nina May said...

This posting-then-finding-something-else-to-reply-to thing SUCKS OUT LOUD.

@Calming Influence

Ha! Cute.

Leaving a message in return: If it helps any, I'm almost never totally serious. Except when I am. Fortunately, my name covers all eventualities.

*gives a whiskey cookie*

This could be fun.

Anonymous said...

@Puspa, I think the five member thing was specific to the con they were planning to run, not a general principle.
Nina May said...

Was just having a little (lame?) fun thing "connecting" Eliot's reasoning of why ALL 5 should do that (particular/general)con and Nate needed them...Yes, Nate had "issues" alright, even with S right there erm?
But, I was kinda "serious" in my second paragraph about ADDING (one) more to this already awesome group of actors.
May be its just me, but I think Christian really was given more leeway/moments(?) to develop a (special) understanding with the Big Guy aka Nate with a little less GB in almost every frame with TH? This is important to me as the muscle-man of the team can turn out one dimensional/boring with nothing to say in between hitting people! Happily this did not happen in Eliot's case. Thanks to Christian's talents & the wonderful writers!

Calming Influence said...

@ Nina May:

Sucks out loud in 3D.

I want my whiskey cookie please!

Nina May said...

@Calming Influence

Well, crap.


this is SO geeky

*is ridiculously proud*

*and going to bed*

briddie said...

Okay, some actual questions. Where was Sophie that she was able to get to Boston in time to rescue the team? Because it looked like it was pretty late at night when the team came up with the plan, or was there more time between the two parts than I thought? And second, surely there are some outtakes of Sterling and Nate and the elevator scene, right? Can we get that on the DVD? There have to be some extra "floors" that didn't make the final cut, right? Please?

TheMindFantastic said...

I couldn't read all the comments and by this point I don't think you'll read all the way down to this point EITHER. But great episode. I really like the fact that Parker is growing. She never had others to really 'get' the whole social cues thing and while she 'copies' people a lot still, she is actually learning. Shes like a high functioning impulsive autistic person, whose skills are to break into vaults and steal things like money and diamonds and other such wonderful tings. Eliot counting down was beyond awesome, but his real character spike what him telling Nate he won't be walking away he WILL back him up right to the point he crashes, and we don't question it because Eliot is loyal. Hardison playing the heavy was Laugh Out Loud funny, and yet scary too. Nate coming full circle and seeing that the 'Good Guys' were the guys he chased, not the actual authorities, who let a corrupt mayor bring weapons into the country, or to Sterling who has only his OWN interests in mind (The only reason Sterling was gonna let Nate walk away was perhaps a little guilt over taking total credit on the Zanzibar Marketplace job, he did get the interpol job from it, and if he pulls off Kadjic, Hardison, Eliot, Parker, and Tara, that would go a good way to Sterlings next promotio) but then Sterling still comes up roses with Kadjic and a Corrupt Mayor. Sophie showing up was awesome icing on a cake full of win. Yes she was a little Deus Ex Machina but we all knew she was gonna be back and this made it work. Thank you Leverage Team, (everyone even best boy and grips) this made an awesome season looking forward to Season 3.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?! You're going to respond to ALL this massive volume of shite, AND write next season's episodes?

You are a god among men, my friend. Damn.

zenkitty2003 said...

Even though I thought it was hokey, I kinda wished they'd called back to Sophie's "Black King, White Knight" from the first episode. That describes Nate perfectly now. (Nate and Eliot both play chess; how about a running game that goes all season?)

Ed said...

Is it 'Kadjic'? Slavic? I thought it was 'Kagyik':
"Italian ship/Hungarian registry"

Denita said...

Nate and Eliot both play chess; how about a running game that goes all season?

Ha ha ha. Good one. I can just see it now: the table and chairs all set up with the chess board in a corner of the room and no one is allowed to touch them except Nathan & Eliot.

Macie said...

@ Nina May: That's the Juror No 6 Job, not Twelve Step. Twelve Step was when Nate was in rehab.
Okay, now that a day has passed and I'm no longer in shock, I can post some more questions, and will undoubtedly be posting more once I watch the episode again.
Can I just say that I am a straight woman and I would do Annie Croix? That persona is ridiculously sexy. I'm SURE that it must drive Nate insane.
The way Nate's eyes widened when he heard her before she even finished getting ONE WORD out was fantastic. Would that show how ridiculously in tune to Sophie he is?
I noticed that Nate was really careful not to let the team see that he had been shot? Did they know, or was he hiding it. If so, why? Maybe because he knew that they wouldn't leave him if he was hurt?
When the guy asked Sterling who Nate was, and Sterling said "I don't know," did that mean that he doesn't' know who Nate is anymore, or was he trying to let Nate off the hook?
Why did the team look angry when they were walking away? I get why SOPHIE was, but the rest of them, I didn't understand.
In the phone conversation, when Nate is making his 'I lo- I lo... I l..." attempt, there was a cut to Sophie, and then Nate saying "...Soph." As though her name was ending the sentence. Could there have possibly been an off screen 'I love you?'

Anonymous said...

How many takes did Tim and Gina have to do of the kiss? Did they discuss how they would do it with the director or did they just go for it? :P They totally nailed it, this is one of the best TV kisses ever.

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