Monday, June 01, 2009


Where are all the cool kids going tonight? On a Monday night? Well, ridiculously talented director/creator/"guy you wish you were" Guillermo del Toro is stepping off an international flight, straight into a town car of dubious legality and being shuttled directly to Meltdown Comics for a MIDNIGHT SIGNING of his new novel The Strain.

That's June 1, 11:59, at Meltdown on Sunset. Get your copy of the first in a trilogy of classic horror, updated for the 21st Century. It's like Pan's Labrinth, but bloodier and longer, and if you take it to bed your spouse won't stare at you.

Purchase it here if you must. But far cooler to grab it at midnight and pepper the creator with drunken questions!


John said...

I am curious, why couldn't you get a perfectly-legal Town Car?

I am torn on getting the book, though. I love the guy's films, but that's hardly a free pass for a novel and I've only read three vampire books in my life that weren't mind-numbingly awful.

(Dracula, I Am Legend, and Vampire$, for the record, and even I Am Legend gets to be a tough slog towards the end.)

I dunno, something about vampires just brings out the worst in most people.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Man, I finally watched "The Orphanage" recently and holy crap it was awesome.

Weirdest vampire flick he'll have to top as of late..."Let the Right One In". What a trip.

Sara said...

He was also on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Monday night talking about the book. They also bonded over HP Lovecraft. Someone put the interview up on youtube so you can find it there to watch.

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