Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ephemera 2009 (3)

-- My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Wow, the 3-D works. Seen in a packed theater with the appropriate screaming, it's a hell of a time. Occasionally it forgets its nature and attempts to let people act, but not so often to distract you from the over-the-top gore. The coolest thing? This gentleman makes an appearance:

-- Apparently there's been a rash of perfect ice circles forming in Britain.

As we know, it's impossible for such complexity to arise spontaneously in nature. Plainly, this is proof of an intelligent designer!

-- There are a lot of specialty travel sites, but a friend has recently started one oriented around "just couples" travels, focusing on getting to know the destination organically rather than hitting touristy spots. Check out Travels with Two.

-- Although this Penny Arcade strip mentions documentaries about single letters of the alphabet merely in passing/mocking, I must note I would watch a documentary about the letter Q. My friends still joke about the fact I read Salt: A World History. Often during the mocking they botch the title as "The Story of Salt." That, of course, is totally off-base. It's not the story of salt; it's the story of the world as told through the lens of salt. I can only imagine their shame, now that I've pointed out their mistake.

It's a great book. He's also written about Cod and Oysters. But the Salt book is really his best.

-- Gail Simone's Welcome to Tranquility is the comic you didn't read, and you are poorer for it. And anyone who can explain why the Batman R.I.P. arc was both necessary and relevant to the sequence in Final Crisis, feel free to take your shot in the Comments.

-- Cowboy BeBop is, and will forever be, Cowboy BeBop.

-- Today in the writer's room:
"Did you know Dolly Parton's first album was cut in 1957?"
"I did not."
"And look at this album cover --"

"-- Dolly had a really modern look back then."
" John, why are you on a Dolly Parton Timeline site?"
" ... blogging is not always pretty, Chris. Sometimes you follow a link, and it leads you ... places."

-- You're welcome.

-- For discussion in the Comments: Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man or Angie Dickinson in Rio Bravo?


Jonathan said...

"Salt" was excellent. My friends still ride me about reading "The Pencil" by Henry Petroski on a diving holiday in the Bahamas. They fail to rethink their position even when I point out that it's not the story of the pencil but rather the story of engineering using the pencil as it's focus. Sheesh. Though sometimes they are amused when I explain why pencils are yellow.

Richard Jensen said...

On the subject of "Cowboy BeBop" let me ask this question...
Really? Keanu Reeves as Spike?
Just putting it out there, without comment.

Rob Pugh said...

"...anyone who can explain why the Batman R.I.P. arc was both necessary and relevant to the sequence in Final Crisis..."

It was not. Which makes me sad as both a Morrison and Batman fan. R.I.P. was a masterstroke of poor planning, marketing and storytelling, regardless of the nuggets of brilliance within.

"Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man or Angie Dickinson in Rio Bravo?"

Dickinson in Bravo. Given the choice between anything Rio Bravo related and, well, anything else, go with Bravo. Cause "sorry don't get it done."

BTW, this week's "Wedding Job" was awesome.

dkbrklyn said...

Thought I was the only genius who read "Salt." Another stupid egocentric delusion punctured. Thanks!

Zed said...

Since you're on the subject of random media you may be interested in the most recent Bill Simmons podcast where he's talking to Peter Berg about Friday Night Lights. There's a few insights into show creation/running tucked away in there.

James said...

I just came across a nice documentary called "Helvetica" -- basically, a history of late 20th century graphic design through the eyes of the most famous sans-serif font, using interviews with designers from both the pro- and con-Helvetica sides.

Best line: "Asking someone what they think of Helvetica is like asking someone what they think of off-white."

Dremiel said...

I'll see your "Salt" geekness and raise you as I GAVE COPIES OF IT TO ALL MY BROTHERS!

Winterman said...

O'Hara, baby.

"HELVETICA" is a must-see.

Re: water circles:

digital cleverness or actual event?

Harvey Jerkwater said...

"Batman RIP" to his "death" in "Final Crisis" five easy steps.

1. Batman escaped his "death by helicopter" at the end of RIP by using a Boom Tube projector kept in his left nostril, a last contingency plan to combat the Black Glove.

2. Said Tube dumps him into a field of hallucinogenic trees on the planet Zontar-9, whereupon Batman trips balls and has visions of himself as Spring-Heeled Jack, Anthro, and Richard Dawson.

3. As the Batman shrieks to the angry skies of an alien world "SURVEY SAYS!!!", he is once again confronted by The Debbil, who has taken the form of Raymond Burr, naked save for one black glove.

4. Batman gives the Debbil a "purple nurple," tweaking both of his infernal nipples. Per Batman's plan, this creates a "time bubble" that sends both Batman and Satan backwards and forwards through time and space. During his travels, Batman helps Christopher Columbus discover America and Willis Carrier invent air conditioning. During another timestorm, Batman defeats the Devil once and for all by pulling off the Beast's toupee, the source of his hellish power. The final timestorm rips Batman away from the clean-pated Lucifer and sends him back to his own time and into the wreckage of Bludhaven.

5. As part of his master plan, Batman allows himself to be captured by the forces of Apokolips, because when Grant Morrison writes him, everything Batman does is part of his master plan.

We will find out later that his "suicide by Darkseid" was all part of a vast plan to...well, something.

So, you see, it was all necessary and ties in perfectly. You betcha.

Dremiel said...

Also, Canadian David Sack had a nice little history of the alphabet a few years back "Letter Perfect" wherein each letter gets a chapter. Hey looks, you can get it for your Kindle!

Cunningham said...

Maureen O'Hara.

THE QUIET MAN is hands down one of my all time favorite movies.

One look from Ms. O'Hara is enough to make the iciest heart melt.

Michael Ring said...

"Salt" was indeed a fantastic book. If you liked that, check out Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Also a good read...

Scavenger said...

A Night of the Creeps reference?

Who makes Night of the Creeps references? Next thing you'll say is that you got good news and bad news...

Maytagman said...

If Salt was your bag take a gander at "Coal, A Human History" by Barbara Freese

It's more of a social science book than Salt but still gives me the upper hand when debates erupt about pre-industrialized Europe. (happens alot aound here for some reason)

Oh, Big Snaps to you on getting another script order for Leverage. Very nice hour of TV you are putting out there.

Michael Alan Nelson said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Cunningham.


Patrick said...

Dolly's look was indeed modern for 1957, since her album came out in 1967. In 1957, she was 11 years old.

Penh said...

I too was thrilled to see Tom Atkins in the movie, and for more than a fleeting cameo.

As for who makes Night of the Creeps references? Awesome people. That's who. And the good news is, your dates are here.

caseyko74 said...

Angie Dickinson in Rio Bravo. Because Rio Bravo is simply the greatest western ever made. And I will shoot you down int he streets faster than Colorado if you say otherwise. And the way she reacts to John T. Chance. And man she is just stunningly beautiful in it.

Rogers said...

Dolly's look was indeed modern for 1957, since her album came out in 1967. In 1957, she was 11 years old.

I phrased that poorly. I meant "hey, her first album came out in '57. And hey, look how she appeared on (this later) album." And that is still a pretty different look than my impression of 1967 country music.

Richard said...

As much as I love Maureen O'Hara, Angie Dickenson approaches the Platonic Ideal of sexy womanhood in Rio Bravo.

DJ said...

Maureen O'Hara. always Maureen O'Hara.

Thomas Hill said...

Long-time reader, first time caller, but I had to chime in on this one.

On pure '50s sexiness, Angie Dickinson in Rio Bravo.

But Maureen O'Hara in real life. The woman partied with John Wayne, John Ford, and Ward Bond in their heyday and survived. And there's the story of the slapping scene in The Quiet Man. John Wayne had a pissed her off with a practical and joke and knew that he was going to get nailed when they shot that scene, so he threw his hand up to block it. She broke her wrist, didn't break character, and continued with the scene.

However, caseyko74, Rio Bravo (the movie so good that Howard Hawks made it 2.5 times) is not the greatest western of all time. That would be Mr. Hawks's Red River.

Speaking of those 2.5 movies, Walter Brennan in Bravo or Jack Elam in Rio Lobo? Arthur Hunnicutt, from El Dorado, just can't compete with those two.

Belle said...

Cowboy BeBop? I have no idea what you mean, but now i must find out, and I am scared....O.M.G. seriously? Why do they do this? IT WILL BE HORRIBLE. IT IS ALWAYS HORRIBLE. -rocks self in confort-

mister slim said...

Re: Cowboy Bebop.

Ideally someone could travel back in time and recruit a young Christopher Walken to star. Since that's probably not possible, I can accept Keanu Reeves. Keanu's good as long as he's not acting, and Spike is essentially about going through the motions and not giving a fuck. As long as Keanu doesn't try to actually act it'll be fine.

Cunningham said...

Re: Night of the Creeps. I had to go into my closet and dig out my dog-eared copy of the script.

Still so much fun.

"Thrill me."

Ha! Love it.

Cunningham said...

Oh, and if you had said "Angie Dickinson in BIG BAD MAMA" I might have had a different answer.


Mike said...

If you liked Salt, you'll (prolly) love History of the World in 6 Glasses.

Oh, and Dickinson, obviously.

Halloween Jack said...

I know that these big-ass x-overs are always a bear to coordinate and so on, and that There Will Always Be Screw-ups, but honest to Squirrel Girl, you'd think that for something this major... sheesh.

And, holy jeezum crow is Young Dolly sexy. Kid Dolly (age 11) looks kinda goofy; unless she's got a ponytail, her hair is shorter than Jerry Lee Lewis'.

JamesHutchinson said...

Bizarre: I just watched Night of the Creeps for the first time in my life, the next day I see this.

"What I'm going to need is your standard flame thrower. "

Jon H said...

The circles are clearly what happens when Number 2 releases Rover during cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Angie Dickinson is the kind of skank that you'd tap then get outa town to get away from her. Maureen O'Hara is the hottie that you should have married, and kick your ass over every day of your life that you didn't.

Stellar Drift said...

Wow, amazing picture from days gone past. In that picture she reminds me of Yvonne Strahovski (whom we need a guest spot from! (Ok, I do - but I'm trying to reverse the effects of the tin foil hat)) - I wonder if the good Yvonne in 50 years will look like Dolly does now. Pardon me, I just have to go bang the head against the sink for a few hours.

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