Saturday, December 10, 2005

Your E-Mail is Empty

Just a heads-up. Combo of the flu and flipping the same rewrite four times in nine days killed my correspondence for the week. If we have pressing e-mail issues, you'll be hearing from me this week upcoming. I am not blowing you off. Except for the guy sending me Ted Kord & Barbara Gordon vs. evil Harry Potter slashfic. I am blowing you off.


John Donald Carlucci said...

Sorry man, I'll stop.

However, you were the one who asked for the Rat/Zimsky stuff.


Anonymous said...

"Except for the guy sending me Ted Kord & Barbara Gordon vs. evil Harry Potter slashfic. I am blowing you off."

This extraordinarily unfortunate combination of sentences is not really likely to do much more than reinforce his drive, I'd think.


wch said...

cool. a writer that can write. i'll come back and read more. unless you start to suck, of course, but i can't imagine that happening.

GM Doug said...

"Ted Kord & Barbara Gordon vs. evil Harry Potter slashfic"

Man I had no idea how many odd combos are out there for slashfic.

I'm presuming it's Zombie Ted Kord right? A dead guy, woman in a wheelchair and a short sighted orphan Tim Hunter look a like?

I just got me a pitch for Vertigo.

Of course what John fails to mention is that it's actually Keith Giffen writing that slashfic for post Crisis of Infinite Identities set on "Earth-Crisis".

Mark my words kids 5 years time "Kord & Gordon : Wizard Watch" will be hitting your shelves along side the all new Aquaman : Titanic in Bermuda Triangle (Which will have a speal "read along adventure" CD with the first issue with Celine Dion reading the part of Mera) and of course most eagerly awaited team up of creators since Chaykin and Simonson - in Hawkwoman and the Hawketts written by John Byrne with Jim Balent on art to ensure extra air buoyancy. (Hawkwoman will be wearing the Hawkman top half costume).

GM Doug said...

Of course only now realise you are talking slashfic and not fanfic. Swap the word fanfic for slashfic in the post above folks.

Well except for the Hawkwoman and the Hawketts - Byrne,Balent and the Hawkgirls in the Hawkman top? That's slashfic. Or henati or whatever that's called.

George W. Bush said...

It's... I... the troops...

Look, I don't have a whole lotta leisure time on this job and I gotta do somethin' to relieve the stress. I just thought you'd like to see some of the stories. You ain't gotta be mean.

You really didn't like the whole 'Dumbledore goes crazy and buggers everyone in Young Justice while they're in a enchanted sleep' subplot?

Cuz I thought it was stirrin'.

Man. Karl and Condi told me it was really good, too. I think you're just a hater.

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Undoubtedly, the chap is certainly just.

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