Friday, December 09, 2005

Eureka and Index-Fu

With all the new readers mucking about, two quick bits of pimpage.
First, they're running a preview of Andrew Cosby's new show Eureka that's hitting SciFi Channel this summer. Not a legacy, not a revamp, not an outer-space show -- something actually different and original. You will dig. See it here.

Second, a rough Index of the longer posts and articles here on the site. Index-Fu for the last year.


BenDavid said...

Dead link. When is the show on?

Phil J said...
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Phil J said...

Links here and

Definitely show's potential - can't wait until it's here in the UK.

Aluvius said...

Of course their legacy, revamped, outer space show Battlestar Galactica has generated Sci Fi's largest ratings for a series.

Rogers said...

true -- but you can't run a network on revamps alone. I'm just pleased ot see them trying to do more original programming. Sure DOCTOR WHO is British TV's big Sci Fi hit, but they're generating a good chunk of original stuff. And Fox made it's bones on X-Files.

Redjack said...

Holy crap. EUREKA looks like the most fun. The little teasers on SCIFI certainly did their job.

And, of course, Joe Morton.

How freaking cool is that?

vhsiv said...

> Of course their legacy, revamped, outer space show Battlestar Galactica has generated Sci Fi's largest ratings for a series.

BUT, they're about to start running reruns of the NBC Soap Opera 'Passions' in their morning rotation.

This is to start in January.

Juancho said...

Wow, so that must mean they're giving Passions the MST3K treatment.


Bill Cunningham said...

I for one, would enjoy seeing some foreign television on the Sci-fi channel. Programmed for late night so the big ratings blocks wouldn't be interfered with, and people could Tivo if necessary:

Blake's Seven, The Starlost, The Survivors, The Tomorrow People, etc...

Bill Cunningham said...

Oh, I am looking forward to EUREKA. Great concept for a show.

Rogers said...

oh, that foreign tv idea is sweet.

Aluvius said...

Oh sweet Jebus, I didn't know they were going to run Passions on Sci-Fi. Although I've been waiting for something like this to happen ever since I saw NBC's upfront airing there, ugh. At least Surface is a sf show, Passions ... umm, no.

I do agree that Sci-Fi's all original lineup starting in March looks great though. Not just Eureka, but Dresden Files and the other fantasy show all look interesting.

I hate to say it, but I think its time for SG1 to hang it up (well, past time probably). Oh if only there were some way to get them to restart Firefly production but I suppose its too expensive.

Heck, I even like some of their cheesier shows like Ghost Hunters hehe.

As for foreign sf series, I would love to see the Doctor Who over on Sci-Fi (as well as the ones someone else listed in a previous reply). Are they just too expensive perhaps? I can't imagine a better place for Doctor Who to air.

Oh and a bit off topic, but if I were a religious person I would pray every day that NBC doesn't decide to "help" Battlestar Galactica by moving it to broadcast. They'll take something beautiful and smother it with a pillow as usual.




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