Friday, November 04, 2005

Zombie Tales: Oblivion

... was sold out at my local shop. Congrats to BOOM! On my part, two bits of praise -- and mind you, I actually haven't read most of the book yet.

First, for Tom Fowler who drew my story: for not just being a helluva an artist, but actually a great, subtle storyteller. Go read it. I'll wait.

Now look at page 4. Zoom to the close up on your browser. Look at the panel where Fahey says "Where's he hiding the gun?" See that little detail? That's the essence of a fair-play mystery; you could've tumbled it right there. Not something I asked for, but something Tom had the presence of mind to do. Tom Fowler has some amazing stuff lined up for the new year, including one title so filthily high-concept-cool I'd slit my own throat to write it. However, my little project with DC will be keeping me busy (and I believe we're in next month's Wizard, so I can finally talk about it a bit.) That said, hunt up his stuff.

Second: Mark Waid's story destroyed me. He actually sent it to me when I was in the middle of a nasty bit of writer's block. What he pulled off in six pages did not inspire me -- it instead sent me into a spiral of numbing depression at how his writing can be both relentlessly efficient but also just ... goddam sincere. I know he makes a living at it, and a good one, and he has a bunch of fans -- but for my nickel Waid doesn't get the respect for his writing chops he deserves. Most of you missed Empire when it came around the first time. Go get it.


Ian said...

I'm sure I'll kick myself when it's pointed out, but I don't see that little detail in that panel. I don't see anything untoward, even zoomed in. Can I get a hint?

The story as a whole is, by the way, fucking fantastic. I'm just not noticing whatever it is you're talking about.

Rogers said...

the butt of fahey's gun in his shoulder rig is peeking out from under his coat. Fowler's tipping the big final twist right there.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I agree with you completely on Waid. His Flash, FF, and JLA1 still leave me breathless. I even enjoyed Kingdom Come adapted from his work for the radio.

Doom's destruction of his true love in the FF to gain his new powers/armor was horrific.

I wish he would blog on writing for a bit.


jay in oregon said...

I'm a comics geek, so I've read lots and lots of Mark Waid's work, and enjoyed it over the years. (Not only did I not miss Empire the first time around, but I even have the two Image/Gorilla Comics issues somewhere.)

Speaking of Empire, Waid and Kitson are currently doing an interesting turn on Legion of Super-Heroes. If you're a Legion fan, you might want to check out their revamp; if you're not, it's written so no prior knowledge of LoSH is necessary.

Rogers said...

Yes, the legion stuff is great. I'm pleased to say a few tiny suggestions of mine have crept in there. And knowing where it's going, you will love the entire arc.

Ian said...

Now I feel really stupid - I saw the gun butt the first time I looked, but since he was RCMP, I didn't really think much of it.

Mark Waid has written so many good comics, you'd go crazy trying to list them all.

jnr said...

you're spang on.

waid's writing conveys some tough-to-articulate awareness of the nature of heroism that you don't often find in comics anymore.

Gaijin Biker said...

Off-topic, but in follow-up to an earlier post:

More bee-fu.

They're out to get us.

tomfowler said...

"the butt of fahey's gun in his shoulder rig is peeking out from under his coat. Fowler's tipping the big final twist right there."

wow, i thought you were talking about the penis shot.


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