Friday, November 04, 2005

Motu Vahine

Sunset over Taha'a

... is the small island just off Taha'a, that gives you this not-all-too-shabby view of the sunset. No more than 18 people on the island, no resort activities, just swimming and watching my Lovely Wife ogle young Tahitian beach attendants, while I kept a wary eye on the sharks and the Island of the Sex Lizards (long story).

Big thanks to all the guest bloggers, although it will take a while for me to scrape that Halloween picture out of my cerebellum. Posting and snark to come, as soon as I'm finished unpacking.


joshua said...

Rogers is Back! Welcome back, Mr. Rogers! Us Sweathogs missed ya!

pamb said...

So, do i send Johanna the photos or what??? (refer to comments on halloween photo......)

I still love ya like a brother.

1031 said...

Welcome back. Hope it was a great vacation.

tuck pendleton said...

Wow. what motivation to finish that next script...

Karl said...

For some reason when I first read this, I thought John might be writing something for Bionocle.

Shaun said...

Wow, what a sunset!

Kevin Church said...

You do not deserve a wife that cute or a vacation that lovely.

OK, maybe you do,but I'm still going to be snarky about it.

pamb said...

not only is his wife cute, but she's also smarter that he is!!! And she keeps him in line, too.

Warren said...

Oh My God, that sunset photo is amazing!

BenDavid said...

Follow the rich white man.

Rogers said...

Follow the rich white man ..."

FUCK I should have arbitrated that movie ...

BenDavid said...

Yeah, that joke was intentional. I'll leave it be. Sore subject, eh?

Wong PoKér Hu said...

That sunset is not too shabby indeed. Thnx for the nice image.

Anonymous said...

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i am lovin this blog...


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