Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where have I gone?

London, kids, and light blogging because some of us flew on a red-eye. Got completely lost (which really is the only way to see a city), and then Mike from Visible Monsters (sidebar) was nice enough to take me for Chinese and a pint. So weird being outside the US again. The TV news... it's... it's like there are other countries or something. Talk amongst yourselves while I find a dann ethernet cable and can stop blogging from the hotel TV internet conection.


1031 said...

Say 'hi' to Warren for us if you see him!

GM Doug said...

You staying in London or travelling around?

I mean you might think the news is about other countries (which is nice) but all "local" news is often only about London - unless someone has a major flood or something.

Anonymous said...

>>>The TV news... it's... it's like there are other countries or something.

Get on. Next you'll be telling us that the earth isn't flat!

laurean said...

London. Wow. Fun. ^_^ Enjoy London, there are some great pubs and sights to see. :D

gabby said...

Get over to the Camden Town Market if you can, on Saturday. Buy a box of huge raspberries for 70p and wander freely. And right near by-- a theater showing Serenity! What more to ask of the world?

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