Monday, September 12, 2005

Writing: Sequence Approach

We've had our little spats between the Act-ivists and heretic Sequence-iators, but I believe it's primarily because of confusion between plot and story and their relationship. However, Warren Leonard has written convincingly, clearly and enthusiastically enough about the Eight Sequence Structure, I'm actually going to take a look at the source material. Again, you should never treat this stuff as catechism, but the more tools in the toolbox, the better off you'll be.

Writing quote for the week, from pulp great Jim Thompson: "There is only one story: nothing is what it seems."


Warren said...

I was wondering why I suddenly had 500 extra hits this afternoon. Thanks for the Kung Fu Monkey Shout Out!

And you're dead right about not treating this system as a catechism. For some reason, the eight sequence structure works for me. But if nine sequences, or twelve, or a four-act structure speaks to you and inspires you to write, embrace them instead. It really is just a tool among many others.

Oh, and now everyone will know that my "send hate mail and discount Viagra offers to..." is a complete -ahem- homage to your "send hate mail and Nigerian money scams to..." line. At least I learn from the best. Thanks again!

Grep Agni said...

At least I learn from the best.

As a lousy amateur magician, my motto has become "If you don't have talent, steal from someone who does!"

The trick is disguising the stolen goods so they aren't immediately recognizable. I think some people call this being inspired by others...

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