Monday, September 12, 2005

Linkslut Monday

Via the ever alert BoingBoing, a photoshopping contest of "If Goths Ruled"


Should I Blog This? said...

That is only funny because it is so true. Speaking as a former goth I can attest to it. That being said, most of the goths I know now have added more colour to their life and the box would be 3/4 black/white/shades of grey and 1/4 red/pink/purple/orange/blue.

1031 said...

There's some pretty funny stuff on that page. I think my favorite might be Goth Minnie Mouse.

cainam said...

...front row, left side, first crayon, that Morrisey from The Smiths?????
...dont tell me, there is no symbolism there whatsoever and I'm just a sad old Goth, jeez, I even put a capital G in goth, shit! Im too self-critical, must still be a Goth, aaaargggg!!!... kill me...

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