Sunday, August 07, 2005

Swearingen For President

I've already put him up for Senate, but ... just go read it.


Anonymous said...

When do you have TIME to do all this?

liam said...

i have often asked myself that same question john, when in fuck's name do you have time to read all this shit? is there a porn block on your computer?

Anonymous said...

Here, he didn't *read* that Swearingen thing -- he *wrote* it. That's what boggles me. You must post your diet, John. *Something* you're eating/drinking is giving you more energy than a mortal man. Spinach?

Now that I think of it, he also has time to *watch* "Deadwood." Ye Gods!

Rogers said...

Actually, I did just read that one. The Swearningen thing I wrote is back in the archives.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a chink appears in your armnor! Thanks for the clarification, ex-ghod!

Neddie said...

Fuck that, I wrote it, you blithe cocksukers.

Thanks for the link, KFM. That helped the hit-counter a bit. Woof.

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