Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stop t3h Gay!

As a follow-up to the column referenced in this post, Dr. Dobson now has advice on how to keep your son from going gay. Seriously, somebody hacked the site. I WISH I'd written this as parody. Brad Plumer has the good link, via our earnest young friend and fine writer Ezra Klein.


shep said...

I've preferred the company of girls for as long as I can remember. Gosh, I hope I'm not gay.

Jones said...

I think you're oversimplifying Dobson's theory. Remember, you must also be bad at sports.

Simon said...

The idea that simply being good at sports makes you heterosexual is a fallacy - I have a mate whos father was a wrestler, and basically spent most of his afternoons after school training at a gym with him. Unfortunately he couldn't help but notice all the muscular, sweaty, 'men's men' constantly around him, exuding brute physicality on each other, and was left with a lifelong attraction to the 'rough trade' type. Now he makes his living as a gay erotic artist drawing that type of man.

Damn that gym! Maybe if his father had let him play with dolls he might have undressed Barbie and learnt to love boobs. He might have joined the school band and met more girls there. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Homefront, you make me laugh. Another delay in emailing you, I'm afraid. I hope it will finally be worth it.

writergurl said...

More obessive rantings from the supposedly straight. Sigh.

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