Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bankrupt me!

Now, I promise, this won't become hectoring -- I'm only going to remind you about our Charity of the Month at the first, 15th, and end of the month.

But it occured to me -- although donations are coming in at a decent pace for the Army Emergency Relief Fund, I worry that by linking your donations to your perceived value of my writing, I'm missing money from the people who come here and hate me.

So, a quick addition -- I will personally MATCH whatever you people donate to families of soldiers in need. You think I'm a talentless hack? Write the bigger check, and suck me dry of my ill-gotten gains!

Now back to your regularly scheduled snark. And don't think about how, in the richest nation on earth, families of soldiers risking their lives and dying thousands of miles from home have to scramble to pay their mortgages or buy food for their kids. You know, just zone out. As if you're on vacation. On your ranch.


Assistant Atlas said...

Are you serious? Because that's the most beautifully stupid gesture I've ever seen and I can not but salute you for it.

Regards as always,

1031 said...

You fucking rock, Rogers.

writergurl said...

Ok, so now BOTH our wallets are lighter by 5 bucks. Next!

Anonymous said...

My step-sister is married to a guy in the Army. Her husband was hurt in one of the bombings over there. Thankfully it wasn't too bad in his case.

But it really is good a charity like this is around to help out families who aren't as lucky as hers is.


Aric Blue said...

Yes! I will make you as literally bankrupt as you are creatively!

Just kidding. Take this five and shove it, you blog-hogging bastard. All for the cause.

(and if you take up an Assassinate GW fund, contact me covertly)

PS: Totally kidding, you guys at the FBI.

PPS: John - not really, I just said that so they don't come after me.

Anonymous said...

Christ, Rogers. I read your blog, A-Atlas, and others you've pointed to, and it's very clear that I should have picked up and moved from NYC to L.A. 25 years ago. Instead of being a bitter old man, I could have been a CLEVERER bitter old man.

Anonymous said...

when did you switch from black background to white?...or is my monitor fucked again?

Benari said...

And that is how you do it.


Chris said...

Wow. Now that is motivation. Comparing us all to George W. Bush...

How sad is it that I couldn't handle the guilt of being just like our president?

You don't have to match my donation. Honest. It shouldn't have taken such drastic measures to get me to contribute.

Sizemore said...

Looks, brains and a deep pocket...

No wonder you're Geek of the Week.

RogerRmjet said...

(and if you take up an Assassinate GW fund, contact me covertly)

Personally, I don't find assassinating the President a laughing matter. Whatever happened to tolerance and diversity?

Rogers said...

who the hell posted that?

Aric Blue said...

>>Personally, I don't find assassinating the President a laughing matter. Whatever happened to tolerance and diversity?>>

It's a joke. Use some of that tolerance to tolerate other people's jokes, even when you don't consider it a laughing matter.

Or maybe you're one of those who thinks free speech only goes so far...

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