Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sideboard restructuring

I know, I meant "sidebar" not "sideboard", but for some reason I was thinking about how I could switch in some Llanowar Elves and really catch you and your Black/White Necrovariant deck off-guard.

Wow. The geekiest sentence I've ever typed.

To Wit: some changes made, more on the way. I urge all of you to sample the wares, including the "They Link, We Link" section.


John Donald Carlucci said...

Thanks for the "sideboard" and thanks, as always, for the advice sage monkey.


Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Geeky? No only did I understand your reference, I can pronounce the double-L in Llanowar correctly (seeing as the LL in fantasy (as well as the preponderance of W's and Y's) is more or less derived from Welsh.

Lee said...

OMG, OMG, that's, like, my first link.

I am so giddy right now.

Chaz said...

OMFG JOHN!! You're a Magic geek too!! I play competitively, not well, and I never figured you for a Magic geek considering you're friends with my uncle. Of course, he's got every Sandman trade printed so it should kind of be expected I guess.

Joshua said...

Can I exchange links with you? Mine is www.playwrightjoshuajames.com

Love your site - visit it every day and posted about it in my blog, Daily Dojo - thanks for the words -

Rogers said...

joshua, meant to add you, lost the email. up soon.

Joshua said...

Thanks man - and I know you said something about swearing off the political commentary, but for the record, I love your thoughts on what's happening in the world outside entertainment (of course, your thoughts on the world inside entertainment are wonderful too) - so keep hammering Rove and Co, that's my hope.

In a way, it's sometimes hard for those who come up with creative fiction to compete with the absurd circus taking place in the papers every day, don't you think?

Shaun said...

Some great advice here. Glad I stumbled across it.

Kid Sis said...

John, thank you so much! You rule!

I vote you continue the political commentary (not that this site is a democracy...anymore than our country is).

World needs your informed, outraged voice to counterbalance the "liberal" media.

j-po said...

Christ, man, that's worse than the Captain Planet joke I made the other day.

AnthonyDe said...

I'm a Spec Monkey! That rocks!

Mark said...

Always nice to find another Joss Whedon/Mark Rosewater junky.

[MAC] said...

I just started reading your blog recently. I started out reading the political articles, so was totally unprepared for the M:TG reference.


Kung Fu Monkey++.

Anonymous said...

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