Monday, July 18, 2005

Stormtrooper Elvis, Call Me

Eyes deep in catching up with work, but a hearty "nice to meet you " to everyone who now comes here from the Con, and a shout out to the readers who showed up at the pub on Friday. Those who did learned about 3-D CGI crotch-mapping, just how frikkin' genius Ben Edlund's GF episode was, and how David Slack wound up running Teen Titans thanks to Playboy Video.

Part Two of the podcast I did for Evil Genius Chronicles is up.

There will be some big changes coming in the sidebar over the next week. Categories will be re-arranged. I assure everyone who I've been in touch with e-mailtronically, I will be updating the links. Also, I'm switching the focus back to the WRITING advice series for a bit. The questions already sent in will be answered, and if you've got any new ones send 'em to the address to the right.

Resume your normal pornographic surfings for the day.


1031 said...

Stormtrooper Elvis is nice and all, but he's always there. How about that Japanese Samurai Stormtrooper? Now that was cool.

Jason said...

Translation of the Stormtrooper Elvis flag (as far as I can figure out) was "Time to die, nerds."

The best part is, the phrasing used for "nerd" was literally "discomfort to women."


the Japanese-talking, CGI-crotch mapping weirdo

Jason said...

Japanese stormtrooper, not Stormtrooper Elvis. Gah.

Stefan said...

I'm told he goes to all the major cons. Here's his website:

And yeah, I love the Samuraitrooper too. I think all con Stormtroopers should put their own spin on it. I'd like to see the Spider Jeruselum Trooper.

Assistant Atlas said...

Congratulations, you, John Rogers, are now an official C-List Blogebrity on Check it out on your own or here's the full text of an email I just got from them.

Mon, 18 Jul 2005 11:37:12 -0700
From: "Blogebrity"
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
To: "Assistant Atlas"
Subject: Re: John Rogers should be at least C-List

Congratulations you have been added to the list!

On 7/14/05, Assistant Atlas wrote:
Hey Blogebrity people,

This is Assistant/Atlas, and I've got a
nomination for you.

John Rogers, who blogs Kung Fu Monkey, , should be on at least
your C-list. He wrote the "Global Frequency" pilot
that leaked onto the Internet in torrents.

He's spoken to various media sources regarding the
leak and the WB-sponsored tv pilot. Look him up.
He's friggin' brilliant, despite the fact that he
wrote "Catwoman". Here are his IMDB credits:

He definitely deserves a spot. Thanks for considering

John Donald Carlucci said...

Looking forward to more of the writing advice!


P. Drāno said...

This Stormtrooper Elvis intrigues me strangely. But then I thought that about "Bubba Ho-Tep".
Excellent site, by the way.

Jay said...

Ben Edlund wrote an episode of GF?

That I'll never get to see?

*lip quiver* *eyes welling up*

St0rmshadow said...

That guy is awesome. Even better than Samurai Stormtrooper. I do hope they stop before She-Ra Stormtrooper.

Market Research Software said...

Stormtroopers scare me.

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