Friday, July 15, 2005

Global Holy-smokes!

Global Frequency cracked the top 10 links on Technorati today, or so they tell me as I was tour-guiding newbies around the nerd prom. No doubt thanks to the recent pimpage from the excellent Assistant/Atlas, who peels back Hollywood's rancid onion layers from the assistant's point of view -- I am now haunted by the idea that when I call someone, it is he who is answering.

Go to, obey him.

And thanks all. Everyone who's in San Diego, check out the post below for the meatspace meetup.


Nick said...

Don't discount the impact of Dave Slusher's podcast.

Assistant Atlas said...

Check out the comments on my post to see the Global Frequency in action. Seriously, it's cool how this is actually working. In case you didn't click the link on John's main page, do it now.

By the way, anyone know how to best mobilize Trekkies? I may be the best assistant in town, but Ho'wood isn't exactly velvet-gloves-and-champagne with Trekkies. Not being a hardcore fan, I'm not privy to that world. I did, however, have a huge crush on Gates McFadden.

Alex Epstein said...

Okay, but let's get serious now. Where can I get my GF ringtone?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY. I want that ringtone. I've been contemplating re-downloading the episode, ripping the audio and acquiring it that way but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Anonymous said...

Discard my last comment, already found a set of ringtones here:

econoclast said...

Please don't encourage use of that ghastly neologism from the days when "the valley" meant San Jose. (I refer, of course, to "meatspace").

london cokehead said...

GF rocks ..

GM Doug said...


There's the Edinburgh International Television Festival coming to town (my town as well) at the tail end of August.

Typically I'm not on my home machine so I can't send you an e-mail (and work have blocked access to webmail) but you might want to circle the date on your calendar and try and head over (the last talk of the whole shebang is about making money on DVDs of TV shows!).

I think Joss Whedon is coming to town for some sort of talk/showing of Serenity as well for the Film Festival - which is on over some of the same time.

click here for more about the TV Festival.

And remember should you come across there's a pint in it for you as promised :)

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