Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Inside

Seeing as a ton of Whedonesque and buffista humans are here, welcome. I'd just like to chime in on THE INSIDE and say Tim Minear did a hell of a job. I look forward immensely to the rest of the run.

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John Donald Carlucci said...

The comment about being made a nobody and being too late.
Mixing up the order of halt commands before shooting.
The MANIPULATION factor of characters.

Holy crap I love this show and want the dvd set NOW. No wonder I had to buy Wonderfalls on day one.

Peter Coyote was devilish and I expect will turn out to be a good guy (like the mislead of G'Kar from Babylon 5).

Plus, more Adam Baldwin is always a good thing (gotta love Jayne).

I would love to spec this show.

Aric Blue said...

Really? Someone LOVED that show?

As much as I wanted to like it--the show was very so so. Kind of a bad rehashing of the set-up of Silence of The Lambs without much extra in it.

I hope it gets better. I'll give it four episodes to hook me, but I thought it VERY mediocre.

But I agree--add some more Adam Baldwin.

Rogers said...

Oddly, it was everything that wasn't Silence of the Lambs that made me dig it.

And this is probably a subtle industry foible, but I watch a thousand pilots, and Minear directed the shit out of that thing.

DJ said...

Perfect. No. Well done. Yes. Did I miss the memo were the first episode of everything had to be perfect. It was good, let it breathe for Fri#$#d’en sake. Tim Minear is responsible some of the best written TV in the last twenty years. Cut him some slack. It was good…could be great…if you let it be…. do you know how hard it is to do anything just decent on TV, back off and want…. and believe. I am assuming none you play golf.

1031 said...

I agree wholeheartedly. It takes time for writers, actors, and directors to get into the swing of things, to hit their collective stride, so to speak. The first seasons of Star Trek: TNG and Buffy, to name two shows, certainly weren't as good as their final few seasons.

I think it was a very good first episode, and I hope it does well enough in the ratings so that Fox lets it stick around and entertain us for a while.

Polter-Cow said...

Oh, wait, Christ, the "Uncurious Motherfuckers" thing was you?! How weird. That was funny stuff, even though I love the show.

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