Thursday, May 19, 2005

They Gave us Dr. Who and Monty Python ...

Smart bastards. Cory Doctorow does an article on how the BBC is embracing the future, digital archive sharing, figuring out ways to share with the audience using interesting copyright concepts, and basically is kicking big fat bloated Hollywood in the trousers when it comes to understanding how the future is going to work. Hollywood's loss vis-a-vis the broadcast flag is a piquant reminder of who's going to win this little battle and how.

They are the public's airwaves. You use them at the public's sufferance. Smarten up.


Sizemore said...

Well it's been a while since the Beeb produced anything new that was good, but seeing as they've been told to quit chasing the ratings things can only improve and I'd rather watch good old TV than new bad TV.

That said I watched the first part of The Thick of It last night and damn good it was too. Track it down.

gary said...

A chris langham is a funny man, he used to be in not the nine oclock news and alas smith and jones.
Other stuff to check would be:litte britain or help.

Darth Vegas said...

I gotta disagree with Mike on BBC not producing anything good as of late. I have been generaly impressed and rather enjoy the new Doctor Who they have been showing on the CBC- and the orginal Office is painfuly funny.

mike said...

Way to be misquoted! :s

I didn't say THE BBC hadn't produced anything good of late! 'The Office' is a great piece of work. I was talking specifically about their sci fi/fantasy output re Dr Who, Torchwood and Robin Hood, which is a mess. Compared to what gets produced over the pond, it looks like kids TV but the BBC put it on in the evening, so it isn't kids TV. I resent having my intelligence insulted by such badly written and produced shows which I ultimately pay for via my licence fee! They should give Christopher Penfold a call or let Mark Gatiss write more of them.

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