Wednesday, May 18, 2005


On the odd chance you got hit, while I was out of town, this account seems to have been spam-jacked -- or a lot of Germans very concerned with honor-killings kept hitting the "Reply all" button on some e-mail I was cc'd on. Either way, good to be back, and we'll be hitting some writing questions tomorrow.

Oh, for those who emailed about the peak oil series, I'm still doing the research. That's right, I work for you bastards. It should start soon.


Anonymous said...

Hallo... ist Giesella nach hause?
Hallo... ist Giesella nach hause?
Hallo... ist Giesella nach hause?

vell... ist she or ist she not?
Reply mein freund und all spam von The Bismark Pope vill gehalten.

Yeah, some Frau from Berlin probably just rented Catwoman and has issues to work out with you.
Relax, you are not paranoid; it is all personal.

Anonymous said...

We've actually been getting a ton of German emails too at my work... They think it could be a virus (Not official - just what they're pondering. I haven't actually gotten a copy of it yet.)


George Merchan said...


I thought I was the only one.

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