Monday, May 09, 2005

Light Posting

Dead on three different deadlines, possibly four after meeting some cunning bastards from Japan with a suitcase full of money. Will do another writing column tonight, then some media discussion about 4G Media tomorrow. Apologies all 'round for the brown-out.


Bug-Eyed Earl said...

Is this about Fatal Frame? I'm not imagining things when I remember you saying you're going to keep it in Japan with a Japanese cast, right?

Remember- if you need a creepy little guy, get Shinya Tsukamoto! Best of luck to you on everything else.

Laurean said...

The real question is...are you carrying the suitcase full of money...or are the guys from Japan? ~_^

In any case, best of luck with all your projects! It's good to know you're getting a lot of writing work lately! :D

PS. If any of mentioned products DO have to do with the FF movie, that would be awesome to hear! :D

caseyko74 said...

I have a rule, be very nice to large Asian men with tattoos who wear nice suits. Be very, very nice if they come with a suitcase full of money.

Also, quit being lazy. Don't you know you are supposed to be posting and keeping me entertained whil I do my work?

Now get to work.

Alex Epstein said...

Sure you want producers to know you're on three projects at once? Theoretically, we're all only working on one project at once ... right?

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Lorcy said...

"Brown out" I like it, I have taken to using this insane test signal (that has been haunting the young nightmares of almost anyone in the British Isles with the BBC's broadcast area) to denote a 'writing lockdown'. Which means I shouldn't be procrastinating by being here and writing this comment, damn fecking blab-blogosphere, could't help a wee check of the K-Monkey.

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