Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Adding Groovy Age of Horror to the sidebar, just because it's the perfect example of one of the ways the 'Net allows shared hobbies/psychoses to be promulgated. Adding Vestal Vespa to the "We Link, They Link", along with a blog named after my favorite quote about show business: "Nobody Knows Anything".

In the Moviemaking section, adding an incredibly useful, super-tech site, HD for Indies. Everything you need to know about shooting and editing your project in high-def. As more and more big-time humans shoot on high-def and rave about it, I assure you beginners that this is the tech to learn -- if only to understand your options for when you get to production.


Vestal Vespa said...

Thanks for the link, yo.

Carnacki said...

Kung Fu Monkey,
I wrote a diary on DailyKos about one of your posts. Thought you'd might like to see some of the comments.


Bill Cunningham said...

Groovy Age of horror is a blog that sooooo reminds me of my childhood growing up in SC. My friends and I would pour over these paperbacks and mags that filled our dreams with all sorts of syrupy dark thoughts...

Thanks for spreading the word of Curt's's must reading for me, and it should be for every other geek-boy/girl out there that remembers FAMOUS MONSTERS and the like...

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