Monday, April 25, 2005

New Links

Adding Wordplayer, which is Elliot and Rossio's joint. Everything you liked in movies over the last five years? Yeah, they wrote that.

And The Thinking Writer, who answers questions quickly and succinctly. This is a similar name to and a vast improvement over my original blog, The Weeping Drunken Writer Who Sobers up Just Long Enough to Type Two Pages, Masturbate, Then Collapse Weeping Again.

Our friend at Respectful Insolence (aka "Orack Knows) is a surgeon and scientist who fights the good fight against pseudoscience. I enjoy the way he crotch-kicks modern medievalism with reason and science, while he seems to be amused at the way I just mercilessly mock it into submission. Despite our differing approaches, go hang with the smart guy.

Television Without Pity
... huh, how to convince you to go there ... it's not just the best TV site on the web, it has, bar none, the highest laugh per post ratio for me. They do recaps of each episode of TV shows, which not only allows you to catch up on a show you missed but, well, allows each writer to develop a personal comedy take on each show's foibles. One of my favorite bits was the writer who covered X-Files the last season. She refused to acknowledge Mulder was gone, and instead during her recaps created explanations of how he was actually still around, but we were always just missing him on-screen. I know, I know, it sounds insider-y. Just go, find the forums for your favorite show, and read. Many of the writers have their own sites, and they're worth checking out.