Friday, April 15, 2005

More Screewnriting Resources

Majikthise, added as mentioned before. Also, Rude Pundit, because he's very, very angry and slightly funnier than he is angry, which is the best funny of all.

As part of my "Oh, right, I should probably acknowledge all the young screen geeks from CHUD in my Sitemeter" month, some added Screenwriting links.

The Artful Writer is someone far more hooked up in the union and industry than I am. Always interesting, a lot on the practical business side of things.

John August is obviously a really, really nice guy, besides being a spiffy writer. He actually answers readers questions. Some about formatting. If any readers did bother to ask me a question, it'd better not be about frikkin' formatting.

Now, a few quick posts while waiting for my lunch to show up ...