Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Better Man Than I

Although I appear friendly and accessible, I'm actually a right jerk, unless you ply me with booze. Bill over at DISC/ontent, however, is actually willing to interact with you in a meaningful way.

He's looking at loglines for D2DVD film ideas. A contest, verily, an arena for to see your ideas crush other, weaker ideas like Russell Crowe weeding out those gits in the chariot. No promises, but it's a nice way to hone your craft and maybe get a crack at actors saying your words. Go and throw your pitches at the wall.


Bill Cunningham said...

Again, your kind words leave me kickin' at the dirt and sayin', "aw shucks!" (and no booze was involved!)

Thanks John.

I'm sure there's plenty of stuff that's going to stick to the wall, the bottom of my shoes, etc...I'll be wearing my hip-waders.

I also bought the extra big shovel to muck out my email box.

Should be right fun.

BenDavid said...

I'm sure a lot of the submissions will end up here:

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