Monday, March 21, 2005

Schiavo Timeline

Confused by the latest moral tulip-craze in the media? Here are some spiffy, factual resources:

Complete Schiavo Timeline of all events and court rulings. Very concise and clear.

Hey, doesn't Michael Schiavo have a conflict of interest? Cuz, you know, there's some lawsuit money involved! Well, no. For a nice little summary of Mr. Schiavo's attempted to give that money away, not to mention the several times he's turned down millions to walk away, we turn to our friends at the St. Petersburg Times.

So, to be blunt, anybody who says he's in this for the money is either a.) an idiot who hasn't bothered to do even the slightest reading or b.) a slanderous manipulative bastard. There is no c.) Feel free to review the testimony of the ConrgressCritters from last night and see who falls into which camp.

Oh, and don't bother commenting to this post. I'll delete them all, positive and negative. This is a fact-research post only.


Pierce said...

I know you said you'd delete any comments, but this is completely neutral: I just finished reading The Coffee Trader by David Liss. It's set in Amsterdam in the 1660s, roughly 30 years after the tulip mania that nearly destroyed the newly formed Dutch economy. I thought it was a neat coincidence you used the phrase "tulip-craze."

Right2Death420 said...

Stop smiling already, we get it! Jesus.

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