Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Alive! ALLIIIVEE!

Via Gizmodo, the link to the new John Deere Walking Machine. With video. Now slap a dual-plasma turret on that sucker and lets end the Ewok menace once and for all!



Jameson said...

The Trans-fans are going to have a field day... "TF scribe leaks on-set pic!!!!"

Sifl_and_Olly said...

I wonder if the compnay that scored the Empire's defense contract used to be the supplier of all Uncle Owen's farm equipment...

MAX WALKER said...

You finally figured out how to post pictures John. ;P

Karl said...

It's Ravage!

J. said...

It's like a mutant grasshopper...

Benari said...

After watching that video, I expected it to end with 4 other similar looking robot-machines all joining together to form Voltron. That is totally the Green Lion...

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