Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Finally, cultural relevance

In order to defeat a critical mass of hippies in South Park, Cartman and his team must pilot a digging machine to the center of their music festival, before the City Council goes to Plan B.

The plot for South Park this week is The Core.

This. Rocks.


Karl said...

It's well deserved.

Scott said...

I saw your article in LOOK and found your sight. I read all of your entries, including the ones dealing with screenwriting and found your entry on THE CORE. I hadn’t seen it so I picked it up last weekend. It was a damn good movie.

Rogers said...

Well deserved? Thanks, man I ...

... heeeeeyyyy, WAIT a minute --

Crow T Autobot said...

Congrats John. That must be an odd mixture of flattering and, well, not so much. ;-)
Kinda like having a film on MST3K.

David Anaxagoras said...

"If this is anybody but Jules Verne, you're stealing my bit."

Rogers said...

Heh. You know, the original script had a Gertie the Goose reference. Ah well.

Oerwinde said...

It would be great seeing Cartman at a computer saying "This is my Kung Fu, and it is strong."

Karl said...

Hehehe....You know I meant that in a good way.

All though, it's fun to see the reaction. :)

BenDavid said...

That was by far the funniest episode in years. If you're anything but flattered, you've lost your sense of humor.


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