Friday, February 25, 2005

Linktastico and Legacy

As I re-edit the next Adaptation post, added some blogs from correspondents. Gizmodo is a nonstop source of gadget coolness; Joe Amaro will sculpt your toys; opened a new Screenwriting section as well as the beginnings of one for Canadian blogs; began the (planned, honest) expansion of the Gaming section; and added to blogrolling links. Please go through the "They Link, We Link" section, it's fascinating who winds up here. We have an unusual number of grad students ...

Which reminds me of my only brush with Google presence before my screenwriting career. Back when I did stand-up, I had the line:

"Grad school is the snooze alarm on the clock radio of life."

Now, if there's a more obscure, toss-away joke ... damn, I didn't have one. It only worked in front of very specific crowds. I did it on TV maybe once. Only the lemming joke* was more obscure.

Back, I think, in 2001, Ross Richie mentioned there'd been a write-up of the work I was doing on Queen & Country on some comic site. I searched "John Rogers" "comic" and up popped -- a couple hundred hits on that joke.

Of course. Grad students, at the time, were more likely to populate the Web, with their research and tech savvy. Somebody used the joke in their list of "Grad Student" jokes, it got out there, and became the logline for a whackload of websites. It was a bit rattling, to tell you the truth, blindsided by how my creative legacy might wind up being that one off-hand joke.

Now, of course, I know better. My creative legacy is Catwoman, and people will know for centuries that my superpower is talking Oscar-winning actresses into failed genre movies. (Seriously, Hilary and Halle? What were the odds? And I drove Halle all the way back to TV ...)

In a related bit, the link Designated Driver of North America down to the right takes its title from another one of my jokes. Chaos Theory in effect.

*(Fuck you DJ. The lemming joke is genius.)


DJ said...

Yes, John, the Lemming joke is genius (Who’s a pretty Boy? You are) but your greatest legacy is “They call the wind Myra” hands down. Also on your greatest hits (Most copied) is “ my VCR is still flashing 12…12…12). And just remember Francois Mascot based an entire career on your act. And just to make you feel better Francois just sold-out ten shows at St-Denis…the big room. I have to go …I am opening for Jim Sarino tonight. Thank God there’s an Irish pup next door.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you tease, now you HAVE to tell us the lemming joke.


Anonymous said...

i didnt realize you were such a big time comedy man, did you ever release a cd or any material we could hear now?

Rogers said...

Terrifyingly, the last time I was on TV -- Comedy Central's Premium Blend shot in '99, is still in circulation. Was just rerun last week. I did the first Comedy Now special in Canada, a one-hour called "Sense and Nonsensibility" which reruns occasionally. And no, there are no CD's etc. Nor will there be.

For the real close friends who delight in my shame, there's always my sitcom pilot. Watch me "act" opposite Dean Stockwell ...

DJ said...

Now, now…. the Sitcom was good. I have a bootleg and will entertain bids (kidding) or another tape of John On the 1990 “Mouse is Loose” tour of Australia, two full 45 minute sets. There is a CD from The Melbourne Comedy fest out there somewhere. I finally know why I held on too all these things for so long…. embarrassment. I’m drunk with power. Okay I’m just drunk.

Amandarama said...

"And I drove Halle all the way back to TV ..."

You, sir, are truly doing the Lord's work. Thank you. :)

Invector said...


I like your writing. I don't think you should concern yourself with your legacy, but only concern yourself with your legalo.

Angelophile said...

Or your legibility.

Your legacy is enormous. You've saved us ever having to experience one of those terrifyingly tearful Oscar speeches from Helle Berry EVER AGAIN.

You are, indeed, the man.

If you could do the same to Gwyneth Paltrow I will love you forever.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might get find this interesting
From the cold white North,
3rd igloo on your left,
As you leave town,

Oerwinde said...

Hey John, which one of the writers gets the Razzie statue for Catwoman? Or do you all get one? Not picking on you here, I think it would actually be kinda fun to get a Razzie.

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