Tuesday, January 25, 2005

And in August, it smells like urine ...

Elke and Steve have just moved to New York, apparently. No big thing, but their wide-eyed enjoyment reminds me of my first few weeks in New York. Note to my friends from Toronto: No, Toronto is not "the New York City of Canada". New York City is the New York City of EARTH.

I knew I'd become at least an honorary New Yorker when, while crossing 6th Avenue, I saw a guy in a tutu, workie boots, a sweater and a scuba mask, and my first thought was not "Sweet God, who's that freak", but "Hey, Crazy Tutu Scuba guy is back! It must be spring!"

Our new Gothamites may wish to check out, in case they missed the first recommendation, Alien Loves Predator. Still, for my money, the best comic about living in New York. It only incidentally stars Alien and Predator.