Sunday, June 26, 2011

LEVERAGE #401 "The Long Way Down Job" Question Post

While I'm finishing the write-ups from last year's episodes, here's the placeholder for tonight.
Post your usual questions, snark and rage in the Comments. Have at it, and welcome back.


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Murphy Jacobs said...

SO excited for tonight's episode! I've read a lot of the news articles with all their hints -- I imagine picking up this season's opener was very different from the last two, because this time you guys hadnt' broken the team apart (in fact, you've mashed parts of the team together, so to speak). Was that harder, easier, or about the same? Were the obstacles larger, more subtle, trickier to handle?

Also, congrats on getting 18 episodes -- did that change anything for the season? Was it harder to find 18 episodes worth of scripts or did you find the extra room gave you more time to do different sorts of stories?

I'll think of more questions later, I'm sure. Just happy to see you here again and to have Leverage!

The Goozer said...

When are they gonna fight some aliens? Or steal a chalice?

Steue said...

Very happy to have Leverage back on our screens, keep up the good work.

A Couple of questions that I'm sure others will ask:

1), Does Nate actually know(or remember) Sophie's real name?

2) Is the 10/8 split harder to write for than a straight 18,
3) Is there another seasonal episode this year?

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to tonights 1st episode of the 4th season!!!!

How did you get the fall down the crack in the ice shot?

Bring it on!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Steue said...

To Anonymous,

The fall down a crack shot was done on a soundstage with 2 stunt people (yes, for once it wasn't Christian) falling all the way down.

iTimOSX said...


Are you guys still using Final Cut Pro and will you use Final Cut Pro X?

Personally I hate Cut Pro X.


Anonymous said...

Did you have a hard time getting Christian to stop riding the snowmobile?

What episode is Hardison in the coffin? I realize Parker is upset because she didn't know if Hardison was alive, but when she walks away is it because she is also upset that he hugged everyone else first? Or does she even think like that?

Brittany said...

Can't wait till tonight!!! Leverage is my absolute favorite show and I've been waiting so long for it to come back on!!! How was it working at Mt. Hood?

Unknown said...

Looking forward to S4! What do each of you find most challenging in the creation of an episode? Also, each character has had someone/something from his/her "past" play a role...
When will Hardison have that happen?

Comments on Trending Topics said...

Leverage is a brilliant and creative show. I enjoy the "Robin Hood"-esque of it all.
Will Jeri Ryan and Wil Wheaton make guest appearance this season?
Did Sophia (or ??) really tell the gang her real name?
Will there be any "life imitates art" episode for example, the West Virginia coal miners and the swindling Hockey owner?

dogdragon86 said...

How did Parker get her name?
Will Nate ever where a mustache?
I am really looking forward to this! Oh will there be more actor commentaries when Season 4 comes out on DVD? OK looking forward to everything!

GBellmansNo1Fan said...

Seeing it at FanCon, I've got WAY too many questions to post this soon, but...once again, an AMAZING job from an amazing cast/crew. VERY well done! Can't wait to see the rest of the season. Especially 405!!! i already think that's my fav. LOL

SueN. said...

@Anonymous with the coffin questions, could we please keep spoilers for future eps off the thread? Some of us like to take the eps one at a time. Thx

Miranda said...

SueN, I've got a question that I'm dying to ask but I don't know when the subject is coming up in the show. However, I can say that I really hope whatever season long theme they have going this season gets finished by the season finale and the team comes out on top. I can't take the suspense in my tv shows. If it gets to be too much, I might have to just record all the episodes and watch them in one big marathon after the season ends. And I would hate to do that. Hopefully, you guys will keep me up to date with the recaps - the electronic version of "tell me when I can look".

SueN. said...

@Miranda, just keep telling yourself: "Rogers hates cliffhangers. Rogers hates cliffhangers." I think we can trust that whatever arcs he starts, he will finish.

Meanwhile, I have mopped, I have done laundry, AND IT'S STILL NOT TIME, DAMMIT! God, please, don't make me do dishes!!

Miranda said...

SueN, I'm putting off doing the dishes by watching season 1- LOL!

GeSch04 said...

Who are the big guest stars this season?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that I finished the S3 DVD commentaries TODAY. I have much love for this show, the cast, crew, creators, EVERYONE. Thank You. Besides being completely hilarious, I got a glimpse into your zany world.

I have had June 26th imprinted into my brain since I heard the return date. Leverage Season 4 premiere in 2 and half hours EST. I cannot wait!

IMForeman said...

On my way out to pick up some Orange Soda for tonight's episode.

Tom Galloway said...

So how come Alan Scott wasn't an engineer or broadcast executive? Or have a magic ring? : -)

Scavenger said...

"Let's go steal a mountain."

That bit was for us, wasn't it? :D

Scavenger said...

@SueN I don't think even Rogers will spare us from Cliffhangers this episode.

Anonymous said...

So... is it going to be buyable through the Apple Store? We have high-speed internet, but no TV, so it's great to be able to download it and watch it through the Apple TV.

There's no sign yet of it on the Apple Store, so I'm hoping.

Video Beagle said...

Can't these guys do something about that E-Trade baby?

Murphy Jacobs said...

OK, I won't spoil anything (much) but right now it's the halfway point and I am repeating to myself "There are 17 more episodes. There are 17 more episodes. There are 17 more episodes." because I am TENSE RIGHT NOW.

You guys did your job.

Video Beagle said...

So I'm guessing this is a bit of a reset to take care some of the invulnerability they gained taking down Moreau.

Andrew B. said...

@Tom, because then he wouldn't have had an excuse to fight the good fight against and American traitor, uh...trader selling out to the Japanese. It's a cleverly disguised WW2 joke.

IMForeman said...

Wow. Beth really put a lot into that scene there. The evolution of Parker is becoming something of a benchmark of progress for the show.

When the series began, I doubt she saw living people as people, but as objects that were either in her way or of use. But now, she's actually empathizing with a now deceased man, seeing that he was someone, and wanting so desperately to get him home.

Like Eliot, I think Parker wants to redeem herself, but unlike Eliot, she seems to think she actually can. I think Eliot knows he's damned.

Gina said...

I love Parker. I really, really do.

Tom Galloway said...

Hmm. Would that outfit (particularly the hat) that Timothy Hutton's wearing in the next ep preview be an homage to his father Jim's excellent portrayal of Ellery Queen in the same named 70s series?

Improper Bostonian said...

Did Beth and Christian really trek in the snow for the mountain scenes or were doubles used?

Murphy Jacobs said...

OK, coming down off of the premier. Just for the record, I got teary and sniffly THREE times during this episode and my husband teared up at least once.

There's a question tucked somewhere in the rambling I'm about to do. I'm guessing this is going to be the "Dark" season for the crew since last year ended on a comparatively upbeat note -- no one shot, the team not splitting up. I'm guessing this is where the writers cleverly pull out the Kryptonite and go after the team at their vulnerable spots, breaking down the general feeling of invulnerability built up so carefully. Now -- was this fun? Was this a sadistic thrill that writers get when torturing characters (which I completely get and am not asking sarcastically) ? Or was it really, really hard to hunt down those carefully planted plot hooks any good character has and lovingly exploit them like a properly evil GM will exploit them?

I REALLY admired how the last few minutes of the show brought up the dark mood, gathered up the plot strings from the S3 finale and wove them neatly into the new thread for this season. However, I was surprised at Nate coming down stairs with the whole speech about them having dinner in "his" apartment. That sort of came out of left field -- it hasn't been "his" apartment in a long while (he lost control of it during Beantown Bailout). It's been the home of the team for quite a while, the home for his "family". Is Nate putting down walls now, trying to draw boundaries, pull back emotionally from these people, deny the whole family vibe in some attempt to protect himself from...something? Or was that just a throw away to remind us that Nate is not a Nice Guy? (If that was it, that was...overkill, kinda clumsy, so I'm REALLY voting for the first idea. Lie to me and say it was subtle boundaries as part of a new Nate spiral, if you have to.)

THREE TIMES I NEEDED KLEENEX, I'd like to point out. That's a record (even Bottle Job, which trips several of my triggers, only gets one solid teary moment, and, of course, the big hospital flashback in The 2 Davids.) I'm getting soft or you guys are playing especially dirty with the heartstrings. I approve.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I actually cried. I was hoping against hope that they would find him alive, but I was happy we got that last sceen of Eric Stoltz - he's awesome. Loved all the call backs to the past (flashbacks, 'very distinctive', Eliot cooking, etc). Loved the actress/character of the client because she was involved and such a big part of the ep, you really felt for her. It was nice to see Sophie taking the lead on that, and the sutle way you showed Nate being a little irriated that she did it on her own. I thought the scenes with Parker and Eliot were great, expanding on that relationship - for a while I wondered if Eliot actually liked Parker; of course he would save her and work with her because that's his job, but it sometimes felt he really couldn't stand her, and this ep showed he does.
Questions: 1. why wasn't tara shown in the one flashback of Hardison hanging from the window in the season 2 ep the maltese falcon job? 2. how much of this ep was filmed on location? 3. was that a little glimpse into Eliot's past the way he signaled to Parker when approaching the Russian's tent? 4. Did Sophie tell Nate her real name on the Xmas ep last season or when they slept together? The fact that Nate doesn't remember it, was he drunk (haha) when she told him and that's why he doesn't remember? 5. they mentioned Sterling at the end of someone that might bug them - whether it's him or not, will Mark Shepard be coming back this season? Will anyone from the past be resurfacing? 6. nana's still alive?

You guys rock.Love the premier!

SueN. said...

You guys made me teary. THREE TIMES!! That's so not fair.

I loved Eliot pointing out to Parker the difference between the two of them and the rest of the team. "Does that make us bad?" "That's what makes us … us." And Parker's "I want to do the right thing!" That was such a HUGE milestone for her!

And how much do I want to see her meeting Nana? lol

Also, yay for Eliot cooking for the family again! I really missed that last season.

I don't have a question right now (I will later, count on it), but I just want to say thank you for another wonderful episode, and here's to a fabulous season!

SueN. said...

Oh, one more thing: hubby perked up at the name Alan Scott. He thanks you. *g*

msd said...

First of all - it is good to hear from you John! I have missed this blog but I certainly appreciate your explanation.

Loved the first episode and I too had to grab the tissues. The Parker-Eliot scenes were excellent. While I think Eliot will always seen Parker as a bubble off - he truly does care about her - whether it is the concern after she fell, giving into her wish to listen to the message or concern for her when the Russian grabbed her. Eliot cares. Well done!

Bubblegumm104 said...

I was just wondering if it was silly of me to be sort of wishing my life away by continuously saying that I CANNOT wait until next Sunday?

Awesome job! And the fact that there are 17 more episodes to go makes me giddy.

I raise my glass to you!

C_otter said...

That was fantastic! Exciting, moving, and sets the table up wonderfully for a season of consequences. Well done sir!

My question: my understanding is that your team is almost done writing the scripts for the season. Do you make plot adjustments as the season progresses based on overall audience reaction or not? If you do make adjustments - how?

Thanks again for a great new beginning.

JoellaBlue said...

Thank you! What a great start to the season. I loved the character beats for all. Eliot's comment to Nate about not conning a mountain (ie) you can't con Mother Nature was a nice touch. Cannot say enough about the Parker/Eliot conversation. So much said in so little time. You mentioned in DVD commentaries that Hardison is the weathervane of the crew. His hugs (and lack thereof) at the beginning and the tears at the end just helped me keep track of the dynamics. So. My question is: Since the team is losing their teflon and coming into so many others' sights, will they deal with more past jobs prior to joining the team? Eliot's past with Moreau came up last season and he surely has many other enemies that are hardcore. Hardison's enemies seem to be Chaos and Iceland. We have no idea about Sophie or Parker's past enemies. And then there's Nate. Will we be able to delve deeper into each of the characters this season? That is what makes this show so great--the balance of characterization, cons, and conundrums. Thanks again for making 18 weeks out of this year absolutely delightful.

Video Beagle said...

So, what are the chances the big bad is Victor Dubenich with a bunch of stolen artifacts.

kkoeser said...

LOVED the episode!

1) Where was this episode filmed? Because it looked gorgeous.

2) If it was on location, how difficult was the filming?

Sean Fagan said...

If you'd asked me before the episode, I would probably have been displeased with the concept of a Big Bad. But... that really was an excellent point, that they've pissed off a lot of rich, powerful people.

It'd be interesting if some of them compared notes, wot?

Brave said...

Great episode. Elliot said they were suppose to lay low for 2 weeks.

My question is have only 2 weeks passed in Leverage-verse since "The San Lorenzo Job"?

Video Beagle said...

It was on location.

Hutton talks about it some in this interview:

Can someone explain the eyeglass commerical they keep showing?

allyone said...

Dude, you may have just finally hooked my husband!! He of baseball, history documentaries and Man Men watched and teared up there at the end. Sweet!

Favorite bits about tonight:

1) Nate's speech to Karen about taking risks. That's some pretty profound stuff there.

2) Parker and Eliot leaving the body and that moment between them.

3) The banter and humor was super zippy. Hardison and Nate in particular had some great comic moments. "You have no idea." Heh.

4) Eric Stoltz's last email. That one had me and the hubby all teary. Kudos to Eric for making two scenes so pwerful. When he started crying into his hand, I lost it.

5) The last scene of them eating in silence at the table with the threat of the bug hanging over them. Perfect example of how less is more.

SQUEEE! So excited about this season!!

buzzby said...

Why is oxygen being used when they're not even above the treeline?

Video Beagle said...

On second watch...

I know it cuts the drama of the motion, but the idea of "we know where Alan Scott's body is, so we can get it later" really should have been mentioned by someone.

Video Beagle said...

Ah...he cuts off a swath of her hair.

Anonymous said...

Nice opening to season four....

1) The Parker and Eliot scenes were the best they've had yet. Parker's conscience for her fellow man as it were is really evolving. I'm sure Eliot wouldn't admit it but he's definitely become attached to the team.

2) The small scenes between Parker and Hardison were great as well. I didn't expect you guys to be moving things so quickly along with them (holding each other and all, very cute by the way) but I like it. Question: Will Parker be meeting Hardison's "nana" anytime soon? Good line about what's normal is what works for you.

3) Eric Stoltz killed it especially near the end with that last email. It's amazing how these actors do so well in these one off episodes. And we still have Danny Glover, Mark Sheppard, Jeri Ryan and whole host of other good actors to look forward to. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, great nod to Green Lantern with Alan Scott.

allyone said...

OK, one last thing - I do kinda wish that there had been less cutting away from Eric Stoltz in that last scene. It's the kind of powerful monologue that kind of begs for a single shot without reaction shots intermixed. Or at least not so frequently intermixed. Very minor quibble.

Eolirin said...

If Sophie only told Nate what her real name was after they slept together, then what did she write on the piece of paper that she gave him at the end of The Ho Ho Ho Job?

Robin said...

Wow. Just... wow. A powerful beginning to what looks like a great season. Amazing performances all around, a heartbreaking story with exciting character moments, and beautifully produced.

Can't wait to see the team puzzling out who's after them now that the tables are turned.

ChelseaNH said...

Welcome back!

Count me among the hordes of fans desperately hoping to see Parker meet Nana.

allyone said...

OK - my last comment, at least for tonight. I LOVE that Nate already stole a mountain and totally forgot about it because he was too drunk. Hysterical. Did I mention how zippy this ep was?

Anonymous said...

Awesome ep! And the snow! Weather really worked out for everyone it seems!

Anyway, same question as Brave above.

Eliot said at the beginning of the episode it's only been 2 weeks since the San Lorenzo job, but interviews and behind the scene clips suggest they all laid low for 6 months. Which one is it?

Anonymous said...

awesome episode! totally worth the entirely too long wait. is it next week yet? that said, what have the leverage writers got against kansas? there are other places with equal standing on the suckometer: nebraska, wyoming, missouri. but y'all always pick kansas.

ChelseaNH said...

BTW, speaking of the rest of the season (although I guess I'll have to pin my hopes on next season, unless you can manage to squeeze it into the finale) -- anyway, could you arrange for Elliot to fight Jason Statham? 'Cause 1) Jason Statham (duh) and 2) epic fight scene. Although Chuck Norris would be cool, too.

Also, Oded Fehr. Especially if he flirts with Sophie. He's really good at flirting. Look into it, okay? Not that I won't enjoy the show without him, but still...

wv: bousn: French bos'n

marisa said...

So glad Leverage is back. I thought the episode was beautifully done with a lot of emotion, humor, and brains. I also cried. I thought Eric's ending monologue was so heartfelt, the viewer was truly invested in the outcome.
The Parker/Eliot scene was great as well. The development of the characters is moving along quite well. At the end, you're set up for a lot of anxiety for the one Big Bad of the season! Made me nervous, especially since the theme for this season will be "consequences."
I would love to know how long it takes to write an episode, because they are soooo tight and include so much and is done so intelligently, you guys must be super writers! I certainly appreciate excellent writing and you never ever disappoint!
Fantastic job and can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Not looking at the comments because I haven't seen the episode yet. (No cable.) My question is will the show be available on Netflix this year and if not, will it be available for rental on iTunes?

Guru said...

Outstanding! I can't recall another episode that built quite the way this one did.

As I watched, I found myself assuming that Alan Scott would be found alive simply because you'd cast an actor of Eric Stoltz's caliber. Was that deliberate, or did you simply want a heavyweight to carry the big scene talking to his wife?

Anonymous said...

@Eolirin: I don't think she told him her real name. I think she was testing him to see what he remembered - and he failed the test.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! The technical inaccuracies surrounding the "mountain" were atrocious and really made the episode hard to get into. From trees being at 8000' above sea level in Alaskan Mountains, to being roped off on what was supposed to be a mountain but looked like a bunny hill. Pretty silly stuff. They really needed some technical consultants; or I know maybe actually film it in Alaska...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Very solid episode. I wasn't sure how the relationship developments were going to be handled and I really liked what did end up happening.

I know you guys were on Mt. hood, but just how much of a PITA was that shoot?!

Yay Leverage new season!

Oona said...

Finally, it's back!! I really enjoyed last night's episode. It was super fast paced and funny, and the emotional stuff was woven in so well. It really reminded me of what you said in one of the commentaries that you guys do in one act what most folks do in one episode.

I could rave and rave, but instead, I'll beg for spoilers:

I thought Nate's speech to the widow was interesting, and I loved the way you guys brought the line "It's a long way down" back up in the end. Is the idea of running up against an obstacle your anger can't beat a bit of foreshadowing for Nate's character arc this season?

Also, it was interesting that Eliot emphasized that Hardison especially would have frozen to death trying to retrieve the body. I thought that was spot on, but also raised the question - if something might ultimately create some tension between Hardison and Parker, will it be the fact that Parker's morality is more slippery than Hardison's?

Annnnnnd, finally - clearly Nate doesn't remember what exactly went down the last night in San Lorenzo, but does Sophie? It's not surprising that Nate was too drunk, but they both seemed surprised by where they ended up, so I would suspect she was pretty snockered as well. Was she testing to find out what he knew or testing to find out something she might want to know?

Thx as always for all you do for us fan geeks.

Liz said...

Solid start to the season, and a different kind of episode than I've seen before, especially with the "victim" ultimately being the one to take down the bad guy (though not without help). A little less focus on con this time around, too, and more on character. Nate and Karen's talk on the mountain. Eliot and Parker in the cave "It's good it was us." Gave me shivers. Those two have an awesome dynamic.

And then Eric Stoltz at the end. Who, when he broke down, made ME completely break down. As I said on Twitter last night, CRIPES, you guys yanked my heart out.

I also got a strong sense that the past several months has changed this team. Some of these conversations and the moments of letting guard down just would not have happened before.

Oh, and can I say? Eliot hugging Hardison? Awesome.

Welcome BACK!

Kuuble said...

Actually kind of forgot about the premiere last night (busy securing my future), but watched it this morning...

AWESOME! Can't wait for more! I hate being a fan-girl.

Jugglernaut said...

Eliot, a prominently displayed rope, a bad guy on a snowmobile, and Eliot DIDN'T lasso him off it? COME ON! Or would that have been too predictable?

Anonymous said...

The last five minutes of the season premiere is the first time I've seriously cried at a Leverage episode. And I appreciated it all the more because I was laughing in the beginning. Fantastic, fantastic job.

I've long thought that Eliot and Parker have a very big brother/little sister relationship. He views her as a pest most of the time, but God help the person who picks on her and he's there to help her when she really needs. The cave scene only reinforced that for me. When she has her little meltdown, all I could was 'Parker grew up.'

I only have three questions, really, and one is more for the general populace.

1) I echo the 'What did Sophie write down in Ho Ho Ho Job if Nate found out her real name in San Lorenzo Job' question. If the implication is he used it for the first time while in the throes and has known it for a while, it didn't really come across too clearly.

2) What was Hardison's motivation for denying that Parker should meet his Nana? A fear of commitment? Does he think Parker wouldn't fit in with "the real family?" It seemed a little out of character for him and it was the only sour note in the whole ep for me.

3) Does anyone know of any place where the commentaries are transcribed or, at least, bits and pieces of them? Since I'm hearing-impaired, the traditional commentary set-up doesn't work too well for me and I am especially interested in anything regarding Parker and Hardison. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Kathleen said...

1. Which came first, the Mountain as a location or a story that included a Mountain? And what was the Line Producer's reaction to the idea of shooting at 6000ft?
2. The probability of trees at 8000ft was brought up, I just assumed they were on a S. facing slope with more sunshine and protected from the winds, somewhat. Was that mentioned? I know Hardison gave some coordinates.
3. Why did Nate seem surprised to see Sophie? Did he forget to invite her? She accused him of 'climbing a mountain' in denial.
4. More fuel for the Hardison/Spencer spinoff "I think my nipple fell off.." LOL Many fun moments between these two.
5. "Avalanche on a skyscraper" foreshadowing the "..let's go steal a matrix" Ep? With Parker and Hardison getting closer, her emotional awakening could involve sci-fi nightmares revealing her deepest fears, oh wait, she said that would be "cool" nm.
6. Nate is obviously using the 100 foreclosed families per day story to sell the con to the compassionate sensibilities of the rest of the team, the way he looks out for Karen and relates to her through his "anger" theory, tells us and apparently Nate, why he's really there, love it when characters try to explain something and end up having a breakthrough of their own.
7. Altitude sickness & alcohol intoxication, who needs Sodium Pentothal?
8. Loved the "it's a long way down" transition to the 30-40 feet below the surface scene.
9. Hardison almost seems vindicated for having been used by Nate, as he's finding some pleasure in watching Nate suffer and continually drawing attention to Nate's weakness.
10. It was interesting to see the shifting of power/influence among the team members, they truly do need each other.
11. It made sense to me that Eliot wanted to tie up loose ends at the high camp, and find the Russian, the abandoned snowmobile seemed suspicious, you could feel the danger looming, but if I were Parker, I would have tried to hop on that snowmobile and get the phone to a lower elevation, but then oxygen is pretty high on my priority list to begin with.
12. Re: cutting away from Alan's final email... witnessing both sides of the communication pulled me in deeper to the emotion of the scene while simultaneously giving me the unsettling feeling of loss/letting go.
13. Love the behind-the-scenes we're getting from interviews and tweets, did an avalanche really occur at the shoot location after you left the mountain?
14. This may be a local editing issue, but the commercials seem to cut off the ends of the scenes leading into them.. :|
15. Does it seem like when Nate is indisposed, somehow the other members of the team step up their game and regain balance? It seems Nate, being the not-so-nice man that he is, could use this power to his benefit, perhaps he already has?
16. If Sophie ever does run out of cons, I think we're in trouble... but then, we'll have something to beat!
Thanks for the X's and O's.

Anonymous said...

I loved Sunday night's ep.
1 questions...Why didn't Elliot fight a polar bear?!? It was the perfect chance!

Steue said...

Yes, three days after they stopped filming an avalance went right through the base camp location.

Kathleen said...

Evening-Shadow: Glad you brought up the commentaries, it would be great if there were an option to switch the captions from the dialogue to the commentary. Not sure that's even possible and you'd probably have to be a speed reader to catch it all. Good question though!

SueN. said...

Okay, now that I've had time to digest (and watch couple more times) I have an actual question.

At the end, when Hardison finds the bug, Nate says something like, "I thought you swept the place," which implies that's a regular practice.

So, have they been sweeping for bugs all along, and it's just one of those "invisible things the team has always done," or is it something that evolved out of the Italian-Moreau arc?

Given these peole, their backgrounds and what they do, it makes perfect sense that at least one of them (Eliot?) would be paranoid enough to do this. I'm just curious as to how long they've been doing it.

Oh, and btw, even on subsequent viewings, I STILL GET TEARY! Bastard.

SueN. said...

Oh, gah, one more question. Nate's talk with Karen in the tent about anger (which, btw, was another beautiful moment in this ep) – Is this Nate admitting he knows how he's screwed up in the past and why, and is determined to try and change his ways? It was a stunning moment of self-awareness from him, and Hutton nailed it.

Also, how much do I love that right after Sophie explains to Eliot how she knew the mark wouldn't remember a conquests name, Nate proves her right, down to every gesture? (And I loved her glancing at his hands as he waves them, lol.) He has no clue what her real name is, does he?

ChelseaNH said...

Depressing info about the underlying crime, so Rogers doesn't have to type it all in:

When the big banks started packaging mortgages into securities, there was suddenly a ton of traffic in mortgage reselling. Mortgages were being packaged and sold and repackaged and resold, and it turns out all the paperwork didn't keep up with all the transactions. Which means it's not always clear who owns what. (Yes, it's illegal to create securities based on financial instruments for which you don't hold clear title, but hey, we're trying to make money here, you communist.)

So everything goes bust and now there are gazillions of homes with bad mortgages that people can't keep up with and can't refinance. In some areas (such as Florida), a significant percentage of the real estate market is tied up in these bad mortgages. The state government has decided that it's a priority to get these houses back onto the marketplace and off the banks' books, so the economy can get moving again. So they have courts that essentially rubber stamp hundreds of foreclosures every day. And the fact that the paperwork on these foreclosures is incomplete (see paragraph A) is considered irrelevant, because we're trying to make money here, you communist.

So if you have one of these mortgages, you're lucky to find out that you're being foreclosed in time to do anything about it, and if you happen to have a lawyer who can represent you at the foreclosure, the judge doesn't care about any petty objections because the job here is to clear these shoddy mortgages off the books, no matter what, because we're not communists.

To summarize: Hugely illegal transactions by big banks, followed by erasing evidence of transactions by foreclosing on as many houses as we can as fast as we can, laissez faire capitalism at work in your neighborhood.

Andrew B. said...
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bluehex said...

I just watched the premiere - I loved it! Congratulations!

Everybody was great, but Parker really knocked it out of the park; watching her character develop throughout the series is pure pleasure. Also, it helps that Beth Riesgraf is seriously brilliant!

Waiting impatiently for the next episode now; is it Sunday yet?

Anonymous said...

I think "it has a distinctive style" is one of my absolute favorite repeating bits. Every looks at Elliot and all he can do is get defensive about the fact that it's not HIS fault other people don't _notice_ things. :-)

Lydia said...

Wow, just wow!!! The Leverage crew has done it again, back and better than ever! So worth the long wait.

* Stealing a mountain...again.
* "It's a very distinctive ______!"
* Parker and Eliot in the cave - wow!!! Brilliant writing and acting; my favorite part of the whole episode.
* Eliot hugging Hardison -- twice.
* Nate's speech about the anger over losing someone.
* Hardison's orange soda completely filling Nate's refridgerator - nice callback to the Beantown Bailout Job

1. (general Leverage question):
Watching the “auditions” video that TNT put on their website got me thinking. You've said several times that you wrote Eliot's character with Christian in mind. If the script had stayed behind Christian's couch, who else would you have looked at to play Eliot? Or would you just called him up and demanded he read the whole script? 2. If it's only been less than two weeks since the team took down Moreau and they're already onto more jobs, is Eliot ever going to get the down time he's been asking for for several episodes in S3?
3. Each of them is the best at what they do... is it possible for Sophie to run out of cons, or will her brilliant grifting skills save her?

Eolirin said...


Even if that were the case, what did she write on the paper she handed him in Ho Ho Ho Job then? He seemed happily surprised. The implication really did seem to be that it was her name.

skierfe said...

Really loved this episode, but probably I would have loved every episode (Just like a Junkie who hadn't a fix for a long time - a half year without Leverage is too long.) There was only one thing i hated: square black plates at Nates place. Really?
Although I loved the cooking and eating together and Eliot with that apron (not many man can pull that of)nearly consoled me.

Murphy Jacobs said...

The thing about the treeline elevation bothered me, so I did a quick check at that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia

So, the number Hardison gave is well within the average for alpine tree lines world wide, but a bit off for the specific of an Alaskan mountain. However, it seems there are a lot of conditions that affect treelines. 8000 ft matches up better for the US Rockies or mountains in South and Central America. Still, there are such things as treelines and the actual number is something of a picky quibble in my view, considered the very wide range of heights for treelines -- anywhere from 1600 ft to 17,000 ft.

Anonymous said...

John, do I see a little bit of you in Nate's character? Your personality here at Kung Fu Monkey kind of reminds me of Nate with and without drink. LOL!

The Long Way Down Job was a good way to start the new season. I hope we can have you all around for many more years.

In the Lost Heir Job Nate's passport was shown on the big screen and I noticed his birth date being August 16, 1962. Being a diehard fan of Timothy Hutton, I know the date is correct though the year is not. This makes Nate 49 this year. And in reality we all know women with gray hair are "getting old", but men showing gray makes them debonair and distinguished. Why, oh, why do you dye his hair so it is all black? Sexy as it is, *sigh* I believe seeing him age due to his hard life, his anger issues and just plain old (pun intended)time ticking by would make Nate more interesting.

Keep them scripts coming!

Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant set-up for the new season. It felt very character-driven, and there were some really important interactions going on that were a terrific pay-off from all the groundwork laid in the first three seasons.

The chap who played Alan Scott gave an absolutely amazing performance.

Eliot rocked the apron (a sentence I never anticipated myself typing).

Finally, and I'm sorry if I'm being completely obtuse here, but I couldn't understand why Eliot didn't tell Parker they'd go back for Alan Scott's body? If they found it once, what was to stop them either going back themselves or, if that were to be impossible as they needed to clear out ASAP following the con, direct others to it?

Thanks for such a high quality and above all enjoyable show, not to mention letting us all play on your blog. :)


Steue said...

To all the people asking about them not going back for Alan's body later, or mentioning it again, I would assume that they are honouring the spirit of his last wishes.
He does say "don't come up here looking for me."

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Straight to questions:
1. How does/will Eliot feel about all the 'coupling' in the group and with the particular couples (nate/sophie, parker/hardison)? Will he ever 'interfer' or 'interject' with either couple?
2. Sophie has known and noticed the little things between them for a while, but are Nate and Eliot aware of what's happening between Parker and Hardison?
3. You have mentioned in your commentaries that Parker and Eliot are the most dangerous of the group. Eliot, obviously, knows that he is dangerous, but does he know how dangerous parker is or can be, and is he aware of how dangerous they are (just the two of them) together?
4. Is Parker trying to make amends for her past, or is she just trying to be a better person, now that she has an idea of what that is?
5. Has Parker ever killed anyone?
6. Who is 'watching' them? (I know you aren't going to answer that one, but it was worth a try).

MacSTL said...

@annonymous regarding Nate's passport

I am pretty sure it said 1965 -- still 5 years younger that Tim..but with actual birth day 8/16

I liked the episode with no 'Leverage' intro. Will it be back or does the network feel that everyone knows "Hitter Hacker Grifter Thief" by now

Steve(?) said...


Rogers said in the HO HO HO job commentary that she didn't write down her name.

Full quote:
"And people are wondering what she writes down. She does not write her full name down."

Anonymous said...

Did Eliot hug Hardison because he felt bad that Parker dissed him?

Video Beagle said...

There's a difference between a wife looking for your lost body and a prepared ranger recovery team going to known coordinates.

Re: Parker's body count. Depends on if you think the abusive foster father was in the house in the first episode flash back or not.

Brave said...

Did Sophie really tell Nate her real name in San Lorenzo or is she messing with him?

Do Nate or Sophie even remember anything that happened?

Crescent Moon said...

Welcome back! That break was too long.

Now for the questions:
1) Will we ever meet Nana?
2) If we meet Nana, who would be your ideal actress to play her?
3) Does Nana know that Hardison was/is a hacker?
4) Why doesn't Hardison want Parker to meet Nana?

Anonymous said...

@ Mac STL. You are right, it is 1965. Still I stand by my point about the age look. I once heard Timothy mention in an interview that the grays are there. So John, uncover a few of them :)
Humor us middle-aged ladies. Not all women swoon for Christian!

Miranda said...

No questions. Just wanted to say that it was brilliant the way the writers pulled that 'gotcha' moment and didn't tell the viewers what Sophie's real name is. My personal view is that Nate does remember and he's faking to keep some distance between him and Sophie so the team doesn't realize there's something going on.

As for Hardison not wanting Parker to meet Nana. There's only one reason a man doesn't bring his girlfriend home to meet his family - they have embarrassing pictures of when he was a kid :) Though, seriously, he probably just thinks his friends, while great, are magnets for danger and he doesn't want to endanger Nana.

Famous4it said...

Okay, this post will be pretty long, it's my first ever on your blog, so please bear with me! 

Season 4 is my first 'live' season. I watched the first three during my exams (hmm bad move maybe...) and I LOVED it! Then I watched season 1 all over again with my family ( they love it too!) . I watched it in the correct production order the second time, it made much more sense. I always thought it was odd that  Eliot was asking Parker to do it for him in the Two Horse Job, when it was only the third episode! Then I found out it is actually  the seventh and I was like 'Ahhhh' 

Anyway, why I love this show so much! I watch quite a few shows religiously, but there is no other show in which the characters have felt so real! I almost believe there's a real Nate, Sophie, Eliot, Parker and Hardison  running around the world helping people! And that really makes me very very happy. These characters feel more real to me than someone on  Grey's Anatomy ( one of my favourites) , where the characters are totally supposed to rope you in  with their problems and make you feel 'oh yeah, that happens to me all the time!' . And thats strange considering I've never met anyone like this fantastic band of thieves!  

My most favourite episode is definitely the Rashomon Job! I've seen it four time already( the first three times was within a span of 24 hours) and I'm due to see it fifth time while I get my family to catch up! I run around the house doing different accents now, and I've taken up lock picking as a hobby ( only my own locks of course!). I also catch myself saying 'what's wrong with you' quite a bit when my sisters do something silly.... Scared my aunt the other day I think , when I told her that all the cars in my uncle's lane being robbed on the same night was very very plausible... To her credit though, she did pick her own car door when she locked her keys in! She now calls me a little thief. 

I love this blog, and how you answer all our questions. It's amazing what you have all done; the writers, the cast, the crew everyone! You've given life to these amazing people , and this wonderful show and shared it with all of us! Yes, I know I may sound very lame now, but I really mean it. Leverage has found a really special place in my heart, and I hope it goes a long way! Thank you.  Now finally on to my questions!

Fantastic start to the season by the way! I loved all the Parker in it, and the hints of what we might see in the future. Gina Bellman looked absolutely gorgeous! 

1. I know a lot of people have asked, but how likely is a Nana visit this season? 
2. I love the growth Parker has shown, and the hug at the end was the best! Hardison punching her, and she just grabbing him! So how is this 'thing' going to go? Is Parker as serious as Hardison? Can you give us any tantalising hints ;) 
3. Phew! That bug! Very, very tense end! ( love how Parker checked under the table for a bug , ad-libbed ?) Are we going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces soon? 

Oh, I'm from Pakistan by the way. Just want to let you know you have quite a few fans here! 

Parkerfan said...

The episode was brilliant! Are there any special reasons as yo why you chose a mountain-themed episode as the first in the season?

Are we at some point gonna meet Nana ? When will Tara be back?

Anonymous said...

Not entirely about the episode but I hope you'll still answer: If you had to choose something from each of the members of the crew that made them wonderful as a bunch of actors, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

Is the Italian by any chance coming back this season? Does she have anything to do with the bugs at Nates home?

Congrats on the episode, Beth was sublime!

Anonymous said...

I know many people have been talking about the Parker-Hardison thing that is going on now and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed, since I was expecting more of a romantic moment for their first time (yes, maybe too much of a cliché).

Anyway, my question is: Is really Parker mature enough to handle a stable relationship? It's true that her character has developed a lot, though it might not be enough. After all, they have to work together.

Just two more things: Does the rest of the team know about Hardison/Parker? Do they care about the fact that they are "together" (kind of) now?

Justcurious said...

After the beautiful conversation between Elliot and Parker, Parker goes straight into Hardison's arms, which might seem understandable but; Isn't Elliot jealous of them, or of Hardison, at all? Can he during this season develop any feelings for Parker?

Anonymous said...

In interviews the cast has been pretty cavalier about the conditions they shot in. Who handled the elements the best and who handled them the worst?

I'm a little confused as to why Alan Scott would take the incriminating evidence up the mountain with him. Obviously he suspected correctly that his boss could get to his home if he suspected anything but surely there's a happy medium between leaving it at his house and keeping it next to his heart. Or was this a personal journal he took everywhere that where he also jotted down the incriminating evidence?

And if I might make a preemptive plea, what with TNT and TBS being owned by the same company and all, whatever happens please don't let Hardison's Nana be Tyler Perry in drag.

Jamesfirecat said...

As much as I liked the unique location and set up for this particular episode, the conclusion left me feeling a bit empty, maybe I need to rewatch it but a number of things felt unresolved.

1: Why did Parker need to slip the Russian bad guy the cell, when she and Elliot could have just carried it down themselves, given that they showed up at the tent in time to see the arrest they couldn't have been that far behind him, (they did show up didn't they?) so the cell message would have only gotten played a few minuets later still in time to nail the bad guy.

2: It seemed like the Russian guy got arrested in the tent at the end, and if so, for what? Yes he effectively kidnapped/took Parker hostage in order to steal the journal but there's next to no proof that he did it, unless Parker managed to somehow record the entire threatening conversation on the cell phone they'd just recovered... which combined with point one is only more proof for why they should have held onto the cell phone.

3: The hiker's dieing words may be admissible in court, doubtlessly enough to get the guy arrested and bring him to trial, but would it really be enough to get the guy convicted without some physical from the crime scene as well? Unless Parker and Eliot found some in the cave which they took with them before they escaped (since they did listen to it just before they left) but if so, there was never anything saying they did that was there?

Or was the resolution that the guy would get tied up in legal battles with the murder charge long enough for the Leverage team to prove his wheeling and dealing when it came to the phony foreclosures? Either I zoned out during the episode or it felt like they needed another 3 to 5 min to wrap things up properly....

SueN. said...

@Video Beagle, re: the body:

Deciding what to do with the body isn't the team's call, and wasn't from the moment the wife showed up on the mountain. It's all in her hands now.

And even before she showed up, the immediate concern was getting the diary and nailing Drexel. Deciding how to get the body down could be taken care of *after* that, and, again, wouldn't be the team's responsibility. Until Parker made it so.

I assumed that the intention all along was to give the proper coordinates to the wife and/or rescue team and let them handle that part.

gwangung said...

1: Why did Parker need to slip the Russian bad guy the cell, when she and Elliot could have just carried it down themselves, given that they showed up at the tent in time to see the arrest they couldn't have been that far behind him, (they did show up didn't they?) so the cell message would have only gotten played a few minuets later still in time to nail the bad guy.

This is assuming that the hired thug just doesn't kill them (good chance he wouldn't, but....) or set up an ambush/trap further on down.

Anonymous said...

So, did the writing crew watch Touch the Void? Some of the story elements (falling into crevache, rope cut by fellow climber) and even some of the visuals really reminded me of that film.

c_otter said...

I.just finished my second pass through. I wanted to say that the music at the end was epic. Amazing!! I am blaming the score for my tears ..

Shawne said...

Excellent episode! The team reuniting was hilarious. One of my favorite scenes was Sophie/Hardison when the other teams were out of touch. Cool to see them together but curious if they were actually talking to each other during the filming of those scenes?

Thanks for all of your hard work and that of the cast and crew to give us such a quality show.

Anonymous said...

could Tara be the one planting bugs? Will we see Jeri this season?

Scot Boyd said...

Given Eric Stoltz's stature, I'm curious if the dead body in the crevasse was played by Eric Stoltz in makeup or a mannequin exhibiting cutting edge fake-Eric Stoltz technology.

SueN. said...

@Anonymous (7:25 p.m.), Jeri Ryan is indeed coming back for an ep.

Jayne G. said...

Was Alan Scott a reference to the former DC writer?

...God I'm a nerd.

I'm getting a Nero Wolfe vibe from the preview for next week. Kari Matchett would make it complete!

I'm not quite understanding how the guys email ended up on the TV screens in the main tent. I know they needed the Russian to get it down the mountain so Hardison could get a signal. From there I assumed Hardison uploaded it to the TVs in the tent but then I swear I heard Hardison make a comment to Nate that he didn't do it and Nate responded by saying the guy was getting his revenge after death. If Hardison didn't do it, how did it happen? Did I miss hear the Hardison thing?

How much of the episode was filmed actually on Mt. Hood and how much was done on a sound stage? Did you enjoy our mountain?

Also, in looking up Nero Wolfe to see how to spell Kari Matchetts name I found out Maury Chaykin died. That breaks my heart. :(

Sandy said...

In my endless quest to ferret out the sources of names in Leverage-verse, I'd like to ask if Parker was named after the thief Parker in the Richard Stark (pen name of Donald Westlake)novels? Check into the world of the Stark/Westlake Parker at :

Also, is Nate's father Jimmy named after the conman from LOST? It came to me one day that Jimmy Ford = James Ford = Sawyer from LOST.

I enjoy these little puzzles; besides it gives me a use for my many bits of esoteric knowledge.

T.J. said...

Yes, I almost had to smother myself in my pillow to not cry at this episode, you evil, evil bastard. And now for the fun part…..
1. How long is it after San Lorenzo if it hasn’t even been two weeks yet?
2. Exactly how far have Parker and Hardison gotten in the meantime with there relationship? I know Parker was in the mood for pretzels, are we in the dating phase? I know, I know. There’s never gonna be a First Date Job…
3. Callback, poor Hardison and heights….don’t forget the time he got yanked to the top of the elevator shaft. That was a wonderful rope gag.
4. Double Poor Hardison, are Sophie and Nate ever gonna hug him? And when did Eliot get so huggy? Is it just cause it’s Hardison and he knows he needs a bit of love, well, cause it’s Hardison?
5. Callback! “You’re emotionally involved, it leads to bad decisions.” “Did you just say that…with a straight face?” Really? Did he?
6. Who was the best at dealing with the mountain climbing or at least pretending to mountain climb? Did any of our four who were on the mountain (Parker, Eliot, Nate and Mrs. Scott as well) actually do any of the climbing?
7. Was Nate downing water to fight the altitude sickness or a hangover or was that just random?
8. Callback! “Seriously? It’s a very distinct footprint.” So was it the shoe’s type of print that was distinctive or the way the Spetsnaz trained guy walked that was distinctive?
9. Did Nate not want to go up because of what Eliot said about altitude sickness, because he didn’t want to leave his mastermind position, or because he didn’t think anyone else left on the team could handle the climbing? Or all of the above?
10. Nate’s run plenty of missions, Eliot’s run one when Nate was kidnapped, Sophie’s run a couple, is Hardison ever gonna get a chance to run a con? I know from an older question of mine that Parker getting to a place where she could run one was going to be a big thing…maybe, but is our hopeful future crew leader gonna get one sometime soon?
11. When Sophie goes back to the German for the second Schnapps, does the German think she’s the same woman from before or a completely different woman? I know she change coats to prevent getting caught and because she was running a huge con by herself in a very small room of people, but to Hans was she meant to be someone else?
12. Has Nate run into the things that his anger can’t beat and is coming out of that death spiral? Is he entering a new phase into his mastermind life? Or is he still momentarily drawing out that anger every time he goes on a job and now depending more on the team to keep him on his “equilibrium”
13. I can’t remember – is this Parker’s first dead body or just the first one she’s really seen and understood as a living to dying person? Again, awesome growth for our girl.

You didn't think I was done, did you? More questions coming.... :D

T.J. said...

14. Can you explain the details of the Moscow Circus con and is it actually called that?
15. Is part of Parker’s need to do the right thing partially about her growing relationship with Hardison, who is very much a people person versus her slightly Asperger-y self because it seemed like she really broke when she said “Hardison would do the right thing.”
16. Parker has been mentored by everyone in the crew at one point or another, but in this episode namely Eliot (“It makes us…us) and near the end of the episode Hardison (with the “Normal is what ever works for you), is there every going to be a point where Parker definitively chooses more of Hardison and the team’s way (doing what’s right instead of always smart) or Eliot’s way (smart instead of always right)?
17. Eliot seems like he’s also teach Parker how to be a protector of the team as well, or at the very least, protector of Hardison. Is that another reason he’s growing closer to Parker, because he realizes she’s growing closer to Hardison - both because Hardison’s the person he’s closest to too and because he sees that as growing vunerability for Parker (that he wants to help her with)? Whew.
18. “You can take that as a gift or you can take that as a curse” Is Eliot also thinking about what happened in the Big Bang job and his actions therein?
19. Was the robosigning the worst thing that Merced had been doing? In the end of the video email, Alan Scott mentioned there must have been something worse for John to kill him. Did you have a plan for more than mortgage fraud or was it mortgage fraud and then selling company to get rid of the evidence of the mortgage fraud?
20. Just want to say Eric Stoltz acted the hell out of that last video call. AMAZING casting for Alan Scott( and his wife, too actually), he brought tears to my eyes with just those few scenes that he did.
21. Does Hardison want to keep Nana away from Parker ‘cause he knows his hellion girls would be a little too perfect for each other? Nana seems the type to take care of people like Parker…
22. It seems like Eliot was actually filing away that bit from Sophie with her Mina opening…are we going to hear “It’s a very distinctive stammer….” soon?
23. Is Nate just complaining about the table thing as a callback and also to say he’s okay with this new stage in their relationship – the team being his family, period because they are very much more united at the beginning of this season instead of the reset that we usually get with them having to work their way back to each other over the course of the show. (Previously at the end of each season, there’s been some kind of separation that threw them into chaos)
24. Are we starting with our team more united because they are going to have to face an even bigger foe (the buggers who bugged them)?
25. I know you probably definitely aren’t going to answer this one, but I wanted to post it anyway – Is Saul Rubinek getting his wish of leading the coalition of angry executives taking out the Leverage team?
It’s really cool seeing the constant growth of our guys, this is a GREAT episode character progression wise. Nate facing the damage his anger has caused in his life and with his family AND admitting that it won’t get him all the way through all he has to deal with, Parker facing the fact that she’s not quite like everyone else but growing emotionally as a person, Hardison keeping himself (mostly ) calm and still functioning at his comms/hacker/manager position, when he previously would have completely flipped out in his little seat losing the feed from everyone, Sophie showing so much off the fly initiative with masterminding and analysis and emotion at Nate’s takeoff and especially Eliot mentoring Parker on how to deal with the tougher aspects of being the people who do the dirtier, harder work of the Leverage crew – very awesomely packed into just one episode. Bravo, Leverage, Bravo. I am so glad you’re back.

Now, I'm done. :)

Anna said...

Augh, I loved this episode! Like everyone else, Alan Scott's monologue brought on the waterworks...

1) I know nothing about mountain climbing, but why didn't Parker, Eliot, Karen and Nate get in trouble for going up the mountain without registering? Also, won't they have to testify at the trials for Mr. Evil of the Week and the Russian, and won't that put them on awkward ground if they're investigated?
2) Will Eliot ever straight out know one of the badass evil henchmen? I half expected the Russian to be one of his old mercenary buddies or something. Does Eliot even have old mercenary buddies?
3) Been asked before, but to put it bluntly, are Parker and Hardison "official"? Will there be awkward dates involved?
4) Is Nate's speech to the Karen about anger a sign that he's moving on, or, at least, beginning to heal a little?
5) Will there ever be an episode where Hardison's Nana needs help, and that's how the team gets to meet her? Because that would be awesome, even though Nana doesn't sound like the kind of woman who'd need help.
6) Can we have an episode where Maggie shows up right in time to create a crazy awesome UST triangle? If so, can the con of the week involve her spending extensive amounts of time alone with Sophie?
7) When Parker refused to go on without the body... It seemed to me like there was something more than her growing social skills driving that, something akin to how she refused to leave the orphans behind in The Stork Job. If this is so, would that thing be her younger brother, or something else? Will we ever find out what that something is?
8) Will poor Eliot ever get a steady girl of his own? I just feel like he must feel kind of left out with all this pairing up going on, and even Batman gets to date Catwoman from time to time. Hopefully this year Eliot can do better than his scheduled once a season hookup!

You can tell this is an amazing show because I never consider Eliot to be one of my "favorite" characters (though, really, everyone's a favorite), but I still find myself asking all these questions about his emotional health. Good job! (As an aside, did you see the Doctor Who premiere a while back? Wasn't it insane how Sterling was an American and a good guy? Odd how on TV from his native Britain he gets cast as the exact opposite of the guy he always plays in America...)

Raksha said...

I looooooved the premier! Solid season opener, for sure. I loved all of the team interactions, especially the Parker and Eliot bits in the cave. Their sibling-like relationship is one of my favorite things.

Since Nate clearly doesn't remember Sophie's real name (Oh, Nate, you poor bastard. You'll pay for that), are we going to have to wait until he remembers/is told again to find it out ourselves? I need to know!

Anonymous said...

TJ - Hardison did basically run the con in the Bank Shot Job after Sophie and Nate got stuck in the bank.

The only person who has yet to pull the strings is Parker.

Piratecat said...

Note to self: when stuck on a mountain and freezing to death, send a text or a regular email BEFORE recording a goodbye to my wife and emailing it. 20K is more likely to be transmitted than 20 MB.

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that three times during the episode we recited the characters' lines along with them, based on what we expected them to say. "It makes us... us" was one example that leaped out.

Question: I understand why emotionally, but logically why wouldn't they just tie Scott's body to the bottom of the rope with a clip? Parker climbs up, Elliot climbs up, they haul up the frozen body.

And finally, thanks. We'd been waiting, and it's good to have it back.

- Kevin

Liz said...

Leverage is one of those shows I recommend re-watching when you get a chance, just because you can pick up on some of the small but significant choices. Like Eliot signaling Parker to freeze using a tactical hand signal, a reminder that he's spent time in the service. Was that unconscious, something ingrained? Or do you suppose he's taught them to other members of the team?

Piratecat said...

Raksha said...

> Since Nate clearly doesn't remember Sophie's real name
> (Oh, Nate, you poor bastard. You'll pay for that), are we
> going to have to wait until he remembers/is told again to find
> it out ourselves?

Raksha, go watch the end of the episode again, especially Sophie's speech before Nate comes in. she's playing him. She's never told him.

Kevin said...

Friggin' refrigerator moments. The team didn't actually win, did they? The notebook full of proof got burned. The arrest of the CEO isn't going to immediately stop his company from falsely repossessing 3000-4000 houses a year. The team made no money for the widow and are out their expenses.


Steue said...

I'm thinking that even Hardison couldn't resist buying a few shares and making money off the rising stock price(especially since he probably knew it'd be a quick thing)

msd said...

Evening-Shadow and Kathleen - I love the commentaries but I think S3's would be a nightmare to have close captioning on. There is a LOT of people talking over one another (not that it has ever been 1 person talking at a time) but I am constantly re-listening to parts just to find out what they are laughing about! Captioning would be great but I wouldn't want to be the person who has to transcribe them!!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading comments all over, and do you know that I just realized for the first time after reading the comments at TNT's site that there was no fight!! It was so fast paced and the emotions were strong, I didn't even miss it.

Bravo guys, on a great episode. The characters couldn't evolve if the writers and the producers and directors didn't, and this episode felt like a step forward in the show's evolution. I'm really really excited for the rest of the season. 18 eppies! YAY!

(that said, I can't wait for the fight next week)

USRaider said...

All is right with the world again with the return of Leverage!

I felt that actually filming in such difficult conditions brought an edge to the episode (the knowledge of the avalanche days after you left also makes you shudder). However, Jon, have you ever written anything, for Leverage or otherwise, that you said to yourself, "S**t, someone could get hurt doing this?" Is it the professionalism of youself, the cast and the crew that allowed such an episode to even be done?

I have heard comments from friends that they didn't like this season premiere because "there wasn't enough action". I personally believed there was a conscious effort to make the S4 premiere a more character driven one than a slam-bang action fest. Was this a decision on your part, to kind of show the growth of the team personally with each other and individually?

Welcome back, to not only S4 of Leverage but to your efforts here at KFMonkey. We've waited patiently and, as always, you have rewarded us with your best!

msd said...

I have watch this episode and rewatched it and rewatched it. I feel like I'm missing a few sentences or 1/2 of a scene. Parker insists that they are taking Alan's body back. Eliot points out how difficult that may be. The next scene with them and Parker has apparently reconciled with the fact that they can't take the body and they have the great " makes us" conversation. Were there a few sentences cut? It just felt that way to me.

Murphy Jacobs said...

Just saw this go up

(hope that link works)

Rogers and Downey answer a few of the questions people have asked here.

SueN. said...

@msd, thesnapping of the rope, meaning there wouldn't be enough to rig Alan's body, settled the question of bringing him back for them. Parker didn't like it, but they no longer had a choice.

Andrew B. said...

@Kevin, who said, "The arrest of the CEO isn't going to immediately stop his company from falsely repossessing 3000-4000 houses a year."

I don't think they could ever really stop that from happening, the point (from what I picked up) was they were trying to keep the mortgages domestic so that home owners would still have a fighting chance. Hardison (I think) seemed to imply that once the Japanese firm bought up the company, all the accounts...even as slipshod and half-assed as these things are...would get completely lost in transition. Mind you, I'm not a lawyer and only have an armchair economists idea how "rocket dockets" work, but by screwing with the sale of his public company to a foreign firm and getting the CEO arrested, I think you could count their mission as a success.

As for the book burning, I've been really trying not to say anything about that, but since you brought it'd think, if Hardison can forge a three hundred year old diary in a couple of days, the team might think some good could come from photographing the pages of the notebook.

"But the book was burned, how did...?"

"Seriously? Seriously?! I can hack history with goats' blood ink but you guys are all, 'How did you make a notebook, Hardison?' And I don't get a hug."

But then I repeat to my self it's just a show and I should really just relax...

Video Beagle said...

@Andrew my take was more that they needed the notebook to take out the CEO, not save the people. So once they were able to stop the sale, the companies actual records would save the homeowners.

They needed to stop the sale because the records would be lost once they went off shore.

You make an interesting point that the team doesn't just frame the bad guys..they go for actual proof.(Moreau not included)

Andrew B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew B. said...

(Can't finish a paragraph properly.)

@Video Beagle, said, "They needed to stop the sale because the records would be lost once they went off shore."

This is one thing that genuinely confused me about the story. If Nate's quoting "3000-4000 houses a year," then I think he's references all these crazy mortgage cases you hear about...where Bank of America will show up in court and say, "Well, we don't actually have the mortgage but we triple-honest swear it's what we said it was," and a Judge will then say, "Works for me. Foreclosure!" which point I'm trying to figure out how one can gauge the levels of severity between missing records, falsified records, and missing falsified records lost during a takeover. Maybe it just tangles things up a bit more by tossing higher-paid, international lawyers into the mix.

I completely agree they could never stop all the foreclosures, but...and this is wild conjecture based on /r/Economics more than what I got from the episode...I think they wanted to stop the international sale since it would give the company a chance to properly forge all the mortgages they didn't have because of sloppy work. Stop the sale and you give a handful of homeowners who were genuinely screwed over the opportunity to win a case, like the people who foreclosed on Bank of America.

Which, again, goes back to the book. Even if Hardison couldn't forge the book (laugh with me), they'd still know a few families which they could point in the right direction.

TL;DR: I'm imagining a spin-off series where Ashley Moore (305) is a lawyer who helps small fish fight sharks using leaked tidbits of information from Hardison based my off poor understanding of "rocket dockets" in mortgage cases.

Christina said...

About the book, during Eric's last video he says something like, "I'll e-mail it now." I took it to mean he would e-mail the info in the book. It wasn't really clear because of the cut away to the others though.

Also, I wasn't expecting it when he broke down during that scene and it struck me as so authentic because I realized that it was what I would do. I was expecting him to just explain the fraud. That was a brilliant piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

To those who are wondering how Alan Scott's video popped up on the screens at base camp if Hardison didn't do it - he starts off his message with 'attention base camp' (or something like that). He was emailing the message to base camp and only added that last bit to his wife hoping she would eventually get to see the video.

I don't have a question, just an observation. The end scene where the team is around the dinner table, I was surprised that Parker would have a glass of wine. Eliot has a beer, Hardison grabs an orange soda out of the fridge. Nate and Sofie have wine, that totally makes sense. But Parker? I would not have thought so.

Oona said...

A couple more questions:

Eric Stoltz was so good, as was the actress playing his wife. How did you guys end up getting him for the uncredited cameo and how did that dying declaration speech go down on set?

I assume it's a closed set or a small number of folks and then he gives it only as many takes as is absolutely necessary? Was the break down scripted or was that just him in the moment?

Any chance we'll be seeing Bonnano again this season?

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding Anna's request. Any chance Maggie might show up or be mentioned this season?

Kris said...

Beth Riesgraf is officially my favorite woman on TV. I feel like I "know" Parker well enough that I shouldn't have been entirely blindsided by "I want to do the right thing!", but damn, she's good.

And from a writing perspective I really liked that you forced Eliot and Parker to leave Scott's body behind instead of contriving a "where there's a will there's a way" bit as I think a lesser show might have.

I didn't see "It's a good thing it was us"/"We do things they can't" coming. Or rather, I was pleasantly surprised that that conversation was used not in the "obvious" exposition-y way of highlighting their physical skill sets, but to deliver an emotional payoff to that "practical" point. Great way to avoid the whole characters-telling-each-other-things-they-already-know thing while still using that set-up for something rewarding.

Tiny question: in the background during the Nate/Sophie conversation, what was Parker reaching for in or around the salad bowl that Eliot didn't seem to want her to touch? Did that come from the writers or the actors?

It's nice to have you all back.

Anonymous said...

case in point to what i said about wyoming earlier: The secretive business havens of Cyprus and the Cayman Islands face a potent rival: Cheyenne, Wyoming.
story here: future leverage bad guy?

evening_shadow said...

@msd I know transcribing the commentaries or providing ccs would be damn near impossible, but there's always new information in the commentaries. For example, I didn't know until I read these comments that Sophie didn't give Nate her full name in the Ho Ho Ho Job. This begs the question of did she just write down her first name or last, but knowing that bit of info impacts how I interpret the future characterizations. That's why I'd love to see a fan site that harvests all these little nuggets for those of us who can't listen to the commentaries ourselves.

Jeff said...

Just wondering what type of batteries were in the device that sent the message of the dying man at the end of the show. The mountain was closed for 5 months. So the battery in the device was below freezing for 5 months and still works fine? We need to start using these types of batteries for a lot more electronic devices. Any battery I know of that spends 5 months below freezing is gonna be dead. Very Very Dead.

msd said...

Evening-Shadow - Oh, don't get me wrong - I LOVE the commentaries and you are right - there is a wealth of info in them. I do feel bad for people who can't hear them or don't take the time to listen to them. That said - this year is a little harder to follow than past ones. On the bright side - we get Aldis, Beth and Christian commenting and that was excellent!

msd said...

@SueN - I saw that but (and I could be wrong) I thought Parker was still insisting that they take the body back AFTER the rope snapped. Eliot said he was going to have to use the rigging off the body and, I thought, that was when Parker was still insisting that they had to " the right thing..." Thanks for your comment, though.

Anonymous said...

I love that some of the S3 commentaries include some of the actors. Many of us have been asking for that for a while and it was great that the produces listened and put it in for us. I'm hoping S4 will do the same and maybe get Tim and/or Gina for one or two of them:)

Anonymous said...

In a more general sort of sense, you guys DO have the Barbara Bain/Martin Landau guest star episode in a drawer somewhere, right? Or at least the Juliet Landau as Sophie's sister ep...? If an MI crossover is too much, then I'd be glad to settle for a Sandbaggers cross... I'm easy to please. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the Nate/Sophie scenes in this one, the sexual tension we know is back! Hope we see them waking up together this season...

Anonymous said...

And by 'waking up together' I don't mean drunk and being surprised they slept together. I mean the way it should be.

Andrew B. said...

@Jeff, especially if the phone had been on and trying to send a video email all that time. If the joke is, "It was powered by Alan Scott's Starheart," I'll groan and accept it as a joke, but if the show's going to defend the integrity (or lack thereof) of rope stored at sub-freezing temperatures but shrug off a phone battery's charge inner-teknofetishist isn't going to be very happy.

Come on show, I know most people watch you for the actors and stories, but some of us just like seeing high-tech cons. Why you gotta go and do a thing?

Video Beagle said...

@Andrew - You were the one who defended the TRS-80 being used by Dubermann for Manticore, so I'd think you'd have faith in the phone battery here. (or atleast give credit for where you stole the Alan Scott kept the phone charged using his power ring joke from)

Kimmie said...

OMG, killed me. Everyone brought more than their A game to this episode and it shows. Best season opener yet!

David Hunt said...

God, what an episode. I’m glad Leverage is back and I sincerely hope that the various thing that were giving you trouble are better, Rogers. Most of what I’d have asked has been posted in the rather gross (144) number of comments above this one. However…

Like everyone else with a heart, I greatly enjoyed the interaction between Eliot & Parker in the cave as they work out what to do with Alan Scott’s body (I guess in the Leverage Universe, his ring didn’t work on snow). I still find myself fascinated by Parker’s surreal combination of harsh pragmatism and little-girl-innocence, so I really like and dread at the same time seeing her progress in the direction of emotional responses that we’d consider normal. I imagine my feelings are directly analogous to a parent watching his little girl grow up. The Parker that started the series would never have bothered to declare that she wanted to do the right thing.

This brings me to Question 1: Is Parker really trying to do the right thing because she’s developing a moral code that’s more intelligible to a normal human, or is she just trying to do what she thinks would make Hardison proud of her?

Question 2: I was thinking of Eliot’s comment that the others would have died trying to get Scott’s body home and I can see that happening with Nate and especially Hardison, but I didn’t see it for Sophie. I would have expected that it wouldn’t have even occurred to her to try to get the body back herself…shortly before she died anyway because I also imagine Sophie as virtually helpless in any sort of wilderness situation. So, wouldn’t she have just decided to send people to get the body later?

A final opinion for the various commenters regarding Parker and Nana meeting: I’m guessing that Hardison thinks that he’s managed to hide what he does from Nana and is trying to keep those portions of his life separate. His imagining of the various details about his life with Parker coming out when she casually mentions (just as an example) them hijacking Congress to con someone would cause any son to recoil in horror. I also imagine that Nana knows exactly what Hardison does and could just see this as the intro to an homage episode to Burn Notice. “Alec, you remember your Japanese foster sister, Mimi, who you were sweet on and went on to become a famous Sumo wrestler? The Yakuza and the Tongs are both threatening her to participate in fixing the same fight with different winners! She needs your help, Alec.” Matt Nix’s head would explode.

Andrew B. said...

This has been bugging me (and consequently, I've been bugging Video Beagle): is there a reason Hardison doesn't bother to scan for the kinds of bugs he can instantly identify? I get you're trying to establish that there's an invisible Big Bad lurking out there and they're good enough into Leverage HQ (like Sterling, the Italian, Nate's dad, and Sterling again), but why go with Hardison immediately recognizing the bug as a passive bug which is a pretty common kind of bug?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so reading all the other posts I was surprised about everyone saying that Hardison didn't want Parker to meet his Nana - mostly because I didn't take his "Yeah, you should. She's ni... no. Wait. What?" as he didn't want them to meet, it was more of a surprise reaction that she asked/would want to meet Nana. Although, thinking about it further, all Nana stories are in the past (years in the past). Maybe Hardison doesn't see/talk to Nana anymore?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that person/people who planted the bug(s) is the new big bad of the season, and from the articles, interviews and spoilers I have read, it's not going to be someone we know; however, could someone from the past (Sterling, Dubenich, The Italian, Tara, etc) be working with them?

Video Beagle said...

@Andrew. I'm thinking the big bad is Dubenich, and for past few years, he's been in Witness protection under a new ID (after turning states evidence for something) and he used an artifact he got at his new government job to make Hardison overlook them.

Bev Zimmerman said...

So loved the new episode for S4. Just wondering if we are ever going to see any flashbacks or present of Eliot Spencer's family like does he have a brother/sister/mom/dad, etc. Also, I think a Leverage show with something to do with a biker gang would be great (Sturgis Rally style). Finally, I just want to say you guys are TOTALLY AWESOME and can't wait for the rest of the season's episodes.

Andrew B. said...

@Video Beagle, now you're just taunting me to write a Claurdisarker three-way fanfic where the Leverage team has to steal back a family's priceless antique that was "stolen" by a pair of Secret Service agents that no one's heard of.

"Okay, team, let's go steal a warehouse!"

Get out of my head!

Kris said...

@David Hunt:
*slow clap*

God, I wish Burn Notice and Leverage were on the same network.

Video Beagle said...

Because you want to see Elliot beat the crap out of Michael and see Sophie take everything Neil McAferty owns?

"When you're a spy you have to always..."
"When you're a spy, you don't call yourself a spy, son."

Anonymous said...

Picturing Parker and Fiona joining forces or against each other - deadly either way.
I think John and Matt should each assist in one script for each other's shows (since we will probably never see a crossover)

gwangung said...

Or maybe an unofficial crossover? Where you never see the characters directly, only the evidence of their passage, but fans know who they are?

Andrew B. said...

@gwangung, like Eliot's "Uncle Henry" the retired detective from Santa Barbara?

AUSinUSA said...

Thanks for letting the Aussie bad keep his accent, and for using one of our finest.

Robin said...

@Anna -- re: Eliot's former military / mercenary pals -- Several of us on here decided at some point that one of Eliot's former co-workers was Sam Axe, Bruce Campbell's character on Burn Notice.

re: Eliot's lack of onscreen lovin' -- It was mentioned in the commentary for 'Runway Job' that someone as attractive and charming as that doesn't spend the night alone if he doesn't want to. We just don't see much of it on the show because... well, we saw what happened in 'Two Live Crew Job' with Raquel and the handcuffs. You can't show that stuff on basic cable. :-p

For those asking about commentary transcripts, I didn't see any in a quick perusal of the first few fan wikis I googled. Pretty sure I'm not up to organizing the whole undertaking, but I'd be glad to participate in the effort if someone does. (I find writing transcripts oddly satisfying.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so on the Leverage/Burn Notice cross-over train (my two favorite shows, and actually the only ones I watch in first run in the last 2 years). Here's an idea: some really bad guy is aware of the Leverage and Burn Notice teams and knows one or both will be after him soon, so he turns them on each other. We all know you are friends with Matt; come on John, different station cross-overs are not unheard of.
At least a shout-out would be nice:
Sophie: "Nate, these Boston winters are just awful, can't we go somewhere warm? There must be someone in Miami that needs our help."
Nate: "I hear there's a guy that has that area covered."
Eliot: "Some burned spy. His crew is pretty nasty."

On a separate note - someone asked about Eliot's family. We know he must have a brother or sister (he mentions a nephew in 'The Miracle Job' - come on John, you know we are paying attention and have great memories for that stuff). How about Eliot has been estranged from his sister because he once beat up her [abusive] husband but she chose to stay. She decides to leave to protect her son, but the guy is a powerful SOB with mob ties (or something), and she needs Eliot and the team to take him/them down for her safety. Which will bring them back together. Plus, I'm seeing Parker asking her a lot of questions about Eliot as a kid and/or pre-Leverage because Parker is one of those people who doesn't realize others had a past if she doesn't see it (they existed before she knew them).

Ok, I know I'm way out there on both counts, but I like sharing my wacky ideas.

Andrew B. said...

@Robin said, "well, we saw what happened in 'Two Live Crew Job' with Raquel and the handcuffs."

I looking forward to season eight of Leverage when she shows up again with Eliot's pre-teen son, Damian Spencer.

And, yes, I have been waiting two days to make that joke, but I needed someone to bring up that episode first. Thank you. :)

Video Beagle said...

@Andrew: I believe his name would be Dakken Spencer.


@anon: Let me fix that for you:
Sophie: "Nate, these Boston winters are just awful, can't we go somewhere warm? There must be someone in Miami that needs our help."
Nate: "I hear there's a guy that has that area covered."
Eliot: "Some burned spy. His crew is pretty worthless."
Nate: "Oh?"
Hardison: "Check it. It's taken him 5 seasons, and he doesn't know why he was burned."
Parker: "Do you know why he was burned?"
Hardison: "Me, yeah...found it in 5 minutes. It was a test how long it'd take him to figure it out."

Anonymous said...

@video beagle - I take it you are not a BN fan?

Andrew B. said...

@Video Beagle, oh come now. Damian Spencer would be a lot more fun. Imagine him and Eliot butting heads to the point that Damian drifts toward Nate; Nate, his fatherly instincts slowly awakening in horrifyingly wrongs ways, taking Damian under his wing and teaching him to channel his intellect as a detective. Yes...yes...I like this idea very much.

Unknown said...

When Drexel said "Ladies and gentlement, we're climbing this mountain. I am climbing this mountain."

Am I the only one who thought the cadence came straight from this video?

This was an excellent episode all around. It's great to be back. Thanks, John.

Video Beagle said...

Burn Notice was fine at the start. Then it began suffering from the Trope known as "Failure is the only option" and "Status Quo is king". It was so tied to it's uber-story of Michael finding out who burned him...he never did. It was just a constant parade of new big bads who were all the same. It got to the point where at the start of S4, they had to do a ridiculous bit reittering why he cared about getting unburned, since his life was pretty good, and it was some kind of "I'm a patriot who wants to work for my country" spiel, ignoring that he wasn't CIA, but was a mercenary who worked for the US. (And despite the events of last week's episode, I doubt the matter is closed, still). PLUS, it suffers from a common problem on USA shows of the annoying family member.

If Michael was as good as he's supposed to be, they'd either have just killed him, or he'd have figured it out sooner.

I know people like the idea of Leverage/Burn Notice, but the Leverage team so outclasses the Burn Notice crew in every area* it'd be like Sherlock Holmes teaming up with Jabberjaw to solve a mystery in the Sahara.

(*one area Leverage loses though is in contacts. Sam clearly has a drinking buddy in every profession and organization. So likely he and Nate used to toss a few back, there you go.)

Andrew B. said...

@Video Beagle, well...

1. They wanted Michael to work for them for a long time, which is why they didn't outright kill him in season 1, he was working for them in season 2, left unprotected to scare him back in season 3, and working with/against/for a counter faction in season 4.

2. Michael hamstrings himself by wanting to work for the U.S. government, either as an agent, an exclusive mercenary, or (in this season) an asset. He's a patriot, as Sam explained to Fiona a while back. Michael's been offered jobs by foreign agencies, but for some reason he's locked into an Americentric view and thus won't take jobs that people like Eliot would.

Not saying he's better than the Leverage crew (Hardison alone puts the team in a different weight class), but I don't think he's as far below them as you make him out to be. Michael Westen is what Nate Ford would be like if he was trying to be both Robin Hood and get his job back at I.Y.S.; there would be certain lines Nate couldn't cross if he were bound by a sense of loyalty to a higher power.

Video Beagle said...

@Andrew: well reasoned and hand waved.
Perhaps you should write for BN.

Bailey77 said...

I really liked this episode. I thought it really showed a change in Eliot and Parkers relationship. My question is: Is there going to be any sort of love triangle between Parker, Hardison and Eliot any time in the future. I just thought that it would be a nice touch because Beth and Christian seem to have such good chemistry that seems overlooked. I thought it would be cool also since Parker annoys Eliot so much to have them start developing feelings and her having to sort of choose. Sorry my message is so long!

Anonymous said...

-Finally saw it and really liked it. One question: didn't Hardison used to look heavensward and talk out loud to his Nana? I had it in my head that she was deceased...

-An anonymous @Anonymous asked why Eliot didn't fight a polar bear. What, you missed it? Best. Fight. Ever. Naturally, I won't spoil it for others by saying who won. Shhhh.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Eliot would have allowed his son to be named after Damian Moreau. I am far more partial to either Dante Spencer or J.D. Spencer.

Murphy Jacobs said...

@Video Beagle

I am SO MUCH HOPING for another Dubenich appearance. It's been a long few years since they took him down and he just HAS to have been trying to follow their activities as best he can. I dunno about the state's evidence/witness thing, but he might have done a stint in one of those low-security "luxury" prisons (like Ft. Walton Beach, or where ever that was in The Lost Heir Job) and had computer access.

Speaking of returning favorites, I thought I saw a tweet go by a few weeks ago mentioning someone (Tim Hutton, maybe?) finishing up scenes with "Hurley" -- and I am SO HOPING it is Jack Hurley from 12 Step because he has to be one of my all time favorites from the show.

And has there ever been a hint, anywhere, of who it was The Italian worked for? She kept reporting in to someone else, referring to "us", s she was obviously working for someone. Could that be the Big Bad, someone who perhaps even USED The Italian in some way -- some other Big Bad might have wanted to cut the competition by eliminating Moreau and wouldn't think casting that action as being a "save the world" thing such a bad trick. That's a degree of plots-within-plots-within-plots I think TOTALLY within John Rogers abilities.

Of course, part of me imagines a League of Evil Rich White Dudes comprised of the more brainiac baddies from previous seasons, meeting up in one of those high-end prisons and comparing notes. Judge Roy from the Bankshot Job -- one of the two slimiest, creepiest villains ever on Leverage -- would certainly be plotting some kind of revenge.

Oh, I could play that game for hours -- what baddies from the past are most likely and capable of coming back for a chance to bite our team on the ass? HOURS.

Steue said...

@Sherri, via Twitter, yes, Hurley from 12 step is coming back, as is Tara. I believe that they will be within 2 episodes of each other based on when the actors were tweeting about being in Portland filming.

Katie said...

First of all, EXCELLENT episode. Only one other ep has made me tear up (Bank Shot) and this one made me straight up cry. Thanks for that. To reply to several other comments, Eliot has always looked at Parker as a sister, that's their entire dynamic from day one. Nothing has changed between them but our perception of it (IMO of course). Also, I'm loving Sophie and Hardison's relationship. She is definitely coaching him through things at times, just like in the Inside Job last season. LOVE it! Am I correct in assuming Sophie's name will be like Voyager getting home? You won't know until the very last episode, and then only briefly? (sorry, I'm a NERD!) Oh, and I would literally give you all my money and my first born child, perhaps more than one child if you'd prefer to see a Leverage/Warehouse 13 crossover. Nate vs Artie, Hardison vs Claudia sweet baby Jesus please make this happen. Seriously about the kids tho ;)

Anonymous said...

I was watching the previous seasons recently (including season 3) on DVD, and watching them all in a row, you really do see the character's progression to becoming better people - except for maybe Nate. The one thing I really noticed was Sophie. She's still a great grifter but now, she will, for a split second, break character (from who she is pretending to be) when something really bothers her. She did it, very obviously in the First David Job when she was jealous over Maggie, but that was a more selfish emotion. She now does it when she is discovering/talking to a real evil SOB (i.e. Inside Job) and/or when someone from the team is in danger (i.e. Gone Fishing, Double Blind). She didn't really do that much in season one and I think it really shows how she has grown, changed, and how much she loves her 'family'. And Gina was/is amazing developing this subtly over the seasons. I also really like how for a while it seemed as if Eliot was colder than he actually is. It shows now that when he [wants to] turns his back on a stranger or a job, it's not because he doesn't care, it's because he cares more for his team [family] (i.e. Nate in Big Bang, Hardison in Gone Fishing, Parker in Inside Job and Long Way Down). It's not just his job to protect and keep them safe. Really excellent group of writers you have, and amazing acting. (John, I hope you share this praise with your cast and crew:)

Monica said...

I just wanted you to know that I think this show is AMAZING! Everyone I've shared it with agrees. So far I've converted three people to Leveragism, and now we always sit to watch it together. (Side note for fellow fans: do we have a name for ourselves?) And it's wonderful how you'll answer our questions.

How much, if at all, do the blog comments influence the writing? Do you ever get ideas from the comments?

Also, do iTunes downloads/online streaming show up in the Nielsen ratings? I don't have cable, so I download the new eps every week from iTunes.

Lydia said...

Last question, I promise!

Question: After watching the episode again, did Nate purposely set the other receiver where the widow could reach it and turn his back (as there were several instances of NLP in S3, and Nate did learn how to hypnotize people while in prison), or did it just slip his mind because of his withdrawals/altitude sickness

Katie said...

@ Monica- I believe there was some sort of vote and we all agreed on Grifters. Don't remember which site though, Facebook maybe?

MacSTL said...

@Katie and @Monica

Yes, we are Grifters. The name was made official at ConCon in March of 2010

SageK said...

Was blessed with the opportunity to an advanced screening of the premier and Rogers/Downey answered some of the questions posted here. In addition to interviews out there.
So I can help with some answers.

@Steue there will be no seasonal ep this season.

@Jackie's TV Media Thoughts -
Jeri Ryan will be back for the Girl's Night Out ep. which I think is s4e11.

@ImproperBostonian - Yes it was really Christian and Beth trekking in the snow (Mt. Hood had a blizzard while they were filming). The cast & crew said that they didn't use any fake snow, that they just went outside and rolled around for continuity.

@Anymous & Jane G. - Probably about 95% on location as only the ice cave and Nate's were filmed on set.

@Anonymous - Yes, the hand signal is a hint to Eliot's background. It has already been established in previous episodes and at the beginning of this one, that Eliot was in the military/service.

@kkoeser - They filmed on Mt. Hood, OR and filming was difficult, Mt. Hood was having a blizzard with high winds and their was worry about avalanches.

@Scot Boyd - Eric Stoltz insisted on playing the dead body himself.

@TJ - I read Eliot's hugging Hardison as mocking him / giving him crap.

Hardison will run a con later in the season.

Anonymous said...

Parker says 2 years ago (I think), but wasn't it 3 years ago?

anonymous said...

At what point since he's known her did Eliot realize (or admit) how much he and Parker are alike? Was this the first time Parker showed that kind of emotion and vulnerability and did it surprise him?

Odie said...

What did Parker and Eliot yell when they fell down into the cave?

T.J. said...

@SageK - I think he meant it after the Gone Fishin' job. Those two boys have come a long way relationship wise. That's why I love shows like Leverage and Castle - you still hear the same annoyance that was established in the beginning but the same words are played in a whole new way, now there is affection there as well as annoyance.


Flic said...

loving this show more every year...
but to the people asking about an Elliot-Parker-Hardison love triangle: can I just balance with a resounding NNNOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!!

One of the things I really appreciated about the season return was how coupley it wasn't - I was nervous knowing there were now possibly two couples. But it was done well, as just a subtle extra, rather than the focus of the plot.

I think focusing on everyone hooking up with someone undermines/cheapens the real love story of how such a diverse bunch of loners are creating their own kind of family with each other. And that story is one the writers are telling so beautifully.

Tracey said...

Loved the season premiere!!, it was brilliant

Loved the emotional side of the episode and one of my fave scenes was with Eliot/Parker, it was a great character scene :D

Regarding Nate/Sophie, Nate, you silly boy, how could he forget her name lol, maybe he'll know it again in a 'morning after' scene ;) and Nate/Sophie are so in denial lol :D

Fantastic to have the show back, I've missed it so...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the episode, but I had a hard time getting around the altitude sickness at 8000 ft. Thousands of people go up to 8000 ft for vacation in Estes Park, CO every year with no problem. Bear Lake in RMNP is at 10,000 ft and there are lots of people strolling around with not much oxygen deficit.

That said, I really love that way Parker has grown throughout the show. It was a good season starter.

Kes said...

@Anon^ I lived in Colorado most of my first 24 years of life, and went back to Loveland/Ft. Collins a couple years ago after living in Texas for 7 years. In LOVELAND, I had minor symptoms of altitude sickness (mainly because I was actively exercising, but still...) Most people who go to Estes Park for vacation aren't doing much strenuous. When you're going to 8K ft. and hiking around in knee-deep snow, you're accelerating the effects the altitude has on your body.

I've known of more than one person who suffered from altitude sickness in Telluride., which is 8,750 ft.

ita said...


:Don't think Eliot would have allowed his son to be named after Damian Moreau:

Think more Damian Wayne...

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Leverage since it came out. I even got my family hooked, but season 4 episode 1 was bad. It had too many flashbacks of previous episodes, it was boring, and you had a great actor Eric Stolz who had a little part. An amazing actor like him should of been cast as the villain as usual. The method for the episode was so off, uninteresting that my family that began watching were called to to ask if it was going to get any better. You had the audience of the age of 50 to 60 uninterested in the season opener.
I thought you guys would bring it. I had to watch the show twice and I got the same feeling each time, it sucked specifically the story. Actors great job, writers and editing bad job. I almost did not want to watch episode 2 but I did because I love Leverage. And it was not great, but better than the first. I hope you writers and directors review past episodes and figure out what makes the fans love Leverage so much, trust me Season 4 is not starting off well. I didn't even want to download the long way down on itunes FOR FREE because it was so boring. I am a little scared that the show wont make it to season 5 or that the rest of the season is going to be just as weak and boring as the last 2 episodes. Please do not let me down, reruns are not enough. Fix it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the season opener wasn't working for you, @Anonymous. Hopefully, you'll dig some of the upcoming eps more.

However, not all the older viewers were put off. I'm 50 and I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

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