Thursday, March 31, 2011



PROPS: So it's like a children's collage.
JOHN: Exactly. Why don't we have some actual local children do it, tell them the best one will be on the show?
PROPS: That's technically child labor.
JOHN: America was built on child labor.
LINE PRODUCER: How about having some hospice kids do it?
JOHN: Sure, they have more spare time. And tell them it'll live on in the show. It'll give them hope, before they go off to live in Santa & Puppies Forever Land, or whatever story we tell sick kids about Heaven.
(Silence. Then crying.)
JOHN: Oh, first time you worked with me. Right. Sorry.


Mary Sue said...


MosNoogaMara said...

Ya know, it's hard to hide playing on the internet at work when you make me laugh. If I get fired for this, can I come work for you?

Kat said...


SueN. said...

John Rogers, humanitarian. *g*

(WV="horksid;" Darkseid's bumbling younger brother)

Havenward said...

You're a bad, bad man.

I kinda love it. XD

Unknown said...

Made me laugh out loud and get quizzical look from hubby. I'm supposed to be doing his accounts...

IMForeman said...

Is this the result of drinking too much Guinness, not enough Guinness, or just the right amount of Guinness?

Sarah W said...

This is why, when my friend (who is visiting family in Portland) offered to try to get Leverage autographs for my birthday, I said, "If you can only get one before they arrest you for trespassing, get John Rogers."

You're probably safe off-set, anyway, but just in case, could you sign her notebook before you call security?

Brandi said...

When I'm sitting in the coffee shop reading on my computer, laughing out loud is not such a good thing. Can't help it though. I always get "the look".

Courtney said...

Oh John, what will we do with you? LMAO

wendy62 said...

What Would We Do Without You?!! ^_~

joking11 said...

teehee You're going to Hell, but at least then I'll have entertainment. :)

CanadianSarah said...

Driving today's fast train to the Special Hell...John Rogers!!

Can I come work for you? I promise not to cry when you get extra sarcastic and cruel...unless it's Monday...

GinaFan said...

Creating jobs and giving hope. You are amazing!

JR for president!

Anonymous said...

There is a line between pragmatism and cruelty. And brother, you cozy up to that line like Robert Evans to an drunken ingenue.
Seriously, man. Welcome back to the internets. We've missed you.

Kim Henry said...

Yep- you're smoking a giant turd in hell for that one- but I'm pretty sure you're gonna have lots of friends there with you.

Stefan Jones said...


One more reason to look forward to the next season:

On the way home yesterday, I passed a sign nailed up on a pole. Big arrow, and LEVERAGE on in, rightside-up and upside-down, so the arrow can point either way.

I'm guessing it pointed to a filming location. I won't say where, and I sure as hell wouldn't go poking my nose there myself, but I DO look forward to seeing how the _____ office park area gets used on the show.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I'm sorry props person but that is funny.

Sullivan said...

Leverage story pitch: The team goes after a TV showrunner who's known for abusing his writers, production team, and actors. He's even conned hospice kids into working for him for free...

Juliana said...

you're making me laugh - passing this along to another line producer to look at... bad bad boy!

Anonymous said...

That is HIGHlarious!

love Leverage, love John

Digitalli said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing but dammit i AM :D

Digitalli said...

Sorry - need to post pointless comment to change word verification.
Still laughing but with a guilt chaser

Anonymous said...

wimbittworld -- "Love Leverage?" It seems moot to laud anything LEVERAGE-related. Basically a cheap knock-off of the British series HUSTLE, with poorer writing, acting, and directing.

It's great to see original programming like MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD, and DAMAGES on cable. But LEVERAGE? What a horrible piece of disposable programming. The "Oscar Curse" has fully-consumed Timothy Hutton. I imagine his next series will feature him with Mira Sorvino.

LJ said...

Oh man, super cool anonyguy, why didn't you tell us your name? I mean, like, it's obvious you've got this scathingly superior intellect, you totally have to come out of hiding so we can bask in the warm glow of your opinion.

Jon said...

@LJ - and here I was wondering why there weren't more troll posts after Wil tweeted a link to this. Now I see that they are treated just as they should be. Bravo.

Digitalli said...

he did tweet not to look if offended. sheesh!

Tim said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets caught in these conversations.

In other news - why is captcha asking me to spell pierre? your website is hitting on me.

SueN. said...

Anonymous, it also seems moot to come onto Rogers' blog just to slam his show without having the stones to use your name.

Just sayin'.

gwangung said...

Basically a cheap knock-off of the British series HUSTLE, with poorer writing, acting, and directing.

This doesn't say much about your observational abilities since the two shoes try to do different things.

Murphy Jacobs said...

I shall skip comments on the pointless nonentity.

To the point -- it seems more and more wonderful that John can be called, with sincerity, "Mr. Rogers".

SueN. said...

@Sherri, I'm just a little afraid of *his* neighborhood, though …

Jonathan S. said...

John Rogers, humanitarian.

Well, if a vegetarian is someone who eats vegetables, then...

IMForeman said...

@Jonathan S, I've often wondered if that's what Humanitarian means.

I also wonder if Telekinesis and Psychokinesis mean the same thing, then is a Telepath the same thing as a Psychopath? And if so, is that why they hear voices?

Angi said...

Dear John,
I think I love you!
You are as cool as Kripke used to be before he, well, wasn't.
Please, don't ever change. Please!

Anna said...

You, Sir, are a sick, sick man.

Anon Troll: Have you actually seen the both shows? They don't try to be anything alike one another.

Theliel said...

Now *that's* comedy.

Seriously though, sounds like my high school student center (a/k/a study hall/student lounge/place to skip class for teh nerds).

I think Mr. Rogers would fit right in at any job I've ever had.

That might explain some of the hated looks from HR though.

Louis said...

"Santa and Puppie L-"?

I love you, man. I mean, I just--I friggin' love you, man.

Unknown said...

OMG, you're probably going to hell for that, but so what? The company is better there and they got all the good musicians except JS Bach anyway.

jre said...

[high-pitched voice with RP British accent]:

Have John Rogers thrashed, then wash him and have him brought to our chambers!

Anonymous said...

Could you please kill off the Parker-Hardison romance in the show completely? They better act as siblings, friends than as any kind of romantic partners. Please.

Anonymous said...

Just read something about season 4. Nate will be reluctant to deal with Sophie because they slept together. Something like that. If I may comment. I don't understand why exactly Nate would be hesitant to be with Sophie, she's always been there for him, they both love each other and she's hot. I don't get it. If anyone, Sophie would be hesitant because of the drinking part, not because they finally slept together, they both wanted that since forever. This was the worst way you could've gotten them together. It's like giving the audience something but not really. You don't care about Nate and Sophie seems to me. Yeah get them both drunk, that's the way to do it. Why can't you do it right with these two characters?

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