Saturday, May 30, 2009

Raw Process: Feywild

Got a new desk, and what did I find as I re-organized but the original, puke-map of my work on Manual of the Planes. That's pure unedited brainstorming right there, for what it's worth. Posted for novelty's sake. (click for the big version)


Anne said...

That my notes LOOK just like those of an established professional creative makes me think I'm cool.

Mine are light on insane kings and queens, so, possibly not that cool. Anyway, GREAT think-plan-design method, huh?

Robert N. Emerson said...

Gotta love the elegant chaos of a brain mapping piece, eh?

Maybe I'd get published a smidge more if I upped the organization a bit, of course that'd mean it'd take awhile to adjust to the new methods, too.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing, it's cool, actually. Also, you're the main reason I picked up the 4e Manual of the Planes...I figured "John Rogers and Feywild, must be awesome."

I was right. :)

Louis Porter Jr. said...

It is funny after you do something very cool, you look down at the notes that got you started and think, "What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!" LOL!!! Keep up the great work!

Kevin said...

Is it wrong that that makes complete sense to me?

- PCat

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how someone who thinks more visually than me does it. OTOH, almost everyone thinks more visually than me...

Anonymous said...

I love having a new desk! According to graphology, you were at the time: optimistic, a person of action, reasonable, and independent... You probably are still. :)

Stefan Jones said...

Neat seeing how others brew their ideas.

I plan out my RPG material, eventually doing a interior-monologue first draft or the descriptive bitz, while walking my dog.

The only things I commit to paper before writing a first draft are doodled maps.

* * *

I bought the 3rd edition (maybe 3.5 edition?) "Book of planes" a few years back. I don't play D&D, but it was fun reading.

When it came to the 4e version . . . did WOtC require elements of the earlier editions to remain, or were you and your co-writers given free reign? (I guess there'd have to be an "ethereal plane," since that was part of the deal since Eldritch Wizardry came out in 78 or so.)

Isaac Sher said...

You might want to check out this particular Penny Arcade strip, just for the amusing coincidence:

The PA crew have been getting into 4th Edition in a big way. :)

Jon H said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting it.

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