Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LEVERAGE: 'Til Death. Like A Steel Cage Match.

A short post on "The Wedding Job", as we're a bit stacked up today. This was the third episode shot -- you can see some of the raw edges in the character relationships intended for the early part of the season. I think you can also track the season by Beth's evolving hair-style. Maybe we'll have a competition after the season finale. Figure out the original order based on dialogue and hairstyle, and win a prize!

Written by Chris Downey, directed by Jonathan Frakes (yes, that one.) Watching Frakes direct is a delight. High energy, lots of laughs on set. Actors directing actors is always fun. They share a common working vocabulary -- and are a bit more ruthless.

This is, as Chris calls it, our "farce with guns." It was actually born the day we were putting up the Hundred Cards of Crime. I'd written "Scandal in Bohemia" on a card. Chris, because he has a life, didn't get the reference. I immediately launched into my long explanation of the story -- with a digression into my usual rant of how everybody always cast Holmes and Watson too old -- when Chris cut right through to "Nate as a minister is interesting." So a "steal a wedding" became our high concept, and what's the most dangerous wedding?

You got it. Oh, and yes, you do recognize the FBI guys. FWIW, his is my second favorite fight scene of the year, if only because it's so Jackie Chan in tone. Man, Downey really hit all the buttons of the show with this one ...

EDIT: Almost forgot. That's Chris Kane doing not just the fight knifework but the kitchen knifework. He's actually a pretty great cook.

Let's tackle last week's questions, then open this up to an Open Thread for Comments and questions about this week's ep. Particularly the amazing fight scene.

asked about the books since I saw Apollo's list, was checking to see if there are any other's I should pickup when I go back to work.

Sorry, I was just jammed up that day. Sitting on my shelf right now are:

Sapphire Smoke: It might be just me, but the whole Hardison and his thing for orange soda reminds me of Kenan & Kel. "Who looovvee orange soda? Kel loooovves orange soda" LOL!

Aldis brought in the orange soda first day, and it's now become a running gag. Sadly trimmed from a script -- his half-page rant about the inferiority of Eastern European orange soda.

Hollie Neil: (Stork Job) seemed like a really expensive episode to shoot. Explosions, child actors, etc . The other episodes were slightly more contained (the bank, the church, etc) Did you have to sacrifice anything you loved in order to make all that work? Just curious.

Actually, shooting on our own set for Howl Force, plus KNOWING we were writing for a bigger budget, kept things relatively under control. We did however trim up the budget for a few future episodes to pay for it, but that's okay, that's the balance every TV show does. Ask the BSG folk about the boxing episode someday.

Ironically, blowing things up is not that expensive. CHILDREN, on the other hand, are brutally expensive. And you have to be all, like, careful with them and everything. Fuck 3-D, we desperately, desperately need robot children for tv acting.

TheMindFantastic: The American Embassy scene, found the banter especially interesting. 'Irina' knowing how a person will lie by eye movements, seems right out of a Bandler-Grinder NLP book, which links to the 'Anchoring' Sophie tells Eliot and Nate about, which is right out of a Ross Jeffries manual on seduction (who got most of his tech from Bandler-Grinder). That alone (mostly because its shit I happen to know about) made this my fav ep so far

It's almost as if you were looking over the hard-researching shoulder of ep writer Albert Kim. Who had to explain to his wife why he had that stack of books on seduction she found in his office. Ouch.

Robert Emerson: You know, episodes of shows where the premise is fake movie or television shoots are always hilarious, as those involved seem to exorcise some ghosts of real shoots past through the episode. I mean, seriously, damn funny episode, espcially the "Director." :D Anyone or group of someones in particular?

The Howl Force experience is based on various nightmare tales of eastern european film shoots from our crew. From the 1st Ad to the Best Boy, everybody's shot in a tax-friendly former dictatorship at some point in their life. We did, at one point, turn to each other and say "you know, we could just shoot out the rest of Howl Force and sell it to SciFi ..."

Rob: On one hand, I don't have a really clear thread of character/relationship development. This might be a function of broadcast order, but to sum up, given they started out as People Who Work Alone, they all got more or less totally comfortable with this arrangement way too quickly. After the pilot it's a little like I've just checked back in for season 2. Is this intentional? Tied to the slightly retro tone?

A mix of both. It's always hard, once the audience has bought the ticket, for the writers to say "Whoa, whoa, slow down the fun train ...". Coflicts remain between the characters all season, and the eps in original order track the arc a little more carefully. Actually, a major new conflict/shift occurs about halfway through, so it'll be fun to see how people respond to that.

On the other hand, yeah, retro fun. I think we split the diference.

KazG: The injury that Eliot was holding an ice pack to in the beginning looked pretty real, was that make up or Chris Kane's own stunt-induced damage?

SOMEBODY went out at 1am after his weekly poker game with Tim Hutton and SOMEBODY started tossing around a football, until SOMEBODY slipped on the asphalt in his goddam cowboy boots.

Miraculously -- and I mean MIRACULOUSLY -- that Somebody heals at weirdly supernatural speed. We only had to cover the problem in two shots (the lesbian bar joke was an on-set throwaway, I think). Seriously, the entire asphalt burn was healed in under three days. The doctors were freaked. It definitely supports the idea that "shitkicker" actually has a genetic component.

Commish: ) I'm going to do some poking around on the internet myself, but I'm just curious how real, and how large-scale, of a problem the situation with orphans in Serbia is. How much did you learn about that whole dilemma in order to shoot the episode? Were the actors involved in your research? Were you hoping that this episode might highlight the problem so that it might be further addressed?

We did a fair bit of research, more into the adoption scams (that tend to run out of Russia) than the Serbian issue. Enough to get really, really depressed while writing. But no, we're not arrogant enough to think we're drawing attention to the situation. If someone's motivated to poke around based ont he show, we'll take the win.

commish cont'd: 2) The only nit-pick I had this week was the way they decided to get the "real" director in Belfast out of the picture. They had to SWITCH his cell phone to send him a fake text message? Hardison couldn't just get the guy's actual cell phone #, and rout him a fake text message? Besides, wouldn't the guy be halfway to the airport when he realized it wasn't his phone, and be back on set within an hour? I know I need to zip it and suspend some disbelief, but I just wanted to mention that one.

You're looking at the "we can only afford to shoot one third of the actual scam" version of that scene. But fair on ya, particularly because we phone scam all the time without a lift.

commish cont'd: Ooh, wait, if I can get it answered, I have one more question... how are the ratings coming for this show? Is TNT pleased? How do the +3 ratings for it compare with some of the other original programming that TNT is airing?

TNT is pleased, and our DVR numbers in particular are ... strong, and we'll leave it at that. You know, at this point in the broadcast model, there's no real point to the overnight ratings we all quote, but that's what we've been doing for years, so that's what we all talk about. TNT, like most cable shows, looks at "runs" of episodes -- so, say, the three showings on Tuesday are added together -- and also pays a lot of attention to DVR +3.

Killah Mate: Don't worry about it though, it wasn't too suspension-shattering. In fact, if we ignore the locations, extras casting, all that budget-dependent stuff (and hell, even Casino Royale wasn't shot anywhere near Montenegro) you come out looking pretty good. I appreciated the amount of local language spoken, even by the leads (which is rarely done, maybe because they don't want it to sound stupid - which your guys and girls didn't, so props to the language team). Also, you established a nice sense of place (lovely greenscreen work, regardless of the actual source of the panoramas).

We appreciate your appreciation. Gina did have some grim satisfaction in watching everybody else learn how to do what she does every damn week. I know there's been a bit of a kerfuffle on the greenscreen samples, but that's one of those things where the importance of a.) affordable and b.) available at c.) the right resolution with d.) the matching camera movement trumped fine-point accuracy.

All told, we do our best in seven days. Nicely enough, there are a lot of actors who speak multiple language sin LA; we do tend to favor native speakers if they're available in those roles.

Jim Kakallos: I was also going to ask about Hardison using a translation book as opposed to software (even if the software I could use is too slow, I don't believe that Hardison hasn't hacked the NSA's super secret real time programs).

Hardison foolishly forgot to switch his keyboard over to Cyrillic on the drive over, so at that moment it was faster for him to pick up his dead-tree dictionary.

No, seriously. That's why. LOOK OVER THERE!

That's it for the mailbag this week. Use this thread for comments and questions, and we'll see you soon. Thanks for the time and attention.


Vince said...

with a digression into my usual rant of how everybody always cast Holmes and Watson too old

Favorite (and not necessarily age-appropriate) Holmes/Watson combos, then? The upcoming Downey/Law pairing has me intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Question about the fight scene. How much is written in advance and how much is blocked out in the shooting?

OhShinyTomato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean Fagan said...

Nothing you could do about it, I know, but ugh: TNT screwed up the aspect ratio on TNT-HD.

Pam said...

Ah, the juxtaposition of Eliot on one hand "liberating Croatia" and "cooking for 200" on the other...getting thumped by a lesbian (or lesbians) and then taking out the bad guy with a saucepan and a whisk? You magnificent bastards. So. Much. Love.

My love for this character (aside from the eye candy that is Christian Kane) is that he is SO unexpectedly NOT the typical "muscle".

My love for Hardison? That's another post for another day. Geek power, baby. Stay strong!

Unknown said...

By the way, I was told multiple times on the last gig how great a person Frakes is.

"I went out and liberated Croatia." Probably got the line wrong but that and the knife explanation had me laughing out loud. Also: "I'm Agent Thomas. This is Agent Hagen."

Thanks for adding more to the already over packed reading list.

R.A. Porter said...

My favorite line was "In my day, no one would do business at their daughter's wedding." I had to pause for a moment, I was laughing so hard at that.

I was also amused by the foley work during Eliot's knife conversation.

This one was great, the episode that most happily embraced the humor. I like the mix and hope you keep doing one or two more comedic episodes each season to mix in with the more straight-up light action ones.

My review is here.

Ardaniel Collier said...

OK, I got through the teaser for next ep.

Rightly, shouldn't that one be "The Snakes on a Plane Job?"

Unknown said...

The Howl Force experience is based on various nightmare tales of eastern european film shoots from our crew. From the 1st Ad to the Best Boy, everybody's shot in a tax-friendly former dictatorship at some point in their life. We did, at one point, turn to each other and say "you know, we could just shoot out the rest of Howl Force and sell it to SciFi ..."

I'm fairly confident that under the right conditions someone could drop a deuce in a toilet with blue water, affix a pair of Mr. Potato Head eyes to it and flush it, all while filming it and then run the film in reverse as a pitch trailer and SciFi would write off on it for a Saturday SciFi Original.

Of course, I might be too harsh here....:D Of course, I am known to be so.

More, soon, once I am done with the awesome episode. :)

Coren said...

Might just be me, my computer is asstatic lately, but I'm getting blankspace where your bookshelf info should be. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

Hah, yeah--that Hardison/Parker scene was great. I liked how it ended with a quick cut away--that really helped reinforce the 'wait... what?' aspect of it.

Also, some of us haven't been exposed to your Holmes/Watson rant--and if we didn't want to hear you rant, we wouldn't be reading your blog.

OhShinyTomato said...

*Deleted and reposted to rephrase my question, cause I just noticed it made like, no sense*

Yeah I noticed with Eliot's comments about the "girl he grew up with" that this episode was supposed to be before "The Two Horse Job".

I LOVED Parker's drunk scene, that was HILARIOUS! And how she explained it to Hardison and his kind of "o.O" reaction... awesome.

Also her telling the Bridesmaid that she was fat and making her cry... maybe I'm just a horrible person, but I found that great xD

By the way, those bridesmaids dresses were disgusting looking, PLEASE tell me that was the point of them lol.

You mentioned about scenes/lines being cut for time and stuff, are there any particularly good ones you wish ended up making it in this episode or any of the previous ones?

Unknown said...

Once again, an awesome episode; one of the many things I like about Leverage is how solid of an ensemble show we are watching. Sure, there is a focus on this member or that member of the team, depending on the episode, but the whole team still gets a shared focus, too. In a lot of ways it reminds me of how episodes of Babylon 5 were, multi-focal in subject, plot, and characters.

Parker's mischievous streak would do Loki or Coyote proud, my best quick lockpick is just under ten seconds, but I use to work nights on a corporate help desk and I'd get bored.

Anyhow, nicely done. As Porter said, previously, the sounds during the knife conversation were perfect, nice depth of character, too.

The two intimacy plots are cutely done, too. Be it the puppy crush that Hardison and Parker are working on or the renewal of something old with Sophie and Nathan; it's better handled than some shows I could mention.

Hats off to the crew and cast. :D

Anonymous said...

my usual rant of how everybody always cast Holmes and Watson too old

Absolutely. At the beginning of "A Study in Scarlet", Watson has just returned from Afghanistan with a nasty case of PTSD. He went straight into the Army from medical school, and straight to Afghanistan the next year. So he can't really be more than 26 or so when the novel starts - Victorian doctors went to university at 18 or so and studied for five or six years. And Holmes is about the same age if not younger - he's studying at the university, he's had no previous job that anyone mentions, and Watson doesn't describe him as significantly older than himself.

If anything, Downey and Law are at least ten years too old to play Holmes and Watson, as long as you're setting it at the start of their careers. Jamie Bell would be better as Holmes.

(Unlikely they'll film A Study In Scarlet. Murderous Mormon conspiracies wouldn't play well.)

Anonymous said...

So, Shot out of order. Is it your intent to do the boxed set of the season in filming order to clear up these little continuity bobbles? I've got to admit, that with the story in the wedding job there would be more set-up and as a result a bit more emotional pay-off in the 2Horse.

I also can't wait for the "Howl Force" trailer in the boxed set.

Also: Much love for Dan Lauria and Nicole Sullivan. I love seeing the comedic actors that you're pulling out of your hat and giving them the opportunity to pull out some dramatic chops. I actually did NOT recognize Dan Lauria at first.

stapleton.james.00 said...

Just caught the first episode of Leverage on Aussie cable. Very solid first episode. Will definitely be back next week.

Happy new year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I loved the fight scene. CK is pretty good at the "casual badass" thing. I've seen too many shows lately cheating their way through fight scenes with slo-mo. Nice to see some real choreography.

An egg whisk can be very useful as a disarming weapon, BTW. Even better than a sai.

Lots of funny here...not just the obvious gags, but also Nate's naive attempt to pretend he's a CEO and these are his employees.

Fake-drunk Parker in a bridesmaid's dress and Sophie as a leggy, romantically frustrated Mary Poppins brings home the win.

Obviously there's a Hardison/Parker thing brewing here. I hope he's ready... a relationship with her will be quite a ride, and not always the fun kind.

billjac said...

A question for next episode's post: I've noticed some inconsistency in the characters' skills--most notably Parker can act and improv this week when her inability last week was a plot point. How do you keep track of each character's strengths and weaknesses in their skill-sets?

Eliot mentioned this week that Hardison was tutoring him on tech. Are you tracking changes in the characters' skills over the season (as you clearly are with the relationships)? Many shows end up with every character just good enough at every necessary skill as the plot requires them to be which would be a shame to do with such clearly defined characters as these.

Ross! said...

This was my first episode of Leverage -- I usually wait to watch stuff on DVD, but my wife really wanted to see this as it aired because the actor who played the groom is a friend of hers from high school.

Pretty solid casting choice, too -- they're from North Dakota so it wasn't a stretch for him to play the part of "aw, shucks, I'm a corn-fed midwestern boy."

The episode was fun, although I expected the team to run into more difficulties trying doing their job while still trying to make the wedding go off without a hitch.

It was great to Andrew "eye patch dude from Lost" Divoff. And I particularly loved that villain's melodramatic "IT BURNS!" both in the flashback and when he got some lemon juice hors d'oeuvres in the eyes.

Unknown said...

Seconding the request for information on DVD episode ordering - aired or shot or some amalgamation that works even better.
Any other ideas for the DVD release - cut scenes, video diaries, commentaries. I cannot wait for this release!
Have you thought of doing any podcast commentaries?
Also, no Leverage/GF fanfic yet, but my wife is working on a Star Trek crossover already. Yeah, I was amazed too.

Anonymous said...

I love the show! I really love Christian Kane(Elliot)!
I have a few questions.
Do you know if there will be a second season yet?I hope so because i will be really upset if it is canceled.Next question,will Christian be doing any sword fighting scenes in the show? He did some sword fighting in Angel and he was really great at it.
My last question is really shallow (but i don't care).
Is there any chance we are going to get to see Christian in any shirtless scenes?

Anonymous said...

Another great episode. I also loved the fight scene, especially at the end, when Elliot passed on the baking pin and several utensils before settling on his appetizers with the lemon juice. Hilarious!

Add me to the list of people who are hoping the DVD set has them in your intended order, rather than the broadcast order. Come on, they did it with Firefly. :-)

Thanks for addressing my nitpick re: The Bank Job. Trust me, it didn't detract from my enjoying the episode at all. They really ARE that good!

Anonymous said...

the scene seems to have forgotten about Leverage this week .. for the life of me, can't seem to find a torrent. And here I'm sitting, hoping to be able to watch it in the bathtub. d'oh.

Lesley said...

I adored this episode, the script was top notch. Line of the episode - "Did you just kill someone with an appetiser?"

This might have been filmed earlier but the Hardison/Parker scenes still zing as much as last week; is that a pairing that hit the ground running for you and the script writers or was it just luck that paired them up so often in these first episodes?

One question about the fight scene - I'm not in the least bit technical so I have no idea how to describe this properly but it seemed like it was filmed differently. Was it fractionally slowed up or did they use special film or something? It just looked different.

Kudus to the cast and crew, I'm loving this show! Look forward to it so much every week!

Anonymous said...

the scene seems to have forgotten about Leverage this week .. for the life of me, can't seem to find a torrent.
I know! This is driving me nuts!

Unknown said...

Next question,will Christian be doing any sword fighting scenes in the show? He did some sword fighting in Angel and he was really great at it.

Check out his work in "Secondhand Lions" for some more great fight scenes, including swordplay.

Rjcc said...

Do you know why the show wasn't broadcast in true widescreen this week and if it will be in the future?

Anonymous said...

(Unlikely they'll film A Study In Scarlet. Murderous Mormon conspiracies wouldn't play well.)
You'd be surprised. There's a lot of folk in California who see Mormons in a pretty villainous light after this November.

Anonymous said...

@Alan Scott

Nice, you got the Homosexual Agenda and the Hollywood Liberals two-fer.

Anonymous said...

The fight scene in the episode was absolutely fantastic. you usually only get to see ones of that quality in the movies. Nice to see two very talented people showing off their skills.

Anonymous said...


Odd coincidence. My first job in this town was writing for Kenan & Kel (in 1998-99, its final season).

I had nothing to do with the orange soda bit. I didn't even know Aldis was the one who came up with it -- just assumed it was Rogers. But I'm guessing Aldis was a big fan of Kenan & Kel... in 1998, he would've been 12 years old. Our target audience.

I will have to ask him about this.

Joshua James said...

This is perhaps my favorite episode so far ... what I like best about it is the unexpectedness of the archtype (once you take the mafia out of the equation, it's basically a broken contract, which is what we do, right?) and the fact that there are times when they literally do not know what to do (can't please the mafia don's wife, for example)and have to improvise and what they improvise isn't always perfect ... I like it when they are not all knowing ... it shows vulnerability, not just to each other but to antagonists, which is cool.

And it's also nice that they don't always all agree with Nate.

No real questions, just really enjoyed this ep, or maybe I'm just getting to know the characters even better and the echo is building.

Knife fight, pretty awesome ... can I suggest a fight with a shovel at some point? Lethal weapons, shovels. In WWI, soldiers used their shovels more than their bayonets, so I was told.

And my new favorite line?

"The Cakemaker of Kiev? Kick all our asses ... this is the BUTCHER of Kiev."

Great stuff.

Rick said...

So, since I work nights, and am one of the DVR-less of the world, I can only catch up when the streams make it online. With that said, I was glad to catch this one. Amusing throughout.

I'll toss my hat in with the rest with the question of "DVD in order intended?" Also, because it wasn't too obvious to me, what was the thing the little girl was doing at the beginning with Parker? It kind of looked like she was assembling a cel phone?

R.A. Porter said...

@Rick, I believe she was teaching her to pick a lock.

Dotan Dimet said...

"Hardison"? I thought everyone was calling the hacker dude "Artisan".

Jay said...

I finally got my wife to sit down and watch LEVERAGE. She loves the show, and Christian Kane has a new fan. I'm not sure how I feel about all of the "He's HOT!" comments my wife keeps dropping whenever I mention Chris or the show, but I'll cope somehow...

This episode was great, and you can add two more votes to an "intended viewing order" option for the DVD box set.

Killah Mate said...

"I liberated Croatia."

Hey! That was him! I knew he looked familiar! Well, say thanks to Eliot for me, I guess... :-)

OhShinyTomato said...

@ Berg:

Yeah that's why I asked, because I'm Aldis' age and I loved that show when it was on, so I was wondering if Hardison ended up getting it from the show when he was younger, thus purposely being written that way.

Cause really... I drank a lot more orange soda after that xD lmao. I loved Kel, he was fantastic. I miss the good old days of Nickelodeon with stick stickly and Salute your Shorts. Sigh.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi, this is my first time posting, although I have to say I'm a huge Jaime Reyes fan and Leverage has certainly helped distract me from the cancellation of my favourite book.

That said, just a quick question: surely the mirror in the cabinet where you first see Hardison place a bug would make the device pretty obvious?

Love your work, John! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be somehow impeding the fun train here, and maybe this is just something I missed, but if the Russian mobster's leader was going to kill the Chicagoan mobster *and* steal the money, why did it need to be stolen beforehand by the wife so the Russian had an excuse to kill the Chicagoan? Couldn't he just shoot the guy or execute him however it was going to go, and then say that the money was stolen? Or was it a "now our armies must go to war" delayed-action execution and not a "I kill you on your daughter's wedding day" execution and the gun being pulled was just for emotional expression?

OhShinyTomato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OhShinyTomato said...

Sorry, another question.

I just found out that TNT ordered another six scripts for the show, does that mean that this season will be longer, or that it's gotten picked up for six episodes of season two?

And if it means this season is going to be longer, are they just going to like, randomly show those episodes in the summer (they split up The Closer this year into half in the summer half in the winter, why I'm asking).

Regardless of whatever way they're doing it, this is awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good news tip, Sapphire Smoke (Rogers must be sleeping in today or something), which led me to the Hollywood Reporter item:

“Over at TNT, the network has ordered six additional scripts from its promising new drama series "Leverage," which premiered to 5.6 million viewers in Decenber.”


Robert said...

Could someone please help me with the actor's name who played the younger FBI agent, the one that was being flirted with in the van? I can't find it on IMDB...and while I researched their character names, I can't figure out where I know the actor from!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand what TNT did to the aspect ratio, they fed it through their funhouse mirror stretch-o-vision and letterboxed it. Made the show damn near unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

The plotting on this episode seemed a little shaky to me. In addition to what Tal_Kaline noted above, there were a number of inconsistencies that seemed unrealistic -- both character stuff (Parker suddenly able to improv hilariously, Parker suddenly unable to toss a room efficiently, Nate ranting mid-sermon in a way that could have endangered the con) and wedding-related plot stuff (a single chef showing up at the house to start cooking the day before? The DJ telling people the couple had to leave in the middle of the father/daughter dance, and the couple passively accepting it? And why did the mother necessarily flee?) This episode had some glorious moments, but my suspension of disbelief was battered by the end. Were the writing staff happy with how it hung together once filming finished?

- PCat

Corby Kennard said...


To quote MST3K: "If you wonder how he eats and breathes, and other science facts, just repeat to yourself it's just a show, you should really just relax."

I see your points, but I really think with a show like this, there has to be an "I believe" button taped to the TV each week. Now, if this was Law and Order, and they were shooting criminals in the courtroom and so forth, then I'd be right there with you. But this is a comical little heist show which is supposed to be improbable while being enjoyable, and some leeway should probably be given to some of the more "unlikely" aspects.

That said, I'm with you guys on the bug in the mirror. That seemed a bit on the obvious side to me, especially considering they shot it so we could see his hand IN THE MIRROR putting the bug up.

And the mother fleeing - I think that was her plan from the beginning, and since everything looked to be falling apart, she decided to go sooner rather than later.

Alan D said...

Got the wife to watch one today. Lost the rest of the afternoon and evening watching all the rest back-to-back. :-) She wants to know, what's the end theme music? (She says it resembles Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice", but only in part.)

Rains said...

Til Death is so hilarious that I nearly fall off my seat every time I watch it. It is well written, the actors are perfect for their respective roles. Overall its a fantastic show. So watch it and enjoy every moment with this!!!!

Mike Cane said...

>>>Dotan Dimet said...
"Hardison"? I thought everyone was calling the hacker dude "Artisan".

Well, you probably know them all by now, but for the newcomers: TNT’s Leverage: The Team

So, it turns out my 400MHz LifeDrive is better at playing a borked video than my 1.8GHz desktop. Go figure. So I saw The Wedding Job finally.

Some items:

1) "Sass"?!!? Seriously? Srsly? Where did THAT come from?!

2) Hardison mentions Xmas. OK, I am REALLY hating on TNT now for their random ordering of episodes.

3) Hardison making moves on Parker? I'm gonna have to learn that WoW shit now and wipe out his tribe ... or whatever.

4) I've been noticing that Parker is becoming a lot less like Wednesday Addams all grown-up and more simply cute and quirky. Yecch. I don't think the debut Parker would recognize this later Parker!

Rains said...

Til Death is an fantastic show & one of the best shows forever!!! I Download Til Death Episodes online, really an enjoyable show. Its very interesting and full of fun!!!

Anonymous said...


oracle said...

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Anonymous said...

Penyakit ini umumnya muncul karena penderita mengejan terlalu keras pada saat buang air besar. Dengan mengejan terlalu keras, maka pembuluh darah di sekitar anus dapat melebar dan pecah menimbulkan infeksi dan pembengkakan yang berakhir pada masalah wasir atau ambeien tersebut.

Unknown said...

Penderita Penyakit kondiloma atau Kutil Kelamin yang telah terinveksi disarankan untuk segera melakukan pengobatan secepat mungkin sebelum Virus HPV penyebab kutil kelamin makin banyak berkembang biak di dalam sel darah makin lama dibiarkan akan memperparah kondisi organ vital karena kutil kelamin akan terus membesar sehingga terlihat seperti jengger ayam untuk penderita yang baru tertular kurang dari satu bulan biasanya akan lebih cepat ditanggulangi obat kutil kelamin Paling ampuh dari De Nature dan terbaik ada hanya di http://obatkutildikemaluan.blogdetik.com/ untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lebih jelas mengenai pengobatan kutil pada kelamin silahkan kontak langsung di nomer 0852 808 77 999 atau 0859 7373 5656 Bagaimana mengobati Ambeien itu sendiri. pengobatan yang terbaik untuk Ambeien adalah dari luar dan dalam sehingga Ambeien benar benar tuntas dan tidak akan kambuh lagi. obat Ambeien terbaik "Ambeclear dari De Nature" AlamiAdalah obat Ambeien herbal yang memang terbaik untuk mengobati Ambeien, dan sudah terdaftar di badan obat dan makanan (BPOM) dengan nomer registrasi POM TR: 133 374 041. terbuat dari bahan alami antara lain terdiri Daung Ungu, Mahkota Dewa dan Kunyit Putih.

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Unknown said...

Penyakit kencing nanah bisa disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor seperti seks bebas, penularan, virus hpv, lingkungan, gaya hidup dan lainnya, Maka dari itu kita harus waspada dengan penyakit kencing nanah ini, karena penyakit kencing nanah sangatlah berbahaya, Namun untuk anda yang menderita penyakit kencing nanah, maka anda tidak perlu khawatir,

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Berhati-hatilah anda yang suka berganti-ganti pasangan seks, karena sangat besar sekali kemungkinannya untuk terkena penyakit kencing nanah atau gonore maupun yang lainnya.

Unknown said...

Berapa Harga untuk Obat Wasir Ambeien alami daun ungu AmbeclearAmbeien adalah gangguan atau penyakit yang terjadi pada saluran pencernaan manusia

Cara Mengobati Wasir Ambeien said...

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Unknown said...

Cara yang sering di lakukan untuk menghilangkan kutil kelamin adalah dengan cara pembedahah atau operasi, cara ini tentu memerlukan dana yang tidak sedikit. metode Pilihan pembedahan yang dapat Anda lakukan

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Kenali penyebab penyakit kencing bernanah sehingga cara mengobati
penyakit kencing nanah dan infeksi saluran kencing nanah dapat dilakukan
dengan benar.

Pengobatan Ambeien Wasir said...


kLINIK oBAT mANJUR said...

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Unknown said...

Kadang disertai
dengan sakit saat kencing, perih, organ intim terasa panas menyiksa,

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Sekitar Vagina Tumbuh Daging, Berbahayakah? Kutil Pada Kepala Penis mirip bunga kol atau jengger ayam, Merupakan Penyakit Yang diakibatkan Oleh Virus.Kutil kelamin, atau disebut juga condyloma acuminata, adalah kutil atau daging berwarna kulit atau keabuan yang tumbuh di sekitar alat kelamin dan

obar herbal manjur alami said...

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Unknown said...

penyakit yang ditularkan melalui hubungan seks : vaginal, oral dan anal. Juga dapat menular melalui persentuhan kulit dengan daerah yang terinfeksi.

Unknown said...

Obat Ambeien Resep Dokter Ambeclear dari De Nature Ampuh Tuntaskan Ambeien Sampai Tuntas

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Ambeien bisa mengeluarkan darah(seperti invander salim yang terkena ambeien dan mengeluarkan darah)

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Sebelum kita membahas tentang pengobatan ambeien, dalam kesempatan ini
saya ingin menjelaskan sekilas tentang ambeien, agar kita semua bisa
memahami benar apa itu penyakit ambeien

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obat wasir, Adalah  Obat alami berkhasiat dalam bentuk kapsul yang berasal dari tanaman herbal seperti daun ungu, mahkota dewa dan kunyit putih, diberikan pada penderita jika penyakit masih dalam tingkatan stadium ringan

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