Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cthulhu Lego Tales

Hey Ross, via BoingBoing we see someone has constructed an elaborate "Cthulhu Rising" sequence from Legos. Seeing as your own Cthulhu Tales collection is coming out soon, maybe you should hire this guy as an artist?

Of course, one may wonder why Cthulhu seems to be in everyone's subconscious lately. Why we all seem to be ... dreaming of it ...


Anonymous said...


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GM Doug said...

That is not only cool but also frankly dangerous...

I've just spent 2hrs looking round the rest of that site and already I can feel myself thinking.... you know if I gave up comics for 12 months I could afford some this....

Anyway on that site i saw something that looks mighty impressive.

Next time you are trying to pitch a Space TV show or some super future tech someone should call in the Lego designers to make models. Drawings can look as cool as they want.. but they aren't something 3-D you can hold.

ElGrande said...

I think it was on when I learned that Cthulu's link with the ocean actually represents the border between the conscious and the subconscious. When the stars are right he will rise from our dreams and into our waking life. Then we will be as the Old Ones and learn new ways to shout and revel and kill.

And I for one am looking forward to it. The old methods are looking mighty stale.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Nice find!

It's surprising what people can come up with using legos.

Did anyone catch the 'Grim Adventurs of Billy and Mandy' episode where Cthulu came and turned everyone into cthulu-like monsters?

Apparently, he also likes to play golf. O.o

Unknown said...

We'l sneak them when we have art. And I loved that movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming everyone here, and esp. our host, knows there are entire catalogs of Cthuhlu-related merchandise, including adorable plush baby Cthuhlus. A former friend of mine was an absolute nut for the stuff: every time I went to her house, she had some new Cthuhlu thingy to show off.

As for Cthuhlu, The Political Significance, as far back as the late 80s there were bumperstickers saying, "Cthuhlu For President: Why Settle for the Lesser Evil?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, crap. I misspelled Cthulhu not just once but, thanks to the wonders of cut'n'paste, umpetty-dozen times.

That's not only embarrassing, but now the Squid's gonna eat me alive. In my sleep.

Boy, that sucks.

moleboy said...

there was a surprisingly accurate Cthulhu episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, too.

Anonymous said...

caseyl said: "That's not only embarrassing, but now the Squid's gonna eat me alive. In my sleep."

If it's any consolation, isn't Cthulhu gonna eat everyone alive, asleep or no, mispellings notwithstanding? Granted, you may have just moved further up the list, but given the outcome, is that worse . . . or better?

Cthulhu legos! YAY!


Isaac said...

Excellent use of JarJar heads.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the ONLY good use for Jar-Jar heads: within the mouth/belly of a hideous, cyclopean beast.

Either way, I think Jar-Jar is definetly at the top of the "eat when I wake up" menu that Cthulhu has been writing lately.

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