Monday, November 28, 2005

Giffen, the Chatty Cathy

Giffen talks to Newsarama about BB here. I'd do such interviews, but I'm too busy desperately replotting the drunken half-pages he sends me where the new BB fights Lobo in a Japanese schoolgirl costume. He's mad, I tell you. MAD!


John Donald Carlucci said...

I'll do what Giffen asks and give it a chance, but I'm still against it. I've been unhappy with the treatment of the Charlton superheroes from day one. I was never one who enjoyed the "Bwah ha ha" times and hate that the only decent appearance for Beetle in years was the comic in which he died.

I don't see the need for DC to replace him as the characterization in that issue shows that he was still viable. This just smacks of the time they replaced Wildcat with Yolanda Montez and gave her retractable claws.

I enjoy the talents of everyone involved, but I'm an old fan who is sad at the loss of potential.


Rogers said...

I'm with you on Ted's viability as a character. However, we can't unring that bell, and to a great degree I think many people would've gone on underestimating him if he hadn't died in that circumstance. All we can try to do is a good book.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I know - done is done. Just whining a bit. I'm sure you guys will do a great job on the new book. I'll still miss the flying beetle ship :)


Dweeze said...

So is Lobo in the Japanese school girl costume or is BB? Cause if it's the former, I don't know why you would change it...

Cully Hamner said...

Uh... dude, the schoolgirl thing was MY idea...!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right. HE'S the crazy one.

Highlander said...

I could not have said it better than JD did. I hated the BWA HA HA nonsense with a vile passion, and, well, the fact that Geoff Johns made me actually LIKE the DC version of Beetle... right before he killed him... is one of the big reasons I think Johns is an absolutely brilliant writer. (Sorting out the Hawkman mess is another biggie on that list.)

On the other hand, hate to say it, but I loathe Giffen way too much after LEGION and AMBUSH BUG and, yeah, all those horrible sit-comics, to give him another shot on anything. Maybe if you were writing it yourself, J.R., I'd give it a shot.

Unless, of course, it really IS Underdog using the scarab as a suppository. In that case, I'm in.

Hell, if it's anyone using the scarab as a suppository, I'm in. Especially if it's Lobo. Or Guy Gardner.

Ross Richie said...


Good Lord, man, you're doing brilliant work. Raising a glass your direction. Excellent stuff! Congrats!


A. H. said...

I wish you luck--I think you'll need it. Without knowing anything about the new Beetle at this point, I don't know whether I'll be picking this up, but good luck to you in any case.

Cully Hamner said...


REALLY long-time/no see! How've you been, m'man?

Rogers said...

cully, less typing, more with the inky inky. BACK TO WORK ART DOG!

Cully Hamner said...


Drew said...

Hey congrats on the title. Hopefully this along with all your other chores won't keep you too busy. Checking your thread has become very entertaining.


BenDavid said...

Just make sure the book is self-contained and it doesn't crossover with every other fucking DC book in the universe.

MoXmas said...

See, I came to Blue Beetle after WATCHMEN, when the essence of the character (taking off from the Owl manque) was:

- Engineer as insecure hero
- Tendency toward fat bastard-dom

So I always liked the way those aspects cropped up in Giffen and DeMatteis' work.

And hell, I thought the "Five Years Later..." Legion was one of the best run of comics I have ever read -- even if reading them sometimes reminded me of projects when the CEO comes in at the last minutes and adds impossible requirements.

In fact, the reboot of Legion after that run is one of the reasons I stopped reading comics, even though I thought that next creative team did a good job.

Anyway, a Blue Beetle comic is enough to get me to a comic store, post haste.

Ross Richie said...


One of my favorite runs of all time.


Redjack said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Redjack said...

Giffen's Adult Legion set the bar as far as I'm concerned. Only Mr Waid's current run even comes near it.

Ted Kord's Ghost said...

"I'm with you on Ted's viability as a character. However, we can't unring that bell"

Why not? They do it all the time in comic books. What makes this so special?

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