Tuesday, November 08, 2005

All right, all right

No more blog-hacking. We do not need reminders of how my entire head had to grow into this nose ...


Andy Cosby said...


pamb said...

But John,
i have soooo many more photos to share!!! Hopefully this will teach you to tell me when you are in vancouver and that you maybe sometimes will answer non-writing related email!!!
(and BTW, Johanna and I are in touch now - I LIKE blogs!!)

defektiv girl said...

Party Pooper.

Johanna said...

pamb said...
"(and BTW, Johanna and I are in touch now - I LIKE blogs!!)"

Oh. We are SOOOO in touch.

Hey, John? You know the original photo, the one before one of your devious friends altered it to make it look like a Kung Fu pose? The one with the CareBear cake and the mug raised in a toast?

Yeah. That’s my futhermucking screensaver.

Pam says she has more photos. Ones of you shirtless. I begged for them but she said she had to keep them for blackmail and if I wanted a picture of you shirtless, I’d have to get it myself. Good thing I know where you live.

Do me a favor, John.

Look up and say “Cheese.”

Anonymous said...

Dude. Jojo's your Miranda Zero.


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