Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Global Frequency Update

Ahh, for those flooding in here recently: first, I have gotten the e-mails about Joss Whedon saying kind things about Warren's Global Frequency in particular, and repeating the praise he heard about both script and pilot. So thanks, but consider my heads to be upped.

Second: reports of the death of GF have been somewhat misunderstood. Warren is correct in repeating, from his sources, that the show is dead for now in a development sense.

With ten years of television behind me, I'll tell you that you never, ever get to pop right back into redeveloping a high-concept show. All the same humans who bought it/looked at it are still in the same offices. Add to that the presence of an extent pilot, which actually has a following, and it would be insane to try to create a new pilot based on the property at this time.

In the context of getting the shot pilot out in DVD/file form, those conversations are still going on. It's only been two months since this whole thing blew up -- the pilot took a YEAR AND A HALF from pitch to final edit. So, (and still with the caveat that the odds of anything happening are still astronomical) things proceed apace. I'll tell you when, in a corporate sense, dead is dead. But for now continue to harbor unreasonable expectations, spread the word, and write letters. The one thing I'll say is that it's useless to write to the WB Network. They have a shiny slate of shows they have faith in, and will certainly (and understandably) consider no wild-ass alternatives to this schedule for the time being.

Return to your normal madness and as always, thanks for the interest and enthusiasm.


Assistant Atlas said...

So I guess the thing to do is make sure that all of the WB's new shows fail and they'll want GF for next fall? :)

I'm right on top of that, Rose.

Benari said...

Good luck and God speed, then. Maybe some other television network (maybe one that produces high quality sci-fi shows like Battlestar Galactica *ahem*) will buy GF from the WB, thus relieving them of the burden of trying to bury a cult show between One Tree Hill and Blue Collar TV.

I'll continue sending as much good mojo your way as I can.

Angelophile said...

Probably a silly question, but ha you seen the Joss Whedon interview at where he talks about GF?

Josh said...

Well, the WB might have a full slate of shows, but NBC is going ahead with the unprecedented task of hearing pitches in August. John, any chance of setting up a meeting with them?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got a GREAT idea!!

Let's make it into a Reality Game Show!!

You know, spread these Global Frequency cellphones around, and when someone Gets The Call, they have to do -- oh, I don't know -- roll in mud or something for, say, a Free Meal at Denny's.

Christ. I have to stop watching TV...

(Sorry, I'm just po'ed that my email to the Variety Duo didn't elicit any response or activity on their end...)

Saint Vegas said...

There should be a Global Frequency mission to purge the girl of 13 year old girls. That'll surely wipe out the majority of the audience of Gilmore Girls and whoever is still watching Smallville. (Yes, I did go there. I'm going and I'm not coming back.)

Saint Vegas said...

erase one of those 'girls' with a magic rub and put 'world' in its place. Only then do I make sense.

David said...

'A shiny slate of shows' -- now would that be a Firefly-ism?

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